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"It's starting to become the same pranks every day," Sirius grumbled to his best friend as they sat in his room munching on Cauldron Cakes and Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. "We need to come up with something really good for when school starts again."

"Know what you mean. There's only so much you can do to the same people day in and day out," James agreed flipping through a Quidditch magazine.

"Maybe we could make a Polyjuice potion and be Snape and Malfoy for a while. It'd be fun getting them into trouble," Sirius grinned warming to his idea.

"True, we could," James replied with a shrug. It was a good idea, but it just wasn't big enough.

"But? I know one's coming," Sirius sighed. He had thought it was a great idea. He loved watching the two get into trouble for things they hadn't done.

"I don't know. That's too easy. I mean we can still do that because yeah it'd be great playing havoc with them and screwing things up for them," he grinned and then sobered again. "It'd still be too easy, though."

"Yeah, I see your point. That's something we could do without much problem. We need something that would give us more satisfaction than that. Something hard. Almost impossible."

"Something dangerous."

"Something risky."

"Something that we'd get into serious trouble for if we got caught. Y'know, like becoming animagi."

"But what?"

"No idea."


"Maybe there's something in the library."

"Only one way to find out! Last one there's a hooked nosed greasy haired git!"

"You're on!" The two boys took off running towards the Potter's library pushing and shoving when they got to the door to get in first. In the end, they both toppled into the room at the same time grinning that they weren't the loser.

"James? What was that noise? Are you and Sirius all right?" James' mother's voice carried down the hall

"Yes, Mum! Everything's fine!"

"Good. Don't forget that Lily and Remus will be here soon."

"I won't Mum!" James called back and then looked at Sirius. "Oops I forgot about that. but that's great! They can help us look for the perfect prank," James enthused.

"We'll need 'em. Your library is huge! It would probably take decades to go through every book."

"That's why they have indexes, Siri."

"Okay, then. Fine. It'd still take years though if you did it alone."

James simply shrugged knowing that he was probably right.

Eight hours later.

"James we aren't going to find anything in here," Remus groaned. His vision was going slightly fuzzy from staring at the small printing of the books for the past few hours.

"We'll find something. We've got to! I'm not going to quit now and have done all this for nothing," Sirius snapped, his patience frazzled from lack of success.

"Just a little longer, Rem. Please?" James pleaded.

"But James, this is pointless," he nearly whined.

"Please Rem? Just a little longer."

"Oh, alright," he sighed and turned back to the book he was searching through.

"I've got it!" Three heads snapped up and looked hopefully at Lily.

"You found something?" James inched closer to his girlfriend and looked over her shoulder. She moved the book out of his reach and closed it marking the page with her finger. "Nuh-uh. I found it. I get to tell about it," She grinned.

"Then get on with it!" Sirius urged. He wasn't going to admit it, but he was bored and frustrated, and it was starting to become extremely obvious. He hadn't imagined that it would be so hard to find something and had been starting to think that looking in the library was a bad idea.

"I'm getting. I'm getting. Sheesh. Impatient little man aren't we?" Lily earned herself a glare and an "I'm bigger than you!" or some such retort from Sirius' direction.

"Lily, come on. You're dragging this out on purpose. Are you trying to kill us?" James moaned and made a grab for the book, but Lily was quicker and snatched it away again just in time. He decided to switch his method and wrapped his arms around her waist kissing her neck murmuring, "Lily dear. You shouldn't keep things from your boyfriend. It's not nice. We're supposed to tell each other everything."

"Mmm. Stop that. It's not fair. Now, don't rush me."

"Sadistic little wench," muttered Sirius.

"Hmph! Maybe I won't tell you what I found then," she clutched the book to her chest tightly and pouted. "I thought this would be fun, too. Oh, well."

"Please, Lily. Tell us what you found," Remus spoke up, asking politely hoping that it would work seeing that James and Sirius' tactics weren't working.

"Alright, since you asked nicely. Well. It's gonna take some time to prepare for it. I'd say about a few months the first time any way. It wouldn't take as long after that. It's really complex and could go seriously wrong very easily if you've never done it before."

"Sounds perfect," Sirius moved closer, his interest piqued.

"It sorta acts as a time turner, but better. It allows us to go into another dimension of this world as well as another time."

"Now the question is. Do we want to go to the past, the present or the future? We definitely want to go to another dimension," Remus mused.

"I'd say the future. We could scare McGonagall half way into her grave. She'd remember us from when we were this age, but she'd presently know us as being older. It'd shock her to see us again like students," James commented and everyone agreed.

"Let's say we visit the future nineteen years from now," Sirius added.

"Why nineteen? Why not twenty?" Remus asked perplexed.

"Because anyone would think to do twenty. Not many people would think of doing nineteen," Sirius grinned.

"Uh, yeah. I don't see how that's important. Love the reasoning, Padfoot. You'd need a brain surgeon to actually make it sound intelligent. Let's just hope we don't get ourselves killed," Remus muttered.

"We won't. We're too smart and too careful to let something like that happen. There is no room for mistakes and there won't be," James said confidently. "Besides, if we can pull off becoming animagi, then we should be able to do this, too."

"Wait a second! James, are you trying to tell me that you three are animagi?" Lily stared wide eyed.

"Uhhh. I well."

"Why would I need to be an animagus? I'm a werewolf."

"That makes sense," Lily turned to James and smacked him upside the head, hard enough to hurt but not hard enough to cause any real damage. "Why didn't you tell me you're an animagus?!!!! You do know that's illegal right?"

"Errr. I." James' voice trailed off. He hadn't meant for her to find out that way. It just sort of slipped.

"He was afraid that you'd try and stop us from doing it," Sirius supplied the answer for him and James blushed.

"OF COURSE I WOULD HAVE! You could have gotten hurt."

"That's why I didn't tell you."

"Hmph. Why would you want to become animagi anyway?"

"We wanted to keep Remus company during the full moon."

"You still could have messed up and."

"Everything went perfect. I was careful. I promise," he kissed her forehead and she took his words at face value. If anything had gone wrong she would have heard about that.

"What is it?"

"What's what?"

"Your animagus form."

"I'm a stag. Siri's a dog." James snorted.

"Hey! It's not funny. It looks like the Grim. It's huge!"

"Point taken. And Peter's a rat."

"Peter managed it?"

"We helped him as much as we could."

"Oh. So that's where your nicknames came from," the reason finally dawning on her why they always looked at each other nervously when she had asked them about it before.

"Speaking of Peter. We probably shouldn't bring him," Sirius snorted.

"We won't. He'd be too scared and would ruin it anyway. He's okay and all, but he wouldn't enjoy this. He's too paranoid," James laughed.

"Well then, let's see what we're gonna need to pull this off. Shall we? The sooner we get started the sooner we can do it."

Four months later.

"All set," Lily grinned excitedly. "I just finished the last thing that needed to be done.

"Really?" Sirius perked up and forgot about the potions essay that he had been busy trying to avoid working on.


"Let's do it later tonight then after classes. We'll end up there sometime in the afternoon, so it won't matter if we wait until we won't get caught," James suggested.

"Sounds good."

"I'll let Remus know to meet us in the common room after his last class and we'll go from there. Good thing it's not the full moon."