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The majestic room stank of death and sin, making the God of mischief cringe inwardly. It wasn't everyday that Loki was called to meet Thanos inside the Throne Room, but every time Loki was called he couldn't help but cringe inwardly. Loki continued walking on the ridiculously long carpeted path that led towards the Titan's throne. He inhaled in short breaths as he tried to ignore the foul stench of death and sin and centered his focus on the Titan's existence. He inhaled again, this time more deeply as he absorbed the other power.

The Titan's power was just as dominant as it was before, the power still sent Loki shivers down his spine if he neared closer but compared to before the power, this power was more dangerous. Before, the power would whisper harshly at him, promising him eternal damnation. Eternal damnation that not even Titans could escape. He exhaled and then inhaled again.

He noted the great improvement of the Titan's power. The last time he saw the entity's power it was wild and harsh but now it was tamed and alluring. Thanos' power now spoke of enchanting promises and temptation. If Loki hadn't much self-control he would have let himself be drunk with the charming power. If he let his mind get drunken haze he would surely follow every wishes and requests that the power desired. The corners of Loki's mouth twitched as he continued to walk towards the Throne with grace. Many had been fooled by the temptations Thanos' power whispered and those weak willed fools quickly found themselves in great suffering.

Loki grimaced as he can no longer ignore the foul stench.

The cause of his cringing wasn't because of the presence of Thanos. Despite the fact that the Titan held so much hatred and too much dark power for Loki to bear with, Loki never found himself feeling nauseated with the Titan. Yes, there were times when he felt suffocated being with the mere presence of the Titan but he never felt nauseated.

The reason of all his discomforts lied because of greater entity that everyone feared.

He averted his gaze to the other entity standing near the Titan. The Master of Death stood beside the Titan, fully facing Thanos, the two were whispering at each other harshly, their voice were nothing but hushed tones.

"You… never." The Master of death whispered the black cloak he was wearing was swirling lazily, as if the black cloak was made out of black air.

"Try… death… Lord." Were the only words that Loki caught from Thanos whispered words.

Loki's eyes narrowed and cleared his throat; he reluctantly kneeled at the two entities before him and said: "My Lord, you required my presence."

Loki heard the shuffle of clothes. He lifted his chin a little to peek at the two entities before him. The Master of Death glided away from Thanos and turned to look at Loki. His face covered with the black hood of his cloak. A bit of disappointment clouded Loki, he had seen the Master of Death a number of times before but he never saw the entity's face.

"The God of Mischief." The Master of Death greeted in a raspy voice. "Good morning."

Loki nodded his head. "It is good to see you too." Loki greeted. Loki had learned a long time ago that the Master of Death always preferred to greet his allies in a civil manner and his allies to do the same. Loki didn't want to be in bad terms with The Master of Death so complied with the unspoken wish of the great entity.

"Likewise." The Master of Death nodded, he then cast Thanos a glance and said: "I will let our conversation end for now. I believe that what he had discussed for the day is more than enough for the two of us."

Curious green eyes zeroed in at the powerful entity sitting before him. Thanos body greatly resembled the anatomy of a bulky grey skinned male human. He wore a bronze chest armor plate with its shoulder blades curved upwards; golden clothed boots and gloves; a bronze helmet and traditional a Doric chiton made out of the finest golden silk.

The titan's face remained impassive but locked his eyes on the other entity gliding away from him. Thanos hardened face were decorated with lines of years of experience and suffering, a clear indication that Thanos saw a lot things that could have made a normal creature broken.

"We will talk about it at another time." Thanos said as his dried unattractive lips pressed into a tight line, his usual cold icy blue eyes turning orange red.

The Master of Death held a hand out from the long sleeves of his black cloak, showing a spindly white hand. "Only when you are not acting like an incompetent fool then I shall agree to meet with you again." The Master of Death waved this spindly white hand in dismissal. "You are testing my patience today."

Thanos growled threateningly, clearly not pleased with the action of the other. Loki held his glee as he saw The Master of Death ignore Thanos growl. Loki knew that if Thanos lash out his anger to the Master of Death, Thanos would just find himself in great suffering. The Master of Death was just as powerful as Gaia, The Master of Life.

Gaia and Thanos had once fought, Loki hadn't existed yet when Gaia and Thanos fought but from the stories he had heard from All Mighty Father, Thanos only lasted a good few hours with Gaia. Gaia left the battlefield unscathed but Thanos had to hide and recover for three millennia.

"Farewell." The Master of Death said as he faded into nothing.


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