Master and Servant


Hello there everyone! This is going to be my secondary series that I will be updating every now and then. This story will be set in the darkness time frame and will involve Momo trying to get Rito's love and assemble a harem and this will also deal heavily with master Nemesis. So let's begin shall we, oh and one more thing if you haven't checked out my other series then do that too, the first story is Rito's Love for Her and the sequel is Rito's Road to Proposal.

Rito Yuuki was walking with Lala in the halls of Sainan High School talking about things that have been going lately. "So Lala it seems that Nana and Mea are becoming better friends again." Rito said as they turned a corner and began to head to the front entrance to the large high school.

"Yeah, it is a shame that there is still part of Mea that still thinks that she is nothing more than a weapon." Lala said as she bowed her head down.

Rito began to have flash backs of a few weeks ago.

"Nana it is time to end this… time to stop pretending to be friends." Mea said while she was in her assassin getup with her hair forming great blades with the help of the transformation ability. Nana ran off with tears in her eyes after dropping the cake that she was planning on sharing with Mea.

"It has been a few weeks and the summer festival and other things have happened that have allowed the two to spend some more time together." Rito said as they were walking back to their home.

"Yeah, I think that Mea will be just like Yami in the aspect that she will eventually learn to act like a human instead of a deadly weapon." Lala said as they continued their walk.

"I wonder how loyal she is to her master." Rito said quietly, but still loud enough for Lala to hear.

'Why do you want to know how loyal Mea is to Nemesis?" Lala asked.

"Well it seems like that girl will do anything as long her master says that it will be ok." Rito said as they reached the door to his house. The two opened the door and Rito yelled, "We're home."

Momo, Nana, Mikan, Celine, and Mea came down the stairs to greet Lala and Rito. "Mea what are you doing here!?" Rito asked with a voice that showed that he was definitely surprised to see her in the house.

"Hello Senpai." Mea said with a devilish smile as she took a step towards Rito. "I asked if I could come here and stay the night so that I could spend some time with Nana-Chan."

"Oh, Ok. You just surprised me a bit." Rito said as he tried to regain his composure.

"Yay we are going to have so much fun tonight Nana." Mea said as she grabbed Nana's wrists and began to jump around.

Rito and Lala just stared and watched the two while they had their jaws on the floor, "I can't believe that the two of them went to being best friends again that quickly." Lala said, "I guess it is good that they are friends after all neither one of them have a lot of friends. I think Mea might be able to make it without friends, but Nana deserves to have friends and be happy.

"Hey I am going to go upstairs and go change into something that is a bit more comfortable." Rito said as he began to go up the stairs to his room.

Momo's eyes never left Rito even as he began to go up the stairs; she began to think to herself, 'I need to do something to make sure that the harem plan will be executed a bit quicker. I could have created the harem while Rito and I were alone in the P.E. storage shed, but I got scared for some reason. It might have also happened if it wasn't for Mea and that stupid fan club that I have following me everywhere I go.'

Everyone noticed that Momo wasn't quite there all the way at the moment so Nana tried to talk to her. Nana waved her hands in front of Momo, "Deviluke to Momo, Deviluke to Momo, come in Momo."

Momo snapped out of her little trance and looked at her sister. "What are you doing Nana?"

"Hey you were just staring at the stairs so I thought you might be spacing out or something." Nana said, "Were you thinking about something?"

"Oh no, it was nothing I guess. I think I might have just spaced out for a moment." Momo lied. "I think I am going to go upstairs and change too."

Everyone watched as Momo ran up the stairs and headed up to her room. She quickly took off her clothes and put a button up shirts on with some short shorts. When she felt like she had everything that she needed she headed to Rito's room.

Rito had just finished putting his boxers on when he noticed that his door was flung open. He looked over and saw that it was Momo standing there. She slowly closed his door and slowly walked over to him. "Momo what are you doing?" Rito asked with a bit of a stutter in his voice.

"I thought that I might keep you some company while you were getting dressed."Momo said as she got right up to Rito and pushed him down on his bed.

Rito began to blush when he noticed that all she was wearing were her panties her white button up shirt, and a pair of short shorts. He turned even redder when he realized that he was only in boxers when she got on top of him.

"I want this harem that I want to make for you to become a reality quicker Rito." Momo said as she began to trace her hands in circles around Rito's stomach.

"Well, I, don't really know what to do about that." Rito said as he tried to not focus on Momo being on him.

"Oh but I know how you could make it become a reality. You need to accept your feelings for Onee-Sama so that you could get married and get married to Haruna-Chan and so that you could have some concubines." Momo said as she continued with her hand movements as she went a bit lower which made Rito panic a bit.

Rito was a bit relieved that Momo was done touching him, but the reason why she stopped is something that also frightened Rito a bit. "So I see that you are trying to have some fun with Rito and you didn't even invite me?"

Both Momo and Rito looked over to their sides to see a slightly tanned girl that looked like she was a little kid they both exclaimed at the same time, "Nemesis!?"

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