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Warnings: Smut, some swearing, some mild violence.

How They Ended Up Here

The sound of moaning filled the room, followed quickly by the slap of skin on skin and panting. The bodies on the bed moved in a fast, hard rhythm that completed them both. Eyes closed, mouths open, backs arched, the sweating bodies rocked against each other, trying to find completion.

Completion came hard and fast, and gradually, the moaning and the panting for breath stopped and one slowly pulled out from the other. They lay side by side, blonde hair meshing into white, red eyes staring into violet blue, both sated, both filled, both complete and warm.

Ever so slowly, the violet eyes shut, disconnecting from the ruby eyes, falling into a peaceful slumber, leaving the other individual to their own thoughts, memories, feelings, of how they ended up here.

4 Months Ago - Russia's World Meeting

Matthew Williams, sometimes known as Canada, walked to the meeting room carrying his polar bear cub, Kumajiro, (or was it Kumashoi? Matthew didn't remember.) in his arms, trying to keep his arms and stomach warm from the cold that seemed to be everywhere in Russia.

It was Russia's turn to hold the World Meeting, (though he didn't know why, no one really liked Russia,) and he was the first one to arrive, in Moscow, and at the meeting. The blonde looked at all the seats, before choosing one at the end of the table, where he could see and hear everything that would happen. He could only hope that no one would sit on him this time, it being too far away from the heater for anyone to want to come to this end of the room.

Sighing, the large-though-invisible nation began to watch as the other nations walked into the room in groups of threes or fours before gathering around the heater to gossip, not seeing Matthew, or just ignoring him. That was, until a certain loud and annoying non-nation known as Gilbert Beilschmidt, Prussia, came into the room.

The white-haired, red eyed, non-nation smirked as he looked around the room to try and find someone, anyone, to play with, before spotting the blonde nation. Quickly looking at the others around the heater, he wondered why they were just standing there, not bothering to involve the nation at the end of the table.

Smiling to himself, Gilbert walked to the end of the table and sat in the chair next to the blonde, placing his feet on the table in front of him and turning his neck so that he could face the blonde without straining anything in the process.

"Gilbert Beilschmidt, Kingdom of Prussia, nice to meet you."

There was a moment of silence, before a squeak of an answer was heard.

"M-Matthew W-Williams, Canada." There was a pause before the almost silent voice spoke again, "You can see me?"

Gilbert couldn't help laughing as he responded, "Of course I can see you Birdie, I'm not blind! Why would you even ask such a thing?"

Matthew was stopped in his answer as Ivan's childlike voice filled the room as the meeting started.

Two Hours Later

The meeting was nowhere near being completed, but since Alfred and Ivan got into a fight, the rest of the personifications were allowed to leave, so long as they came back tomorrow, though Matthew doubted that anyone would notice if he decided that he didn't want to go.

He was jolted out of his thoughts when a arm was firmly wrapped around his shoulders, a warm, tightly muscled arm that was not Alfred's or Francis's. The blonde turned his head, and was met with a shock of white hair that told him just who was holding him.


"Hiya Birdie, did ya miss the awesome being that is the awesome me?" The grin on the handsome face almost melted the Canadian, until he realized just where he was and who he was with. But the Prussian didn't take any notice as he kept talking. "I was thinking, since, you know, you haven't spent any time with the awesome me, we could go somewhere private, and get to know each other a little, what do ya say, Birdie?"

Now, Matthew wasn't a prude, but wasn't a slut either. He had only slept with three people to date, and the last was about 50 years ago, and Matthew was lonely. It wasn't every day that someone noticed him, and offered him company, so Matthew embraced it with a quick nod.

Prussia smirked, before dragging the Canadian to his room, knowing that the Canadian had a roommate, while Gilbert didn't, so it was a logical choice that they would go to Gilbert's room instead of Matthew's.

In Gilbert's Bedroom

The Prussian clashed his lips to the Canadian's, desperate for physical contact. What he didn't know what that Matthew had had a crush on him for a little over a decade, that he had dreamed of this moment, but he didn't bother to find out either. Gilbert needed the sexual release, and wanted to be with someone new.

"Too many clothes."

With these three words from the Prussian, Matthew started to undress himself, shaking slightly with nerves and excitement. Gilbert wanted him, him, Matthew Williams, Canada, instead of someone else. His shirt fell to the floor, and he found himself being pulled towards the other nation, his hands tangled in the thin, silky white hair as the owner used his lips to bruise, bite, and suck the small Canadian's skin so that it was covered in a range of shades of reds and purples.

Moans started to fill the room as Gilbert flicked, pulled and twisted his pert nipples, before bitting them and soothing them with his tongue, pulling gasps and yells out of the panting mouth with every new movement.

Gilberts hand wandered down the Canadian's back before coming into contact with the small, tight arse, before gripping his and holding his body flush to Matthew's, moaning at the contact, allowing his hands to leave the beautiful arse before moving to undo the fly that was keeping Matthew's flesh covered.

With a low growl, the Prussian nation ripped off the material and boxers that were in the way, leaving the other man naked and panting in front of him, his erection standing to attention in the cold air, starting to drip with pre-cum. It made the white haired nation harder than he had ever been in his life, and he couldn't wait any longer as he ripped off his own clothes, leaving them both naked before Gilbert placed Matthew on the bed, spread and waiting.

It was then Matthew came to his senses. He was going to allow Gilbert to fuck him, and then forget about him. Was he really able to do this? Would he be able to let his feelings not get in the way of this? Would he be okay after Gilbert left, and forgot about him?

Soon, Gilbert was back, and had warmed the lube up enough to cover his fingers before smirking at the blonde, and placing a kiss on his hip before thrusting a finger through the tight ring of muscle, gaining entry into the tight heat before he started to move his finger, slowly starting to stretch the nation under him.

Matthew moaned, both at the kiss and of the feeling of Gilbert's finger in him. Guess that had answered his question. He gasped as another finger entered him, it wasn't painful, per say, but it was uncomfortable. But as Gilbert's fingers brushed against that special spot, he couldn't help but gasp the nations name, not caring about anything else but the pleasure building in his body, until the dreaded third finger was added. This time there was pain, but Gilbert distracted him, in a very, very pleasant way.

As soon as he felt the warm heat surrounding him, he was lost to any pain that he was experiencing. He felt his mind go blank when a rough tongue ran along the underside of his shaft, before a particularly hard suck sent his mind into overload from the indescribable pleasure he was experiencing.

Gilbert pulled his mouth away from the perfect tasting cock as he noticed the warning signs. Though he had slept with a lot of people, he only had felt feelings for the beautiful man that was known as Canada. He had also always noticed the blonde nation at meetings, he honestly didn't know why he was so overlooked. He was a beautiful man, and a beautiful nation.

But he knew that the Canadian wouldn't believe him if he suddenly started to sprout his feelings for the small blonde, so he kept silent, and committed every sound, and sight to his memory to replay over and over, after the night was over.

Once he was sure that his Birdie was stretched enough, he gently pulled his fingers out of the delicious heat, before lubing up his 'five meters' and placing it at the entrance. Before he pushed in, he lifted his eyes to Matthew's, and got lost in the stunning colour.

Keeping his eyes locked on the blondes, he placed a kiss on the cupid bow mouth, before starting to push into the man under neither him, gasping at the tight heat that he pushed into, managing to keep his eyes locked onto the one that he loved until he was fully sheathed.

"Fuck… You okay, Birdie?"

Matthew nodded before he started to thrust his hips into Gilbert's, telling the other nation that he wanted him to move, to really get this party started, and who was he to deny the nation what he so very wanted?

Quickly, he snapped his hips back, before he slammed them back into Matthew, who threw his head back so that he slightly damp and curly hair was a tangled mess over Gilbert's pillow, making it smell of sex and of his Birdie. He paid very close attention to his lover, his Birdie, his Canada… His Matthew.

He slid a hand between them and gently touched the nations weeping cock, before firmly wrapping his hand around it, tugging and stroking in time with his thrusts, bring the blonde closer and closer, until he couldn't hold it any more, he came, hard and shuddering, gasping Gilbert's name as he saw stars.

Gilbert felt himself being milked of his cum just as quickly as Matthew tightened and squeezed around him, and he gave a choked cry of "Birdie!" as he too saw stars as he came straight into Matthew, filling him with warm and sticky cum, marking the nation as his.

The ex-nation quickly withdrew from the tight heat and flopped beside his lover, his Birdie, before pulling the smaller man closer to him and cuddling close, keeping them both warm and in the moment. He didn't want Matthew to leave.

Matthew, for his part, stayed as he was, not even thinking about leaving until the awesome ex-nation told him to. He cuddled into the man's chest, and replayed every moment, every sound, look, touch, just so that he wouldn't forget anything. He loved Gilbert, he always had, but he was simply too shy to say anything to Prussia himself. Sighing to himself, he looked up into the amazing red eyes of the one who dominated his thoughts.

"Would you like to stay?" The rough German accent simply made hearing the question that much better to Matthew, and with a small smile he nodded, hoping that the ex-nation would be able to feel it.

His smile grew bigger as the larger man pulled the blankets over them, before firming tucking him into his chest, wishing him a goonight with a simple kiss to his temple. Before he could reply, he was already asleep.

About A Week Later, Canada, Matthew's House

Matthew sighed for the fourth time in a row, still thinking about how he and Gilbert had had a wonderful night of hot, sweaty sex, and how he left with the man still asleep, (unbeknown to America), and his brother, Alfred was getting annoyed. If he was bothering his younger brother, then Mattie should just say so instead of the sighing. He was totally sick of sighing, Arthur did it all the time for no reason and it pissed the large American off.

"Mattie, dude, what the fucks up with you?" He asked while shovelling hamburger after hamburger in his mouth at a rapid pace. He looked at his brother and felt something that he always did when he looked at the other nation, his twin. Love. He loved his brother, they used to be best friends, and now, now they hardly ever talked because he was a hero, doing heroic things.

Matthew was just about to answer when he was saved by a knock on the door, and his bear, (Kumacashi, Kumaeria?) came sliding into the room, asking for food, and asking who he was. He simply smiled at the bear before walking to the door.

Gilbert, who was standing outside the Canadian's house, was just about to debate leaving (Matthew had taken along time to get to the door) when suddenly, the blonde haired nation opened the door with a small smile on his face, which quickly turned to shocked as he rubbed his eyes, and saw Gilbert still standing there.

"Hiya Birdie!"

"G-Gilbert, I w-wasn't expecting you. P-Please, come i-in."

The silver haired ex-nation took off his shoes and just walked into the house wearing socks, not really knowing where he was going, or caring who was in the house too, just wanting to spend some time with Birdie. He was horrified to wake up without the other male tucked into him, sharing his warmth. It was clear that Matthew had left without seeing fit to wake him, and he was hurt, that he wasn't even worth a goodbye…

"Did you find my note?" The soft voice came from behind him, and he turned to look at the nation.

"What note?"

"The note that I left on the beside table. The one thanking you, and leaving you my number."

Gilbert thought back to the morning he had woken up. He remembered seeing a piece of paper on the bedside, but he thought that it was his pamphlet and had simply thrown in out…

"Uhhh, no, I didn't. So if you were expecting the awesome me to call, sorry, but I don't have your number as of yet." He smirked, as he saw the blush on the other nations face.
"Yet?" Came the simple reply.

"Your bloody gonna give it to me, aren't ya?"

Matthew just nodded, and walked back into the longue where his brother and bear was. "Gilbert's here," he announced softly, but was heard by his brother, who jumped up and stared at the ex-nation.


Matthew sighed as his brother grabbed Gilbert's arm and dragged him to the TV where the game was on pause. He wasn't going to be able to talk to Gilbert for a while, it seemed. He picked up Kuma before walking to the kitchen, intent on feeding it.

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