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Chapter 29

Regulus leaned up against the door frame. His lip was curled.

"You are not a Malfoy…. Shouldn't you be upset or something?" Caligula said. Pulling his hands away frown his Harry's groin area. He rather be focusing, just in case.

A sly glint flickered over the man's face. "Oh, I do not?" Regulus said. He stood straighter and looked down at Caligula with a superior lift of his thin nose.

Caligula's eyes narrowed into dangerous slits of icy blue flicked with coral red. Regulas tensed when he saw the teen's eyes gain the hellish specks of fierce red.

Regulas's lips thinned. He refused to be intimidated. "I think that we both have a similar intention although for different purposes. You want my nephew… I need him for something… When he is older." Regulus stopped and eyed Caligula's wandering hands, wrinkling his nose, "He is far too young for any sexual relationship right now." Regulas said. A strange feeling filled the bottom of his stomach. Like sort of like jealousy but not quite it was a sinking feeling that wasn't pleasant at all. He nearly whipped his wand out when Harry shifted and moaned, like he was fighting the spell put on him.

"What do you want with him?" Caligula said, looking at Regulus with suspicion.

"Let us say that I am willing to help you… get him when he is a little older, after his 4th year in school, that should be satisfactory. Yes?" Regulus said.

Caligula frowned, "why would you ever think that I would be willing to be away from him that long?" He said, his words coming out with hints of a snake like hiss.

"I shall be blunt I know who your father is, your hair isn't as dark but it would be impossible not to know who you are. By the time my… Nephew is in his 4th year, I should be done with the task that your father has given me so I may join the ranks again. By then I know that I will have ample time to convince Harry to trust none but both yourself and mine. I personally do not care much for his happiness but I would think that it would be a priority for you. He would be very confused and unhappy if he were to be taken away at the moment, I could convince him to distance himself from everyone. By the time he is to separate from everyone he will be more than happy to leave them behind with my gentle guidance. If you were to put a good word in, of course." Regulus said, bowing his head. Caligula mulling over the idea didn't see the sly smile on his face. Regulus had a glint in his eyes full of sadistic mirth.

After a few minutes Caligula's lips twisted into a sharkish grin, "What an excellent idea. By the time you are done I want him to absolutely loath them! See them for what they are, although it will pain me at least I will be able to see him during break and during the summer. And… by the time he comes to me I would think that bitch you call a mother would have him properly taught in educate and the like. He will have not gained more than an admirer or two, easy to get rid of. I shall have a position in the Ministry and he shall be only a few short years from being able to bear my child! Yes, this will be perfect. I give you permission and if this works, I will make sure you are looked on very favorably!" Caligula said, his eyes light up in twisted excitement. The idea of Harry only wanting him made his skin and groin heat up.

"Of course, whatever you would like me to do." Regulus said, dipping his head again. He froze when he heard movement in the other room.

"I'm telling you, someone's in here with my wittle Harry-Warry! My instincts are never wrong and I even smelled them! No one I know smells like that!" Bellatrix said, whining. Regulus could hear the clicking of her high heeled boots.

"Are you po-positive- Wait, why does it smell like…. I think uh, well not quite sure who, my nose is not as good as Rodolphus but it smells sort of like a Black but I don't think it is Sirius and I know it isn't Lady Walburga and there is no way it is yours? I at least can tell your's apart." Rabastan said. Before either Caligula or Regulus could react. Bellatrix was pushing right past Regulus, nearly knocking him to the floor.

"Who are you? What are you doing anywhere near my Harry-Warry? What are you doing here Mangy Dog?" Bellatrix hissed. Her eyes narrowed in bird of prey like slits and her lips curled in an ugly unstable sneer. Her hand was wrapped lazily around her wand, her stance leaned forward, and her head was cocked.

Regulus decided that it was best to stay where he was. He knew that stance well enough to know that it meant nothing good was going to happen. He readily remembered her fighting using that stance even though it was years ago. She was a terrifying force to reckon with in a good slightly saner mood let alone when infuriated.

"Answer me, despicable worms!" Bellatrix shrieked. The air cracked with heat around her.

"I-I found him here! I of course was passing through to.. find Father, not seeing him right away I assumed he was attempting to find our….Nephew. I went to try and find them of course, I then became hopelessly lost! You must of course agree seeing a wall a jar is a most peculiar thing so I decided to investigate. Once I realized that the quarters must belong to yourself and Lord LeStrange I thought that maybe for some reason… Harrison may be here, this place being so well hidden. I was more than a little taken off guard when I walked in to see this boy nearly on top of my…p-poor Nephew!" Regulus said, trying to be as convincing as possible. He gritted his teeth together when he realized he had paused every time he spoke of his brother's spawn. There was very little chance that Bellatrix wouldn't notice it and even if she didn't there was no way that Rabastan wouldn't.

Caligula slowly got up, not wanting Harry to get harmed… well not too badly… He crouched, an arrogant smirk on his face. Caligula slipped his wand from his robes. It was pale, easy to see making it completely conspicuous. He couldn't tell if Regulus had just betrayed him or if the performance that the man had just done was part of his plan to help Caligula.

Rabastan had his wand out in a second, he was nearly certain that the teenage's wand was Yew. His instincts flared, whispering a promise of danger. He had to be cautious, especially with his precious niece so close. He had no doubt that something fishy was going on with Regulus as well, he was lying about something, Rabastan couldn't actually tell how much but there was diffiently a good bit of deceit in his words. One of the major mistakes that the man had used was how he tried feigning affection for Harry. It was obviously fake and no one called Harry their nephew in the family, well Lucius use to do so often but gave up and did it very little now, but Harry was their niece. It was a little odd but it was not a particularly strange thing to call him. When there were far more Bearers in the country it was an acceptable thing to refer one as a niece or a nephew, it really wasn't used in the sense of the child being daughter or son though with parents. They were still called sons, normally.

"Let me passsss and I will not have to kill you." Caligula said, a slight hiss at the end of his S's. He flushed red when Bellatrix laughed.

"You wittle boy, kill me? No,no,no, I don't think so, no I don't! Do you really think you could beat wittle old me all on your lonely lonesome? Do you?" Bellatrix said in a mocking sort of voice.

Caligula growled and his cheeks turned red at her belittling of him, how dare she? He was superior to her, did she not realize this or did she simply have a death wish?

Rabastan acted on complete instinct when he pushed Bellatrix to the floor. The air was knocked out of him and he felt dizzy when a toxic green light hit him dead on. He lifted his hand in a daze and felt the wetness flowing from his nose. He wiped it onto his sleeve and ignored the fact that it was blood. If he had not have had as much Drakus blood as he did he would have been dead! He snarled.

Caligula stared, he went completely slack jawed and backed up the best he could. His face pale and his hands began to shake. "How? H-h-how did you do that? You-you are supposed to be dead!" Caligula said, nearly falling over in his attempted to get as far away from Rabastan as possible. He looked at him as if he were death himself, envy and fear flitting from one to the other repeatedly on his face.

Bellatrix lunged forward Regulas was frozen like a frightened rabbit. She whipped her wand in a slashing motion at Caligula's leg and blood sprayed all over.

He gasped like he was having trouble breathing and held his leg. Rabastan called a house elf and told it to bind Caligula's wounds, making Bellatrix shriek in outrage. He then told it to take the teenager to the dungeons.

Rabastan grimaced when he felt the blood trickling from his nose begin to slip down his neck. He spelled it away, not wanting it to ruin the nice dress robes that Narcissa and his brother had gotten him. He felt a little nauseas and woozy. Hopefully his bleeding would start to dry up soon.

"I was going to bleed him like the piggy he was! Why did you do that to me?" Bellatrix snapped. Growling like a crazed dog.

Rabastan pulled a handkerchief out of a pocket in his robe and held it up to his nose. "I wish to do the same thing but I think that Sirius and Remus should be the ones to kill him or torture him if that is what they want to do. Harry may be our niece but he is their Cub. They are the ones that have the right to decide what to do with the cur." He said.

Bellatrix went to hurry over to Harry but stopped when she eyed her cousin trying to crawl out of the room, fearful and quiet as a barrow driven fox. She kicked him in the ribs and grudgingly allowed Rabastan to go over instead. She loved her Harry-Warry but she enjoyed the pain of others oh, so much.

Rabastan examined Harry as he waited for Lucius. He had no doubt that the man would be up in a matter of minutes. There was no way the house elf would not tell the man what happened to the best of its abilities, especially since Harry was involved. Lucius may not have been able to be around nearly as much because of his political career but he was fiercely protective of Harry. More so than he was of Draco. Draco had also tormented the man from practically the moment of birth though. He also was already exhibiting very dominant traits. He didn't need as much protection as Harry did. Or at least that is how Lucius's instincts probably rationalized his behavior.

Rabastan turned in a flash to fend off the ragged old house elf spitting and hissing at Bellatrix as it beat her in the head with a thick book and tried to choke her out. Regulas was gone. Neither Bellatrix nor Rabastan noticed his absence, instead Rabastan tried to avoid the elf's crooked rotted teeth and untangle it from around Bellatrix's throat. Bellatrix was pulling at its arm, her wand, knocked to the floor near one of Harry's bookshelves.

"What is going on here?" Lucius said horrified.

"Just check on Harry, he has not woken up which with all of this noise he should have by now." Rabastan said. Turning his focus completely on the house elf.

Without thinking about it, Lucius left Rabastan to save Bellatrix from suffocating and hurried across the room. Lucius gently tapped Harry's cheeks to try and wake him, "Harrison, wake up. Wake up for Uncle Lucius. Wake up darling Flower." Lucius said. He forced away the noise from the other three and frowned at the lack of response. It was worrisome. He closed his eyes and felt for spells, snapping the one that clung desperately to his 'niece' once he found it. He was surprised by how frayed it was already before he did so though. Harry had to have been fighting quite hard for that to occur in one his age. It would not have been possible at all if he hadn't been as strong as he was as well.

Harry groaned, he felt like cotton wool was stuffed in his ears and his mouth felt like he had been chewing on a dry rag. He slowly eased his eyes open and licked his lips, his tongue felt thick and clumsy.

Lucius smiled, "Are you alright Flower?" He said. He stroked Harry's hair and subtly began to check for any damage or abnormalities on Harry. Lucius noticed Harry licking his lips and picked up a glass sitting on the nightstand next to the bed, remembering the effects of that particular sleeping spell. "Here darling." He said. Easing the cup to Harry's lips.

Harry tried to grab the cup to hold it for himself but his limbs just didn't want to work properly. He coughed when he tried to talk. After a few gulps of water he pulled away from the glass and coughed again. "Wha's wron' wi' me?" Harry said. Noticing his slurred speech and foggy thoughts.

Lucius smile became more forced after being asked what happened. He was glad that Rabastan and Bellatrix had got control of Walburga's insane house elf and were no longer in the room. "Nothing you need to worry about Flower." Lucius said. He swallowed hard when he saw how hiked up Harry's night gown was and how his underwear looked to be pulled down a bit. He at least didn't smell of blood or sex, just-just the teenager's arousal. Lucius's hands trembled lightly, he wanted to scrub the disgusting smell from his darling Flower's skin. His Veela blood bristled at the smell and the idea of what the teenager wanted to do.

Within a few minutes Harry's head slumped. Lucius pulled his underwear up to where they were supposed to be on his delicate hips and pulled his night gown down. He grabbed Paddy and grabbed a quilt that Remus left at the manor for Harry when he was younger when Cissa insisted that he and Sirius go out for a night. It was so Harry would have something that smelled of them. It was far smaller than the huge blanket on the bed that Harry was laying on. Lucius wrapped his nephew in it much like one would swaddle a baby and picked him up.

Lucius frowned at how cold Harry was. He knew that his Flower had difficulty elevating his temperature still. It was a submissive thing, it took far longer for them to be able to do so most of the time and they were smaller with less muscle to encourage blood flow, heat retention and the production of warmth. It had to be the spell's doing though. The spell used would be considered not terribly strong but hard to break and often had more than a handful of bad side effects. Lucius was confused why someone who claimed to…. 'adore' his Flower would use such a spell on him. People had been known to die from asphyxia under that particular spell.

He would not make a scene by taking Harry down to the party and did not want Harry to go to Saint Mungos unless completely necessary. The way he had fallen back unconscious was worrying. Lucius called a house elf to himself and told it to get his wife and Harry's parents along with Hera, Murus's mother.

Hera was a private emergency Healer. Not many outside of the Pureblood circle knew of this not because she had a problem with assisting others outside of that circle but most Halfbloods and Muggleborns either did not know about Emergency Healers outside of the hospital or did not have the means for one. She was actually quite cheap compared to most. Already having plenty of money and enjoying helping people it was more of a decent paying hobby than anything else to her.

Few Potters were healers so that also made her choice in job odd and the fact that she was a pureblood already married to a high class individual and had a child made it even odder. It was strange that she even had a job, even if part time.


Lucius decided to take Harry to he and his wife's own quarters. It really was not far away from Harry's own bedroom and in his parent's quarters. He rather have Harry safe in his 'nesting' area. He knew that the house elf would aperate them in. One's location of their personal chambers was not to be revealed to anyone but their most trusted family members. Only the dumbest and most idiotic house elf would lead someone to his quarters instead of Aperete them in. Only under strict orders would they lead a person to their quarters.

Lucius laid Harry in, he and Narcissa's bed. It was thick with soft fabrics, hair, and feathers from years of collecting and in the case of the hair and feathers, most came from years of preening and some from malting.

His Flower was so tiny in, he and his wife's bed. So so small. He had always thought of Harry small but seeing him suddenly so sickly looking and cocooned in his bed made Harry look so undeniably frail. It was scary for Lucius to see that. He forced his instincts back, knowing they wouldn't do anyone any good. His back began to ache and itch and his gums began to hurt. He cringed, already able to feel his ears becoming slightly pointed. Lucius began to itch everywhere. He couldn't remember the last time his instincts had gotten out of control. Everything quickly became overwhelming and his more human level of possessive need to protect and nurture was quickly twisting into a Veela's obsessive possessive need to take care of a sick submissive Kittling.

Lucius tried to rein in his emotions, knowing that all he would be doing is putting Harry in danger if he did not. He needed to be protected though, kept warm and safe in the nest. He would take care of his beloved Harrison. No one could hurt him while Lucius was there. Why had he even tried to convince himself otherwise? It was completely logical. He was powerful and ran hotter than most weakling humans! He didn't need anyone but his Cissa to help tend to their darling Nephew.

Lucius tore his robes from his torso as if they were tissue paper. His nails turned to sharp, almost talons. Lucius sighed in relief when the itching and ache suddenly stopped with a whoosh of air, a momentary sharp pain and a light splash of dark shimmery blood. He gave his wings a light shake to remove the last little droplets of blood onto the floor and wall. His eyes looked like liquid mercury and almost had a glow to them and his teeth lengthened into formidable predators teeth for protection and hunting.

Lucius's wings nearly drug on the ground even as he held them folded and pulled up as high as he could. Even then, the tips of several feathers brushed it. Lucius pulled Harry to himself and tugged several blankets so they were nice and close to help keep in the warmth. Lucius curled himself over Harry, using his wings to keep the chill of the room away it was also an instinctually way to protect a weaker family member.

"Lucius, is he alright? Your house elf said that something happened to Har- Are you alright Lucius?" Hera said. Freezing when she saw a bed full of feathery wings. She tentively eased her way closer. Hera stumbled away when Lucius swiped at her and hissed, baring his impressive teeth at her. "Lucius I need to help him. I cannot help him if you do not get yourself under control!" Hera said. Lucius shrieked and his skin became almost scaly and began to slowly turn a grey color.

Hera backed away until she was exactly horizontal to a door and ran in, locking it as quickly as she could. Looking around she could see that it was a bathroom. A bathroom about 5 times the size of her and Ferrum's own master suite bathroom. Just the fixtures alone in it probably were as much money as her entire bathroom was worth, maybe more. Who had a bathtub large enough to swim in? Actually swim in not just move a foot or two back and forth standing up but actually have at least 15 feet to swim across as a bath tub? Who needed that much space while scrubbing down? Hera shook her head, it wasn't practical at all. They weren't exactly practical people either though…. Maybe that's why she liked them so much.

She nibbled her lip and tried to figure out how to get Harry from him. She had only seen a glimpse but from what she had seen he was frighteningly pale. She was not sure why or how Lucius had become so out of control, being a master of his emotions.

"Why is youz be in here madam?" A squeaky voice asked.

Hera yelped and held her chest. "I-I need you to get Narcissa, please. Tell her Lord Malfoy has lost control and that I was wrong about having her stay at the party and that I desperately need her help. Also, that it's about Harry." Hera said. Her face serious and urgent.

The house elf squeaked and franticly nodded, tugging on its ears. "Mippy be doing that! Iz be right back with my lady for youz so little heiress be okayz!" The house elf said, disappearing with a pop. She appeared again only moments later with a frazzled looking Narcissa.

"What is going on? She said something about Harry and Lucius turning into a monster, are they okay?" Narcissa said. She looked extremely stressed.

"I do not really know I just know that something bad happened and that there is something very seriously wrong with Harry and that Lucius' Veela instincts are out of control right now. I have never seen your husband even a 100th as bad as he is right now and I have seen him get relatively out of control a few times!" Hera said.

Narcissa frowned, "I will try and go calm him down a bit." She said. Sounding worried. She removed the velvet scarf from around her neck and hung it near a mirror. "You should probably take a seat it may take at least a few minutes and those heels look uncomfortable. I will call for you when I think he is in control enough for it to be well, safe as I can get him to be when he is in such a state." She said. Ordering honey tea for Hera, remembering it was one of her favorites when she was over for a chat.


Caligula ignored his injuries and paced. How dare they lock him up in this too short ceilinged place, it didn't even have a proper bed! It was just a metal shelf they planned to have him sleep on, how dare they? They would be begging for mercy when his father found out what they had did to him!

He looked to the door when he heard a noisy clinging. Someone wearing a heavy black cloak was unlocking the door. "You must leave before they find out that you were let free. I nicked these from Lord LeStrange when I knocked into him, he thinks the things I conjured up are these but knowing him he will notice almost immediately. I also knocked out the elf guarding you and my false image of myself is quickly wearing thin, so you need to get going! I cannot let them know that I was the one that did it, I being your father's spy." The man said.

Caligula grinned and held out his hands to have them unlocked as well. "Of course, did you manage to get my wand?" The man nodded and held it out. Caligula eagerly snatched it away, "good, so plan B yes? Go to the northern study and use the Floo there?" He asked. The man once again nodded, "yes my lord, no ones in that area right now. I need to go back know to make sure it stays that way." He said. Caligula waved him off and left. No one would even know he left until it was far too late.


It had taken quite some time to get Lucius under control enough to allow Hera to enter the room. Lucius immediately became aggressive but Narcissa shushed him like a small child and he quieted a bit.

Hera was very worried when she saw how pale Harry had become. A blue tint to his lips and skin was even more so. Narcissa assured her that it had only hit that shade a few minute prier. He was so cold, terrifyingly so. His breathing was just a wheeze and he was completely unresponsive.

Hera laid him on his side and cast a powerful warming spell on the blanket wrapped around him. The blanket already had a minor one but not nearly strong enough to help with something like that. "I need either Charon Prince or Lord Prince-Snape in here right now! Whoever put that sleeping spell on him was an idiot and did not know that you cannot use it while trying to use the Tarkin's Necessity spell on someone or it could cause death. In some ways it is a good thing that he did so though because it is practically undetectable unless reacting badly with a spell for the first 15 hours which is when it is easiest and the least damaging to the patient to remove it. It's a very old almost forgotten compulsion spell that slowly makes the person that it is infected with it begin to obsess over the person that put the spell on them and eventual think that they need them to live. It's an awful spell, if the person that cast the spell dies, the person that the spell is on will die to. Not out right because of the spell but because they normally starve themselves to death or kill themselves and even if you remove the spell if it has been on them for an extended period of time their thoughts and behavior stay the way they were when under the spells influence." Hera finished, crowning to Harry.

Lucius hissed and shrieked in outrage, how dare someone do that to his Kittling Flower? When he got his claws on him he would skin him alive. He snarled and faced the doorway hunched over and ready to launch himself off of his bed to attack the intruder that knocked open the door.

"Do not even think about it." Severus said. He walked across the room with long strides, his robes bellowing around him. Lucius growled and Severus sneered at him, "you try to attack me Lucius and I will have no problem with using those feathers and teeth of yours for potion's ingredients. One time of getting mauled by you was quite enough, now behave." Severus said talking to him in a tone that one would use with a rude five year old.

Lucius fluffed up his wings, looking both embarrassed and offended.

Severus rolled his eyes. "So what is the probl-" Severus' eyes widened. Oh, he didn't look good at all. "What happened to him?" He snapped. He quickly pushed past Hera asking her rapid fire questions. "It-it was him, wasn't it?" Severus asked, gritting his teeth. He turned to Lucius, "wasn't it?" He asked, his eyes narrowed.

Lucius whined, why haven't he thought of that? It smelled like the person's smell Harry had on him when he got attacked from that monster. Lucius nodded, it looked almost painful for him to do so. It was though, that thing had been in his home and had attacked his family. That would never happen again. He hoped that Bellatrix and the LeStrange brothers had caught him!

"I need to get to work on the potion that will reverse this, it only takes a few hours but he does not seem to be doing well at all. I know it is dangerous to do so because of his age and size but try to give him at least 1 bottle of pep-up potion per hour until I am done." Severus said as he emptied one down Harry's throat and massaged it so he would swallow. Severus called a house elf so he could get to the lab faster and was gone before anyone could protest. 3 vials of Pep-up sat on the lamp stand next to the bed.

Severus refused to allow anyone know how shaken up he was by the experience. By the fact that Harry might die. He focused on making the potion, the thing that he was going to save his life with and the thing that he was undeniably the best at. He and Sirius were not really what you would call friends they were no longer enemies, far from it, they were more like decent accountancies. Remus was an almost friend. Harry well he was far too young to be considered a friend but he did like to think of himself as his only non idiot sort of role model except for maybe his father who was an idiot half the time as well in Severus' opinion, that Harry had. He was very… fond of the child and somehow he could always tell even when others couldn't. The boy was annoyingly perceptive. And even before he became particularly attached to the… Pup, Harry would toddle after him and watch him like he was the most interesting thing in the world. Even when his… mother, wailed and whined about it before they became sort of friendly, after that he did it out of his childish need for constant attention.

Severus walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a bottle of fire whiskey, he took a swig right out of the bottle and capped it. He sat it back in the cabinet and got to work. He disgusted with his thoughts, as if the boy was already dead. As long as they managed to keep his temperature up while he got the potion ready he should be fine and recovered within a day and a half. 3 vials of Pep-up left and the potion took 3 hours and 43 minutes, plenty of time. He had everything he needed.

End Chapter 29

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