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chapter one:New Nakama


Came the mournful cry of monkey D. Luffy,after the heavy loss of his one and only brother Portgas D. Ace he thought perhaps there was nothing left for him,and that he was too weak to carry out his life-long dream by becoming king of the pirates after all

So naturally Jimbei,having promised to take care of the boy should Ace not escape his execution descended into the forest where he rampaged somehow knocking some sense into him that although he was hurting and lost a lot,that underneath all the pain he still had something worth continuing on for...his precious nakama!

"ZORO! NAMI! USOPP! SANJI! CHOPPER! ROBIN! FRANKY! BROOK!"Luffy had rattle off the names of each of his crew members with watery tears cascading down his bandaged cheeks,which was also when the former warlord took notice of the infamous surgeon of death,who had leaned against a nearby tree with piercing gray orbs as he gave something like a knowing smile in Luffys direction before turning to leave when he heard Luffy shout out one more name,that neither of them had expected to hear


The death doctor froze feeling shock overtake him,as did Jimbei who looked at Luffy for a moment wondering if perhaps he was aware of the pirate doctors presence?

"Luffy-kun...I thought Trafalgar was not apart of your crew?"The fishman asked curiously seeing the younger boy lift his head,eyes still rimmed with tears as he spoke"I...I want him as my nakama!" Luffy spluttered"I don't care what he says!He's my friend,and so i want to sail with him too!"The strawhat wearing boy stated in what was perhaps the first clear and understandable sentence since he had found out Ace was dead...

Law said nothing,his piercing gaze falling to the treasured strawhat he held in his hand...

Law stepped back into the clearing while still looking down at the strawhat he held in his hand,his train of thought broken by the voice of the former first mate to the king of pirates,Silvers Rayleigh

"So Law,how were they?"The elderly man said giving a friendly smile accompanied by a wave when he noticed the strange look on the surgeons face as he stared at the other captains treasured hat with a look of indecision and confusion

"Something wrong?"Rayleigh asked curiously

"Ne,Jimbei you don't think Law's left yet,do you?"Luffy questioned having regained some of his former energy back as he smiled at the prospect of recruiting the man whom he now owed his life to"I don't know,but let's hope not otherwise you won't get the chance to ask him to join you"the fishman responded back causing Luffy to give a wide grin

However once they reached the clearing the boy felt his hopes vanish a bit as there was neither sign of ship nor captain of the crew that had saved him,Jimbei noticed this as well before both eyes locked on another figure sitting in the open area"Oh!Rayleigh!"Luffy jeered as he and Jimbei smiled at the unexpected guest

"Luffy,I see you're doing well!"The former first mate greeted

"I take it the heart pirates left already?"Jinbei questioned curiously, with just a hint of sadness in his tone not noticing the small smile Rayleigh gave in response to the question"Yes,the heart pirates are gone,had to leave I'm afraid..."

Luffy looked down dejectedly before noticing something was missing"H-hey!Where's my hat!?"he said suddenly beginning to panic before feeling a familiar weight being pushed down on his head,accompanied by a stoic sounding voice"Tch,baka...All bandaged up,and that's what you decide to focus on?

Luffy froze for a split second before whirling around to see none other than Trafalgar Law staring back at him with his arms crossed against his chest and the usual look of indifference on his face"What a nuisance..."

"LAW!"Luffy shouted moving to hug the man,but was instead greeted with a katana to the face as Law had whacked him with his nodachi"Stop shouting"he remarked in a bored tone lifting his gaze to Jimbei and Rayleigh"But, I thought you said-

"I said the crew left,if I remember correctly though...Law here got invited to a different crew"Rayleigh said still smiling when he heard Luffy give a small whine

"What is it now?"Law questioned with a roll of the eyes

"Rayleigh-san said you're in a new crew already,which sucks since I was gonna ask you to join mine instead"Luffy grumbled causing Law's eye to twitch in annoyance


"OW!why'd you hit me?"Luffy cried out nursing the now swollen lump on his head with small tears in his eyes"For being stupid"Law reprimanded

"Luffy,the crew Law was going to join was YOUR crew"Rayleigh clarified with a laugh

Luffy blinked looking between the three faces in front of him before forming a "D" shaped grin on his face "Really!? Awesome!"Luffy cheered going for another hug from his newest nakama,only to receive another hard whack to the head...

"Anyway,Luffy..."Rayleigh called out getting the rubber captains attention for a moment"...I heard you're heading back to Saboady already,is this true?"Luffy instantly nodded"Yeah,it's where the rest of my nakama are"

"Baka!"Law reprimanded once more crossing his arms for a moment"Just look at what happened the last time you were there,do you want a repeat of that?"The pirate doctor said in a serious voice causing Luffy to go silent for a moment

"Law is correct Luffy, the fact is,the way you are now, can you honestly say you are a match for the new world forces in such a state?"Luffy bit against his lip"Law was able to save you this time,but who's to say when something could happen to him as well?"Luffy shot his eyes towards his newest nakama

Then what do you suggest he does?"Law asked calmly as he attempted to reassure Luffy

"I have an offer for you Luffy, and you as well if your interested Trafalgar?"

The former captains eyes narrowed a bit"Proposition?"

"I can't promise it'll be as effective with you as it will with Luffy,however...I suggest you two wait two years before returning to saboady,so that I may train you in the ways of haki"

"Haki?"Luffy and Law said in unison

"Yes,It's an embodiment of one's will...something you both seem to have"Rayleigh noted looking between them"Though why don't we save that conversation for a different time,eh?"Then as if on cue Luffy's stomach began growling signaling the need for food

"Well,I'm sure that Boa Hancock will be here any minute with loads of food for you,given how she mentioned something about being your wife"Law muttered beginning to walk off,Luffy who seeing as how he had no other nakama around quickly decided to follow after the death surgeon"Huh?Wife?what are you talking about?"

"Never mind..."Law sighed realizing the other was just as thick-headed as ever

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