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"-nd that fucking Tony Stark!"

Eyelids slowly sliding shut, mouth hanged open and head bowed low as if he was praying to a god, Tony Stark let his mind wander to the past events that happened to him and his team three days ago. All the while, he ignored the indignant shouts that came from a lanky old man who was shouting profanities at him.

As if he was going to pay attention to some old man who never stopped cussing at him.

Tony Stark snorted as he shut himself from the world around him and recalled the encounters he had with two mythological Norse gods –who happened to be actually real by the way. The encounters he had with them were the most memorable confrontation he had in his entire damn life, and that was saying something. Tony prided himself to be a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist. It was common logic –or at least Tony concluded- that when a man had these four striking characteristics then he was bound to have the most adventurous life.

And, Tony Stark was a walking example of it. Not only was he a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, he was also the most dashing member of the Avengers. Sadly, most of the members disagreed with him at about that matter, especially a certain member of the team that goes by the name of Clint Barton.

"DAMAGES! I SAY! I WO-" The angry shouts of the old man were getting louder and louder, momentarily cutting Tony's thought, but after a few seconds or so with great practice and numerous experience Tony was able to block out the annoying loud shouts.

Tony slowly rolled his shoulders, trying to release the tension that was starting to build. He had been sitting on his chair for two hours straight and the effect of sitting on the same spot for a long period of time was starting to affect him. His legs felt like it had been electrocuted and his hands were clammy. He slouched on his seat but stopped when he felt his arse went numb.

Tony groaned and silently cursed the reason of his forced participation in this activity.

His sole reason for partaking in this activity was quite simple.


Three days after Loki's failed attempt of world domination, he and Clint got into a heated argument about who was more dashing. Unfortunately, neither of the two accepted the view of the other. In the end, he and Clint decided to settle their arguments in a fist fight.

The scene of him fighting Clint was a common sight

Four days after Loki's failed attempt of world domination, a furious Pepper dragged a tired Tony out of his bed and into his living room where an annoyed Agent Romanoff was glaring at a drowsy Clint.

Seeing the two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents sitting on his couch, Tony Stark was about to shoo them away, but Pepper beat him to it.

"This is your entire fault." Pepper angrily said as she gave Tony a dark glare.

Tony looked at Pepper sleepily and asked: "What are you talking about?" Pepper angrily told him that last night the Avengers –minus Thor- had a little get together in a small bar. At the first hour, they engaged each other in small talks, nothing out of ordinary, but when he, Tony Stark, arranged a drinking contest that was when the situation got out of hand. A few hours later there was a Bruce Banner slouched on his seat, slightly drunk; an Agent Romanoff who kept talking in Russian; a Steve Rogers who kept on slurring incoherent words; and a very intoxicated Clint Barton who was playing beer pong with an equally drunk Tony Stark.

Halfway through their get together a sickly Bruce excused himself from his team and quietly left the pub. Not long after that, Steve and Natasha also called it a night.

Despite their fellow teammates leaving, Clint and Tony decided to stay at the small bar. The pub they were in was quiet and deserted, all throughout the night the team was the only customer the small bar had. The two drunks played darts and sang karaoke, after that the two talked about more serious matters such as their childhood and their opinion of their teammates.

The discussion started well at first, they both ranked Agent Romanov's cleavage and ass from one to ten –ten being the highest. Then they talked about how much of a slave driver Director Fury was, and who was the most handsome Avenger.

Tony Stark, of course, said that it was him but Clint denied Tony's proclamation. The two engaged in a verbal argument but when Tony got into Clint's intoxicated nerves, Clint punched Tony.

In return, Tony also punched Clint. The next thing that happened Tony and Clint were kicking and punching each other, while destroying most of the decorations inside the small pub.

Pepper ended her story telling with a glare that almost made Tony Stark cower in one dark corner as Natasha gave Clint a more menacing glare than Pepper.

That morning he and Clint admitted that they have no recollection of the past night. "Only a blur." Clint supplied as Pepper provided him a pack of ice cubes for the bump on his forehead.

"You two are in a lot of trouble." Pepper grumbled.

"We always get in to trouble." Tony drawled.

"Well you two are in deep trouble." Natasha said as she looked at partner with a frown. "Your fight in the bar last night caused a lot of damage properties. The owner of the small pub is filling a law suit against the two of you." She hissed the last three words with frustration, making Clint move a little away from her.

"No biggie, I have the best attorney. People love to file a case against me." Tony said nonchalantly. "This is not the first time someone filed against the awesome me."

Pepper groaned.

"You don't get the point, do you?" Natasha growled an action that is rarely seen and heard from the young lady. "We don't care if you had numerous lawsuit filed against you. That was the past. That was before you are part of the Avengers Initiative, but since you are now of part of the Avengers Initiative we need to look after you."

"In short you are telling me that since I am a member of the oh-so-mighty Avengers Initiative, I have a reputation to keep?" Tony's indifferent mood was gone. His annoyance at the woman inside his living room and the Avengers Initiative started to increase again. "I don't care about that. I'm Tony freaking Stark lawsuits, complaints, and troubles love me."

"Tony." Pepper said warningly, sensing that Tony was out of the line.

"We already know that." Natasha sneered as he crossed her arms. "But most of the time you don't show up when your presence is required in the court. Director Fury requests only one thing from you, attend all the courts summon."

Tony didn't say a word for a long while but eventually agreed. "I will contact my lawyer."


"This is annoying." Tony said as he rolled his eyes.

"You could have prevented this mess, sir." Jarvis said from the earpiece Tony was wearing.

"You should be on my side Jarvis." He grumbled as he looked at the judge who looked to be around eighty year old. "I wish the judge wore a Colonial Man Wig, this event would have been more exciting."


Thor closed his eyes as he took a deep breath, attempting to ease away the nervousness he had been feeling since he returned to Asgard. He was standing in front of the doors of throne room. The air was chilly and the silence was ear-shattering as he waited for his father to let him inside the throne room.

Five days has passed ever since Loki's uncouth actions were put into an end. He along with his team, the Avengers, had thwarted his brother's plan of mass destruction and world domination. Their victory brought joy and sorrow to his heart.

Joy because he was assured that his brother would not delve deeper to the darkness surrounding him. His brother could not threaten the Midgard.

But the imprisonment caused sorrow to his heart. His beloved brother was getting imprisoned for a foolish action he made.

He straightened his back when he heard the door before him creak open. Slowly the door revealed the dimly lit throne room where his father sat.

He gracefully walked inside the room, motioning at the guards standing behind him to follow him. Normally, he didn't need guards to accompany him to the throne room, but today wasn't the case. An unconscious Loki was held by the guards accompanying him. His father requested him to immediately take Loki to the throne room once he had captured Loki.

"Father." Thor greeted as he stopped and kneeled before the man before him. His father sat on his throne; his usual stiff sitting posture was slouched. His father had a dark blue cloth draped over his head, covering his face and providing him warmth from the chilly air. It was clear that the signs of aging were taking its toll on his father. A few months ago, his father was a breath away from death. Thankfully, the healers of Asgard was able to extend his father's life. Thor thanked the healers for their action. His father meant a lot to him.

"My son." Odin's raspy voice said as he lifted a weak arm, gesturing his son to stand up. "Under normal circumstances, I would have asked you to tell me of your adventurous tale but for now I would not do so. I want to speak to my son, Loki, privately. There are many discussions that I want to talk about Loki."

"I understand, father." Thor nodded as he stood up from his spot.

"I want to leave all of the guards as well." Thor blinked.

"But fath-"

"I do not want anyone to hear my conversation that I would be having with Loki. I hope you understand."

Thor swallowed hard. His father was weak and old, if he let his brother be at the same room with his father, chaos would erupt.

"Loki cannot do anything to me. His magic and body is bound. He cannot harm me."

"I- Alright father, if that is your wish. If you are in trouble please call me. I will stand behind the closed doors of the throne room."

"Thank you for your understanding my good son." Odin said, making Thor's chest swell with pride. "I will wake Loki on my own."

Thor nodded again and with a quick bow he left the throne room followed by the guards. Thor hoped that nothing would go wrong.


A hot burst of pain exploded on his chest making Loki jolt awake from his slumber. The pain wasn't excruciating enough to make him gasp in pain but it did wake him up. Loki groaned as he felt cool marble pressed against his back. He tried moving his limbs but they were bound by shackles.

He blinked as his eyes adjusted to the light of the room he was in. The room had a ridiculous high ceiling and the marble columns supporting the ceiling were intricately carved with figures he was very familiar of.

'Wait a second.' Loki's eyes widened in recognition.

"Finally awake?" a familiar raspy voice said, making his head snap at the direction of the speaker.

Sitting before him was his old sickly 'father'. "Odin?" Loki whispered disbelief evident on his voice as he looked at the man who raised and fooled him. "You are alive?" He said. "How can that be? I saw you die in front of me!"

A dark chuckle escaped from his 'father's' lips. "Odin is dead." The man sitting before him said as he removed the cloth draping his head, revealing the face of his Odin. The weak looking man stood up from his seat and looked down at him.

A pair of eerie green eyes stared at him.

"I took his life."


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