The Dinosaur Revolution

A 'You Are Umasou' Movie

Starring Heart and Umasou

A/N: Thank you for viewing my very first fan fic ever. After I saw you are Umasou I just had to make a story about it. This story takes place just after the movie when Heart and Umasou are about to head off (and in my opinion they should make another movie or at the least an anime series with more adventures). At first I thought I would just have this story then make another one that part 2 of this story but that was going to be too much trouble so I'm just going to add it here instead. There WILL BE some original characters in this story that I made up myself and I own them. I do not own any of the You Are Umasou characters or anything like that. Please review and like and all that stuff. Enjoy

While Heart and Umasou are traveling after resting together for the night, Umasou began a very big talk with his dad.

"Hey dad," said Umasou. Heart said

"Yes, what is it Umasou? Do you have something on your mind?" asked Heart.

"Actually yes I do have something on my mind dad," said Umasou.

"Well what is it then son? What do you want to talk to me about?" asked Heart.

"Well it's just that when that Big Jaw attacked you, not the Big Jaw from not too long ago, but the one that was in our way from getting to Egg Mountain; after you beat him and all and when he said you weren't my dad. Then I said 'Yeah I know. I'm not a kid anymore. But a dad is still a dad' you seemed to be very surprised when I knew that you weren't my real dad but I still accepted you as my dad."

Heart 's eyes widened in surprise from what Umasou was saying. "Well Umasou, of course I was surprised when you said that. Because though after all this time I treat you like my son, close to when you first hatched out of your egg and shortly after that I didn't completely accept you as my son. Because one, though you know already, I'm your adoptive father and not your real father, but now and forever I will treat you like you were my own. Secondly kind of like what Beckon said, the two of us are completely different. I'm a meat eater and you're a plant eater. I can't eat grass foods, (though I can eat red berries) I have to eat meat to stay alive and you can't. With you being a plant eater you can only eat grass and berries. But anyway the whole -not-accepting-you-as-my-son- thing, that's all in the past now. Now I'll gladly do anything for you and protect you from any other meat eaters. From now on we will always stay together no matter what we go through."

Umasou blinked the tears from his eyes, then smiled and said "Thanks Heart. I'm so glad that I'm able to call you your son."

Then it was Heart's turn to shed a few tears. Then he said "Thank you, Umasou."

Then Umasou asked him "So dad where are we going to go to now? As far as I know we still can't really stay in the plains because I think we are still exiled from them. So where will our journey go from here?"

Heart was taken aback because he himself did not know where he and his son would go; since he decided that he wouldn't go back to his family. "Well Umasou, I don't know where we can go from here. But I'm sure if we keep traveling we will find a forest where a meat eater and a plant eater can live together with other dinosaurs and all will be well."

"Do you really think that there is such a place like that dad?" asked Umasou, eyes shining with hope.

"There has to be a place like that. I'm sure of it. With Egg Mountain erupting and who knows how long it will be until the plants start to grow back. And with us exiled from the plains the other big jaws will surely try to attack or even try to kill us. But I'm sure we can find that forest where we can live together in harmony. If we just keep our heads up and our hearts open and just keep believing, I'm sure that someday soon we will find that wonderful forest."

Then Umasou smiled brightly and said "Your right dad, there just has to be that forest somewhere. If we just keep on believing in ourselves, I'm sure we will find it soon. We still have plenty of adventures left to go on. I want to spend each and every one of them with you."

Then filling with pride, Heart smiled and shouted, "Yeah your right, so onward! To our next big adventures! Someday we will find that forest but let's enjoy the journey as well. Hopefully we will be meeting all kinds of new friends along the way."

"Just try not to eat them when we meet them," giggled Umasou.

"I'll try not to, son," laughed Heart. "Well then, let's go!"

"I have an idea though dad," said Umasou.

"And what's that son?" asked Heart.

"Well it's just that if we are going to go in this big adventure, maybe we should also ask someone if there is such a place anyway," said Umasou.

"That would be good but which Big Jaw could we ask that won't try to kill us?" asked Heart.

"Why don't we go ask Beckon? We haven't seen him in a while but I'm sure he must know the plains area and the places around it as well," said Umasou.

"Your right. He should know this place like the back of his hand. But we should wait until early tomorrow so we don't attract too much attention from the other Big Jaws," said Heart.

"It sounds like a good plan then. Tomorrow our new adventure awaits us!" said Umasou happily.

"Together!" said Heart.

"To our next new adventure!" yelled Heart and Umasou in unison.

And like that, so begins Heart and Umasou new big adventure as they ran into the sunlight.