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Chapter 3

He grabs my upper arm and pulls me off the floor with some force making me stumble into the wall I was leaning against. Scotty looks around the hallways one more time before pulling me along behind him. I rub the back of my hand on my eyes as I take another deep breath before being dragged into the turbo lift. "Deck 7." Scotty says, slightly pale in the face as he shifts in a nervous way in his spot before dragging me out of the lift towards my room. "Ai' you as retard as ye look, why would ya cross the Vulcan like that. He could kill ya, ya know." He says walking up to my door and punches in a code before shoving me into my room.

"I can't keep me eye on ya all the time, I gotta watch my own back." Scotty says looking around the hallway before leaning into my room to get a better look at me. My shoulders start to shake as my eyes got more misty by the minute. I didn't know why I was crying, I've been in worse positions and near-death experiences before, but I guess having my life turned upside down and being away from the people I knew was getting to me.

"Don't let 'em see ya cry, stop it now!" Scotty yells at me, louder then he wanted making me flinch in my spot and let out a loud sniffle. "Yeah I got it! Leave!" I yell back at him as I wipe my eyes on my arm before glares at the back of my head before walking away leaving me along in my room. I stand up straight while rolling my shoulders back before looking over at the computer next to my bed. "Gotta' make a good first impression." I say out loud to myself as I walk over to the computer and start to decode everything and add new codes of firewalls and protection to it.

"Take away order and knowledge, what are you left with? Survival…" I say, looking at all the lines of codes as I hack the network and start to leave spyware throughout the system to get a better feel on how this universe and ship works. "Now, locate the weapons locker on the ship and point me in the direction of Commander Spock." I say to the computer before walking over to the clothes replicator and start to replicate a new outfit. "New universe, new beginning."

I finish tying my long brown hair into a braided ponytail before grabbing a dagger from the replicator and slides in my knee high black boots. I look down at my black skirt in disgust at the site of seeing my white legs then walks out of my room and down the hallway towards the Rec area of the ship. I could care less what the Captain thought of my first impression was because I knew exactly why I wasn't alive in this universe and the reason was because of him. I climb down the turbo tube to the next level before glancing down the hall for anyone walking by.

I didn't know why I wanted to prove myself to Spock; he was the bastard that volunteered me for the suicide mission in the first place. There was no logic in sacrificing a senior member while the new engineers showed great potential he said, I wasn't worth keeping around he said. Well I was going to prove him wrong; I walk into the Rec room and look around the people for the pointed ear bastard till my eyes land on him in the back of the room.

I look down to straighten my short, red tank top then the gold lace that was tied around my waist before I feel someone come up to my side. I glance up at Sulu who had a nasty scar right across his face with an evil, cocky look on his face. I had to push the thoughts in the back of head of the original Sulu who always smiled and never glared at anyone. "Hello there newbie, my, aren't you looking lovely today?" He says to me while his eyes look my body up and down before taking a step closer to me. "I don't think we've met, you can call me, Master Sulu." He says before walking around me and stops behind me making me clench my fists at my sides.

I shouldn't feel bad for what I'm about to do since I never really liked Sulu that much anyway. I glance back at him as I feel him place his hand on my hip before leaning into my ear to whisper something. Before he could say anything, I grab his hand from my hip then twist it behind his back before slamming his face into the wall. "Thanks for the compliment, but I'm not interested in low ranking men." I say, turning to walk over to an empty table till 3 men block my path.

I look up at them while I hear Sulu groaning behind me before stumbling off the ground as the room goes quiet, not because this is the first fight with a women and Sulu, but out of curiosity of what will happen. "You know that wasn't very nice cunt." He says from behind me as I roll my neck at that word, I hate being called that word more than anything else. "Sorry did I not give you my one warning? Here it is, you or your boys touch me, and I'll add another scar on that face of yours." I say to him as I step to the side so all four men were in front of me and my back was to the wall, the number one lesson I learned from fighting in bars is to never have your back to anyone in the place.

His boys looked over at Sulu with an amused look as he glares at them before turning to me with a deadly look on his face. "I'd hate to ruin that pretty face of yours, but you need to be punished for that remark." he says before nodding his boys to make the first move. I get a smirk on my face as I watch all three men circle around me to block any chance of running away.

"Didn't anyone tell you not to pin a wild animal to a corner?" I say as the smirk on my face gets bigger, I miss getting in bar fights because that's what I grew up with, hate and violence. I had a big mouth and bad temper so I didn't know how to talk my way out of anything even if I wanted too. I was a violent person and I liked to fight people, my face was already busted up for it, but I never cared what I looked like on the outside because I was already a broken person inside. "This is why." I say before slamming my palm into the bridge of the first guy's nose with my left hand before swinging my right hand and punching him in the throat.

As he falls back, coughing up blood the other two jump in his spot and grab my arms to pin my against the wall. My head slams back against the wall before I turn my head and spit in the guy's eyes making him stumble back while letting go of my right arm. In a second, I grab the other guys head by the back of his hair and slam his face hard into the wall before throwing him at Sulu's feet. I roll my shoulders making them crack before turning to the second guy and kicking him straight in the chest making him fly back into a table causing it to break under the sudden weight.

I turn to Sulu who was stunned by my violent outburst before taking a step back and pulls out his knife from his side. I let out a small chuckle at him before wiping my mouth on the back of my hand. "Don't insult me." I say to him as I look from his jagged dagger up to his face as returns my look with a glare before lunging at me with the knife. I jump back as he tries to slice my face before I grab his arm with the knife and twist it behind his back yet again and turns him to face the rest of the people in the room. I twist his arm more till he drops his knife on the ground; I glance down at it before looking straight up at Spock.

"Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate" I say to the room before placing my boot on Sulu's ass and pushing him into another table before picking up his knife and walking out of the room. Everyone looks down at Sulu before looking over at Spock with fear in their faces at how he would react to the random act of violence. "She said, Abandon all hope ye who enter here." Spock says as he stands up from his seat and walks across the room over Sulu and his group of men who were still lying on the floor in pain with blood all over their shirts and faces.

I walk down the hallway while I attach the knife to my gold lace that was around my waist before walking up to the turbo lift, waiting for it to come down to my level. I knew that Kirk wasn't going to do anything about it because he enjoyed violence and watching people in pain. He would probably get off on knowing a woman put Sulu in his place, but that would also catch his attention in other ways which is not what I want. Spock however was a whole different ball game, I wanted his attention, and I wanted to push the line with him.

I wanted to see how far he would let me go in this universe, how far I could push the edge before he or Kirk take me out. Since no one knows I'm here or alive for that matter, nobody would know I was even here if I had an "accident" on this ship. I walk into the lift as it reaches my level and push the button to the living area as the doors begin to close. As soon as I see a hand come in between the doors I try to drop the smirk that was on my face, I knew exactly who it was and how long it would take him to follow after me.

When the doors slide back open I see Spock standing outside the lift with that same blank look on his face. I lift my head to look him in the eye, but that damn scared feeling came back from before, no matter who I throw into a table, Spock was still a Vulcan and could still kill me. He walks into the turbo lift to stand in front of me as the doors close behind him. As the lift goes up to my level we just stood there in silence, staring at each other. The longer we stared the more uneasy I got and the less threatening I looked. When the metal doors behind him open up I wasn't really sure what to do, should I just push past him or wait it out.

After a few seconds I decide to push past him to get out of the lift as my claustrophobia started to kick in. I take a step forward to move past him before he, surprisingly, moves back to let me out of the lift. I hold my breath as I start to walk down the hallway so I could get into my room and lock the door before anyone else decided to jump me. "I would highly suggest that you are awake and present on the 35th floor by 0600 tomorrow." Spock says from the turbo lift making me gulp as I turn around to face him. I stare at him for a few seconds before turning back around and walk into my room before locking my door and sliding to the floor as I let out the breath I was holding.

I put my hand on the back of my head to feel the sore spot before pulling myself off the ground and placing Sulu's knife on the wall as my souvenir. "Wonder how big I can get this collection before I disappear." I say out loud before pulling out my medical bag and fixing the wound on the back of my head.

By the way, the quote "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate", is from the amazing book, Dante's Inferno, and if you ahve an open mind about Heaven and Hell, I would recommend reading it.