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Lead Me Not

A man in a tux and a top hat walked down the road, his bright blue cat like eyes looking around the place but always looking forward if anyone looked at him. to many he looked alike a man on a mission, which was true he was, he was making an army to fight with, he just need some people to given into despair so he can do it.

But life as the Millennium Earl was never this hard. "What going on? Did everyone just take a holiday off? This is stupid." sighing the Earl stopped in front of a cafe window, looking at his refection, he smiled. "well at lease those exorcist can't find me right now." rubbing his chin with the slight facial hair he had, he looked himself over as some of his black wavy hair fell in front of his face and his smile grew bigger, just as he turned to leave on the other side of the window he was using as a mirror he saw him.

"Will will, its Walker. what's he doing here?" letting curiosity get the better of him he walked into the cafe, seeing the sign that please seat yourself someone will be with you, the earl walked towards were the young exorcist was sitting and by the look waiting for someone. 'One of his friends most likely.' taking the table next to Allen, millennium set took of his top hat and set it aside.

'Okay now that your here what are you going to do?' millennium looked over to his left to look at Walker. Walker was not in his exorcist coat but white dress shirt with a red ribbon around his neck, black pants hug the boys hips and thighs nicely and the tapping of one of the black boots the boy wore told him, walker been waiting for a bit, if not the angry look in his sliver eyes shown as he pushed his white hair behind his ear.

"Where is he? He promised not to be late this time." Walker said softly to himself as he looked over to the door like it was going to solve everything for him.

"Then maybe he should not make any promises he couldn't keep." millennium blurted out. 'Oh shit I just did say that?' looking full over to the exorcist he knew he did. But the look of shock on the boy's face quickly changed to a smile.

"I know he always keeps me waiting, thinking someone's going to find us." Allen reached over and held out his hand. "Names Allen, Allen Walker." taking the hand into his Millennium smiled back, "you can call me Adam." the greeting was short lived as a waitress came and asked for Allen's order who declined saying he was still waiting, so she turned to him. "And what can I get for you?"

"I'll have some tea with sugar, and a slice of chocolate cake." Adam told the woman, she nodded and walked off to get his order.

"So how long have he made you wait?" getting more curios the Earl turned to Allen. "3 hours." Allen sighed and looked to the door again. "Well why don't I keep you company, I do hate having tea by myself, I always have my family with Me." getting up Adam grabbed his top hat and sat across Allen.

"That's fine, in fact it make the wait more bearable." Allen smiled again and looked over the man. 'Wow he's beautiful.' "Is something wrong?" Adam felt the exorcist check him out. But as he asked the boy he just shook his head.

"No nothing's wrong." just then the waitress brought the earl's tea and cake. "You're sure you don't wait anything sweetie?" she asked as she set the food down.

"Yea he will have some tea and cake too." millennium said before Allen could tell her no. the waitress smiled and went to get the items.

"You don't have too. I'm waiting for my friend so we can go out to eat." Allen stood up to get the waitress, but millennium grabbed his hand. "Just do it to indulge me." taking a sip of his tea the Earl started to have some small talk with Allen.

~! #~! #~

"And the look on Lavi's face was priceless." Allen laughed as he told the story; all that Adam did was smile. They been talking and drinking tea for a couple more hours, they even, well Adam made Allen eat some dinner with him in the cafe. As mostly Allen talked about his friends and some of the stuff they did when they we're ruining his plans.

"So Allen what about this friend you been waiting for?" the real question he wanted to ask but it was too soon before.

"Oh! Kanda? We're dating. Today was our only day off and he asked me to wait for him here, so he could take me some where nice." Allen looked out the window, the sun had set and the street lights were on but many people still walked the streets being a Friday night. "But it looks like he forgot." Allen looked down at the table his smile gone.

"will I like the date we're on now, how about I take you to the park I heard its beautiful at night with the moon and all the flowers in bloom." the Earl stood up pushed back his wavy black hair before placing his top hat on, and held out a hand for Allen to take.

"I don't know." Allen looked at the hand of the man he been talking to for some hours now. "Come on, it be nice please it looks like they ready to start closing up. Allen looked at the waitress who was more than happy to service them; with all that Allen eats she got a nice tip from the earl who paid for the food.

"Okay." Allen took his hand and let the man lead him outside and down the street. The walk to the park was a quite one, but once they got there Allen breath was taking away. Flowers were everywhere, the trees had them, and the side of the path, flowers was everywhere; all the way to the lake that he and Adam were walking to.

"You know this is the first time someone took me to a romance place like this." Allen bent down and looked at the roses that were in bloom.

"I don't know why? Your beautiful, snow white hair, soft cream color skin, and bright silver-blue eyes." Allen started at him and gave a soft smile, "you forgot about my scar on my forehead." Millennium bent down to be eye level with Allen, "what about it?" pushing back Allen's hair to show the pentacle above his left eye Millennium kissed it.

"It just makes you even more mystic, like an angel casted down from heaven told to never return."

"Ha ha. You won't say that if you saw all of me." Allen smiled and stood up. "Well thank you for the great time but I better go home now. I have someone to yell at."

"That boyfriend Kanda, of yours?" Allen nodded but before he turned to leave Millennium grabbed his hand and kissed it. "I hope one day we get to meet like this, again."

"I hope so too. Thank you, Adam for the night and dinner." Allen quickly kiss Adam on the cheek then ran off into the darkness.

"What are you doing, Adam first apostle of the Noah clan, and the Millennium Earl maker of Akuma." standing up fully Millennium looked to the moon that now hung high into the sky.

~! #~! #~

Allen ran up the stairs of the Black Order, nothing could ruin his mood now he just had the date of his dreams with a beautiful man. "I hope I get to see him again." Allen set his pace to a walk once he got up the stairs and headed to his room. Many finders were up and about Allen said hello to the ones he knew, but before he could make it to the hall that had his room something caught his eyes. Down one of the halls was three people all talking in low voices, but Allen could tell who they were it were Lavi, Lenalee, and Kanda the boyfriend who stood him up. Walking closer to say hello and give Kanda a piece of his mind, he heard what they was saying.

"Did you find a way to keep him busy the whole day?" Lavi whispered

"Yea I told him to wait for me at the cafe in town he more than likely still there."

"Okay you two finish up before he gets kicked out and comes back we can't have him find out." Lenalee said but as she turned she was Allen.

"Allen?!" Allen didn't know what to say there were two of his friends and his boyfriend planning to keep him out of the way. In fact Allen didn't want to know if it was true so he turned and ran, his name being shouted but he didn't stop he keep going till he was down the stairs.

"How could they, if they didn't want me around they could just tell me, not lead me on like that?" Allen looked up the stairs just to see Lenalee running down them with the other two behind her. Not wanting to hear what they might have to say Allen ran back into the town, and hid himself among the crowd of people.

"ALLEN! ALLEN!" his three pursuers called but Allen just tried to blend back into the crowd even more, he took some step back towards an alley but his back hit something hard. Looking up Allen saw it was the man he spent the day with. "Adam?"

"Why Allen, I did hope to see you again but I didn't think this soon." Adam smiled down at him and wrapped his arms around Allen.

"ALLEN!" both Allen and Adam looked at the man the yelled, it was Kanda, and he had his hand on Mugen ready to fight. "Kanda." Allen whispered as he looked at the long haired swordsman.

"So you're the one the stood Allen up." Millennium pulled Allen closer to him watching the sword wielding exorcist eyes throw glares at him. "I have to thank you, if you didn't I never had the perfect date I had with Allen. But since I'm not someone who shares well with others, I have to say good-bye for now." Millennium pulled Allen deeper into the crowd till Kanda was out of their sights.

"You alright Allen?" now walking down an alley Millennium looked at the boy no beautiful young man next to him. "They...they...sob." Allen was in tears he couldn't forget how they wanted him got rid of him and Kanda stood him up on purposes.

"It's alright." Millennium held Allen closed and rubbed his back, feeling Allen's arms warp around him Millennium sighed. 'What am I going to do now.' looking up see the moon even higher now but the street was live even more than ever. "Come on lets go somewhere quite." leading the crying beauty in his arm, millennium walked to the hotel.

Once the room was bought Millennium led Allen to the only bed in the room and sat him down. "There we go, you feel better." wiping away the remaining tears from Allen's face, millennium kissed Allen's forehead. Allen nodded his head and looked into the man's eyes.

"You know I never looked but your eyes they look kinda like a cat's." Allen smiled as he closed his eyes, "well we just learn new things every day." standing up straight millennium took off his hat and coat.

"Yea your right, but there are something's you really don't want to learn." Allen's fell as he thought about why his friends and boyfriend tried to get rid of him.

"Now we must learn disappointment sometime." sitting next to Allen on the bed Millennium wrapped his arms around Allen again and pulled him closer. Hearing Allen whimper slightly but feeling him snuggle closer Allen cried in his arms.

! #-(couple hours later)! #-

Millennium looked down at the sleeping figure that was his enemy. "So young," brushing some of the white strands of hair behind Allen's ear Millennium stared at the pentacle that was on his forehead.

"It's like I branded him to be mine without thinking. Cursed to be mine and no one else's." lowering down into the bed Millennium kissed the pentacle and rubbed Allen's cheek. Allen sighed softly as his eyes started to flutter open.

"Sorry did I wake you?" running his hand down Allen's arm and rubbing it. "Oh. I'm sorry I didn't mean to fall asleep on you." Allen blushed as he realized he was curled next to the man he just meet less then 24 hours. Soft chuckle came from the man as he wrapped his arm around Allen who turned even redder with the closeness. "That's alright; I like the idea of a beauty in my arms. Even if I have to comfort them from heartache." kiss Allen's forehead again Millennium felt Allen try to wrap his arms around him.

"You might want to be careful thou." Allen stopped and looked up at the man he known as Adam. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to make..." placing a finger on Allen's lips to make him fall silence.

"If you keep it up you will inflame my passion." watching the young man next to him face go from red to a bright red in a matter of seconds Millennium leaned down and kissed Allen on the lips. "But if that's what your trying to do." Pushing himself up so he pinned Allen underneath him. "By all means seduce me with your kisses and soft touches."