The Will of the Ring Epilogue by Makura Koneko

A year.

It had been a full year exactly, to the day, since the defeat of Sauron, effectively the destruction of the One Ring (since the evil ring had ceased to exist and had become the slightly more silver, good-will-prophecy-bearing locket) the rise of the Golden Kingdom (formerly known as Mordor) and everyone knew it. And just as many people who knew it were celebrating it.

Things had been hectic, the first few months after I had regained my true body. Artimus and Luna had showed up soon after Seiya and Yaten and Taiki. I've never been so glad to see that furball in my life…

First we had rested, then a massive meeting of thousands had been held. Most of the humans with new bodies retained their memories, and it had been easy enough for me and the Senshi and Andrew, Molly, Melvin, my family, and various other friends and relatives to find one another.

Everyone knows everything, now. Everyone –and I mean everyone- knows the story of the Silver Millennium, of the Prince and Princess who died for their love, of the love that didn't completely carry through into their next life as a result of a piece of the prince's soul being lost in time and gifted to Legolas.

They knew of the girl Serena Tsukino inheriting the soul of a Princess born and raised to be an empress, of a warrior sworn to defend life and love itself. Of a girl who wanted nothing more than to 'pig out, sleep it off, pig out again, go to the arcade, have a gab fest over Saturday, pig out some more, fail another test, go shopping, did I mention pig out?'

The laughter of thousands had been deafening. My ears are still ringing…

My family and closest friends I had told in private beforehand. They had been by my side ever since. I love them all so much… I sure did get the universe's armpit of a job, but it does come with some perks. Friends and family like mine are one of them.

Elven Prince for a boyfriend is nice, too… Though Daddy sure didn't agree! I never thought I'd see fear in the eyes of my brave, wonderful, tower-of-strength beloved at the angry advances of a mere mortal, middle-aged man… On top of that, I never knew Daddy could run that fast- he'd give any elf a run for his money! Er, or at least Legolas a run for his life! And a few other (ahem) things, but we won't go there.

Soon after all that, the Starlights had left, promising to return soon. How they had kept their memories of what had happened with that battle with Chaos, even though technically it never happened, we've yet to figure out. We're pretty sure Princess Kakyuu won't remember us, though. Even so, now that the Silver Millennium was –for now- safe, Seiya had hinted at coaxing their princess to consider an inter-galactic alliance between the Silver Alliance and the kingdoms that Princess Kakyuu reigned over. It will be odd to see her and remember her, yet her not remember me…

Anyway, most of the humans had decided to stay in the ripe, lush new land. While taking a break during a small meeting of key people that had risen as obvious leaders, a woman had whispered, tears in her eyes, that this was her dream land.

And thus the land of Mordor was renamed 'Elysion.' I swear, I almost cried. 'The Land of Dreams,' in one of the older Sylvan tongues. Another of the common names came from the tall, grand tower; the Golden Kingdom.

With the help of the members of the Companionship that were more knowledgeable on the matter –Aragorn, Legolas, Ami, Setsuna, and Gandalf- they set in motion a way of selecting a leader. Once this was done, and Elysian was well on its way towards erecting a stable government, the Companionship marched across land of Middle-Earth with a triumphant entourage of thousands of elves and a few hundred humans that had decided to follow 'the woman they had come to realize was no mere woman.' I'm still not sure they were talking about me… I also still don't get why Legolas looked so amused when I'd asked who they meant.

People thinking so highly of me is still…new… I mean, its one thing to have people's respect because you're a princess. It's another to have several thousand elves pledge their loyalty to you for sending the demon of their world bye-bye. Especially when that demon was your father…

Okay, Serena, out with the bad thoughts! This is a happy time, and you will have happy thoughts! I chided myself.

Back to the story…

We'd made our way to Lothlorien –most of the thousands of elves stayed just outside the forest city, for the sheer number of them, and once many had found a moment to promise me that if they ever needed anyone, just summon them, they departed in search of loved ones who believed them dead.

Once our strength had been completely recovered from the so-not-fun 'squirmish', we departed for Rivendell, where Aragorn was joyfully reunited with Arwen. An official engagement was announced, although a date had yet to be set. I so wish I'd had a camera at the moment he laid eyes on her…it was so cute!

Once we arrived and had once again retold our tale to Lord Elrond and all who wished to hear, the Lord of Rivendell agreed wholeheartedly to the concept of speedily organizing an entourage of ambassadors to the Moon. Enough time had passed between Guardian and the Guarded (Moon and Earth), we all knew. I'd wistfully wondered what it would be like to wander the halls of my home once more…

Hmm, that actually sounded kinda poetic… Heh, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it! Hee…

This, the organizing of this entourage, naturally took about a month to get together. Why, you ask? Well, one can't just randomly pick up a few things and take off with their friends to greet the Queen of the Moon to discuss an alliance without proper preparation! I was surprised the number of things I remembered –and at the clarity with which I remembered- the proper protocols that needed to be taught to those that would have the highest chance of meeting the Queen. Namely, the ambassador Lord Elrond had suggested go along.

Imagine my surprise when I'd discovered Lord Elrond himself would be that Ambassador.

Messengers were dispatched by the dozens to notify the whole of Middle-Earth that the threat of Mordor was over, and that a new kingdom, a golden one, had risen in its place and that the long lost –believed to be perhaps even only mythical- relatives of elves had been discovered at last and that a new age was approaching, hopefully to begin with the alliance between Middle-Earth and the White Moon and the rest of the solar system.

The story of the battle of Celenithil and Sauron had spread like wildfire throughout the land. And indeed equally fiery was the tale of Frodo and Sam, and the Fellowship, then the Companionship following it. I couldn't get enough of it, seeing little kids play it out in the street, singing the song that Bilbo and Ami –per Frodo's prediction- had concocted up. It was so darling! Again, I so wished I had a camera…

I'd made a note to self; once this was all over, hire some elf dude and have Ami show him how to make a camera.

The love between Legolas and me, now that we were relatively out of the dangerzone of loosing one another to an accurate arrow or deft sword stroke, blossomed. People began to wonder if they would see two sets of wedding bells before the year was out –a rumor I'm positive was started by Mina. I assured (aka threatened with the lovely pile of blackmail I have stored up; ladies, the art of eavesdropping is your best friend. Forget diamonds.) my friends that while Legolas and I were steadily running up- er, I mean, carefully climbing higher and higher on the ladder of relationship, wedding bells were still a ways off, most likely.

Ami had been working night and day with Gandalf to construct (from mere memory –which was increasing daily- and with the help from the other Senshi and bits of info her data computer had, as well as Luna's input) a teleportation portal around the Crystal Point we discovered underneath the House of Elrond. A new level to the house was being built around the portal.

At last, almost four months after having set out from the Golden Kingdom, things were ready.

The Companionship was to be accompanied by an entourage of Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Hobbits –Bilbo Baggins among them- that numbered exactly two hundred.

"Curse my old age!" He had told them stoutly. "If I keel over it will be because of the sight of so legendary a civilization. I'm going!"

I love that guy! No wonder Frodo likes him so much! He reminds me a lot of Raye's Grandpa –who, since the alteration of time didn't erase his eventual existence, we won't see for another couple thousand years, since he wasn't brought back in time.

And so he, Bilbo, had gone, along with the Companionship, accompanied by Lord Elrond, Arwen –never again would she allow the man she loved to go off on his own, she'd declared quite stubbornly- and one hundred of the most elite Elven guards, warriors, scholars, artisans, and even a few simple citizens.

A trio of messengers had been sent through the portal a week earlier, and so our arrival had been –semi- expected.

The sight that had met my eyes when I had materialized enough to use those eyes had made me go weak in the knees, a sob rise in my throat.

We'd had materialized in a huge room grand enough to be a ballroom, but the consoles and control panels and large screens betrayed what this room was- the teleportation room. The room Serenity had snuck into with the help of Mars after promising her friend her chocolate stash in return for helping her slip off to Earth.

But that wasn't what had caught my breath. No, what made tears sting my eyes was the sight of the grand, majestic, sparklingly beautiful woman with long pale silver-lavender hair and bright silver eyes, holding the hand of a child who looked to be around ten with hair the color of Moongold, and eyes the color of sapphires. Behind them in a half arc, were the mother's of my Senshi. Beside the little golden haired girl were miniature versions of their mothers, right down to the miniature imitations of the traditional Senshi fuku.

Elder Venus surveyed the group. Lord Elrond was at the front, Arwen, Aragorn, Legolas and Boromir with him. Behind them was me –clad in a simple white gown with silver embroidery and a Greek-style overdress that was milky pale gold, the clasps at my shoulders and elbows and wrists were gold- and Senshi in their new fukus. Behind us was the rest of the main entourage (numbering twenty. The rest of that 200 would come later- we couldn't all fit into the room at once!), including Bilbo and my parents and Sammy and Naru.

Because of this arrangement, the Senshi and I had yet to be seriously looked at long enough to be recognized. Even so far back in time, the resemblance between me and the Queen was unmistakable, especially since now my hair was most decidedly silver with a golden sheen.

"My greetings, Majesty," Elrond said with a slight bow of his head. This was a sight, we all knew. From what I'd heard he wasn't exactly prone to submission to others. Then again, this was more of a good-will show of respect rather than submission…

"I welcome you to the White Moon, friends of old," The White Queen said regally, kindness in her eyes yet a slight reserve behind them. I bit my lip to hold back a choke. I'd had seen that reserve so many times, when my mother had known things she hadn't wanted her daughter to know yet was having trouble keeping it from me… Like surprise birthday parties, or news that an outing would be cancelled, or that I'd had failed another test and thus was grounded…yet there was always that kindness, like there was now…

I couldn't hold it back any longer.

"Mother…" I breathed. The word was soft and quiet, but the eyes of the Elder Senshi snapped to me. Elder Jupiter gasped, and Elder Venus's lovely blue eyes narrowed.

Queen Selenity spotted me, standing behind Legolas. Her eyes widened as I stepped forward, up beside the Elven prince. He took my hand, and I leaned into him slightly. An oath slipped from the mouths of one of the Elder Senshi, probably Elder Sailor Uranus.

"Goodness, Serenity," the younger Venus exclaimed innocently. "You never told us you had an older sister!"

I met the eyes of my mother, and a simple understanding passed between us. I was not her daughter, yet at the same time I was.


And yet not…

That just made it all the more confusing.

But at the same time…

Oiy, stop that! I'd commanded myself. I was gonna need an aspirin if I kept that up…

But still…

"I see a bit more than even I imagined has happened on Earth while I let my fear make me turn a blind eye to the place where I was once an queen," the Queen said softly. Her gaze flitted from each one of the Senshi, whom had unconsciously stepped up. The Senshi in return were exchanging looks with their past mothers.

"Understatement," Jupiter snorted. Light laughter rippled through the air. "Sending a big bad and ugly like Sauron to hell is more than 'a bit more' than some of you imagined."

A gasp replaced the laughter. My eyebrow twitched. She just had to go and launch that particular lil bit of info into the air…arg.

"Lita," I said plainly. The brunette blanched, realizing what she had just said. She glanced at me, her princess, who fixed her with a scathing look.

"I'm dead, aren't I?" She deadpanned. Venus laughed.

"Very," she said, eyes twinkling. Jupiter kept her mouth shut as Mars shook her head and Saturn giggled.

"Perhaps things would be best explained over a small meal I've had prepared for us all," the Queen said, smiling. She glanced at me, her alternate daughter. "Perhaps over dessert we can…discuss a few things." It was obvious she meant personal things.

"Oooooh…is it Popperberry ice for dessert?" I asked suddenly, unable to help myself. The Queen laughed. It was widely known that the favorite dessert of the Crown Princess was a dish called Popperberry ice. 'Popperberry' was a berry that when reached ice cold temperatures, then was suddenly exposed to heat –or rather, was then put in one's mouth- popped and unleashed a burst of tartly sweet flavor. Thus the name 'Popperberry ice.'

"Yes, Popperberry ice," Queen Selenity smiled. Beside her, the young Princess Serenity grinned. I winked at her. Dang, little-me was cute!

Lil me grinned, and a bond formed between us, one unlike any other, and we'd both known it.

That had, as I've said, been a year ago.

Right now, I'm standing on the archers walk atop the Golden Gate, the entrance to Elysian. The Gates were thrown wide open, and people were pouring in. The anniversary of the defeat of Sauron was being celebrated by the entire Solar System. Designated places on each planet were to hold massive parties. Elysian was one of them, and it seemed to be the one spot everyone was trying to go to. Talk about galactic traffic jam! Ick.

Hey, I just realized –with grand amusement- that I never even got my driver's license. Heh. Don't know why that's amusing. Okay, yeah, I do. I'm a Queen now (yes, you heard me right, Queen; I'll explain in a minute) and I can't drive. Not that it would do me any good. There's no cars. Not really. There are these lil magic flying contraptions that stay low to the ground that the Moon Guard elites use but those don't count.

As I watched the hustle and bustle down below, I was just glad that I had my own place, here, that I didn't have to squabble to find a room or a place to set up camp. I glanced up at the beautiful spiraling golden tower. The Moon was hovering just above its peak. My two homes.

To get back to the story, the peace talks on the Moon had gone better than any other in history. The papers had been signed that month -the official anniversary of that was next week, thus this party was probably going to last until then. All that had remained was for the various leaders of Middle Earth to sign.

That had taken forever. Galadriel and Elrond had signed, of course, then Théoden of Rohan, as well as –unsurprisingly- the new King Elassar of Gondor- aka Aragorn. The King of Eriador took a lil persuasion, but he came around. Then there was Dunland that signed just to get rid of us, but pretty much everyone else couldn't wait to sign up.

Now, see, here was the deal. Traditionally all the people that have to sign the thing –the alliance contract- would get together elect one person (not one of them) to make the final sealing signature. That person would be, effectively, until they boot him, the Emperor of basically the entire planet since the various world leaders have to go through him to get something to the White Queen, Selenity.

Kinda messed up system, I know, but hey, just give me a thousand years and I'll work on it. Er, or rather, my Senshi will. Politics aren't my thing- yet. But I'm learning!

Ok, well, like I was saying, this rose a bit of a problem. Middle-Earth didn't have an elected Emperor like all the other planets did. We left the lands to duke it out while we went to go get the one last signature we needed- the King of Elysian's.

Only, see, we got there only to discover that the people of Elysian's king wasn't there. They'd selected him, though, alright. They just needed him to agree. Or rather, she.

Yup, you guessed it.


They wanted me for their Queen.

Or rather, Empress. See, here's the funny thing. At the same time I got the news that Elysian wanted me for their Queen, messengers came and told me that Galadriel had suggested me for their elected Empress. Guess what? Everyone else agreed. Unanimous.

See, now there was something that had been on my mind. The Senshi and I were aware that at that very moment, out on their home planets, alternate, past versions of themselves existed. It was with shock they had all realized that there were effectively now two Princess Senshi for each planet. It also meant that unless something happened to their younger counterparts, they would never become queens of their planets.

Surprisingly, and yet not so, they all found it a great relief, even me. Yes, they'd had the same training as their counterparts to rule a kingdom, but those lessons had been cut short by the arrival of Metallia and Beryl, and then those lessons had been overwritten by a life –without recollection of their lives as princess- of normality. So, suffice to say, the Senshi knew what their choice would be if they were ever asked if they wanted to take over their 'rightful' thrones.

Well, easy enough to say, that had made things simpler! The paperwork had been messy, but eventually it was settled; the Senshi were now second in line for their thrones, unless their younger counterparts acquired siblings, in which case they would be bumped back to third in line, something none of them minded.

Effectively the Senshi's chores got cut in half; they no longer had to be both princesses and guardians.

Me? Mine got tripled. Now not only am I Sailor Moon –or rather, Celenithil- I'm also Queen of Elysian, Empress of Middle-Earth, and third in line to the throne of the White Moon, after Venus (the younger one).

Fun, eh?

Least I get pretty tiaras and dresses and ice-cream whenever I want… Hey, a girl's gotta find compensation where she can get it!

Speaking of compensation…

I snuck a glance to Legolas beside me. I was falling more in love with him every day. He made the toil of all that paperwork and hardship of setting up a new kingdom so, so, so worth it. He was with me every step of the way. As a prince, he'd been raised to rule, so he was a big help.

Ok, so far this sounds like the typical happy-ending story, right? Right.


At least, not quite. A lot people are still convinced that Mordor is evil beyond restoration. Several of the countries that have sworn allegiance to my mother –through me- have rising organizations bent on wiping out Elysian, so we still have to watch our backs.

Also, there's still a lot of disruptions with the timeframe. Remember how the two timelines were supposed to merge? Well, they did. And I do mean merge.

Hey, where did you think the golden tower came from? Yup, it's from the alternate timeline, and it just got carried over and stuck into its new place with was parallel with its old place, just in a different dimension. Came completely furnished and everything.

But besides that, there were skyscrapers, houses, cars, boats, desks, computers, sewing machines, even a few whales –you name it- popping up on land and in trees, in people's living rooms, all over the place!

Heh, and get this; Tokyo Tower is literally in my backyard! Sammy finds this beyond funny for some reason, and although it's amusing, he's getting kinda scary the way he just bursts out laughing whenever he sees it…

Oh, that's another thing. My family lives with me in the Golden Tower. Mom's the head cook! She loves her job. Dad is in charge of my personal publicity, him being a newspaper reporter and photographer (though that part is kinda moot without any cameras…) and all. Sammy is set on becoming one of the royal guards. I've no doubt he'll make a great one. Legolas has taken to him like a brother, and the feeling is mutual.

Ai, I've never loved Ami more when gave me a birthday gift a few months ago; a camera. Kinda big and bulky, but it was a camera. Just in time, too; the look on Sammy's face when Legolas got him a set of a bow and arrows for his birthday and promised him lessons was priceless, and I now have it on film!

The traffic is slowing down. It's getting close to midnight. I can stop waving soon… What? What did you think I was doing up there? Turning myself into an icicle? I don't think so! It's too darn cold up here to be here willingly. Hey, a Queen has some obligations and welcoming people to her kingdom for the holidays is one of them. I'm just glad Legolas came with me.

Oh, and another thing, I'm sure some of you have thought of this by now; I'm Queen of Elysion. Endymion was Prince of Elysion… Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew…. Endymion, my descendant? Ick, ick, ick.

No, see, like I said, I've been working on the legal system- okay, Aragorn, Gandalf, Ami, and Legolas have been working on the legal system with my input. The leaders of Elysion are elected. Yup, you heard me. Elected. I'm only Queen until I die, or until I step down/retire, and then they elect someone else. The Empress gig works the same way; I'm Empress for life, and once I die, they'll elect another person. Neither new elected person will necessarily be my children. That was a relief when I found that out!

I glanced at the tower just in time to see blue light twinkle from one of the higher windows. Finally! Ami was signaling that my time was up. I touched Legolas on the shoulder and nodded towards the light. He grinned, slipped an arm around me, and together with a final wave to those who watched we made our way down the steps to the horses and small company of guards that would take us home.

I saw the light fade, and grinned.

Ah, Ami… I realized I hadn't gotten a chance to ask her that day how the baby was. Yes, you heard me, baby. Ami is pregnant. I swear, Frodo practically bounces and glows, now, and Ami is hardly even showing yet. It was the biggest surprise of our lives when Ami and Frodo had announced it.

When Lita had broached the subject of marriage, Frodo had blushed and said they already were; they'd been married secretly, quietly, and their child had been conceived that night.

They were such a cute couple, really. Ami's mother –her earth Mother, Mrs. Mizuno- couldn't get enough of the two of them together, and that was saying something; that woman isn't really one to gush. I think it's the thought of a grandchild that has her so delighted.

Babies would be plentiful the same month Ami's baby would be born; Aragorn and Arwen were expecting, as well. The wedding had been a few months ago, with Legolas, Gimli, and Boromir as the groomsmen, Gandalf administering the ceremony, and Elrond giving his daughter away. It had been the most beautiful wedding I'd ever been to.

Oh, and get this. They know –by way of magic- that the baby will be a girl. Guess what they're naming her? Yup, Serenity. And I'm gonna be her godmama! It makes me wanna cry. I'm grinning just thinking about it.

Oh, and we can't forget about Boromir and Raye! Arg, I swear, sometimes those two make even me want to gag!!!! They've been so sweetly in love. Their wedding is set for next week, the day before the anniversary of Earth joining the Silver Alliance. Their excitement is so cute, so sweet it's tangible. Take note of the word 'tangible.' I finally know what it means…

Oh, yeah, Legolas's 'princess lessons' haven't stopped. Ick. Oh well. Guess a Queen can't have everything.

Oh, let's see now…what else is there to tell…

Oh! Heh, get this; Mina has her claws set for Haldir, and although that guy avoids her like the plague, I think to be honest they're both enjoying this game of cat and mouse. I'll never forget I saw Haldir wink at me one time when trying to hide from Mina. Those two will end up together, mark my words! Who would have thought a serious guy like Haldir falling for a goofy blonde like Mina… Then again, since the timelines merging, Mina has been becoming more and more Commander Venus. She's a whole lot more responsible and serious when need be. Though her teasing and puns and quote-quoting is as awful as ever, it's not quite as air-headed as it once was.

And Faramir –I can't believe how alike to Boromir he is! It's scary!!!- and Lita hit it off right away. Not in a romantic sense, mind you, but they're pretty close. Brother and sister, like. I think the knowledge that Lita won't see Ken for a couple thousand years –due to him not even existing yet, and since he would eventually exist, he wasn't brought back in time- hit her hard.

Oh, and one last thing; what happened to the Ring? I'll bet a lot of you are wondering. Well, first of all, it isn't a ring anymore. I melted it and my locket down, and combined them; my mother's locket has been restored in full, with the image of the Moon and music and all. I offered it back to her, but she told me to keep it. She said the will of the ring was to stay with me. If its will had been to return to her, it would have summoned her to purge it, but it hadn't. It had summoned me, therefore I was the only one worthy of it. I think I almost cried when she said that.

Oh, that's another thing; my earth mom, Ikuku, and Queen Selenity get along so great it's frightening. Legolas and I know for a fact those two have our wedding planned out down to the number of flowers to be wrapped around each candlestick. I think they even have our children's' names picked out…

While thinking of this and grinning, it was then, as we entered the courtyard of the Tower, that I heard the scream. Then there was the explosion. Debris filled the sky, and the ground shook. I covered my ears, and the horse whinnied loudly. Getting my panicking mount under control, Legolas and I exchanged on brief glance before bolting for the origin area of both the scream and the explosion.

We reached what remained of Ami's workshop. Horrified, I gasped and flung myself down from the horse and flew towards the building, calling out at the top of my lungs. A figure stumbled out. It was Mina. It was then that had the first inklings…

Mina collapsed into my arms, panting.

"What happened?" I demanded, my long white cloak blowing around us. Mina coughed as many more people rushed up, Haldir included. He and I exchanged suspicious looks.

"I…was…just…" Mina wheezed.

"MINAKO AINO!!!!!!!!!"

The voice was loud enough to wake the dead and angry enough to have scared even Sauron. Mina, in my arms, paled.

"Mommy…" she squeaked. She glanced over her shoulder just as an outraged Ami Baggins stormed out, hair –now down to her shoulderblades- frizzled, face covered in soot, clothes torn and stained.

"I have one word for you, Commander Venus," the blue haired girl snarled as she neared and Mina jumped behind me with an 'eep!' I was seriously having trouble not laughing.

"Wh-what's that?" Mina squeaked.

"Run!" Ami growled, and charged. I yelped and flung myself to the side. Legolas caught me, thank goodness, and we watched, laughing, as a blue blur chased a golden one. Slowly, laughter rose up from the entire courtyard.

While laughing, I spotted my mother, Queen Selenity standing at the top of the steps to the Golden Tower. I blinked in surprise; she wasn't scheduled to arrive until the next day…she must have gotten to Elysian early. Our gazes met, and we smiled amid the laughter that surrounded everything.

Do you ever sit and wonder, ever remember what it was like when you were a kid? Marvel at how things had changed? You grow up, have kids of your own, have a job. You think back and remember when you were carefree, your biggest problem was your crush or that annoying pimple on your nose. It's a weird feeling, eh? I'm getting it right now. I mean, I thought my life had changed when a talking cat gave me a pretty brooch… Hooboy, if I'd known then what taking that brooch meant… But I'm glad I didn't. My life sure is different (understatement of the year!!!) but I'm pretty sure it's a good different. No, I'm positive it's a good different.

I've often wondered what would have happened if I had chosen to save Darien instead of Legolas. Would I have regretted it? I'm not sure. I've changed since I loved Darien. The girl that loved Darien with all her heart and soul…she's a different person now. So maybe I wouldn't have loved him. Who knows?

What I do know now, though, is who I do love.

I glanced at Legolas beside me, and he grinned at me. I smiled back.

Yeah, life is different, but it sure is great.

Somehow, someway, this simple revelation heralded something new. Somehow, someway, both my mother and I knew it. Mistakes had been rectified, Choices had been made, Promises kept…

Now it was time to see of those Mistakes would be repeated, if the right Choices had been made, and, and how strong those Promises were.

It was the end of the age of the Ring, and the beginning of something far, far more grand.

I will not say this is the end, because, really, nothing ever truly ends, now does it? Everything lives on somehow, in some way, shape or form. Whether in memories, or life or death…or even in the will of a ring that changed the course of the future, nothing truly ever ends. And so I will simply say, fare thee well.

Fare thee well, my friends. Farewell.

Namariie, mellonamin.

Farwell, my friends.


A Final Author's Note

Well, everyone, this is it. The finale of The Will of the Ring. I hope you all have enjoyed this as much as I have. I truly think this is the best thing I have ever written to date.

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And to everyone else who ever reviewed, I can't thank you enough.

And now it is with a satisfied, but no less sad, farewell of a sigh that I bid you all adieu, until my next story (which, if you will all kindly go to the next 'chapter' after this one, you will get to vote on!).

You've all been wonderful beyond words, and again I can't thank you enough.

Remember, wonderful readers…

Hope Makes the Universe Shine,

Love Makes the Galaxy Glow,

Faith Makes the Stars Sparkle.

Give Up These Things,

And the Universe Will Dim,

The Galaxy Will Fade,

And the Stars will die,

And the World will End.

Hope Makes the Universe Shine,

                                            Makura Koneko