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Chapter 1

"Vrooooom, here comes the quaffle!" A hand held the spoon and did little rotating motions with it until it got to a baby's mouth were it disappeared. The man leaned in grinning, "Oh, who's a good boy!" He cooed before getting splattered with a mess of mushed carrots from the baby's goo covered hands. "Eww..." The man said with a disgusted frown he wiped off the mash and smiled, "Your going to be the best little Marauder just like your Mummy and Daddy, yes you will!" he cooed and held up another spoonful of carrots to the baby's lips and made noming noises. The baby looked at him with curious green eyes and a gummy smile. He grinned adoringly back at him, "your such a good boy aren't you sweety? My little future Marauder!" he said as the baby gummed the spoon.

The man was slapped in the back of the head. A man came from around him, "Don't tell him that, Sirius!" The man scalded and shook his head. "Oww, but Remmy he is going to be our little Marauder! I mean look at him, he's going to be perfect! Yes you are!" Sirius cooed and petted the baby's sticky hair. Remus leaned down and rolled his eyes. He kissed the drooling baby on the forehead, "Your not a Marauder are you? Your Mummy doesn't know what he's saying" Remus said and smiled.

The baby grinned up at Remus and held up his chunky, gooey little arms and flexed his little hands. Remus sighed, "Sirius, you got more food on him than in him." He said and looked at the baby critically. He grabbed a rag and paused. He sat it back down and picked up the entire chair and held it in front of it, the baby still in it and made his way up the stairs. The baby made little discontent noises and bounced himself a little.

Once Remus got into the bathroom he put the entire highchair into an enormous claw-foot tub and turned on the shower head. The baby yelped and looked up at him in a confused manner. Remus quirked his lip a bit. His Cub was adorable, looking up with his large green, puppy eyes. After most of the mush was washed away from the baby and also the highchair he removed the baby, taking off his nappy and spelling it into a little bin were they put all of the other dirty nappies. He laid the baby onto a stack of towels and used a strong Scrougify on it and sat it out of the tub. While Remus undressed his son curled up on the towels and yawned snuggling into the softness. Remus looked down at his child and sighed."Well it seems that Daddy needs to clean you all up... Again.." Remus said. Remus snatched up his Cub and stepped into the tub. The baby made a alarmed noise and whined like a unhappy puppy. He stared down at the towels longingly.

Remus laid down in the tub, his son laid on his chest, his little head rested under his chin. He rumbled contently and petted the child's dark tuft of hair. He grinned down at his girlish looking Cub. The shower head turned off and the tub began to fill with bubbly water. "We are going to be so clean that your crazy Mummy won't even recognize us and he'll be so surprised he will faint, won't he my silly, lovely little Harry?" Remus cooed gleefully. Harry giggled up at him and began to pull at the werewolf's hair.

Harry was giggly and happy until the water went up only a little past his toes after that he squealed and panicked. Remus removed them both before he wanted to but he couldn't bare hearing his son's frightened whimpers. So they both got out. Remus grabbed a towel and rapped around his waist and grabbed the other and started to gently dab at Harry's wet body. Harry stared at the water lazily swirling down the drain with a distrustful look. He nervously clutched the fluffy towel and looked up at Remus with his big green trusting eyes. Remus frowned and stroked his Cub's thin down-like hair. He sat Harry down on the last towel in the stack and dried himself, after he dressed and picked up Harry putting the last towel away and tossing the used towels in the hamper.

Remus went into their room and pulled out a pair of Harry's favorite footy pajamas and put them on him. Harry wiggled happily with a pleased gummy grin. Remus smiled affectionately back at him and leaned down grabbing a black wolf-dog looking plush and gave it to his bouncing son who immediately began to chew toothlessly on its ear. It was able to calm his son in any situation and its name was Paddy, after his mother's Animagus form.

When Remus came downstairs his, sleepy son on his hip he was surprised to see that the kitchen was mostly cleaned. Sirius hated doing house work and actively avoided it at all costs. He also was not very good at using cleaning spells either and tended to make a mess of everything. He also tended to get distracted while trying to work and would leave everything half done and Remus would have to clean it up. He smiled, at least he tried and mostly finished.

He went to the living room and swished his wand a very large folded fluffy mat flew out and unfolded its self, flopping onto the floor. Remus sat Harry down and grabbed a small red blanket with a lion stitched into it. Remus smirked in amusement Sirius was convinced if he gave their son enough things that could be associated with Griffindor that he would become one and start a second generation of Marauders. The thought reminded Remus why his mate wasn't there, tucking their son in with him for his nap. He was owled the day before to go to Gringotts because there were some abnormalities in his accounts, he hoped there wasn't really anything wrong.

He forced the bad thoughts away and grabbed a few of his son's toys and put them near the end of the mat just in case Harry woke up before he was done with the cleaning and the laundry. Remus gently laid the blanket over his son and kissed him on the cheek and forehead. Remus petted Harry's soft hair until he fell asleep and stood. He smiled and waved his wand muttering under his breath until satisfied. He then left to bring down the highchair and finish the chores. Harry snuggled into the plush and sniffled. Suddenly, behind him there was a green flash and three individuals steeped out of the fire place and spelled the dust away.

Chapter 1 End

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