Doctor Kathryn Lattimer of the Atlantis Expedition hummed idly to herself as she tilted her head from side to side, looking back and forth between her notes, a copy of Daniel's Ancient translations, and another book they found in the depths of the city archives as she attempted to translate a section of the Ancient artifact brought back by one of Atlantis' reconnaissance teams. She sighed and sat back in her chair, mindlessly twirling her pencil in her hand as she stared at the ceiling. Two years… it had been two years since they found this city and its wonders. Of course it had also been two years since they had woken an enemy that seemed more dangerous than the Goa'uld, dangerous enough to almost wipe out the Ancients, and two years since they had been in contact with Earth.

Today her hackles were constantly raised and it had been bugging Kat since she woke this morning. Something was going to happen, she didn't know what, or when, but something was going to happen. Even after having magic her entire life, as well as learning two different styles of it, Kat still did not understand her powers. They were constantly evolving and while she reveled in the fact of potentially learning something new, it irked her that she was a grown adult and her powers were still going through puberty.

Kat sighed again and threw down her pencil. She wasn't going to get any work done until she calmed down. One may think it easy to find a calming place in the city of Atlantis, but for Kat it was harder. She loved water, but not the ocean and certainly not all the sea spray from the waves crashing into Atlantis' piers, and she loved high places. The control room was the highest place in the city and a slow smile spread across Kat's face. To the gate room it was.

Elizabeth looked down from her office to see Atlantis' resident linguist and most experienced member of their expedition in the wide area that housed their stargate, looking around as though it might be the last time she saw the city. Her curiosity peaked, Dr. Elizabeth Weir passed through the control room and down the stairs to stand by Dr. Kathryn, better known as "Kat", Lattimer. "Kat?"

"Yeah, Liz?" Kat responded, her voice had a distinctly well-bred British accent, suggesting she was from the island kingdom.

"Everything alright?"

"Everything's fine," the lighter brunette shrugged, her sapphire blue eyes meeting Elizabeth's green. "Why do you ask?"

"You're looking around Atlantis as though you're never going to see it again."

Kat gnawed on her lower lip, "I had… a feeling," she replied quietly, staring at the stargate. It was truly magnificent looking, a dark almost steel grey ring with blue-green chevrons and white jewels on the inner ring that lit up in the constellations that formed a gate address when dialed, unlike the gates in their home galaxy that had the inner ring with constellations spinning to dial an address. It had a backdrop of the almost stained glasslike geometric architecture of Atlantis, something all of them had come to love and see as home in the past two years without contact to Earth.

"What kind of feeling?"

"Hard to explain."

Elizabeth had read a large file on Kat back when they were on Earth and Elizabeth was supposed to head Stargate Command. It was impressive. Born in 1970, adopted by Robert Lattimer. Kat went to school and became a doctor in anthropology, linguistics, and symbology. She went on a dig with an archaeologist friend in 1993 and vanished without a trace. Four years later, during the first year of SGC, the legendary SG-1 found her on another planet, in a kingdom called "Tortall". She returned to Earth and joined SG-1, aiding them with both her knowledge and her magic.

Everyone in the SGC and on the Atlantis Expedition knew of Kat's magic, she was constantly being pestered by the science department to do tests for them. Even though Elizabeth tried to stop them from doing so, Kat gladly gave in to their requests, saying that knowledge is a wonderful thing to gain and that they weren't human if they didn't try to explain everything.

If Kat had a feeling, it could either be entirely too good (like the one she had shortly before they found the Athosians) or catastrophically bad. "What kind of feeling, Kat?"

"A… dark feeling. I had to get away from my work and the gate room calms me… it's what I know."

Kat had been traveling through the gate since 1997, so that made sense. Elizabeth put a hand on Kat's shoulder, "Is it a strong feeling? Should we cancel our trip tomorrow?"

"Not that bad of a feeling," Kat smiled. "I've been wanting to show you this planet for a while."

"Good, I'm looking forward to it," Elizabeth smiled back.

Major John Sheppard scanned the area around the other stargate with a wary eye. His P90 was up and ready to fire if needed. Luckily, it didn't seem the case today so he relaxed marginally when the rest of his team (Ronon, Teyla, and Rodney) cleared the area. John clicked his shoulder radio, "Atlantis, this is Major Sheppard, Doctors Lattimer and Weir are cleared to come through. Say again, Lattimer and Weir are cleared. Over."

"Copy that, Major. They're coming through right now."

John waited by the DHD for the two doctors to come through. Minutes passed and he started to get worried.

"Should they have not come through the gate by now?" Teyla Emmagen asked as she stood by John's side.

"Yeah… Atlantis, Major Sheppard, Lattimer and Weir have left, correct?"

"Correct, Major Sheppard… are they not with you?"


"The gate must be taking longer than usual," Peter Grodin's voice squawked through the radio just as the two doctors stepped out of the event horizon.

"The doctors have arrived, Peter, no need to raise the alarm after all."

"Oh good. Good luck, AR-1."

"Thanks, Pete. Doctors!" John called out in greeting. Both of them smiled and waved before a bright, white light surrounded the pair and when it cleared the two civilian leaders of Atlantis were nowhere in sight. "Damn it!"