Birthday wish chapter 2

The next two years of Harry's life was, in a word, blissful. He got to know his family, padfoot, moony, prongs and his mother were there constantly. He had a brother just like Merlin said. His brother was his exact opposite. Charles had his mothers hair, his fathers hazel brown eyes, low cheek bones and there fathers chin. While harry had over all his mothers delicate face but his fathers wild hair.


Harry had just woken up from a nap and his mother was currently trying to get him to eat. He was a little over a month old, he understood everything the adults said, but couldn't do anything in this infant body. His magic, he could barely feel it. It was disgraceful. All his hard work, his control, his occlumency, every thing was gone and he was stuck in an immobile infant body. He didn't mind however, since he got a second chance. A thing he was not going to squander. He did mind, that his mother was trying to breast feed him. It was extremely awkward at first. I mean hello he was 186 years old, a little old to be sucking on his mothers ...well you get the idea. Eventually he just got so damn hungry he relented. He just closed his eyes and pretended he was drinking milk out of A squeeze bottle.

Anyways his mother was about to feed him when there was a knock on there hospital door. His mother had contracted a bacterial infection and they had to stay in the hospital till it was cleared.

Covering herself his mother, called for the, to come in. What harry saw made his heart stop . A man he had dreamt of and missed for over 170 years.

Shoulder length silky brown hair with a slight curl in it, goatee covering his sharp chin, and the most amazing baby blue eyes gleaming in happiness. He was healthy and full of life. He looked ... Alive.

" Sirius! I was wondering when you'd pop in."

" hey baby girl! Of course I stopped by, they after all are my godsons! And future marauders of course."

Narrowing her eyes lily clutched harry tighter to chest," don't you even think of teaching them pranks!" She hissed menacingly," I heard what you pulled with James' parents ill be damned if you compromised my children in such a way."

Sirius raised his hands , in a mock show of surrender." Calm down baby girl, I was just teasing"

" hmmm ya sure."

" you wound me" clutching his hand over his heart he leaned back and staggered as if really hurt." Anyways where is Jamie ?"

"Oh he went home to shower and get things ready for the boys. Speaking of which you wanna meet your godsons?"

Bouncing up and down in excitement , Sirius plopped the flowers he was holding onto the chair next to the door, and walked over to the bed looking over the new additions to the family.

He looked at Charles first, born 9 pounds 16 oz," we'll judging from him, I'd say he is the carbon copy of Jamie." Sirius snickers knowing what hell lily would go through with this one. Putting Charles down next to lily he then looked at harry.
His breath stopped in his throat. Disorganized silky black hair, beautiful and aristocratic face, and the most gorgeous and knowing green eyes Sirius had ever seen. He was the smallest of the two despite being born first. Born at 6 lbs 9 oz.

" hello harry "

Harry's heart sped up , he couldn't believe that Sirius was here. Alive and holding him in his arms. Oh how he wished he could hold him all he could do was reach out his hand and touch Sirius' smooth face and smile. Apparently this was a good decision because Sirius' face lit up like a Christmas tree.

" hey lil's check it out he smiles!" Sirius said gleefully.

Lilly spun her head around while still holding Charles to her chest and looked at her eldest son in shock. The entire time at the hospital she and James had gotten only one smile. And it only was there for a brief moment. Yet here was Sirius holding her child that was smiling and touching his face. She admitted that she was jealous. She was his mother yet she never got this kind of reaction from him, only from Charles.

" hey there little one, I'm Sirius , your dog-I mean are going to have a lot of fun you know that."

Harry's only responded with a baby giggle , and somehow sirius and harry knew that they were connected, they just didn't know how or what kind of connection it was.

Every moment he could he would be with Sirius and Remus, sure he loved spending time with his real family but he couldn't help but bond with his godfathers more.

Flashback end

His brother was rather outgoing, he loved his little brother, they played constantly with each other , he found out what his brothers quirks were and that his little brother was scared of Dumbledore.

HAH! even an infant knew something was wrong with him!

While they were asleep In there crib harry constantly practiced his magic , it was draining. His body was not used to the output and was drained after a simple bout of turning the light off. He didn't often enough that it was once more becoming second nature. Charles knew that he was doing something but as a baby couldn't put two and two together.

Harry knew Remus knew something. Thing was he didn't know what that something was. When ever he did something, Remus would get a knowing look in his eyes then it was gone the next instance without a trace. Remus knew something.

Harry of the next few months was trying to get his body to work properly. whenever he could, he would flex his muscles trying to get the feeling back in them and trying to get them to respond as quick as he could. Because he knew what was coming.

Harry started to crawl at six months his brother started at nine, harry walked at 9 months, Charles at 15 months. It was only when harry said his first word did things get troublesome.

Lilly pov

Lily noticed that harrison was different from the very beginning. When he was born he didn't cry, his eyes were serious and focused, something the doctors at st. mungos had never seen before, while his little brother screamed when he was born and looked like a normal child. Charles was outgoing and needy to james and herself while harrison, he took to Sirius immediately and had a fit whenever Sirius left or when she tried to take him from his godfather.

Harrison or harry as they called him played silently and was very..intelligent she would say. Not unlike her childhood friend Severus. He knew how to read and he was only a year and a half!

She new he was special and since he was being doted upon by moony and pad foot she focused her attention onto her baby, her Charles. Things had been going somewhat normally that day sirius and remus had come and whisked away harrison and gave him and elaborate gift like always and she was in the kitchen making dinner. When james came home and started to play with Legos with Charles, there was a burst of magic.

Spinning around James and myself looked to where the light was coming from, and we shocked to see the mini dragon collection pad foot had got harry "flying" around the room with harry waving his hand urging them to go faster. In my shock I almost didn't notice pad foot howling with excitement and moony looking like a proud father. James walked over to harry picked him up and swung him around cooing with amusement.

" lil's look! Our boy did his first bout of accidental magic!"

I beamed,although still shocked, our boy was magical. Although tested at the hospital after birth it was still reassuring that he was magical like themselves. It would've been horrible had he or either of there children would've been born a squib.

I see Harrison reaching for padfoot , I didn't expect however; for him to speak, his first word, a word that should've been directed to James.

" Dada!"

A tenseness immediately slammed into the room, coving my mouth in shock, I look at James who was slowly looking at pad foot with a glare that could kill. Pad foot looked pale yet looked happy , moony Was silent . He was the first to speak.

" look at that! The little man spoke his first word!" Moony walked over and made to grab harry but james grabbed harry tighter and shoved moony away making him stumble into the coffee table next to the couch and fireplace.

" did you teach him that? How dare you! I'm his father not you or pad foot! Me not YOU! He's my son! Mine! Get out! i dont want you kind here GET OUT YOU TRAITOR!" With each word I see that he squeezes harry tighter and Harry's started to scream, I move to grab our son , I place my hand on James' arm and make to grab harry with the other. What i didn't expect, was a stinging pain appear on my cheek.

End lily pov

Harry pov

Lily covered her cheeks look of hurt and sadness appeared on her face, James only just realizing what he did , did he try and stammer an apology, but lily didn't here any of it. She grabbed my brother and disappears ,while moony approached James, James tried to hide me but moony growled fiercely his eyes showing gold, james sensing " moony" coming out full bore in protectiveness of his cub, relinquished his hold on me slowly. moony gripped me gently and pulled me from my fathers arms. Next thing I know I'm at moonys cabin near whales.

" I can't ..can you believe James blew up like that? I've never seen him get angry like that. Over something so simple..he calls me a traitor! i mean what the hell! me?! a traitor? Me?! He even hit Lilly!" Sirius said pacing the room furiously. Moony sat with me calmly on the couch.

" he shouldn't have hit lily , but imagine how he feels Sirius, his eldest son, his heir, just called his best friend dada, a word James has been trying to teach harry since he was born. Harrison took an immediate liking to you and myself , I knew it saddened and angered James right from the get go. Harry is his son not ours yet since he was birthed Harrison has not wanted anything to do with James or lily much. Lily accepted it, James has not. He has always been a jealous person Siri, I mean even in school. When Severus and lily were friends he did everything he could to separate the two. And he did, he drove Severus away and while lily was sad and lonely he swooped in."

By the end of mooneys speech Sirius is slumped next to the roaring fireplace with a glass of fire whiskey in his hand.

" that's still no reason to get angry like that ." He murmured taking a sip out of his glass.

" you do know he called you dada right..." Silence followed the statement... Moony and me watching in amusement as what was just spoken got through his brain.

"HA! That's right ! My boy spoke his first word!" Sirius giddily stood from his chairs picked me up, sat on the couch me in his lap facing him. The serious look on his face is hilarious. It takes everything had to try and not laugh.

" come on say it again...say dada" after not getting an immediate response I can see he's getting frustrated as he keeps trying...and trying...and trying. When's he's almost to the point of tears in frustration I finally give in and I bust out laughing.

Sirius sigh and bows his heed mumbling" the baby was mocking me I now it."

" oh come know pad foot, he's a baby he's not that smart."

Sirius lifts me in the air so I'm standing on his knees and turns me to face moony" look at him he is I swear! Look at that face" moony looks at my face and the smirking look I'm giving him he purses his lips in an attempt(a very poor one at that) to not laugh. it doesn't last long. He starts chuckling and soon it's followed by full blown laughter.

" omg ...Sirius... Being mocked .. A ..BABY ...aHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

"Not funny moon not funny."

-after returning to Godrics hollow

When they returned they re greeted by a sorrowful looking James and a sad looking lily. And headmaster Dumbledore standing beside the couch with his hands clasp behind his back smiling with "sad"twinkled eyes wandering over at them.

When they made themselves known James walked swiftly to Sirius and embracing him tightly and mumbled into his shoulder, only when Sirius patted him on the back did James know that he was forgiven. James then turned to Remus silently asking...remus who nodded his head,and smiled while holding a sleeping harry in his arms.

After composing himself James spoke. " I'm so sorry Guys I didn't think" "we know" pads and moon spoke simultaneously . Making James laugh and shake his head. Looking over at Dumbledore James realized something

" you never did tell us what you wanted to say headmaster."

" ah yes, forgive me , while I was at a job interview I heard a prophecy being made, a prophecy that will drastically change your life's. I fear that one of you children will be in grave danger."

While everyone was focused on Dumbledore telling them of the prophecy , they adults didn't notice a baby narrowing his dark green eyes in anger.

They had gone into hiding, just like before, with Remus being under suspicion and wormtail still cowering in pretend fear . The rat tried to hold harry, but the Toddler threw him across the room with his magic and threw the biggest hissy fit any of the marauders and lily and ever seen. Then Halloween came.

Doing as she was told she grabbed the boys and ran upstairs to the nursery gabbing the emergency bag and the snitch portkey. However when it didn't work lily nearly sobbed.
Thinking fast Lily remembered something she found in an old tome at professor flitwicks house.

Putting the boys in the crib, ignoring the sounds of battle downstairs she cut herself deeply etching and drawing runes, of elaborate detail around the crib murmuring in an ancient language that harry recognized as gobbledygook .

She finished just before a scream rang thought the house.


Lily closed her eyes and sobbed knowing her husband had passed from this next to the crib she whispered softly to her sons

"Harry ,Charles be safe...mommy loves you.. Mommy will always love you. I'm so sorry little ones. I'm so sorry."
She realized that her son harry knew what was going on, because he was crying silently and reached to her face and said "mama"

Smiling through her tears, lily was happy that he finally spoke. hearing the door open she spun around putting herself in between her sons and the man in front of her.

" step aside girl." The man hissed angrily

Shaking her head lily clutched the side of the crib till her knuckles went white.

" I will not ask again, move aside, someone wished for you to be spared, step aside..."

" please" she whispered" please don't hurt my children , please don't hurt my boys..." Crying and begging she pleaded with the man in front of her.

He lowered his wand as if he was considering her plea, but then raised his wand again and asked her a question that had a million answers.

" why?"

" because I love them, they are a part of me , they are my children. And the only thing you are doing right now is making the prophecy come true. It is self fulfilling. And we are nothing but pawns in a never ending game .so Im begging you ... Please don't do this...please .."

The man narrowed his eyes before throwing a stupify at the woman, who could do nothing.