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Chapter 11

"Hey, Sirius. Can we talk since Keara isn't here?" Devlynn walked over to him.

"He's not after your blood anymore," Diablo grinned at the worried look that Sirius had sent his way.

"Positive?" Sirius didn't trust being alone with Devlynn. Who knew what the boy would do to him.

"Not really," Diablo laughed as he saw Sirius visibly gulp. "Seriously, I think you should be fine. We ganged up on him at dinner and he's decided that you're better than Malfoy."

"That's good to know. Ah. Uh, I guess we can talk then," Sirius followed Devlynn into the empty boys' sleeping quarters. Sirius sat on his bed and waited for Dev to say what he wanted.

Devlynn decided to just jump right in and get it over with, "I guess I'm all right with you and Keara. I mean, at least you aren't Malfoy or any other Slytherin for that matter so she could have chosen worse as everyone decided to point out to me at dinner after you two left. But. If you ever hurt her I will come after your blood and I won't stop till I get it."

"Are you a vampire then?" Sirius smirked and they both started laughing. He couldn't help making the joke. It helped to ease the tension he felt. "Honestly though. I will try my best not to hurt Keara. We'll work something out for when I go back because I know I have to. Well I think I do. Actually I might be able to stay here. It could make everything safer for James and Lily," Sirius grinned as he worked out a plan in his head. "I could still be the secret keeper, but Voldemort would never be able to find me here. Maybe I won't go back."

"I really don't care what you do just don't hurt my sister while you do it."

"I know. I won't. Truce?" Sirius held out his hand.

"Truce," Devlynn agreed, shook the offered hand and smiled.

"Good," Sirius grinned and flung a pillow at Devlynn's head and ran out of the room with another pillow yelling, "PILLOW FIGHT!"

All hell broke loose with those two simple words.