This short non-rant was inspired my Phoenix of Decay's review, he stated that Spyro should turn evil and attack Neo.

Here goes nothing.

Neo was walking up to his next show, this time, he was going to rant about Skylanders when everything went wrong.

The roof blasted open revealing several dragons, clearly from The Dragon Realms.

"How dare you disgrace my world!" An all too familiar voice boomed, this time it was a bit more echo-y, like Dark Spyro's.

"I guess you're not a fan of my show." Neo replied.

"We came to kill you, you have disgraced my world enough, time to stop you from ever opening your mouth again!"

Dark Spyro lunged at Neo, Neo instinctively pulled out excalibur and parried Spyro's horns. Spyro blasted convexity at Neo. Neo formed a light shield and deflected the beam at Spyro. Spyro tumbled back into a wall.

"Useless, useless, useless!" another voice shouted. "I knew this was a fail mission!"

The creature revealed itself to be a Malefor.

"Hey look, that the idiot from my rant!" Neo taunted.

"I'm not an idiot! Except for bringing Spyro along with me."

"Stupidity confirmed." Neo said.

"Now I'm angry, prepare to DIE!" Malefor yelled.

Malefor charged at Neo but Neo darted to the left. He swung his sword at Malefor. Malefor bit onto excalibur and flung Neo against a wall. Malefor charged up a blasts in his jaws but Neo blasted Malefor in the mouth just quick enough. Malefor literally exploded.

The audience laughed, Neo then remembered that there were people watching this, luckily they all think this was an act or something.

"I told you two it was a bad idea!" A feminine voice said, revealing itself to be Cynder.

Neo could've just told Cynder to take Spyro away but he couldn't resist adding this comment.

"Hey look, it's the insecure dragoness with an illogical brain from my rants!"

Cynder got really mad and charged, she didn't stand a chance, Neo simply sidestepped and Cynder rammed against the ground effectively k coking herself unconscious.

The audience clapped.

"Now to clean this up!" Neo said, putting on an acting voice.

Neo pulled out a machine known as the Quantum Dial. It opened up a portal and sucked the two dragons back to where they came from.

"Now let us get on with the show!" Neo said, dusting his hands.

Hey guys, hope you like my non-rant, here a fun trivia question to ask yourself, where did the machine known as The Quantum Dial appear in, clue: Archie Comics.

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