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Birthday wish

" parseltounge "

" thoughts"

" books"

In number five Godrics hollow, a man of great age sat in a chair facing the fire.. His name Harrison James Potter. Wearing robes of dark emerald outlined in silver etchings and runes, his face covered in a white goatee, his green eyes open and sad. In front of him on an end table was a chocolate cupcake with a single candle. But this cupcake was special, the candle was made purely of Phoenix tears and thestral hair, and etched on the candle were runes. But to him it reminded him that he, at his 186 birthday, was alone. And most importantly he was TIRED. Another dark lord had arisen and revealed the magical world to the muggles and so far he had been hounded by no less than the Seven ministries across the globe. The muggles in there fear launched countless attacks against them, diagon alley was no more, Hogwarts was no longer standing and the entire world was chaos was tired of saving the world, tired of being ridiculed and shunned when he did. He was just...tired. Another war was going strong and he didn't want to be around for it. He wanted his past erased, the betrayals buried. He wanted...sigh.

After the battle of hogwarts, Harry had married ginerva Weasley. They had three children, and lived a great life. After Hedwigs death he found a new familiar, a dragon named Rohan. He had gone on vacation to Charlie Weasleys dragon reserve in Romania and the dragon immediately came to Harry and they bonded. Harry had even become the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement . Azkaban was taken down,and people were tested with Veritaserum for every crime commited so to prove innocence or prove guilty. Harry did not want another man like Sirius getting sentenced to that life of hell again.

Now the prisoners were either killed for the crimes or sentenced to live there lives in the muggle world, stripped of there magic and obliviated. It all just depended on the severity of there crime. He had also become the master of death, all three of the hollows bonded with him. At first he thought it was a he went to Gringhotts to make a will, only then did he find out that Ron,molly and Dumbledore were manipulating him from the very beginning and that his ancestor was ignotus Peverall. The hollows only obeyed the blood of the ones they were made for.

Apparently dumbledore had been giving Ron and molly money out of harrys vaults and estates, to befriend him and make him more"light", and Dumbledore had manipulated Harry from the very beginning. Harry wasn't supposed to go to the dursleys, he was supposed to go to Remus and Sirius. And that his parents had hidden under the Fidelis charm that Dumbledore himself suggested. So the old coot new the entire time that Sirius was innocent.

Dumbledore had planned the stone, he actually stole it from Flamel and had hoarded its elixir for himself and never destroyed it. Harry shook his head, True, Dumbledore always seemed to know everything that was going on, but he always let Harry, Hermione, and Ron onto just enough for them to complete their tasks. There is no way that the old man could have missed Voldemort sticking out the back of Quirrell's head. To top it off, why didn't Dumbledore just keep the stone warded in his office? He could have easily put it under the fidelius, but instead he chose to guard it with traps that even a trio of first years easily passed.

What about the Chamber of Secrets? There weren't that many magical creatures in the world that could petrify a witch or wizard. That took enormous power, not considering the fact that the headmaster knew full well that Moaning Myrtle had died the first time the chamber was opened. What kind of creature had that kind of power? What kind of monster could it be deduced that the heir of Salazar Slytherin, famously called serpent-tongue, alone would be able to control? Dumbledore was hailed by many as brilliant, so surely he couldn't have missed what a second year was able to figure out. After all, he had fifty years to figure out everything about the chamber and the monster within before Hermione came along. However, yet again, the golden trio, as they were called, figured it out on there own, and miraculously, just when he needed help the most, Fawkes appeared. That couldn't be coincidence could it? After all, phoenixes could flash anywhere they wanted to, but how had it known where to find me? How come Dumbledore didnt flash in with Fawkes? Second year he gave Ginny the diary under ploy juice potion, the basilisk Harry found out only wanted out of the chamber after being alone and slowly going mad from loneliness and without a binder for its basilisks can only survive as long as it is bonded to a master, not unlike house elves.

What about when Hermione and I saved Sirius? Dumbledore obviously knew what Hermione and I were going to do when he said that if all went well, more than one life would be saved. Dumbledore always seemed to know far more than he let on, he merely helped me along the year Dumbledore persuaded the ministry to kill bug-beak and he told the ministry, who liked the idea, that dementors should be sent to the castle, to " protect" the students.

Fourth year Dumbledore entered his name in the goblet. Mad eye moody or should he say barty crouch junior, a death eater mind you, never caused harry harm, he helped him with the tasks instead of making him out as an outcast, he had shown him kindness when even the headmaster didn't. He had pushed harry in his studies and made him actually understand what he was learning.

Fifth year,was straight hell. The fart ignored him,made his friends ignore him besides hermione. And he told Sirius that Harry was going to the ministry, so Sirius would Get killed. He told umbridge to use blood quills and the cruciotus curse. Overall the manipulative old bastard took the easy way out Harry's sixth year when he made Snape kill him.

The old man even withheld information about Harrys heritage.

Harry didn't even know about it till about twenty years ago. Apparently he had inherited many a vaults,estates and valuables when he came of age at 16. And about how harry was the head of four different houses and didn't know about any of it. The weasly s always pushed to let Ginny Handel bank matters and he needed to relax and enjoy life. And he did, he loved his life. Right up till Ginerva went absolutely nuts. Her mother Molly had been slipping Ginny love potions for years. And love potions are not meant to be used that long, because of the side affects when it wears off. Ginny could not Handel it. She killed there children in a fit of madness and rage, she killed hermione who apparently was under the same love potion only Ron knew about. She massacred everybody. That was the day he went to make the will. He came home and found his children and there children dead on the floor. he mourned for weeks. Ginny had Bremen committed to St mungos and died when the muggles dropped the bombs.

He went to Gringhotts , made the will and withdrew 300,000 galleons . Valuable books and deeds to potter manor in Greece and black manor in Russia , his invisibility cloak , the resurrection stone and the elder wand . All were in a purse in his pocket that had extension charms on would take them to his grave.

And he just sat there, going over his will in his mind. No one around, and no one to ask questions. The house itself was eerily quiet, as if anticipating something.

"I'm leaving in a few moments." He said to the quiet air around him. "Right now. " draining his glass. "I just wanted to finish my drink. " Placing his glass on the table. He waved his wand and said in parseltounge.

"Death if you can hear me...I'm ready ."

Silence followed his statement then all of a sudden the house started to shake. Then out of know where Death appeared. A hooded figure with nothing in its eye sockets, but the most horrifying thing was that it was smiling. Death reached out his hand for Harry, knowing that they would depart this life as equals just like his ancestor did over 900 years ago.

Standing, Harry straightened his robes, he reached out his hand grabbing the cupcake blowing out the candle with a simple yet heartfelt wish ' I wish I could've made a Difference'

He stepped forward and embraced death as a silent tear fell from his face before nothing but darkness and comfort surrounded him.

When Harry awoke he felt like he was floating, and he felt no pain. 'Am I dead? .' As Harry opened his eyes slowly and looked around, he found himself in a wide-open field, standing at the edge of a beautiful lake with an island full of giant redwood trees set in the middle. As he looked around, Harry noticed a few clouds in the distance, which made him feel oddly at ease. 'I wonder what's going on here. Where am I?'

"To answer your first question, young one, you are neither dead nor alive. You are in between, on an ancient isle that once receded from the mortal world under my power."

Startled, Harry turned towards the voice and saw a wizard in dark blue robes, staff in hand and a gold crown like band surrounding the men's head, it old be no thick an a quarter of an inch and about a half inch wide. The strange wizard appeared to be mid aged, yet his brown blue eyes had a depth that seemed to see right into Harry's soul and his voice rang with a deep wisdom that seemed to speak straight to his heart.

Harry took a cautious step backwards and asked, "Who are you and how did I get here? The last thing I remember, I told death it could take me."

The man chuckled, reminding Harry of Remus before he answered. "Who am I? That question shall be answered in time, but that time is not now. When the time is right, you will know my identity. You have been brought here because for the last 250 years in the mortal realm, nothing has gone right. Many things have come to pass which should not have been, and many things, which should have been, have not occurred. You were born to bear the weight of the wizarding world on your shoulders, a champion, yet you fell."

Harry frowned, thinking of all the people who expected him to be the one to beat Voldemort, while they ridiculed him and sat back feeling secure that they weren't the ones out there risking their lives fighting the death eaters and Voldemort.

"What do you mean by 'a champion'? I'm getting sick of everyone expecting me to be the one to end these wars I'm 186 years old! All I have ever wanted was to be normal, yet that old coot took that away from me when he started this war when I was a baby."

"Alas, I am not the one to begin to answer these questions. Here walk with me." he said walking along the bank of the lake the swish of the water creating a calm atmosphere.

"First, you need to know that when I was alive I had been a member of the muggle king Arthur's court for sometime, in that time Merlin had taken in four orphans that had a talent for magical abilities. there names were Godric,Salazar,Rowena and last but not least Helga. "

Harry couldn't believe his ears. "The founders were Merlin's apprentices!" he yelled excitedly.

The wizard again chuckled at the look on Harry's face. "You really should see yourself. The look on your face is priceless. I haven't seen a look like that in over a thousand years. Yes, they were. After a period of time, one of them, Rowena, foresaw two prophecy s , one of The prophecys went like this," he said as he waved his hand towards the water.

"As the second war approaches, the balance is broken… the Heir of Magic arises… born of the blood of the great… from the ashes of death, returns the warriors… Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff… apprentices of the Ancient… bound by blood, bound by magic, they shall give rise to the Heir of their Master.""

" Merlin decided that the wizarding world was no longer in any need of his guidance and he left Hogwarts, leaving the Founder's Prophecy behind before disappearing forever, along with the isle of Avalon, the last of the undying lands of the Ancients.

Now first Salazar did not believe that only the "pure" should be taught magic. He grew up during the witch burnings, where anyone even suspected of black magic were prosecuted and burned alive. So he kept telling his companions that only those with magical talent should be separated from the muggle world, to protect the gifted from prejudice and damnation. He wanted the gifted to be taken at birth and raised by the magical.

Sometime down the road Godric And Salazar got into a fight about it and in his rage Godric twisted Salazar's views and when salazar died,well you saw the results, the houses themselves became prejudice thus tainting the worlds gifted. Oh and before I forget the Founders as you call them, were siblings same father two different mothers. Salazar and Rowena were twins as Godric was the elder brother of Helga . Anyway Going on,before they died the founders put spells upon their bloodlines , Helga Hufflepuff cast a powerful spell on her bloodline, so that none of her descendents would be born with magical blood until the time came to fulfill the Founder's Prophecy. Her blood carried a great gift, the gift to heal any injury and have a true talent for healing, and this meant mentally, physically and spiritually. As well as a true talent in Herbology and poisons.

The second prophecy is thus:

"Two destinies shall be born on the night of the dark sun, he with the black heart shall, bring darkness and equality, one with the heart of gold shall bring light and submission, he who brings light shall bring the fall of The Lord of light , he who brings darkness shall bring the rise of the magics. One cannot live while the other survives, two destinies shall be born as the seven month dies...two destinies entwined ...side by side, they rule and bring balance ...the ones to bring balance are born as the seven month dies...

Now what you do not now is that prophecy was made about you and your brother Charles . And the first was about the heir of the founders. " Raising his hand the old wizards stopped Harry's protests.

" your brother was kidnapped upon the night of your attempted murder in 1981 Dumbledore , the man who apparently had no common sense, killed him. He banished the body and later buried him with your mother. hoping no one would know, he himself brought upon the death of your brother. What you do not know harry is that you are the descendant of one of the founders. Can you guess who's your ancestor? You can talk to snakes, you have a knack for defense, offense,creatures, and transfiguration, runes...anyways while you figure that out... You have to find the heirs and bring them together to essentially " rebuild" hogwarts and essentially the magical world.

Your clues are here

Rowena for saw what i could not, and put a spell upon her blood before she died, the spell that only the worthy would become gifted with the talent of true foresight and edict meamory.

Salazar let his descendants speak parseltounge, but only the worthy would be able to bring about the loyalty of the dark creatures, basilisks, werewolfs vampires, dragons,goblins, dwarfs,dementors, and thestrals he will have a dark essence

Godric spelled his blood, those worthy of course to have the gift to have the loyalty of the creatures of light and neutral. Such as elves,pheonixes,unicorns aracumantelas, hippogriffs, gryffans, mermaids..well you get the idea.

You harry have the gift of Merlin himself and salazar , He wished to protect everyone he could, a trait you inherited, you inherited parseltounge, the gift of thestrals, gobbledygook language came naturally to you, the sword of Gryffindor , (goblin and dwarf made)answered to your call, you have a dragon as a familiar, you calmed mr. lupin when he entered the werewolf state. you have a tremendous amount of talent mr. Potter. It is time you used it to the fullest.

Now since I'm running out of time, " he said seeing his hand start to fade," I must tell you that death and I are willing to give you your wish. But there are rules. Rule number one, you can tell no one what we discussed here,not even your soul-mates rule two.."

Harry, eyes wide an mouth a jar couldn't believe what he just heard. Everything they were taught was a lie and that they were going to grant his wish, " um not that I'm in grateful or anything but ..why?"

Chuckling at the stuttered question, the wise wizard stopped and looked into Harry's eyes, his voice sincere and full of sorrow.

" the world I had in visioned was a beautiful place where magical creature and humans both magical and non could co exists, but Modd told me that it could not come to pass, for the balance of the world needed both light and darkness. The muggles could not understand us, that fear and our ignorance would be our downfall. i didn't listen to Modd and her warning, unfortunately you payed the consequences of my actions,and now I am permanently in purgatory with my wife, forever destined to guide worthy wizards and witches to their destined path trapped in a world where I do not age ,I can not bear another child, for I am not alive, all I can do is watch the world go by and I can do nothing about it. But death brought you to me because your destiny is elsewhere and death agreed that since you, just like your ancestor ,accepted death, you didn't fight it or try and bargain with it. You are honorable harry, far more than this world deserves, but the world does need you. "

"So," he said clapping his hands together turned to harry and smiled," rule two, there are going to be things you cannot change,such as diggorys death, your place at the dursleys it shall be explained in time, you cannot kill Dumbledore, you shall feel a tug if your about to do something that's not approved , rule three under no circumstances can you destroy tom riddles horocrux. I know it's not what you want to hear but you can not -destroy-them. You and he are the same harry you'll find a way to save him, you have a shared destiny, Now it's time to go, your about to be born in about thirty seconds so..." Walking up to harry the wizard wrapped his arms around the shocked and saddend boy, the embrace made harry feel so safe, he almost thought it was his clutched to the older wizard feeling truly loved for the first time.

" you are my descendant harry, I wish you luck and happiness, and know that you will always have me, all you need to do is ask and I'll try and help you to the best of my ability. You need to find the heirs" Releasing harry from the hug the man look at harry while cupping the boys face in his hands," you have your grandmothers eyes.. But now you have to wake up Harry."

With so many questions in his mind harry couldn't even register that he was this mans descendant . Reaching out he grabbed the mans arms trying to form a sentence, but the wizard beat him to it." Your are my grandson, you are the second heir of Slytherin, the heir of potter, the heir of black, the heir of peverell and the heir of Emry's you are the crowned prince of the magical world and I need you to wake up." Caressing Harry's cheek,

Harry watched the old wizard before him wave a very familiar staff causing a circle of fire to surround him. Awestruck, Harry turned and looked at the wizard standing beside him.

"Are you…?" He asked.

"Yes child, I am Merlin, ill keep watching over you ," Merlin answered. Merlin's eyes betrayed a hint of sadness, but also pride and determination.

The wizard now known as Merlin shoved harry so hard it knocked the air out of Harry's lungs. Next thing harry knew he was looking up at a face he recognized, a face that was surrounded by red hair and had green eyes not unlike his own.

He was looking at his mother.