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Chapter 31

Severus was quick to make his way back to Lucius and Narcissa's bedroom once he was done with the potion. The potion that he had made could not be popped in by a house elf as it would end up reacting to and would become completely useless for anything but poisoning that was so volatile even its vapors could drop half a dozen men within a few minutes. And it wasn't just for a short little nap either. It was the eternal dirt nap kind of heavy sleeping. Not exactly what Severus was aiming towards with that particular occasion of making that potion... Not that he would ever make it for that reason...

His robes bellowed around him like a hellish bat as he ran. The potion had, had to cool before he could take it from the gloom of the Potion lab. Severus hopped up steps 2 at a time until he had finally gotten to a long unused hall with a picture of a man with long almost glowing white hair and pale silver eyes and an unnatural beauty about him. He stared at Severus with an unnerving blink-less stare, not making a sound.

Severus knew that it wasn't a good idea to use that passage because of Gabriel but he felt like he really didn't have any choice in the matter. It was far faster that way… It wasn't like he was really risking anything right? It wasn't like he could leave his frame anymore. Lucius' great great grandmother had made sure to prevent him from doing that. He wouldn't know about Harry just from him using the passage anyway…. But she had said to never use it. He had to though. It had been nearly 20 minutes passed the time that the very last pep-up potion would have started to greatly fade from Harry's system.

"Thou feather falls on twisted frame and bow to make thee an iron hall of twisted thorns." Severus barked, hastily running his wand over the name plate under the frame. The frame suddenly began to fade into a black hole. The frame started to untwist what looked like branches from all sides and grew longer and thinner until what was in front of him was a massive black door, cold and so heavy that Severus had to open it with a spelled gust of hurricane force wind. He nearly froze at the sudden melodic dark laughter he heard and ran as fast as he could through it. Nothing happened, the creature in the painting probably just found the fact he was acting so hectic and desperate amusing. He curled his lip at the idea of it. He had no time to show the rude thing a piece of his mind though.

Severus was relieved when he was finally out of the creepy metallic black colored corroder. He swore that something had been following him. As soon as he had made his way out of the tunnel Severus slammed the shelf he came out of closed, having the urge to wash his hands of whatever inherent bad was in that place.

After a bit more zig zagging and two actually used secret doors with a few more secret hallways he was finally able to get back to the main family's wing.


"Severus, are you done? You must give that potion to Harry this instant!" Narcissa insisted, quickly jumping to her feet with an anxious look.

"What does it look like I plan to do woman?" Severus barked irritably. He rushed over to Remus who was holding a very pale gasping Harry. And growled right back at Remus when he began to growl at Severus for trying to touch him. "Do not even try it wolf unless you want me to use those teeth and nose hairs of yours to experiment with for my potions! You can confirm that I will do it with Lucius. I still have a few nice feathers and hairs stripped from his very wings and head from when he was foolish enough to try and maul me!" He snarled, turning to narrow his eyes at Lucius who pathetically cringed and acted like he was trying to shield himself with his forearm.

Severus pulled out a glass vial and undid the clasp holding eyedropper inside of it. He dripped 5 drops on the back of Harry's tongue. "I would suggest holding him still. There should be an almost instant improvement and from what I read it can be a quite jarring experience." Severus said. Right as he spoke Harry suddenly took a deep breath and flailed around his eyes wide with fear. He sprung out of Remus' lap and stumbled backward, coughing and still a bit pale.

Harry frantically looked around everything was melted and twisted deformed animals were staring hungrily at him. One with oily looking black eyes and a long beak-like snout crouched and stalked at him snarling at him in insistent wails. With abnormal strength Harry grabbed onto a glob that he thought must have been a table before it turned all melted and waxy and threw it at the thing. It was surprisingly solid and heavy but it wasn't very hard to fling it through the air at the thing in his fear. A curly haired beast with gray eyes and curly black hair and a face like his Mummy's Grimm form began making high pitched whines and it stumbled to get to its feet. Harry shrieked in terror and ran for his life. Forcing back coughs that ached to be released. He hardly even noticed the slight dizziness that he was feeling from his labored breathing.

Sirius stared at the spot his son had been in only seconds ago with his jaw dropped. He slowly turned to Severus sputtering, then pointed. "He-what-how? What in Merlin's saggy left ball just happened?" Sirius squeaked looking completely bewildered.

"I think he may have had a more extreme reaction than expected….. Do you happen to have any Flesh Eater blood do you?... You know the actual little known about creature…" Severus asked, looking at table he had side stepped with wide eyes still.

Sirius squawked, "What? Why? And how do you even know about them?"

Severus raised an eyebrow, "Do you really think I would not know of such a being? I am from one of the oldest dark bloodlines of Europe, of course I would know about them especial since apparently one of my distant ancestors a contract with a few more civilized members of the species that allowed them to eat the rudest of his subjects… and guests and that he actually paid them for it."

Sirius huffed than a look of realization passed over his face, "You are trying to distract me! What aren't you telling me why do you need to know if we are part Flesh Eater or not?" Sirius paled when an almost sheepish look crossed Severus' face. A look that he had never ever seen from him before.

"Is he going to die or something?! Yes we are part Flesh Eater, from the Line of Kings in Scandinavia or something! You should already know that though, it isn't exactly hidden knowledge to you. I mean my mother brags about being descendants of a merlin damned royal line of 'cannibals' to you, what every few months or so? Why the hell would she brag about being related to bloody cannibals?! Even I could read between the bloody lines with that one! I thought you were supposed to be a descendent of Ravenclaw or something! Damn it, is my baby going to be okay?" Sirius said looking terrified.

Remus had quickly got up after that, "Shouldn't we just be trying to find him right now? I mean no matter what our Cub is still ill!"

Severus acted like he did not even notice what Remus had said. "If rumors are true… than one of the ingredients that I had to use for the potion may or may not cause delusions and aggression in Flesh Eaters…. Though he may just be reacting badly to the Prancing Lunar Bloom Lilies, does your family have any allergies to Nordic Freya Lilies?..." Severus said, almost looking hopeful.

Sirius looked at him his a sneer, "Uh, of course we aren't it just affects us in a bad way if you add sprigs of Bragi's harp. Though, that is pretty hard to come by and hardly ever is used in potions. I know that because mother forced it in my head that people from our lines can't have it or some really bad stuff happens."

Severus grimaced.

"Oh you didn't!" Sirius whined, throwing his hands in the air. "Of course you did! At least you didn't give him a huge dose or anything! But still you gave my baby equivalent of a potion that would force out less….. than desirable traits from bloodlines that someone his age has no business having active! Also it also will make him more susceptible to influence from other creatures… It would have been permanent if you had given him the whole bottle you wanker! Tell me what the bloody hell is in that crap next time! If I get my arm knawed off or something I'm ripping yours off! Crap he's going to be having the doxie dust trip from hell!" Sirius said glaring at Severus in a dangerous slightly unstable manner.

"Come on Remus, lets go get Harry!" Sirius said, reaching behind himself and froze. "Remmy?" He turned to look around and the room was totally empty!

"They left approximately 15 minutes ago if you were wondering. They said they were going to look for Harry." Severus said. Starting to walk away.


Radolphus found the traitorous rat trying to open a desk in the restricted part of the house. It was in the office that Lucius normally used when political guests came over. Fury filled him, even stronger and hotter than even seconds beforehand. He wanted to snap his ugly pompous neck.

Radolphus snarled stunning him and levitated him to a nice quiet room completely sound proofed and warded. He quickly sent a patronus to his wife and brother, struggling not to start without them. He growled digging his slightly elongated nails into his palms.

"You found the piggy?" Bellatrix hissed storming into the stark room.

Rabastan stalked into the room a minute or so later looking positively feral.

Bellatrix lazily flicked her wand at the man and cast a Rennervate on him.

"What-what is going on here?" Crouch Sr. stuttered, looking furious.

"We know that it is you that freed that monster and killed that house elf!" Rabastan growled. Slowly beginning to circle the chair that the man was sitting in.

"So? It was just a house elf…. How much do you want me to give you to replace it?" Crouch Sr. asked, looking annoyed.

Bellatrix snarled and pushed her wand against the man's neck. Crouch yelped when his skin began to heat up to the point it was unbearable. "I think you need to me more careful with where you put that wittle tongue piggy or I will be adding it to my collection of piggy parts!" She said, her read tilted and a demented snarl creased her face. "Now tell us why you did it!"

Crouch huffed, "it's business, that is all, you can understand. I personally don't give a damn what the hell happens to anyone but my lord and his interests. He wanted me to free his bastard boy so I did. It's politics. Political immunity from any….. Miss deeds that I may often participate in. I'm on the winning side! So what if there is a bit of bloodshed a little trauma? You are lucky that my lord hasn't order your nephew to be taken. The only wizard bearer that has survived to such an age hasn't been born in the countries of the United Kingdom in what, at least 60 years and also born to the best stock in the United Kingdom, better even than most of Europe's pureblood lines? Of course he is very desirable to my lord. Britain's secret gem, what the collectable he would be… Though that freaky bastard son of my lord has a thing for your breeder….nephew, he is far more likely to be given to my lord's actual noble heir who seems to be very interested in meeting him. I'm surprised he hasn't had a betrothal set up yet, really. You could get a pretty Knut for him. I actually sent a betrothal proposal to his parents. They refused…. I even offered to pay them 10,000,000 Gallons for him after several offers they still refused to marry him to my son. Would you talk to them about this? We come from good stock, 433 years our line has survived! I don't want that to be taken away just because my son cannot find an appropriate breeder-uh, bride, of good pedigree. I don't want to end up with pig faced almost squabs for grandchildren. I'd have to kill them, it would be terrible for my image to have such disgusting freaks of nature even associated with me let alone being related to them." The man said in a matter of fact tone.

Rabastan and Rodalphus were speechless for several minute they were so horrified by what the man had said. Bellatrix shrieked in outrage.

"How dare you piggy?! You are nothing but a bitty dirty worm! Endangering my neicy over some political game! And and trying to buy him? He isn't some dirt cow you can pick up off of the street you piece of festering dragon dung!" Bellatrix shrieked in the Crouch's face grabbing his hand she twisted his fingers until they made a grotesque pop and he wailed in pain.

Rabastan's eyes darkened at the sight of the man writhing. "Who is this… lord you speak of? Tell us!" He barked.

Crouch laughed, "If I tell you I am dead, either from you or my Lord! There is no winning in this situation! You can break every bone in my body, it isn't going to matter. And we both know that you will not kill me until you know." Crouch said, spitting at Rabastan's feet with a cold smile.

"It's him isn't it? He is not dead like we thought…." Rodalphus said. He flicked his wand in an odd pattern looking like a bunch of squiggles.

Crouch began to spasm and twitch, his arms looking like they were slowly collapsing in on themselves. "Wh-t are you doing to me?!" The man gasped. His chest suddenly feeling very heavy.

"Bone dissolving curse. It is a specialty of the LeStrange, I would think you would know that though." Radolphus said, giving the man an icy sneer.

"I'm not-not goooing to say anything about my lord! You don't know what you are talking about! If you let me go I'll convince him to bring you into the interfold again, there will be raids starting again soon and you will want to be a part of it! It-it will look bad to some of the other families if you don't start to show interest in the ministry and with-with your help we would have no problems taking total control of it! We alr-dy have control of nearly half of the major departments, a few individuals in the perfect-perfect positions. I would be minister again, my Lord would be among the royalty like his line should have always been. Your family could end up being nobles and-and help rule all of wizarding kind! That, or I can give you a way to contact my lord about a betrothal between that bearer and and my lord or his heir. Who else would be able to brag about having their lines combined with one 1500 years old? I mean let him fuck the boy, pop out a brat and you're at adviser level! Plenty-plenty good enough trade isn't it?" The man sputtered.

Rabastan roared, grabbing the man and smashed him to the ground so hard the chair that he had been in shattered and Crouch's shoulder partially collapse in. He began to gurgle and seize. "That is my 10 year old niece you are talking so vulgarly about! You talk about him as if he is some sort of breeding bitch! What in Merlin's name is wrong with you? Why would you ever think that we would ever be willing to-to sell him like some breeding sow?! He is a living, breathing, emotion feeling little boy! Not an animal! And 1500 year old lines, why the bloody hell would any of us care about that? The Black lines and Lupin lines are thousands of years old! And he is to marry for love not some little spot in your imagined utopia." Rabastan yelled, kicking and stomping on any bit of the man that he could get to. Radolphus had to drag his brother from the man who know had giant ruts all along with arms and arms. He was completely unconscious and hardly breathing.

Not long before that did Radolphas spell his wife unconscious, knowing that she would do far worse to him and he needed the man alive to answer way more than he had already said. He had a feeling that he would not like it. He need to figure out exactly what was happening. What he did know is that the family needed to see the memory of what happened right way and to keep an eye on his beloved niece, less he be used in the half blood's agenda. Politically, if one was to get betrothed to Harry, would practically be able to rule the Wizarding world of the United Kingdom if they were to reveal what lines he was from and that he was a bearer! Radolphus nearly shuddered at the thought of what could happen.

"Moppy!" Rodalphus said. She popped into the room, looking frantic and severely stressed. "Please take that filth to the family dungeon and give him the bone hardening potions that I had Fawny make. Keep him alive and I want him to have a constant guard of at least two of the elves for him." Rodalphus said through grinding teeth.

Moppy nodded her head narrowing her eyes in disgust at the lump. "Yes sir, I will be doing that right away! Iz be making sure horrible man never gets away so he can pay for what he was being doing!" She said, sneering. She stomped over to his sunken looking body and grabbed him by his hair and snapped her fingers.


The monsters began to follow him, booming steps vibrated the wax halls and Harry had trouble forcing back the coughs that needed to escape. When they would try he went through door after door and hall after hall and they still wouldn't leave him alone. Then he saw a strange door colored like the bottom of a dark pit and managed to force it open right before the monster's hand been able to see him. He had heard them growl to each other sounding agitated. He held his chest with a shuddering relieved breath. It took him several minutes but he began to see a dim light and eventually he ended up in an old corridor that had a light bit of dust over everything.

Harry hissed when what felt like a thorn pieced his skin as he ran his hand over the door trim as he stepped out.

"And who are you little one?" Said a melodic voice.

Harry swiveled around and instead of the hall that had been there he saw a portrait of a beautiful man with long pale flowing hair looked at him with a curious expression. Something was almost comforting about him.

"My… My name is Harry Lupin-Black." Harry said in a small voice. Scuffing his feet.

"Oh really? Well then, it is nice to meet you! You look similar to someone I once knew, very much so indeed. You look like you may have descended from him actually." The man said, smiling pleasantly. Though a twisted delight couldn't be completely wrestled from his lips. Harry didn't really seem to notice though.

"Are you bleeding? Oh, you poor thing! Here bring your fingers to my frame, I'll make it all better!" The man cooed, pulling an embroidered handkerchief from inside of a sleeve from his robe. His eyes were unable to hide the desperate desire he felt.

Harry nibbled his lip something felt so off but at the same time he felt comforted by the presence of it. Harry fidgeted and stepped forward, his hand held up.

End Chapter 31

Should Harry touch the painting, yes, no?

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