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Two years later

Dean groans as he falls against the couch, burying his face into the pillows. "Long day, love?" Castiel asks, poking his head out from the kitchen.

"Yukludseitat." Dean mumbles into the pillows.

"Can't hear you when you mumble, Dean." Cas snickers.

Dean pulls his head up from the pillows to glare at his ethereal lover, "I said, 'you could say that'." He says.

"Aw, do I need to go talk to the site manager and tell him to not be so hard on you?" Castiel teases.

Dean snorts, "Construction work is hard enough without you making me the site manager's pet."

"I'm just trying to be helpful." Castiel says, poking his head back into the kitchen and pulling a casserole out of the oven, setting it on the stove. "Want me to get your dinner for you?"

"No, I can get it." Dean grunts, trying to push himself up, only to dramatically collapse back against the couch cushions, "You could give me a massage, you know." Dean says.

Castiel walks into the living room and smiles at Dean, leaning down to kiss his sweaty forehead. "Okay, but let's get you into the shower first." He grins, picking Dean up easily and carrying him to the shower.

Once clean Castiel deposits Dean onto the bed, on his stomach, rubbing his shoulders gently. Dean lets out a groan and slumps against the sheets, letting his eyes fall shut. Castiel smiles as he rubs the tension out of his lover's shoulders and back, moving down to his legs, spending an excess amount of time on Dean's thighs, loving the soft mewling sounds it pulls from the other male's mouth. He turns Dean over lightly, ignoring his lover's half-hard arousal sticking to his belly. Castiel rubs Dean's neck and shoulders gently, pressing out the tension, enjoying the soft sounds pouring from Dean's mouth. He moves down to the man's chest and stomach, only spending a small time teasing the brunette's nipples, before moving down, down past his naval and ignoring his lover's whine of protest as he skips his cock to rub at the man's legs.

"What is it, Dean?" Castiel whispers, "Do you want me to touch you?"

Dean merely lets out a whine.

"That's not an answer, love. Do you want me to touch your cock? Such a naughty boy, getting off on an innocent massage." Castiel mumbles next to Dean's ear, causing the smaller male to shiver.

"Please, Cas." Dean groans out.

"Please what?" Castiel asks with a grin.

"Please touch me." Dean whimpers, arching his back, trying to get his arousal to brush against his lover.

"Where?" Castiel teases, "Here?" He asks, gripping Dean's arousal in his hand, causing Dean to choke out his lover's name. Castiel rubs Dean with practiced ease, adding an extra flick of the wrist when he gets to the head.

Dean writhes against the bed, arching and bucking his hips, panting as he tries to match his lover's strokes. He lets out a loud moan as Castiel's other hand drops lower, teasing his entrance lightly. "C-Cas." He gasps out as Castiel presses in his middle finger, crooking his finger up to stroke Dean's prostate as he jerks him out. Dean lets out a curse and clamps down hard on the finger as he comes across his stomach and Castiel's hand. Castiel strokes him gently through his orgasm before pulling away, grabbing a rag he had placed on the nightstand and cleaning up his younger lover.

"Cas," Dean pants out.

"Mm, yes?" Castiel says as he finishes cleaning Dean.

"Please Cas, let me suck you off." Dean whispers and Castiel grins.

"I knew you were a naughty boy." Castiel replies but strips himself of his clothes, tossing them to the side of the bed.

Dean smirks and slides in between Castiel's thighs, sucking and marking the skin around his lover's arousal. Castiel strokes Dean's hair lovingly, brushing back his bangs. Dean looks up at Castiel for a moment before sinking his mouth over his lover's arousal, sucking on it gently. Castiel groans and tightens his grip on Dean's hair, letting his blue eyes fall shut. Dean pulls off and licks at the cock kittenishly, focusing particularly on the head, before taking it back into his mouth and sucking, using his hand to stroke what his mouth can't reach. He hums a little, pressing a tongue to the underside of Castiel's cock, making the angel curse and tighten his grip further.

"Dean, if you keep doing that I'm going to come." Castiel grunts out.

Dean would smile if his mouth weren't so preoccupied. He presses his tongue to the underside of the male's cock again, humming a small tune he learned back in the asylum. Castiel moans and his back arches. Dean does the same again and Castiel comes with a grunt, pressing his cock further into Dean's mouth, forcing the other male to swallow his load.

Dean pulls off with a sleepy, satisfied smile, moving to lie down beside Castiel. "I'm going to take a nap." He mumbles, letting his eyes fall shut.

"Your dinner is going to get cold." Castiel says, wrapping his arms around his smaller lover.

"That's why we have a microwave." Dean replies and the last thing he hears before falling asleep is his lover's deep chuckle.

End Epilogue

Allie: So, what did you think? The idea for this story came from my Uncle's own battle with schizophrenia. He sees demons and the devils. I went to visit him one day and he said that I appeared as an angel with black and brown wings, protecting him from the evils. So there you go.

Unfortunately by the time I finished this story, he had passed away. So, Uncle Gary, this is for you.