Master and Servant


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"Why does this always happen to me?!" Yelled Yuuki Rito as Momo got him past the last step on the staircase.

"I don't know why things like this always happen to you Rito, but one thing that I do know is that you are going to enjoy it." Momo said with a devilish grin.

"Yeah you should lighten up Senpai!" Mea smiled as she began to pull on Rito harder. They were only a few feet away from the door now.

"Rito do you not want to take a bath with us?" Lala asked with a pouty look on her face.

"It's not that I don't like you guys or anything, but this is a bit weird, and you are doing this against my will." Rito protested as Momo opened the door to the bathroom.

"Well you are going to do it anyway." Momo pushed Rito into the bathroom and he fell onto the floor and immediately tried to get back on his feet so that he could make a mad dash to the door.

"You aren't getting away so easily Senpai." Mea grabbed Rito's arm again and she drug him to the bath.

"Hold on we can't do this!" Rito shouted, "The bath won't be able to fit the four of us." Rito had a smug look on his face, 'I think I was able to outsmart them.'

"Oh I can fix that really quick." Lala sung happily. At that moment she pulled out her phone and called out a gadget. "This will allow me to make the bath larger so that we could all fit in it." Lala said as she held up a small device.

"Damn it I forgot about that!" Rito yelled out, 'I forgot that she used that before so she could have a bath with all of her friends, and I got stuck in the middle of that too.'

In a bright flash the bath grew to an amazing size, it was at least the size of a swimming pool with eight lanes. "Ok Rito time for you to go in the tub." Lala grabbed Rito and in a swift fluid moment she was able to trip him nude and throw him into the water.

"AH! You didn't have to throw me in the water." A very disoriented Rito said as he tried to get the water out of his eyes.

The moment that he was able to open his eyes and clearly see what was going on Mea latched onto him and he began to panic. "You're so warm Senpai!"

'Her breasts are in my face, I have to get away!' Rito thought to himself as he turned and reached out, "What did I just grab, it feels squishy."

"Rito that tickles." Lala laughed out. Rito could barely see out of the corner of his eyes and what he saw made him panic more. 'Oh no I am fondling Lala's breasts.'

"Hey Rito are you going to let me in on the fun?" Momo asked as she walked over to where the other three were. "You are having fun with everyone but me."

Momo came up to Rito and grabbed his arm and pressed her chest right up against him. "Momo what are you doing?! I can't move much now because you are all holding on to me." When Rito shouted this he began to lose his balance and he swayed from side to side. "Oh no I am going to fall down unless you guys let me go!" It was too late, Rito fell and he went face first into the water. Mea was thrown off of him first, followed by Lala, and then finally Momo. 'Ok I am touching something soft again.' Rito thought to himself as he let his fingers run across the smooth surface. 'Well it doesn't feel like I am touching someone's breasts.'

"Rito… hm, please don't touch my tail." Momo moaned out as Rito ran his fingers against her tail. 'This feels so good.' Momo thought to herself as she began to drool a bit.

"I am sorry!" Rito yelled as he shot up and let go of her tail. Unfortunately for Rito standing straight up in a very shallow bath made him expose himself to all the girls, "What the hell did I do that for?!" Rito yelled as he went back down so that no one else could see anything.

"Please let me see more Rito. I want to learn about the human male body." Mea said as she put her hand under the water so that she could find what she was looking for.

"If you want to do that then please take the human anatomy class at school!" Rito yelled when he felt her hands touch something sensitive.

"Rito you look so cute when you are flustered like that." Lala said with a small blush and smile.

"I know; you have told me before." Rito said as he began to calm down a bit.

"Are you enjoying this?" Momo asked with a smirk.

"Well…I…um…" Rito managed to stutter out.

"Come here with me for a second." Momo grabbed Rito's arm and pulled him to a part of the bath that was far enough away from Mea and Lala. "You know all of us could be your if you would just let your body enjoy this."

"Why are you going to mention the harem at a time like this." Rito said as he looked over to Mea and Lala to make sure that they didn't hear anything. They were just splashing each other with some water.

"Well it seems like now would be a good time to talk about it. After all you are in a bath with three naked and beautiful girls." Momo smirked, "Now let's get back to the others and actually wash ourselves now."

Rito and Momo walked back to the others and began to wash themselves; they all took turns cleaning each other's back when they needed help and were finished cleaning in no time. "Yay! We are all clean now. My skin also feels silky smooth kind of like that one time we went to those hot springs."

"You guys went to a hot springs?" Momo asked, "When did this happen?"

"Well it was before you and Nana began living with us. Your sister saw a commercial and she wanted a hot springs. To make a long story short she made a big drill, we found an underground cavern that had many different types of hot springs and things got bad after a while; I'll just leave it as that." Rito explained as he recollected the events that happened when Lala wanted to bring a hot springs to his house.

"That sounded like it was a lot of fun." Mea said with a smile on her face, "Why don't we all go on adventures like that together?"

"I don't know, nothing really popped up for a while now. One of the last big things that happened in terms of adventuring was when Nana and Momo sucked me, Lala, and our friends into an RPG world." Rito said.

"We could have some adventures together Senpai." Mea cooed as she began to touch him again.

"I'm getting out of here." Rito walked to the edge of the tub and got out. It took him only a matter of seconds to dry off and to put his clothes on before he got out and went to his room.

"I think that you might have been a little too much for him to handle Mea." Momo said with a look of disappointment on her face. 'I thought that I might have been able to advance my harem plan along a bit. I guess there is always a next time.' Momo thought to herself.

Rito sat in his room and began to think to himself, 'Why do things like this always happen to me. I can't handle things like this. I need to get some rest.' Rito began to lie down on his back on the bed so that he could relax, but when he rolled over and turned to his side he almost had a heart attack.

"Hello again Yuuki Rito." A very contempt Nemesis said. Nemesis was quick and put a small piece of duct tape over Rito's mouth so that he could not yell out to anyone for some help. Nemesis was also using her transformation ability to give her the appearance of a very curvaceous teenage girl. "Now what should I do with my servant?"

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