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Loki looked at The Master of Death with wide green eyes, seemingly processing what the entity had said. He knew the entity wasn't joking, the entity might be aloof in his special way but that didn't mean that he was going to joke about something like this.

The entity lifted a wrinkly hand and touched his cheek gently.

"You are a foolish man." The man said as his green eyes turned into a dull shade of blue. "Allowing yourself to be subjected to your own desires; allowing Thanos to be your Master." Loki growled at the man, he didn't like what the entity was saying. Thanos wasn't his master, he was more like an associate. The entity looked at him in the eye. "Don't deny it, boy. Thanos was your master and you were his slave."

"He was my associate not my master." Loki hissed as he leaned away from the entity who was kneeling before him. He could feel the entity's magic, it was soft and harsh at the same time.

He didn't want near it.

It was disgusting.

It reeks.

It smells of death.

The entity narrowed his eyes at Loki's reaction, he frowned and this time he grabbed Loki's hair roughly and muttered a word that Loki didn't catch.

Suddenly Loki's body convulsed, foam started forming at his mouth, and his eyes rolled back.

It hurts.

Everything hurts.

His whole body hurts as he tried to wrought the entity's grasp. Loki had experienced his fair share of torture sessions from enemies many years ago. Every torture session he had was hell but this -this was something more. He had never experienced such great pain before, he wanted to scream and flail his arms but his energy gradually escaped from him.

A few seconds later, but to Loki it felt like hours, the pain stopped. The entity let go of Loki's hair, making Loki drop on the floor.

Loki wheezed and cough as he inhaled as many oxygen his lungs could take. His whole body trembled and his clattered teeth together as he curled into a human ball. The pain was too much.

Odin's voice echoed inside the room. "Don't defy me, boy." The man then lowered his voice, My patience is at it's limits if you defy me again, I will end your life."

Loki squeezed his eyes shut as he felt an oppressive force blanket over him. The force was suffocating and it smelt of death. "Yes." Loki whispered, he couldn't think straight, the spell that had been casted upon him was too painful. He felt like he was electrocuted, burned, shredded, and stabbed at the same time.

The entity grinned, obviously happy with Loki's obedience. Loki looked at the man. It was strange to see a maniacal grin on Odin's face. He had never seen Odin sport an expression before. Odin was a kind old man not a maniac. "You will go back to your cell. Later your magic will be stripped and you will tell me of all the things you know about Magic, Asgard, and Thanos. Tell a lie and you will experience the curse again."

Loki nodded. The Master of Death muttered a spell and a second later Loki felt fine. The pain and the after effects of the curse were gone. Odin stood up from his kneeling position and then sat on the throne. He slumped his body forward, making him look sickly and so small. "Never tell about my existence, Loki. If you do then I will deliver you to oblivion." The entity whispered as he Loki stood up. "Guards! Thor!" Odin's voice boomed inside the room and suddenly guards in armor and Thor walked inside the room.

"Is everything alright, father?" Thor asked worriedly as he glanced at Loki who was busy wiping the foam from his mouth.

Odin nodded his head and then cough. "I feel tired all of a sudden, Loki is as stubborn as Frigga when we fight. Please take him to his cellar, son." Thor nodded dejectedly at the mention of cellar. He had hoped that his father wouldn't put his brother inside a cellar maybe a room guarded by guards but not a cellar. A cellar was only for the scums. But he could understand his father, his is also a king he couldn't make an exception just because of Loki.

"Alright father." Thor said as he nodded at the guards and immediately the guards grabbed Loki's arms.

"I will take away his magic once I get my rest." Odin said, making Thor stop at his tracks. "I insist for you to join me, you will be someday be the ruler of this realm. You need to know how a king strips a prisoner sorcerer from his magic." Thor's body froze.

"I understand, father. I will stand by your side." Thor said as he fisted his arm over his chest.

Odin smiled warmly at him. "Thank you."

With that said Thor and his guards escorted Loki away out of the hall.


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