Escape (Part Two)

Apparently…you guys liked the first. So here's a follow up…

Her skin was smooth to the touch, and underneath my calloused hands it felt like rubbing sandpaper over soft silk. It was heaven actually, and I couldn't get enough of it. I thought she was incredible at giving a blow job, but to be over top of her and kissing every inch of skin she showed me, was about 100 times better. Every brain cell was telling me to stop, and go back to the bus and straighten things out with Camille but I couldn't. I was the one to flag down a cab and drag her in it. She gave direction to the nicest hotel in town and as soon as he started driving, my hands were on her sexy little body and my lips were on her neck. I don't know what came over me but I was seconds away from fucking her in the backseat, not caring if the driver watched. When he stopped I threw up two one hundred dollar bills, barely making out to keep the change but I was being dragged to the front of the hotel and now we were here.

I was gentle with her when she got on the bed. I crawled over top of her after throwing her shoes to the ground and gently laid her down. Her fingers worked my belt again and for the first time, we kissed. I mentioned she gave great blow jobs, but to feel her lips on mine was incredible. She was so sweet and romantic about the whole thing. It was a new sensation, none that I had ever felt with any other women, especially Camille. When she kissed me, it felt like I was needed not for love, and not for attention to buy her things. This was pure unadulterated sex, and passion. I knew, she was using me, for whatever reason and I honestly didn't care. I was completely drawn to this girl because for the first time I wasn't in control in bed. I wasn't making the suggestions and I wasn't making the first moves. I loved it. I was slightly becoming addicted.

"Get up for a second." I pushed off her neck and body and got on my knees over top of her. She wiggled out from underneath me and moved to the edge of the bed.

"Where are you going?" She laughed softly and stood up beside the bed turning to me.

"Come here." I crawled on my knees to this girl, like a small child afraid his mother was going to leave him. When I got closer to her, her hands moved to my face and pulled me in, kissing me softly. "Will you help me undress?" My hands went up quick to her shoulders and I started pushing down her jacket. Her hands fell to the sides and I pushed the leather down her arms slowly, taking in every inch of her skin. Her arms were slim but had a slight definition to them. I sat back on my feet and glanced at the treasure before me. Her jacket had reached her wrists and I very gently pushed it off her arms all the way. It fell to the floor with a thud and I heard what sounded like keys and her lighter hitting together. Her hands went back to my face, and she leaned and bent her head to kiss me again. I moved my hands up to her back and rubbed it slowly searching for the zipper on her dress. Her lips parted and I moved in quick invading the warm and delicate space with my tongue. My middle finger on my right hand touched something hard and I pulled it gently, sitting back up on my knees, so when her dress fell off her body, I could see it all in full. I was probably too quick with the zipper, too eager, because when it was completely down, she laughed in my mouth making me pull away from the kiss. I watched her eye me with a hint of humor in her eyes as her fingers ran through my hair. "For a guy who didn't want this, and claims he has a girlfriend, you sure seem to be eager." I smiled and put my hands on the fabric of the dress tugging it down her body. She wiggled a little making both of us giggle and I glanced down just in time to see the red disappear off her chest and expose a black strapless bra. I frowned and continued pulling the dress down. Her stomach, flat and smooth with a small diamond in her belly button, was tan with one freckle on her right rib cage. It was on its own on her torso and it made me get a little hot. With the dress now on her hips I pulled it down quickly, just to get it over with and we both watched it hit the floor, pooling around her feet. I moved my eyes back up her body resisting the urge to lick up her legs and dive in between them. I stopped on the black thong covering her center and sighed out, sitting back. "Why do you do that?" I looked up at her face quick and frowned.

"Do what?" Her hands went on my shoulder and she climbed on the bed with me, sitting on her knees as well. Her fingers quickly started working on the buttons on my shirt while she continued watching me, closely.

"You…like are studying me or something. Most guys would have me completely undressed right now. You're taking your sweet time, why?" I sat back up, towering over her, and grabbed a hold of her ass, with both hands. She yelped out and looked up at me pushing my white shirt off my shoulders.

"Most guys?" She stopped moving suddenly and I swallowed hard. "You do this often?"

"Only to the ones in the band." I frowned and she giggled. "It's a living Logan." Hearing those three words really knocked me on my ass. I fell back on my feet and couldn't stop staring at her perfect and seemingly innocent face.

I was about to have sex with a hooker. I already got a blow job from her. I was about to pay to have sex. Except that wasn't what was wrong with this situation. Somewhere, deep and dark in my dumbass head, I felt myself…falling for her? In one short hour she had me swept off my feet and ready to get down one knee ready to give her my life. And hearing that this is her life and she does this to make ends meet, really fucked with my head. "Logan?" I snapped out of my thoughts and watched her get on the bed in front of me. "You didn't think you were the first guy I've done this too right?" I swallowed hard and she smiled getting closer to me. Her lips brushed onto the skin underneath my ear. "Take off my bra." I closed my eyes and felt my hands move up without permission. When they met her skin on her back they frantically searched for the clasp of her bra, while she started sucking and biting along my neck. When I got both hooks undone they bra feel to my lap and she quickly climbed on top of me, shoving her chest in my face. The next few seconds went by in a blur and without knowing how, she had me on my back, all of my clothes off. She was climbing back on top of me when I opened my eyes and reached out to grab her hips. She bit her bottom lip as her legs went outside my body and she positioned herself over top of my raging hard on.

As soon as I entered her, and was inside her completely, my back arched off the bed and I squeezed tighter onto her body. I groaned out very loudly and watched her raise herself and slowly put herself back down. I started to get used to the feeling of being inside her when the pace picked up and I relaxed a little, running my hands up the sides of her body slowly. My fingertips brushed gently underneath both breasts and she put her head back breathing hard. I swallowed hard lifting my hips just as she was coming down back on me. She let out a moan and looked down at me. I smiled knowing I had probably hit her g spot. "What…what got you started doing this?" She laughed and put her hand son my chest helping her bounce better on top of me.

"Rent and bills…just got out of hand. A friend of my brothers…oh god…got me hooked up with a guy who then just sort of got me…here." I locked eyes with her and tightened my grip on her again.

"Don't you ever just want to…escape from it? Do…fuck that's good…do something else? Start over kind of thing?" She leaned down pushing my hands off her body, and laying her perfect tits on my chest. Her hair feel along my face and her lips went directly over mine.

"Every single night." She closed her eyes and picked up the speed again, putting her face in my neck. I wrapped an arm around her back and lifted my legs to gain control and kept the speed going with my own thrusts. I squeezed tight around her, hitting hard and faster inside her, making both of us break into a sweat. She started sucking onto my neck again and flipped her hair off my face just as I was starting to pant and groan in her ear. I was getting close, and I didn't have a condom.

"I'm not…protected."

"I am…just…just let go Logan." She pushed up off me but let me keep hitting inside her. Her fingernails dug into my skin on my chest and I knew I was going to have marks and maybe even bruises there but I didn't care. I was more concerned with her facial expressions as we both got closer to our orgasms. Her mouth hung open just a little and her eyes stayed locked on my face, in pure concentration. Her cheeks were red and her forehead was shiny from sweat.

"What's-what's your name?" She put her head back and dug deeper into my skin moaning loudly.

"Diana." It barely got out before she started moaning, screaming in complete ecstasy. "Logan!" My name was thrown in the mix as well and hearing it come from her mouth, made me cum not far after her, and thrust harder into her, groaning and yelling her name as well.

She slumped on top of me panting and slightly shaking. I pulled myself out of her and wrapped my arms around her back, holding her. I had just closed my eyes when I heard frantic knocks on the door of the room. She sat up on my waist and so did I, both of us turning to the door. "Logan?!" I frowned hearing Kendall's worried voice and turned back to her. She was smiling and chuckled leaning in, kissing me softly on the lips. She pushed off me and got off the bed picking up her pair of panties. "Dude! I just got an unusual call from Camille!"

"We saw you get a cab with a girl!" Carlos. I sighed and pushed off the bed as wel grabbing my boxers and pants.

"A hot girl none the less!" I frowned hearing James's vice and heard her giggle. She already had her dress halfway on, and was putting her bra on.

"Just give me a minute guys…go wait down stairs."

"Yeah right…" It was a collective line form all three of them and I shook my head walking to the small desk in the corner. I zipped up my pants and grabbed a sheet of paper and a pen and started writing.

"What are you doing?" I ignored her even when I heard her behind me, until I finished writing. "Logan? What are you writing…you should probably go with your friends." I stood up and folded the paper turning to her and giving her it. She opened it fast and I walked past her grabbing my shirt off the ground. "What is this?" I sat on the bed and started pulling my socks on. She was staring at me and then the paper.

"It's my number. And my address." She looked up to me fast and I shoved my feet in my shoes standing up and pulling my shirt on. "No one should live the way you do." She bit her bottom lip, looking down and I moved closer to her. "I have a feeling I'm single. And you need help. There's no reason either of us should be alone." She looked back at me, shaking her head but I shrugged and turned. "Give me a call Diana. Any time you want to escape and start over."