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Warnings: Smut, some swearing, some mild violence.

How They Ended Up Here - Part Two

The sound of Zombies groaning, guns firing, blood and bodies being splattered everywhere and Alfred and Gilbert, America and Prussia yelling at the screen and at each other filled the house, so much so that Matthew and Kuma, Canada and his polar bear cub, could hear them clearly in the kitchen, over the loud noise of butter sizzling as it melted in the pan, running water, the odd 'bang' of a utensil being thrown into the sink, and Matthew's singing.

Matthew sighed, it had been FOUR HOURS since the albino ex-nation had come over, but he still hadn't gotten a chance to talk to him about the meeting, and what had occurred between them, a week ago. And that was all that was on his mind.

His kitchen bench was covered with dishes filled with pancakes drowning in maple syrup, some steaming, some warm, some long cold. He had eaten his fill of them, and Kuma was sleeping, so he couldn't eat anymore, but when Matthew got stressed, he made pancakes. And right now, he was really fucking stressed.

Sighing, he looked at the bear, then to the counter, then to the still hot stove before turning it off and starting to wash the dishes. He started to think back to all the things he and Prussia had done while in Russia, and quickly got lost in his own thoughts, so much so, that he didn't hear his brother and the ex-nation walk into the kitchen and exclaim about all the pancakes, until…

"Mattie, dude, this is amazing! You must be a fuckin' mind reader to know that I was starrrrrrrving and wanted pancakes! Thanks bro!"

… Alfred and his loud voice drew him for his pleasant thoughts. He turned quickly and saw Alfred stuffing his face into the sweet and warm (some cold) treats, while Prussia just sat there poking one with his fork. He frowned, was something that matter with his pancakes?

"Is there anything wrong with the pancakes, Gilbert?"

Red eyes flashed up and met his violet ones, surprise and honesty evident in them as he answered the Canadian. "Nien, I've just never had pancakes before."

Both Matthew and Alfred stared at him, making the ex-nation blush. "Shutup! Stop looking at me!"

Matthew turned back to the sink and tuned out as his twin started to tell the other man just 'how brilliant Mattie's pancakes were!" and chose to look at the snow-covered forest and think of the song that France used to sing to him before he went to sleep. He didn't notice when he actually started to sing along, making Alfred stop his explaining, and Gilbert listen to him.

"Je n'ai connu qu'une historie d'amour
Au fil de ma vie
Cet homme m'a promis le toujours,
Et puis s'est enfui
C'est la couleur de l'enfer
Quand les mensonges salissent tout,
J'avais cru sombrer sous la colere
Comme un cheval fou

Mais ce qui m'a sauvee
C'est de pouvoir aimer.

Aimer jusqu'à l'impossible
Aimer se dire que c'est possible
D'aimer d'un amour invicible,
C'est possible."

Matthew left the memories behind as the silence of the kitchen penetrated his thoughts, and he felt a blush bloom in his cheeks and as turned around and faced the other two men in the kitchen. They were staring at him with their mouths open, Alfred with his fork halfway to his mouth, Gilbert's having already fallen back down to his plate.

The only thing going through Matthew's mind at that point was: Shock. People had heard him sing a song that was ingrained into his memory, and they were looking like he had butchered it. Was he really that bad of a singer?

The only thing going through Gilbert's mind at that point was a few simple questions : a) Where did his Birdie learn to sing like that?! b) Who taught him that song? c) What did those lyrics translate into?

The only thing going through Alfred's mind at that point was: a) Why can Mattie sing better than me? Is it because he lived with France? b) Wait… Why aren't I eating my pancakes?!

Soon, the stares of Alfred and Gilbert was too much to handle and he snapped at the nation and ex-nation. "Why are you staring at me like that? Eat your goddamn pancakes and quit staring at me!"

It was the first time that either man had heard Matthew raise his voice. And it was scary. It was the reason why Matthew was the largest nation, other than Russia, who was just scary. And evil. And communist. And they were scared that they had been able to provoke such a reaction from the shy blonde, and so, not to get into anymore trouble, they ate their pancakes, Gilbert's mind not really comprehending what he was doing before shoving on of the large round cakes into his mouth…

… Only to be greeted with the most wonderful thing on this planet other than wurst. He couldn't believe that someone as awesome as him had never tried these awesome things. It was amazing how awesome Birdie had made these, and how sweet they tasted. He would definitely be having these again sometime soon.

"Birdie! These… mhph… Taste… Awesome! Mmhph… Can I… mph… Have some… mmphh… More?"

"NO! Mattie's… mphf… Pancakes… mfph… Are MINE! All… mfphf… Alfred's!"

Matthew just looked at the two sitting at the counter. Well… That solved his problem on how to get rid of all the pancakes, but did they really have to talk while they were shoving food in their mouth? It was disgusting, and he couldn't really understand them. So, for the second time that day, he scooped up his sleeping pet and walked away from both America and Prussia, and left them to their own devices.

A Couple Of Hours Later

Matthew had came back into the kitchen, trying to find where Prussia and his brother had gone, when he spied them. They were still sitting at the counter, and naturally, it was the last place that he looked to find them. He thought they would have been long gone, but he was wrong. They have stayed to make sure that they had eaten every. Single. Pancake. that was left on the bench, and had fallen asleep after too much food. It was a wonder that their faces didn't land on the sticky plates.

He looked around the room and noticed that he had around 28 plates to wash, dry and put away. He had made 28 plates of 8 stacks of pancakes… And Gilbert and Alfred had eaten them all bar one, which was given to Kumajiro earlier. He sighed and closed his eyes for a moment before walking back up the stairs and entering his bedroom. He would leave the dishes for tomorrow, for now, he was simply too tired to be bothered with the mess downstairs.

Laying on his bed after he had changed into his favourite red and white maple leaf pj's, he lay on the bed and stared at the collage of flags that he had stuck to the roof above the bed.

There was his, Alfred's, Papa's and Dad's, along with Gilbert's and Ivan's. Though Ivan was scary and would most likely want to hurt Matthew to try and get him to "become one with Russia, da?", he thought that the childish acting nation was cute, and he seemed lonely, not that he would ever say that to the large nation. Ever. But that is what he thought of Ivan.

He supposed that he should ask every nation (expect for the ones that he had already) for their flag, so that he could have the world's flags above his bed, but that was something for another time. He sighed, knowing that it probably wouldn't happen, even if he did get the nerve to ask as everyone, well, almost everyone, seemed to see right through him.

He rolled over and his eyes locked onto the photo of him and his Papa, taken when he was really little. France looked happy, and so did little Matthew. Instantly, he taken back to the memory that had struck him in the kitchen, and he let it wash over him, taking him back to something that made him happy.


Matthew walked into his Papa's bedroom, seeing Francis reading, and climbed onto the bed and curled up into his Papa's chest. He felt arms around him before a reassuring voice filled the room.

"What is it, mon petit Mattheiu? Did you have another nightmare?"
He nodded, and felt his Papa put down the book he was holding before another arm held him close, and the same voice filled the room again, but this time in song.

"Aimer jusqu'à l'impossible
Aimer se dire que c'est possible
D'aimer d'un amour invicible,
C'est possible."

Matthew slowly dirfted to sleep in his Papa's arms, surrounded by the comforting scent that was uniquely France, the strong arms around him, and the soothing voice he would know anywhere.


Matthew yawned, the memory making him tired, so he quickly pulled the covers up to his chin and pulled Kuma in closer, content to snuggle into the white fur as he drifted into his dreams, lulled by the faint singing of his Papa, somewhere in the back of his mind.

Back In The Kitchen…

Gilbert woke with a start, his back and stomach aching from all of the pancakes and the sticky syrup that covered them. He had seriously eaten more than he should have, but it was done now, and besides, he couldn't let AMERICA of all people just eat all of them, that was so not awesome. He looked around the messy kitchen before standing up and walking to the sink, intent on doing the dishes before he found the shy blonde that had made him awesomely happy, and the amazing pancakes.

He filled the sink with hot soapy water before he found the brush to wash the plates with and set out a clean towel along the bench so the plates could drain with there wasn't enough room in the dishrack to hold the plates. Slowly, he gathered them up and set some in the sink while the others waited paitently for their time time to be washed.

While he cleaned the plates, he let his mind wander to the Russian World Meeting. The first time that he had actually gone up to his Birdie and had actually spoken to him, and he had actually had his dream come true. But he just wished that the blonde male had felt it okay to stay until he had woken at least. But it didn't matter, he was now in the same house as Birdie, and he would have another chance to get close to the blonde.

The dishes being done, he quickly left the kitchen, leaving the loud mouth American sleeping with his face pressed to the marble benchtop before making his way to and up the stairs that he guessed leaded to the bedrooms, quickly locating where the blonde's bedroom was and slipping inside the warmish room, and slipping beneith the covers behind his Birdie before slowly falling asleep, his nose filled with the intoxicating scent of the male beside him.

The Next Morning

Matthew woke feeling like he was squashed between two warm bodies, but that couldn't be right, because there was only Kuma in his bed… Right? Otherwise who the hell was in his bed? Who was holding him down? He turned slightly, before he caught the shock of his guests white hair. Knowing who was in his bed with him, he relaxed a little, and allowed himself to fall back into the heat his bed held.

He found that he didn't mind that Gilbert was holding him, it reminded him of the night that they had spent together, and it was a happiest moment in his more-often-than-not dull life. He wanted nothing more than to get closer to the albino, but he wasn't sure how he was going to be able to or even if it was possible.

He felt Gilbert pull him closer in his sleep, and he couldn't help but feel better that Gilbert had somehow found his way into the room, and had wanted to sleep next to him though they were both clothed. But at the same time…

… He shook his head, clearing it from those thoughts, he didn't need them when Gilbert was right beside him, keeping him safe from the cold.

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