Naruto: Legacy of the Goblin

Norman Osborn was thought to be dead after his battle with the masked hero, Spider-Man. But that wasn't the case. He faked his death, and left the country. Over the years of traveling and donning the mask, he decided he needed a plan. A plan to ensure that his legacy will live on. No matter how many years it took.

With that in mind. He built hundreds of hidden bases. Hidden so well, that not even a Hydra grunt will find it. But, over the years of war and evolution. Not one person found the bases. Like a treasure hunt, the story of the 'hidden' bases faded away like a myth.

But now, only one base remained. A base that hasn't been destroyed by the shifting continents and the constant wars. One that was destined to be found once again.

A young boy floated in the water. He appeared to be at least 13 or 14 years old. His eyes were closed, and he looked lifeless, but then, air bubbles exploded from his lugs. And as if he was being dragged down, he started to sink. Further into the depths. Around him, red chakra started to appear.

Thoughts swirled around his throbbing head. Am I dead...? Is this is? I didn't even... That's when he felt and heard something... a yell? Or was it... a growl? His skin felt cold and frozen. He tried, but failed, to open his eyes. The growl echoed in his head once again. He had the basic idea of what it was, and he didn't know exactly how to get there. He felt more air leave his lungs, and he couldn't tell if it escaped from his nose or mouth. He knew he couldn't move, nor swim.

Why bother... He let out a hollow chuckle in his mind, which was once again answered by a growl. Only this time, it was more desperate. I'm a failure.

He finally managed to open his eyes. It was a beautiful sight. Serene. Fish swam to and fro in the cold, icy water. Strange plants line the walls of the river, or was it a lake? Plants he never even saw back home in Konoha. Home...? Who would even miss him?

He blinked as he took notice of the red chakra trying to seep from his body. But he just ignored it. His eyes caught sight of a large bubble that seemed to float near him. He tried to will himself to reach it. Nothing. Even the red chakra tried, but the bubble seemed to laugh at the attempt. His tired eyes saw an image form on the bubble.

Naruto stormed away. He brushed by the trees. Him and his team weren't functional at all! His feet stopped near a large lake. A lake that could pass for a river, or an ocean. A layer of fog covered most of it. His eyes flicked towards a nearby tree A kunai slid into his hand. His mind drifted off towards a strange meeting he just had not too long ago. Kinda cute... for a guy. He shook his head. Bad thoughts!

He stared at the tree. He took several deep breaths. Blue chakra started to line his feet, but he was unaware that red chakra started to seep and mix into the blue. He dug his feet into the ground, and took a breath. With an inhale, he shot off. Left foot hit the tree and stuck. It was followed by the right, then left, then right again. He smiled. He did it.

A strange sound entered his ears. It sounded like a bee, but more high pitched. His left foot planted onto the tree. Teh sound came from the lake. He tried to ignore it, but the sound kept getting louder and louder. His eyes flick towards the lake, and that distraction was all that was needed. Splinters exploded from the tree as it was blown in half. Naruto let out a scream as he flew towards the lake.

Naruto gasped, and the last of the air from his lungs exploded outwards. He looked around for something, anything... only to see hundreds of bubbles coming from underneath him. They seem to cover and swallow him. His eyes finally drifted closed again. His burning lungs were now only a passing annoyance. The red chakra began to lightly swirl around him in desperation.

Naruto continued to sink. He was almost like a lifeless doll, sinking into the depths of hell. Bubbles continued to flow past him. Beneath the young boy, a small fissure started to open. Bubbles shot from it. As he got closer to the opening, it cracked as it widened. And before anything else could happen, it swallowed him whole. Only a few bubbles flew upwards from the hole, then they stopped. On the surface, hundreds of bubbles popped, and then, nothing. No sign that anything was there, except a small fissure under the lake, and even that, slowly began to close.

Chapter 1: The Goblin

Kakashi frowned. Sweat dripped from his brow. His student wasn't back yet, and to make matters worse, he felt that chakra. The dreaded chakra of the Nine-Tails. It wasn't very strong. Just a small does. Hundreds of thoughts clouded his mind. Could something have happened? I could never forgive myself...

"Sensei?" He was startled from his thought from his other student, Haruno Sakura. He glanced around the area. If his student could startle him... "Naruto will be fine. You know him... likely off training, or goofing around." He nodded. They were outside, and it was pretty chilly out. "He probably found a ramen place or something."

He hoped she was right. He released a sigh as he ushered his student back into the house. He glanced back towards the forest for a second, before he followed his student.


Naruto gasped. His blue eyes snapped open as a lone drop of water splashed onto his forehead. His eyes flicked upwards, only to see a metal ceiling. Water dripped from a long crack in the middle of it. He tried to move his arm, only for it feel restrained. He glanced down as far as he could. Metal straps were hooked to both arms and legs. His jumpsuit was ripped and soaked.

"Welcome..." A voice echoed throughout the metal room. The language was foreign to him, but it was male. "If you-"

"What...?" Naruto interrupted as he tried to speak. His throat stung, and felt as if blood would start gushing from his lips.

"... searching language database." After a few more seconds, the voice spoke again. "Language track found. Hope this will suffice." He was surprised he understood it, but was even more surprised by what he said next. "If you're still alive... then congratulations. If you're dead, too bad." He tried to look for the origin of the voice. He knew it was somewhere on his right. But before he could blink, a strange snake-like object seemed to erupt from the wall. It dangled before his eyes. A green light suddenly sprung to life, and it rolled over his eyes. It was blinding, and he wanted to slap it way. But after a few more seconds, the snake-like object vanished. "Congratulations for surviving the injection."

Injection... Naruto whispered. He wished he didn't understand the language. And for the first time, he noticed that his neck, arms and legs stung just like his throat. It was as if he was stung by a bee.

"You were injected with Nanites. Tiny machines that will help heal any wound... and purify any abnormites with your system." This time it was a male's voice. And the man chuckled. "You will need them for the next part... hence the multiple injections."

"Who... who are you?" He asked. The sounds of clicking and whirring was heard. And it was getting closer.

"All will be made clear." A beep was heard. "In a few minutes, your whole world... will finally be awaken. And all the possibilities you never had before, will now be endless."

"Senses indicate subject is a young male child." He heard a feminine voice echo. "Lowering output by 10%."

"It's not like me... but I will give you a choice, since you are a child." The man whispered. Naruto tried his best to look to his right, but his neck refused to obey him. "You can say the word right now, and my computer will allow you to leave, and my Nanites will terminate themselves." Naruto was about to answer, but something told him, You will never get another chance. Or stay... and be my legacy. My perfect creation. The son I never had." The voiced paused for a few seconds. "You have 10 seconds to decide."

Inside the boy, behind a large cage, a large creature stood in the shadows. A lone red eye opened, followed by a pair of fangs. A laugh escaped from it. Things just got interesting...

Naruto frowned. The female voice had started a small countdown. He thought about the offer. He knew that some kind of pain was coming. And besides, no one had ever wanted him of all people to become a legacy to them. A son. He steeled his resolve. A chance to become noticed. A chance to be taken serious. A chance... a chance to become stronger!

He took a breath. He knew what he needed. What he wanted. A chance to take off that damn mask he always wore. The mask that hid loneliness and sadness. And just as the countdown reached zero, he braced himself. Another second pass, and he opened his mouth to speak. But before he could, panels suddenly opened up on the metal walls, and then, the entire room started to fill up with green gas.

At first, he didn't feel anything. Then, slowly, a burning sensation started to overcome him. He couldn't move due to the straps. He wanted to struggle, but steeled his resolve again. He could hear the man saying something, but couldn't make it out. It sounded something like, See you on the other side. He tried to breathe, but he sucked up a mouthful of gas. It tasted foul, and his tongue immediately went numb. He almost bit it off when the pain struck, and his teeth clenched. His eyes squeezed shut with a few drops of tears spilling.

His fist clenched seconds later, and his nails dug into his palm. Blood dripped from the wound. His skin had started to burn, and started to peel off. Red chakra began to seep out, and slowly tried to heal him. But what Norman Osborn never counted on, was Kyuubi. The red chakra began to combine with the Nanites in his system. Empowering them, and forcing them to work faster. His muscles started to grow and bulge a little. The metal straps were beginning to creak from the strain.

His eye's snapped open from the pain. The gas swirled around his right eye, which started to bleed green. The other eye flash red, then back to blue. He felt a scream erupt from his throat, but he couldn't hear anything... just a loud ringing. His hair had started to fade. From bright yellow to a dull color, then it started to fall from his head. His jumpsuit was all but gone, leaving him almost bare. As the gas slowly started to die down, Naruto's teeth started to lengthen and sharpen. His eyes squeezed closed once again as the final bouts of pain hit. This pain was different. He felt it inside. Burning and re-sculpting everything inside of him. His tear drenched eyes flew open, and one final scream erupted from his throat.


"Sasuke-kun..." Sakura mumbled as they headed back to Tazuna's house. They spent hours looking for their teammate. He has been gone for almost a day, and their sensei hasn't picked up his perverted book since.

Sasuke flicked his eyes to Sakura. Usually she was hounding him for a date, but now... she was actually worried about the blond idiot. He would never admit it, but he had grown somewhat fond of the blonde. He shook his head. That thought was gone now.

"I'm positive he's fine." Sasuke replied to her unasked blond stormed off after having an argument with that boy. Inari. "Regardless. We have a job to do."

Sakura glanced back towards the woods. As they approached the house, they saw Kakashi there. A worried look glued to his face. Tazuna was next to him. Both were staring off in the distance.

"Still worried?" Tazuna asked after a minute. He also had to admit, he was worried about the blonde. Especially after the emotion the kid shown when he yelled at his grandson.

Kakashi saw his team return, minus a member. He was even more worried than ever before. A strong concentration of the Nine-Tail's chakra was felt earlier, then stopped all of a sudden. It was daytime now, and his student had been gone for a whole day. He should've guessed his student was even more stubborn than he thought. At least according to the Sandaime Hokage and Naruto's former teacher, Umino Iruka. Part of him was afraid that Naruto was captured by either Zabuza or Gato and being tortured. But the other part...

"As long as he's been under my tutelage, he always had something to prove. To get stronger, to be the best. Which was why he blew up at Inari the other day." He sighed and turned to Tazuna. "I'm positive he'll be back when Zabuza is healed."

Tazuna was about to say something, but his daughter yelled for them to come in for lunch. "The brat has spirit... I'll give him that." He started to walk into the house, but paused. "I just wish the kid would come in and get some grub."

Kakashi nodded. "He always has some ramen packets on him at all times..." Tazuna chuckled. Kakashi turned back towards the woods. He hadn't felt another burst of Kyuubi's chakra for hours. And what's worse, he wasn't able to pin-point the location. But one thing he knew for sure, it was no where near Gato or his base. He glanced at the over head sun. After lunch... we'll search some more. Then, more training. With that thought in his head, he walked into the house. We must be prepared for what's to come.


One eye opened. It was a bright green. Another eye opened. This one was a bright blue. He brought his hand to his face, only to hear a clink. He moved his other hand, and his eyes caught sight of one of the metal straps hitting the floor with a loud clang. His ears twitched. Everything seemed louder than usual. He heard the water that was above him. The metal creaked under the strain. He was surprised this place... this base, held up over the years of abuse mother nature threw at it.

"Subject in stable condition." The female voice echoed around the room. A bright green light flashed a few times. He was forced to shield his eyes from the invading light. "Project was a success." A click was heard, followed by a hiss. "As per programming, all doors have been unlocked."

Naruto looked around. Everything felt strange, but at the same time, he couldn't stop a grin that came to his face. He actually laughed. One that wasn't forced. The laugh echoed off the walls. Inside the seal, even the creature behind thick bars grew a fanged grin, followed by a small laugh.

"I see you are alive. And my sensors indicate... a laugh?" The man from before chuckled. "Very good. The gas will take some time to settle, but when it does..."

Naruto was finally able to turn towards the voice, but frowned as he only saw a medium sized screen. And on that screen was a man that wore a business suit. His face had a few wrinkles in it, but he could see the strength and power hidden behind those eyes.

"Where am I..." Naruto froze. His voice... it sounded deeper, and stronger. He threw his legs off the side of the metal bed. He looked down at his nude body. He could see his body had more muscle than before. He looked slightly taller, at least as tall as Sasuke or even a tad taller. Even his... manhood... grew.

"My name is Norman Osborn." The man said. His eyes flash green, and a smirk formed on his face. "And I have... one hell of a story to tell."


Another day had flown by in a blink of an eye. Kakashi kept protecting the bridge builder and training his team, or what remained of it. He kept looking for his student, but regret began to show as the team made a discovery in the woods.

"Is than..." Sakura whispered. She watched as Kakashi bent down and examined the object. It was a familiar backpack, but at first glance, they hardly recognized it. It was burnt and ripped, and it looked as if an animal had been digging in it.

"You two, go to the bridge." Kakashi ordered. The two genin hesitated, but followed their Sensei's orders. Kakashi studied the area. He needed a clue. Any clue. And that's when Kakashi's lone eye landed on the lake. And floating on the surface, were several pieces of his student's orange jacket. He lifted up his headband, and his Sharingan blazed to life. He scanned the lake, only to frown. Traces of Naruto's chakra were all over the lake. Hardly any were on land. "...where are you...?"


Naruto grunted. He was covered from head to toe in sweat, and he was still nude. He was told the entire story of that man, Norman Osborn, from start to finish. No detail left unturned. From spiders to his own adventures. Naruto didn't really care if the man was a villain...

"Alright. Stop." Norman's voice broke through his thoughts. Naruto paused mid sit-up. He ran a hand through his newly grown hair. It was more slicker and longer than his previous hairstyle. "I only have enough power for another minute or two. There will be one final test once the gas settles. Make me proud, son..."

Naruto looked down. Sadness swept over him. He was sad that he won't have Norman in his life for very long, but he also understood. He knew Norman was just a computer program with different settings depending on the subject that landed in the base. He even told Norman about what he carried and this new world. And he was impressed that a computer program responded with genuine words. He even went as far as to examine the seal on his stomach. But, he felt happy that he was someone's legacy. And he felt himself growing closer to the man. And no matter what, Osborn and Oscorp will rise again.

Earlier that day, he sent clones to explore the place while he did the ordered workout in order to get use to his new body. And one clone accidentally tripped a security measure, but something unexpected happened, the memories of the clone exploded in his mind. He never really noticed it before, be he did always wondered why he had memories he didn't recall. After that, he ordered the clones to read some of the notes Norman told him to read. And a laugh escaped his throat. He now had a way to learn at twice... no, triple the normal rate. Sure, it may seem lazy, but according to Norman, you must do whatever it takes to make a plan come true. And he vowed there, to be the perfect legacy.

He also vowed form this day forth, to take off his mask... and trade it for another one. His eyes flicked towards ne of his clones. In its hand was a green mask. The computer had the containment unit resize the suit to adjust to his new size. He left it in the unit to keep it safe until he was ready to don it. But, there was just one problem: How was he suppose to take everything from the base before the water pressure reaches its peak?

After an hour of reading and studying, something he used to hate doing, but now it feels amazing to learn, he suddenly paused as he felt something. It felt like another presence. His eyes flicked towards the monitor where Norman was earlier, only to see... Norman? He grew confused. He knew it was a video monitor, but once it was off, the screen acted like a mirror. Unless... unless he left another message, or the video program was stuck in a loop.

"Norman...?" He whispered as he stood and walked over to the screen, completely forgetting he was still bare. Once he reached the screen, the Norman gave a fanged grin. Naruto frowned as Norman faded away and was replaced with his own reflection. But that quickly turned to shock when his faced also started to fade away. He blinked. He was now looking into the face of the green goblin. The very thing Norman told him about. The mask was currently on the metal bed behind him.

"Wrong!" The Goblin replied. His green face was wide in a grin. Naruto fell onto his back from the shock. "I am you. You are me." The eyes on the Goblin turned downwards. "Are you happy to see me... or is it just the rising dragon!"

"What are..." He looked down at himself. He was still nude. He remembered Norman telling him that he always saw and communicated with the Goblin in reflections. But, he never did say how he dealt with it... only to embrace it. Was this the final test?

"What's wrong? Missing daddy already?" The Goblin laughed. His eyes watched Naruto's every move.

Naruto only shook his head and walked towards a room in the back. He gripped his head. It felt as if something was there, clawing its way from his head. Every mirror, screen or any reflection he passed, Goblin was there. Watching. Naruto knew to expect it, but to feel it...

"Just embrace it!" Goblin replied. Naruto tripped over a tangle of wires, but managed to reach out and gripped the nearest object. It was a large glass container. He saw Goblin in the reflection. "Look at your eye... you embraced part of me. Just embrace it. Like Osborn did." Naruto opened the container. Smoke billowed out, but once it cleared, he saw a business suit there. He picked it up, and closed the door. Only to see Goblin. "...well?"

Naruto looked at the suit. But his eyes glanced around. He saw another container next to him, and saw the Goblin suit, minus the mask. Thoughts bubbled in his head. What if he did embrace it? Osborn did. And it made him stronger. Powerful. A smile graced his face. "Alright." As that word left his mouth, he gave in. It felt as if his brain either exploded or expanded. And throughout the base, a loud and guttural scream ripped through the metal walls. It went on for what felt like hours. Then, that scream faded away into laughter. A laugh the bounced off the walls in the base.

"Subject: New Goblin. Child. Osborn legacy." The female voice replied, only to be answered by a roaring laugh. "Just as Mr. Osborn predicted. Scanner indicates brain mass is growing. Strong activity in the brain. Sensors indicate intelligence rising by 20%. Strength increasing by 5%. Subject: Complete."

The more you fight the Goblin... the more he will fight back. Osborn's voice echoed through the walls. Embrace him... and the power will be immense. On the monitor in the examining room, Norman Osborn Appeared. The video was stuck in a loop. Immense kept on repeating.

Another hour had quickly passed. Naruto strolled through the empty halls of the base. His feet clacking against the flooring. The base was on limited power. And the lights kept flickering. Naruto was now decked out in a purple and black business suit. He normally didn't like those, but now, it felt great. Almost felt like a sin not to wear it. He paused as he walked by a mirror. He saw himself, and had to admire his appearance. Then his image faded away as the Goblin appeared. Both smiled a dark smile.

"Any idea how to take this stuff out of here?" He asked. There were hundreds of items in the rooms of the base. From weapons to prototypes, and from books to notes.

"I think we both know..." Goblin replied, before he vanished. Naruto just smiled. He remembered what the old man once told him. It was about seals. Anything was possible with them.

He turned a corner, and a smile lit up his face. Norman told him stories of the Glider. And while he was here, he had is clones and the computer modify a Glider prototype he saw in containment. He looked at his work. Instead of a goblin head, it was designed to look more like a fox's head with red eyes. The wings were curved and pointed like a bat's wing. The wings itself had been sharpened like a sword. He also made modifications to the inside, including the weapons the object will launch. All he needed to do was modify it with seals. And he had an idea of where to learn the,. He picked up a small remote control, and pressed a button. Slowly, the Glider began to hover before him. He hated to get his nice new suit wet, but it was needed.


Kakashi continued his search around the woods. He knew the lake was heavily involved, hence why he was currently standing on the surface of the lake. Blue chakra coated his feet. He walked and searched all around the lake, even on the edges. Nothing. The mist was still heavy around the area, but he knew Naruto was somewhere in this area. His student's chakra had started to fade away from the area, but he still saw one large heat signature deep under the surface of the water.

But before he could react, an explosion of water occurred nearby. Water flew everywhere. The sharingan saw through the mist and water, and that's when he saw a figure. The figure stood atop a metal object, and like in slow motion, water fell around the person, who's lip curved upwards. He frowned. He saw soaked blonde hair, and a business suit. But his eyes froze on the face. Three whisker marks were seen as clear as day. The figure turned to him, and he saw the blue eye wink at him.

Naruto... Kakashi whispered. Then all of a sudden, the object sped off. Naruto! He quickly hurried after his student. Kakashi touched the ground, and quickly leapt upwards until his feet kicked off of a tree branch. He tried his best to catch up with his student, but the object weaved through the trees like they were nothing. He leapt from tree to tree at his top speed. Then, he heard his student yell in joy.

Naruto smiled. This felt way better than running. His feet were covered in blue chakra which held him to the glider. His eyes flicked to a glint behind him. Looks like his plan had worked. Now for the next phase. He pushed a button on the remote, and the glider sped up. He released another yell.

Kakashi cursed as Naruto sped away. He used his sharingan, and started to follow the chakra trail. He hoped his students were fine with Tazuna. His new focus: Catching up with Naruto.


"I don't like that man." A feminine looking boy spoke. His eyes glared hard at the doorway. Gato had just left , but in his hand were some Senbon. He was very tempted to throw them and make a pincusion out of that fat disgusting man.

"I had it under control..." Laying on the only bed in the room was a man. He was covered in bandages. He lifted up the covers and revealed a hidden kunai.

"I know, Zabuza-sama..." The boy went over to the bed, and began to check the bandages, He frowned as he saw the wounds. "... but we need the money..."

The man nodded. The boy was right. They've been on the run for what seemed like ages. He and Haku had grown closer over the years, and he actually started to consider this boy... his son. Not that he would say that out loud. He examined the boy as he cleaned his wounds. He needed a plan.

With a sigh, Zabuza thought back to what happened earlier. Gato kicked down the door with his two brown nosing bodyguards. What did he mean by back-up... He frowned as he remembered Gato saying that. That fat fuck... He should've figured that man had a card up his sleeve, but what? Regardless, as soon as the bastard paid him, he will gut the man like a fish. Even if Haku must do the gutting.

He looked up at Haku. "Well? How does it look?"

A frown crossed Haku's face. "That man did a number on you. Two weeks. Even with the ingredients I gathered."

Zabuza narrowed his eyes. He can't send Haku alone in his place. And the bridge will be completed very soon. Haku can maybe take out two of the genin at the most, but against Kakashi. It could go either way. "Any ideas?" He decided to ask the boy. Haku still considered himself a weapon. A tool. He could never get the boy to think for himself, unless the boy is worried about something.

"I'm afraid not. I'm sorry, Zabuza-sama." Haku mumbled. But before he could say anything else, his eyes caught a flash. With lightning fast reflexes, he spun and flicked his wrist. Three senbon flew towards the glint. But the senbon were deflected to the side as an object flew straight at Haku. He leaned back as the object flew by him, barely scraping his face. Zabuza leaned to the right as the object embedded itself into the wall. The object looked like a shuriken, but it only had two pointed ends. And the middle of the object looked like a cat... or maybe a wolf?

"That wasn't very nice." Both Haku and Zabuza froze at the voice. They didn't hear anyone come in, nor felt a presence. Not until the object was already in the air. "And here I was... offering my help."

"Naruto-kun..." Haku mumbled with surprise evident on his face, While that smirk unnerved him, he that the figure was the boy he met in the woods. He saw Zabuza preparing to throw the kunai, but the man paused as he heard the familiarity in Haku's voice.

"You know him?" Naruto walked forwards. He pushed himself off the wall. His suit was still wet from earlier. He flicked his wrist against the suit and sent a splash onto the floor. The grin on his face was still present. Naruto placed his hands to his side as he walked closer.

"Naruto-kun?" Haku asked. He wondered why he looked different, and why his present was different. Did something happen? Was Naruto pretending? "What are you doing here?"

"Just came to make a deal." His eyes flashed towards the window, and met Kakashi's lone eye for a split second. Haku frowned, but with a nod from Zabuza, his hands flashed through hand seals. Naruto just watched with a smirk. In his hands, several more of his shuriken-like projectiles slid down his sleeve. Behind Naruto, the wet splotches began to rise and take shape.

Sorry, Naruto-kun... Haku met Naruto's eyes as the water rose behind him. In the window, Kakashi was prepared to leap in, to save his student, but froze as he saw Naruto's hand. There was a glint.

The water started to freeze, and Kakashi saw that they became literal ice needles. And barely a second later, they launched towards Naruto's unprotected back. But before they could reach him, Naruto quickly turned around. He used the shuriken in his hands and either deflected the ice or sliced them in half. He leaned back to let a few fly past him and impact either the wall or floor. But he failed to see a kick that connected to his stomach. Naruto coughed, but his smirk was still evident. He leapt back. He looked kinda disappointed that his suit had a foot imprint on it.

He watched as Haku jumped back. He wondered why Haku wasn't even trying, well, aside from that kick. It seemed as if the boy was conflicted. His eyes saw the emotions flowing through the boy's face. He smiled. Which grew wider as a senbon flew towards him. But what shocked Haku, and the two adults, was that Naruto caught it between two fingers. Naruto brought up the object and examined it. An idea started to form for later use.

"Are you done? Can we talk now?" His voice was calm, but once again, his smile formed into a smirk. Kakashi watched from his position outside the window. He was currently trying to look for a way to get inside without making a sound, like Naruto did. Inside, Zabuza gave a nod. Haku moved. Faster than his eyes could see. Naruto blocked the kick, then leaned back as a punch almost connected with his nose. "What's with the hostility?" He chuckled, but decided to end it. His smirk lowered, but didn't exactly leave his face. He quickly caught Haku's incoming fist, and twisted. He now had Haku's own arm around his throat. Haku flinched from the pain, then looked to Zabuza, but the man only smirked.

From the window, Kakashi was wide-eyed as he took in Naruto's new moves. He never saw his student pull off those before. Usually it was with recklessness, but not this. And he had to admit, Naruto's new appearance looked way better than that jumpsuit. With a nod, he thought it was about time he jumped in.

Haku glanced around. This person wasn't even trying. The boy he met in the woods was pure hearted, but this new Naruto was anything but. Was he an imposter? Or was the boy he met only wearing a mask? Like him. Before he threw the first punch, he saw those eyes. The same ones as the Naruto he met. It may not be the same eye color, but the loneliness was there. And so was something else.

"What is this deal?" Zabuza had finally decided to ask. He knew Haku and the kid weren't even trying to kill each other. It was more like a dance. But the grin on the strange boy's face made him curious.

Naruto brought up his left hand. In it was a needle. Green substance was inside. "This contains what I call, Nanites. Little machines that will heal any wound, and will stay in the system... as long as I let them." Naruto's grin grew, even more so as he saw Kakashi tense up. He felt Haku relax in his grip. He knew he could freak free anythime he wanted. He even felt several senbon near his nether only smirked wider if that was possible. Haku's free hand was ready to deal damage. Deciding to tease him, he held Haku closer until Haku could feel the breath on his neck. "I will heal you. Only if you help me."

Before he could continue, an explosion of smoke came from Zabuza's bedside. But once it cleared, Kakashi stood there with a kunai near Zabuza's throat and a glare aimed at Naruto. His sharingan spinning wildly just in case.

"Explain." Was Kakashi simple demand. It wasn't a yell, it was an order from his superior. He was inwardly happy that Naruto was safe, but needed to know what the boy was planning, and what he was doing under that lake. "You owe me that much." He could've went ahead and slit Zabuza's throat, but was curious as to what Naruto had in mind. Any plan is better than no plan.

"Well... I was actually expecting you to pop in a tad earlier. You're late." Naruto chuckled. "Ah, well..." He released Haku, who stumbled forward, but the blush was still there. Kakashi followed his lead, and jumped away from Zabuza. Without looking away from Zabuza, he addressed his teacher. "If you teach me the basics of sealing... I will explain everything." Naruto chuckled at Kakashi's look, while his sensei didn't like the sound of that laugh. Oh, how he wished he would've put on the Goblin suit, instead of his business suit. If only to see the reactions it would cause.

"Sealing?" Kakashi asked. He knew a lot about sealing, but never thought Naruto of all people would want to know. But, he figured it must run in the family. He only hoped that Kyuubi wasn't the cause of Naruto wanting to learn.

"Only the basics. I will figure the rest out." Naruto's smirk never left his face. Earlier, he sent a clone to tail Gato. And... the clone just dispersed. "You do know that Gato will kill you once you kill the builder?"

"Oh... and what makes you think he will succeed?" Zabuza already knew Gato will try something, but this kid is starting to intrigue him.

"A mercenary. From Iwa if I remember my history correctly. Not very good at that stuff..." Naruto walked forwards, Kakashi matching his steps. The needle was still in his grip. "Now... will you listen to my plan? Because then, we both get what we want." Kakashi could only watch, and hope this didn't end badly.


Once again, another day had passed without a hitch. He explained his plan to Zabuza, and injected him with the Nanites. And after that, Kakashi gave him a few scrolls on sealing. And since Kakashi went through with it, he also kept his word and explained everything. Well, minus a few insane and bloodthirsty moments. And since then, he had his clones studying non-stop. He had the basics down. Now was the time to design his own. The moment of truth.

He placed a scroll aside as a sudden urge struck him like lightning. A strong urge to kill. To maim. He already embraced the Goblin, but refused to kill unless he needed to. His eyes flicked towards the Goblin suit. It felt like it was calling to him. With a brush in hand, it was time to test his new knowledge.

Hours flew by. It was like he was possessed. His hand had started to brush the seals on by themselves. He took a glance around. He knew the sun had just risen. It was the final day. The day the bridge would be complete. Earlier, he had his clones take some Pumpkin Bombs and planted them on the bridge. He smiled as a clone popped. He flicked his eyes down at his attire. It was a familiar purple and green costume. Around the belt area was an orange fox. He bent down, and grabbed a mask. Without hesitation, he slid it on and flicked his eyes to a mirror. He couldn't tell if it was the Goblin... or him. But he knew that this is now, the real Uzumaki Naruto.

What people don't see, are the seals that covered the suit. Many of them hid weapons, while others controlled what the suit does, the Glider or what else that he may use in the future. The Goblin smiled, just as the suit began to fade away, and was replaced with Naruto in his business suit. He already had seals on his business suit, so he wouldn't have to change between them all the time. And he also re-fitted the Glider. Other objects were given to Kakashi to keep safe with his stuff.

His eyes paused on the monitor where he first met Norman. After a moment, he turned away as The New Goblin. The new Osborn. The new Naruto. As he walked towards the exit, he paused and tilted his head. "Set code 23."

Once he vanished from view, the metal creaked. Norman's image appeared on the monitor. His face frozen in a grin. The screen started to crack as the pressure became too much for the base.

"Full compression imminent. Destruction in 5 seconds." The female voice cracked. As she counted down, water started to spew from the walls.


Naruto exploded from the water. His eyes went to the scene below him. A small whirlpool started to form in the lake. Naruto stood atop his glider as he watched with a wide smirk on his face. He now wore the Goblin suit, sans the mask. His bloodlust had reached its peak. And with a laugh, the Glider sped off.


Tsunami screamed as she was dragged out of her house. She was being pulled by the hair by a man that wore a jacket, shorts and hat. Next to him was another man. This one was shirtless, with an eyepatch over his right eye, tattoos and a scar over his left eye. He gripped his katana. Tsunami's fear filled eyes grew wide when she saw movement coming from her house. Then, complete dread grew in her chest.

"Would you look at this, Zori." The shirtless man licked his lips. "Kid wants to play hero."

"Let her go!" A young boy yelled. He had a fisherman's hat on, and despite the tears in his eyes, he had determination burning in them. He rushed forward, and kicked the shirtless thug.

The man growled. And with a quick burst of movement, he snatched the boy up and held by the scruff of his neck. And for the first time, Inari really took notice of the size difference. "You little punk!"

"We only need one hostage." The man that held Tsunami, Zori, told him. He held a knife close to her neck as he yanked her to her feet. He sniffed her aroma. "I wonder which one...?"

"I say we kill the kid." While holding Inari, he slowly began to pull his sword from the sheathe. "My blade hasn't had anything good to eat for a while." Inari squirmed and kicked in the man's grip. During the struggle, he managed to connect a kick to the man's face. "Why you...!"

The man threw Inari onto the ground, hard. A smirk grew on his face as he saw that the impact caused the boy to spit out blood. With a yank, he pulled out his blade and stalked closer to the child. He gave the sword a few practice swings. "Head? Leg? Or arms...? You choose." He brought the blade down, and laughed when the boy flinched. He raised his sword once more, and was about to bring it down again.

"No!" Tsunami screamed. The sword stopped at Inari's neck. Tears were dripping from her eyes. "If... if you do that, I'll... I'll bite off my tongue!" She bit down onto her tongue, hard enough to draw a speck of blood.

Not wanting their hostage to kill herself, the man rested his sword on his shoulder. "Let's go..."

"We wouldn't want you to be late, now would we?" Zori replied as he yanked on Tsunami. They began to walk back towards the woods, with Tsunami being pushed ahead of them. They didn't see Inari struggling to stand.

"Wait..." The man with the eyepatch smiled at the voice. Looks like they had another hostage, or at least, a new bloody corpse when this is over.

"No..." Tsunami whispered as she saw her song standing once again. Blood dripped from his lip. He was about to rush forward again, but stopped when the large man started to approach.

But before he could grab the boy, a laugh echoed around them. Tsunami shivered at the sound. "Another hero?" The large man spat. He glanced around the nearby woods, and smiled as he saw a figure standing there. He wore a green and purple outfit. One eye green, the other eye blue. But the figure had a smirk, and was laughing.

Naruto-kun... Tsunami whispered. He looked different and more defined. But the smile on his face looked strange on the boy.

"The hell are you laughing at, kid?" The man yelled. He gave his sword a swing.

"Just the punch line." Naruto simply replied. "A little off the top." The man looked confused, but laughed anyway. But his laughter was quickly wiped away as he felt pain in his stomach. Blood exploded from his mouth.

"What...?" Zori was in shock. He watched as a strange object flew past his head, and sliced his partner right in half. Blood splashed his face, while some got into Tsunami's hair. "Waraji!"

Inari squeezed his eyes closed. Both halves of the samurai falling very close to him. He shook from the sight, and turned to Naruto. He opened one eye. Naruto didn't even try, and the guy was killed. Sugoi...

"Geez! I said a little off the top!" He mocked sighed. Zori tensed up as the strange boy started to walk towards them. "Gonna have to fix that setting." He turned to Inari with a wink. "Like it has a mind of its own..."

"Naruto...?" Inari whispered as Naruto kicked the top half of the dead samurai away from the boy. "Where were..."

"Later..." Naruto continued to walk towards the remaining samurai. He saw the man release Tsunami, which caused her to fall to the ground. "Until your mom... and leave the area..." He stopped walking as he handed Inari one of his Goblin shuriken. He watched as Inari ran and untied his mom. As Tsunami's eyes met his, he winked and smirked again. Once he was sure they were gone, he licked the fang that seemed to poke from his lips. Zori watched as a green mask slowly appeared on the boy's face. The mask grinned at him, and he was disturbed by the facial movements of the mask. "Let's have some good... clean... fun..." And with that, the samurai ran forward. His sword at the ready. And as he approached, he swung.


Next Time:

The bridge battle has started heating up. No sign of Naruto. Was the plan still on? Then as the battle began to reach its climax, Naruto shows up with several surprises. And Kakashi and Zabuza will have their hands full when a new player enters the field.

Idea was from, Fan of Fanfics. Check out his alternative version, Legacy Rising. And tell him I sent you. It was like a collaborative effort. Both of us trying our own versions of the idea. This was a pretty interesting story to work on. A lot of possibilities with the story. Pairing will be NaruTen, like his story might be. Temari may or may not be added. This chapter was re-written on 10/14/2013.