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It wasn't every day that Hidan saw Itachi smile. He was almost certain that the one time he had had been when they were partnered together for a mission and the raven-haired man came across a small cat statue, its paw print reminding Uchiha of his brother.

The second time Hidan had seen Itachi smile was just a few minutes ago. The two were sitting together by the lake near the Akatsuki's most recent hideout, just talking. The silver-haired Jashinist had been talking about a kid he saw in one of the other villages, playing with their older brother. He was sure that it had caused fond memories to form in Itachi's mind.

"Sasuke often did the same." As always, Itachi was soft spoken and straight to the point. "Pouting."

Hidan couldn't help but laugh, just wanting to kick back and relax, having made his sacrifices for the day. He couldn't deny the fact that Itachi's presence made him feel calmer than he felt at any other given time.

"It's like he's the fucking opposite of you, 'tachi-san," Hidan commented in an off-hand manner as he looked out over the lake. "You rarely even fucking speak let alone carry on."

Itachi's only reply to this was to nod, his eyes slipping closed as he leant against the tree behind him. He hummed softly as he pulled out a small box of dango from the hidden confines of his Akatsuki cloak.

Hidan watched curiously as the raven took the first bite out of the sweet treat, a small speck of sauce staining the younger's upper lip. He licked his lips and, out of impulse, leant forward, licking it off.

Itachi's eyes widened slightly, the only indicator of his surprise. He raised a delicate hand, his fingers splayed gently against where he had been licked. It was true he held... feelings, or what he had left of such things, but... he had never once dreamt that they would be reciprocated by Hidan of all people.

"What was that for...?" Itachi couldn't help the waver in his voice as he questioned the elder's action.

"You had some on your face." Hidan smirked, knowing what he had sparked inside of Uchiha. "I wanted a taste."

For the first time in his life, Itachi's cheeks reddened. His fingers twitched, something that almost never happened. He looked down at his lap, fighting desperately against his blush despite knowing it was futile. He wondered briefly if he should admit his feelings before he went over the pros and cons in his mind, but Hidan made the decision for him.

"You wouldn't mind if I kissed the shit out of you, would ya, 'tachi-san?" Hidan's trademark smirk was plastered on his face, his eyes full of knowing; he knew that Itachi liked him because he was the only one besides Kisame that the young man tolerated.

Itachi's face lit up again as he shook his head. He looked up, unable to make eye contact. He spoke, softer than ever, "...Do it."


Itachi fell to his knees, panting heavily, exhausted beyond belief by this act. He felt arms encase him, pulling him back against a strong chest. A powerful hand reached up, brushing black strands of hair out of his face as Hidan smirked down at him.

"...Hi...dan..." Itachi whispered, feeling himself slipping into oblivion.

"Psh, you're fuckin' great," Hidan said before he leant down and engulfed the younger's mouth in a violent, yet passionate, kiss.

Itachi couldn't help but have a smile on his face as he fell into the blackness of sleep. He didn't know exactly what this meant, but he knew that it was something that would make him happy.