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4 years later….

It's such a warm day…I reach to wipe the beads of perspiration from my forehead. The sun is shining, and I have my sunglasses on looking up at the sky. I just stepped out of our apartment and I am standing just outside of the hanger. I hear the roar of an airplane buzz by and I wave exaggeratedly up at it. The plane dips its wings back in forth in a waving motion.

The airplane circles around the airfield another time before landing. My hand goes back underneath to my already bulging belly, my other arm rests on top of it.

I smile to myself at how Edward's and my life has played out over the last few years.

I couldn't be happier.

We couldn't be happier.

I was so fortunate that Edward had taken the role of husband and father to the extreme. There wasn't anything in this world that he wouldn't do for us.

Edward and I started our own Ground School which we ran out of our home. I did the books and scheduling and of course Edward did the teaching and flying. Edward also cut back at Volturi only flying once a month and never any overnights.

He was a hands on daddy, and never wanted to be away from us for longer than he absolutely had to. He was also a hands on husband if you know what I mean. He didn't want to go without sex for longer than a day or two but he only said that he didn't like sleeping without me next to him. That was his excuse for no overnights.

I rub my belly thinking of the night he couldn't keep his hands off of me. Which was most nights but this particular night was HOT!


"Yes…Bella baby?" He says in his sexy as hell voice with one brow cocked high. His hands are roaming over my body teasing my nipples through my blouse.

"Behave…Charlie will be here shortly." I scold.

"Nope." I called Alice and she's agreed to keep Charlie overnight. He gives an exaggerated wink.

"Oh…you are such a bad boy Mr. Cullen. You want to play dirty huh?" I run my tongue over my lips seductively.

"Oh baby…you know how I like to play dirty, but I want to play nice too." He slaps my behind playfully. "Now take off those clothes beautiful…it's playtime." He starts unbuttoning his shirt very slowly.

I take my blouse off just as slowly as Edward is taking his shirt off. I want to tease him like he's teasing me. I take the hem of my shirt and move it slowly up and over my black lace bra stopping as I bite my bottom lip and look at him with pouty eyes. His breath hitches as he starts to undo the buttons of his faded blue jeans. He's just as much of a tease as I am. We are teasing one another so badly that my panties are wet…very wet.

If Edward could have sex with just his eyes, I'd be thoroughly fucked right now. That was one of the things that I loved about my man. He always wanted me…he made me feel so loved and cherished. He always said that I was sexy as hell. Those green eyes could fuck me forever.

My shirt was off and I was working on my jeans when Edward lunged at me naked from across the bed tackling me playfully. One hand slipped behind me to my bra hook, he freed me from my lacey confinement with one quick twist of his fingers. He prided himself on how quickly he could free my boobs.

His mouth went directly to one of my nipples…licking, sucking and teasing it to a hard point. He was the master of all that was good. SEX!

I couldn't complain…Never.

I was always satisfied and Edward made sure of that.

"Baby…If you don't hurry and take off those damn jeans I'm going to go crazy. I need that sweet pussy of yours… now!" Our mouths were sealed in the most seductive kiss. Our tongues were circling and exploring. Edward sucked on my bottom lip which sent shivers to my pussy making me even wetter than before. He knew exactly what to do to send me over the top. And he was pulling out all the stops tonight.

We had to be sneaky with sex these days. Charlie's room was right next to ours and we usually had to be quiet but tonight…we could be loud.

"Do it for me…baby. Take them off." I pouted my bottom lip at him.

"My pleasure sweetheart." He lifts his body from mine and quickly rids me of my jeans and my panties in one quick motion. "Ta-Da!" I giggle when he says that.

His mouth is instantly at my pussy spreading my throbbing lips apart with his fingers. His tongue slides up and over my pink flesh from opening to clit. I buck my hips and start circling them begging for more of his tongue. My hands are in his bronze fucked up hair pulling slightly letting him know how much I am enjoying the attention. His fingers playing with my opening until I'm begging him for more.

"Baby…please. I ..I need you…please." I'm moaning with pleasure waiting for his fingers to penetrate me. Edward hums in delight at the glorious torture he is putting me through.

"Edward…Please!" I lift my hips trying to make his fingers slide in.

His eyes peek up at me, and I see his fucking sexy crooked smile as he inserts two fingers at once into my already slick hot pussy. I'm dripping wet; I can feel it running down between my legs.

"I need your cock baby…please…just give it to me…now." I pant and moan.

"Don't you want to come like this first sweetheart?"

"Hmm… I want you inside me riding me hard. Please." My hips are moving in rhythm to his fingers. His other hand is wrapped around the small of my back.

Edward slips his fingers from my pussy and flips me onto my stomach. "Hands and knees baby. Now."

I comply. I love it when he takes me from behind. He slaps my ass once, it startles me but I feel the excitement running through my entire body. The pain turns immediately to pleasure when he inserts his hard cock in my throbbing pussy.

"Bella, you feel so fucking good… so good baby." Edward pumps into me slow and steady. "You're so fucking tight…I love it." His breaths are getting short and uneven.

"Umm…I love it when you take me like this. It's heaven. Don't stop baby."

"Bella, I'm going to fuck you all night long…are you ready?" His hands are griping my waist and his hips are slapping my thighs in much more rapid succession.

"Yes…Please Edward. I want you. Fuck me baby…don't hold back…harder…harder Edward, please." I'm almost at a scream. I'm almost ready to cum and I want it now.

"Bella…I can't hold off much longer baby. Are you close?" His voice is a strangled plea.

"Yes…baby I'm so close, so close…don't stop….Ahhhh. I'm cum…ming." My pussy clamps down on Edward's cock at the same time that he explodes his release into me.

"Oh Bella, you are so amazing….I love you sweetheart." Edward falls onto my back as I slide down to my stomach. Our breaths are heavy and uneven as we try catching our breath. Edward slips out of me and my body aches for him to be inside me once more. I love the warmth and fullness of his cock inside me.

Edward lies on his side and pulls me next to him. His hands are skimming my body in a relaxing rhythm.

"So Mrs. Cullen…how were my baby making skills this evening?"

"I'm not quite sure Mr. Cullen…I think I'll be able to answer that question better after round two." I slap his behind.

I push Edward to his back so that I can straddle him. He loves it when I take charge. I love riding his cock as fast and hard as I can or as slow and seductive as I want. It's my call when I'm on top. I tuck my bottom lip under my teeth as I take his hard cock in my hand. I lift up just a bit so that I can position him at my entrance then I slide down it very slowly.

"Isabella…you are a tease…fuck me baby."

"Hold on sir…I won't disappoint. Just close that pretty mouth of yours and enjoy." My eyes are hooded. Edward is completely inside my pussy as my hips are circling and moving, he tilts his head back, and his hands are tightly on my hips rocking me forward and back. I lean down and suck on his neck, nipping and biting wanting to mark him but knowing I shouldn't. My hands are in his hair grabbing on as I continue to swirl my hips and rock back and forth.

This time around I'm not going to last long.

He feels so good inside of me.

A low growl escapes Edward's mouth as he rolls me to my back and takes charge once again.

"I need to take this into my own hands baby…I want to fuck you like you've never been fucked before." He bends down to kiss my neck right underneath my ear and licks his way to the hollow of my neck. His hand teases my hard nipples. He pulls gently as he rocks his hips. He pulls his cock almost completely out of me just leaving the head at my entrance. The feeling is so overwhelming that I grab at his hips to pull him back into me.

"Want do you want Bella?" Edward stops all movement, driving me insane.

"You Edward…I want you!" I wrap my legs around his waist in an attempt to push him inside of me again. "Fuck me, now." I hiss.

"Well, when you say it like that baby…your wish is my command." He plows into me hard and fast and I love it. I can feel my skin get chill bumps, my orgasm is on the brink.

"Please don't stop Edward…please…"

"I'm gonna cum Bella you better be ready… I can't hold back this time." He shoots his load violently into my pussy. He keeps pumping into me until I'm convulsing from the orgasm that rocks me to my core.

We stay connected for minutes until we have calmed our breathing. I love the feeling of him inside me after we have made love. The connection is out of this world.

"I love you Isabella Cullen."

"I love you Edward…always."

"Mommy, Mommy!" My eyes find Charlie as she exits the airplane, running toward me with her pig tails bouncing in the wind.

"Charlie…I saw you and Daddy wave the airplane wings at me." I bend down and hug my beautiful dark haired girl with the brilliant green eyes.

"I saw you Mommy. Guess what?

"What baby girl?"

"I was helping Daddy fly the plane today."

"You were? That awesome sweetie, I'm so proud of you."

"That's what my daddy said too. He's proud of me."

Edward walks up to greeting me with a kiss. "How are my biggest girl and my little man today?" He then leans down placing a kiss to my belly.

"We are great… I think Masen needs to come out and meet us now. I'm getting so uncomfortable." I take a deep breath in.

"Charlie and I were quiet this morning so you could sleep in. She was begging me to take her flying so we hopped in the plane and took a joy ride." His fingers linked with mine.

"I thought that's probably what you two were up to. She's got you wrapped around her little finger." I giggled.

"You both do baby." He bends down and scoops Charlie up and onto his shoulders.

"Yea…Daddy! I'm so tall now, taller than you and Uncle Emmett. And he's TALL."

"Charlie how would you like to spend the night at Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rosie's tonight?" Edward waggles his eyebrows at me.

"Um, Edward… I think we should just have a family night. I think I'm not ready for a mommy and daddy evening at this point." My eyes widen at him in reprimand.

"I thought you wanted to meet Masen as soon as possible? I heard there are ways of making that happen…sooner." He cocks one eyebrow at me.

"That's how Masen Carlisle got in there." I laugh. "I love you."

"I love you too Bella… so much….always."

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