This does not go with my other Star trek story!

This is a completely separate story, this takes place in the original series in my favorite episode of all times "Mirror, Mirror" When half the crew is sent to another universe and Spock has a beard. Everyone fell in love with the beard and since I rarely ever see any Spock with a Beard stories I decided to start writing one. Since I already update two stories on here and are writing like 5 at once plus college. I'll update at least once a month, I already have the first 3 chapter written out but I don't want to upload all of them at once like I did with my other one. Rather people read this or not, I love his beard and wanted to take a crack at the evil Enterprise.

Like my other story says though, I don't know all the specific names of things so if I call something the wrong name, just ignore it, don't send me a giant letter of hate for calling something wrong. Also I haven't gotten better with Scotty's accent so if its seems like random words put together, it might be.

Chapter 1

"Jim, we have to help her. If we let her go she dies, we don't even know if she's a threat or not!" Bones says trying to persuade his friend to let him keep this girl. "Bones, her shuttle rammed into ours, killing my men she's a threat." Jim says getting angrier the longer he has to sit here and argue with his Chief of Medication about this subject. "She appeared out of nowhere just as they were leaving, that doesn't mean she killed them on purpose!" He says back, almost begging now to let her stay aboard their ship.

"And what if she is a threat Doctor, are you willing to take the responsibility to stop her?" Spock asks, looking down at the girl on the table, passed out with cuts and bruises all over her body. "Yes, if she is a threat I will handle her.'' Bones finally says with his hands out as Jim puts his hand on his chin to think. "Fine, she is your responsibility Doctor, any problems, you pay the price." Bones gulps silently then nods his head while looking down at the girl.

I took a gasp of breathe as I felt my body go on fire from the pain. I opened my eyes and sat up on my arms looking at all three of them staring down at me. I started to breathe harder as I look from Bones, to Jim, then to Spock and stopped all together. I stared at Spock and looked down at his goatee for a long time till I fell back and shut my eyes. This had to be some night mare, or my hell. This was my hell, living with them again for eternity, not sure why Spock suddenly had facial hair but whatever. "Ma'am, do you know where you are?" Bones says leaning down close to me making me open my eyes and turn to him.

"Ma'am?" I asked him, confused on why he would call me that and not my name. "Yes, do you know what happen to you?" He says as my eyes begin to water, now really confused on what the hell was going on. "You don't know who I am?" I finally asked as he looks over at Jim and Spock then back down to me. "No, I have never met you before." He says quietly noticing my eyes getting watery and gulps while looking over at Jim.

I bite my bottom and let one tear fall down my cheek before taking a deep breath and start clenching my hands to get past the pain. "This is my Hell, awesome." I say before sitting up, ignoring the pain and fire that raced through my body. Bones sits behind me and places his hands on my shoulders to keep me from falling to the side. "Who are you?" Jim says, sounding more like a demand then a question. I glance up at him and notice the different outfit and the different look in his eye. "Danielle Sartor, from the year 2233, I'm a Lieutenant from Star Fleet Federation." I said glaring up at him as he just scratches his chin before turning to Spock for answers that glances over at him then looks at me.

"Well I've never heard of you before, what were you doing in a stolen shuttle craft from my ship?" He asks in a normal as I rub my arm over the scratches and burns then look down at them. "I didn't steal it, my Captain sent me in the shuttle to fly into a rip in space to try and shut it from destroying more planets." I said looking up at him as Bones leans over and grabs a wash cloth and starts to wash my arms off.

"Well I don't believe you because we saw no rip and that shuttle has my ship's name on it. I think I would have remembered sending someone from my crew into a rip in space." He says nodding his head towards me making Spock more right up to me with his hand out. "Wait, there must be some mistake, we don't we look in the national data base for her and see if we can't find her." Bones says gripping my arms tightly as I can feel him worry and fear coming from him. I look at Spock's hand that was close to my face then look over at Jim who stares at Bones then gives a sigh in defeat. "Fine, just because I like to watch you squirm we'll do it your way." he says with a smile then walks out of the medical bay as Bones starts to relax.

I look over at Spock who just stares at me then leaves the medical area after Jim. I look over at Bones who starts to wash off my arms again then gives me a small smile. "How can you fear him, let anyone push you around? You're not him….this isn't real…this is a whole new universe." I say looking down at my hands as a few tears finally fall from my face. "So that's how you got the shuttle, this will help your case sweet heart." He says squeezing my arms as I shut my eyes and bite my lip.

"So what did you find Spock? Is she a thief that should be punished?" Jim asks walking over to his First Officer with some joy in his voice. "No, because she is not alive." Spock says turning from the computer towards his Captain. Jim steps forward to read the information on the computer, "It says here the only Danielle Sartor that is in the system, died when she was 16. Beaten to death by her parents, but the picture does resemble a younger version of the women that is in the medical bay." He says as Jim stands up straight while nodding his head, "So, what do we do now Mr. Spock, any theories on who she is?" He asks while tilting his head to the side, he enjoyed riddles and mysteries.

"Given the data that is presented, the shuttle with the same serial number but did not leave this ship and the older version of the dead girl, my theory is she is from a different reality." He says making Jim scratch his chin then shrugs his shoulders, "Only one way to be sure." he says with a smile as Spock nods his head.

"There's no way you got all these scars from the explosion." Bones says healing the cuts on my back as I glance over at a fresh pair of clothes that look exactly like mine. "Your right, I use to get my ass kick by my parents when I was younger. After, I use to get into bar fights with my….friend." I say looking down before I say brother. Jim wasn't my brother anymore; he was a whole new stranger that just happened to look like him.

But not act like him, this guy was a manipulator who enjoyed hurting people. "Well I have a little gadget here that can clear that right up." He says reaching towards the small table for a device making me reach out and grab his wrist tightly. "I like my scars." I said in a cold voice while giving him a deadly glare making him gulp and back up from the table. We both look over at the door when Jim and Spock walk back into the medical area.

"Well…was she telling the truth or not?" Bones asks walking up to Jim while Spock walks right past him towards me. "Won't know for sure." Jim says patting Bones on the shoulder with a smirk as I glare at Spock while grabbing anything that was close by to me before he actually reached me. "Whad'a mean?" Bones asks confused before following Jim's gaze towards me and Spock staring down each other from around the table.

"Do not resist." Spock says putting his hand out to touch my face. I let out a growl as I grab the hypo spray and try to stable him in the side before he can touch me. He lounges at me and grabs my wrist with the hypo spray and places the other hand on my face making my eyes grow wide. I feel a rush of feelings and memories flow through my head as I can feel him inside my mind reading all the thoughts and memories.

He finally takes his hand off my face making me bounce back to reality with tears falling down my face from the force of emotions that were being held down for many years of abuse and betrayal. I gasp as I fall against his chest trying to stop the emotions from flowing freely as he lets go of my wrist and sits me back on the bed. Bones rushes over to my side and runs his tri-corder over me to see my vital signs. "Are you insane!" Bones yells at me as Jim walks up to Spock's side while staring down at my shaking form.

"So?" He asks looking up at Spock who just stares at me with a blank expression. "Spock" Jim says again making him break his concentration and looks over at him. "My theory was correct; she came here from a different universe after she drove her shuttle into the rip in space trying to close it." He says as Jim looks down at me and Bones who glares up at him then turns to Spock. "Give a warning next time." He says before grabbing my clean pair of clothes and puts them in my lap.

I take a deep breath as I manage to calm myself down and wipe my cheeks off with my arm. I stumble up from the table while grabbing the clean clothes and walk to the back room to change out of my dirty outfit. I change into the black slacks and black tank top while tossing my clothes in a basket. I look up at the mirror and stare deeply into it while looking over the scars that were visible under the top. "So, what do we do now?" Bones asks looking over at Jim who glances over at Spock then throws his hands up. "Let's see what she can do, if I don't like what I see, she'll disappear." He says with a smirk then walks out of the medical bay as Bones lets out a sigh in defeat.

A lot of people are known for disappearing without a trace when they cross Jim Kirk. Nobody knows how he does it, but it's enough to keep everyone on their toes around him. Bones looks up at Spock who just stands there with the same blank look on his face and gives him a questioning look. He stares too long at him causing Spock to look down at him with a slight glare before turning around and leaving the medical area.

Bones lets out a breath of relief when Spock just walks out instead of giving him his agonizer. "You're too soft towards a person, that's how they walk all over you." I say from the doorway making him look up at me while raising his eye brow. "This place, you people….the opposite from where I come from. Personalities…penalties…outfits." I say with a shrug of my shoulders before walking out of the doorway and towards him while grabbing a roll of bandages.

"Unless there's anything else, I'd like to go where ever I'm allowed to stay on this ship." I say grabbing a medical bag and filling it with a few things before following Bones into the hallway. "I can finish bandaging up your wounds for you." He says looking over at me as we walk into the turbo lift. "Don't worry about it; you've done enough for me already." I say walking out of the lift and down the hall behind him as I glance at all the people and their different outfits while they glance up at me.