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Rise of the Lycans

(Forbidden Forest, Night Time, Full Moon)

For Harry James potter life had never been easy. Never, from his earliest memory of Number 4 Privet Drive things had not been easy. His so called Aunt and Uncle had never loved him, in fact they outright hated him and made sure he knew it from the moment he could understand their words. They called him Freak and Boy and made him do work and chores not suited for a little boy. They made him cook and clean and whenever he messed up or complained they beat him. The scars that crisscrossed his back made the one on his forehead, the one he was famous for insignificant in comparison. Whenever he did better than his cousin Dudley they beat him more and made sure that he never upstaged their precious son. As if it was some kind of sin that he was ever better than Dudley in any way.

In fact until he went to school for the first time he had not even know his own name. And until his Aunt and Uncle beat him for doing better in school than Dudley he had been very good in class. To this day his old teaches had no idea what had happened to the young eager bright eyed boy that had been so intent on learning everything he could and how he became so withdrawn and disinterested in his school work. Such was his life for the first ten years he sent living with the Durselys until he received his Hogwarts letter and learned he was a Wizard. It was one of the happiest times of his life. The beating and forced labor of the Durselys stopped, mostly because they were scared to death of one day waking up as frogs. The other was that he got to leave Number 4 Privet Drive for ten months out of the year.

He had friends for the first time in his life, a place he could truly call home. He discovered things about his parents, like what they looked like, how they acted and who their friends were things that the Durselys denied him all his young life. However things were not always set in stone and the magical world was not a perfect place. Many of the pureblood witches and wizards looked down on anyone who was not pureblooded themselves, or who was not human. In fact the entire magical government was based around the purebloods and keeping them on the top, at least the British magical government was like that. He could not speak for any of the other governments having never been to any other countries in his life.

But it was the British magical government that he lived under and it was that government that he was pissed at. The first thing being Buckbeak's trial. It was all Draco Malfoy's fault the little prick, he had antagonized the Hippogriff despite the warnings Hagrid had given to the whole class. Insulting the prideful Hippogriff had caused it to attack the Malfoy heir, though it only managed to scratch his arm before Hagrid got control of Buckbeak he still played his injury up for all it was worth. Madam Pomfrey had assured him that he was all healed but like always then boy wrote to his father and bitched like a little girl. What followed was months of political fighting between Hagrid and the ministry over Buckbeak. Hagrid lost naturally to Malfoy's influence and pocket lining and Buckbeak was sentenced to execution.

He Ron and Hermione had tried to convince the Headmaster Dumbledore but he said that he could do no more for Hagrid or Buckbeak. Honestly despite being the Headmaster of Hogwarts and a thousand other things in the Magical world Harry was starting to wonder why the old man never tried to make things better for the non purebloods and non humans. Unable to get help from the Headmaster Harry had used his cloak that he inherited from his father to sneak himself and his two best friends down to Hagrid's before Buckbeak was executed.

When they got there Hagrid was near hysterical, though he got a little kick from hearing about how Hermione had decked Malfoy a good one before coming. All that went out the window though when Hermione accidently discovered Scabbers in a jar of flower. The situation almost devolved into another row between Hermione and Ron had Hagrid not noticed Dumbledore leading Fudge and the Executor down the hill. He managed to get both of his friends back under the cloak and out the back door without being noticed. They easily made their way up the hill and once they were far enough away took the cloak off and watched. Hermione had grabbed onto his arm and despite the morbid situation he could not help but noticing how much her developing chest was pressing against him, in fact it was so distracting that he was startled when a high pitched screech rang out. The executor had swung his Ax on Buckbeak but at the last the majestic creature had jerked away.

The chain that held it came loose and the half hawk half horse lifted up on giant wings and flew off over the forest. It goes without saying that he was happy at the outcome. Ron was jumping up and down holding Scabbers and Hermione threw herself into his arms hugging him tightly and laughing. He hugged her back laughing with her and enjoying even more how her chest felt flush against his. He was interrupted however as Ron let out a vicious curse and dropped Scabbers who then ran off. Ron giving chase with Hermione and him following close behind. Though Ron's longer legs allowed him to gain some distance and he managed to catch his run away rat but not before Scabbers made it all the way to the Whopping Willow. Not that the tree mattered right away as a large black dog about 3 feet at the shoulder and about 6 feet long the big black dog which looked a lot like the Grim form his Divination book leapt out of nowhere and drug Ron under the tree breaking his leg and the process.

He and Hermione had spent the next 15 minutes trying to follow the dog and Ron down the hole but the damned tree kept knocking them down with its whipping branches. It was not till Crookshanks Hermione's cat appeared and pressed the knot on the tree trunk freezing the tree inn place. They had followed the cat all the way to the shrieking shack where they found Ron, and Sirius Black. The man convicted of turning his parents over to Voldemort all those years ago. However before he could make up his mind to kill Black, Remus Lupin his DADA teacher had shown up disarmed him and embraced Black. After a tearful rejection from Hermione who reviled that his professor was a werewolf and both Black and Professor Lupin willingly disarming themselves to try and get Harry to listen to them he was even more confused.

Then Snape had shown up, Harry had learned to trust his instincts a long time ago and right at that moment they were telling him that he needed to hear Black and Professor Lupin out. So he stunned Snape with no small amount of glee. Surprisingly both Ron and Hermione stunned him as well, though poor Hermione looked almost faint at attacking a teacher. Harry had however focused on Black and Lupin and told them to talk now otherwise he would take Black to the Dementors that very moment. Harry figured that he should have stopped being surprised by things in the magical world a long time ago. Ron's rat Scabbers ended up being Peter Pettigrew in disguise and the real traitor to his parents. He had pleaded and begged but it had not taken much to convince him that Peter was the real traitor. When Professor Lupin pulled up his sleeve revealing the faded Dark Mark tattooed on his arm that had confirmed it. Only Death Eaters had that make, given to them by Voldemort himself, though he had asked that Black and Lupin show their arms as well. The two Marauders had only smiled and after showing that their arms were clean did Harry finally accept them.

As a precaution Harry had suggested stunning Peter and returning him to his Rat form and then placing him in an unbreakable cage with anti Animagus charms all over it. Black and Lupin had looked stunned at his suggestion for all of a moment. Apparently they thought chains was all that was needed to keep Peter in line before Harry pointed out that they should not risk him getting away on a whim. Laughing Sirius Black had told Professor Lupin that he was right and how much he reminded him of Lily since that was something she would think of. This made him blush but also happy that he was being compared to his mother. Ron insisted on holding the cage tied with a rope to his arm with the stunned rat inside, apparently Ron was taking Pettigrew's deception quite personally, he was also muttering about how he had caught the rat more than once peeking on Ginny in the bath. It was not wonder that Ron was determined to make sure that the traitor was turned in to the Aurors.

They finally reached the exit of the tunnel and Crookshanks had gone out first to freeze the tree. Followed by Hermione and the Lupin who was guiding Ron and then Snape's floating body being guided by Sirius and then Harry bringing up the rear and stuffing the cloak back into his bag. As they paused in the clearing to catch their breath he had placed his bag down and walked over to stare at the Castle in the night. Sirius walked up behind him to stand at his side and looked up as well at the beautiful sight.

"Beautiful, isn't Harry and soon I can look upon it again a free man," Sirius said his voice cracked and scratchy from lack of use over the past 12 years.

"Yeah," he said, "you'll be free once we hand Pettigrew over to the Aurors. Then I guess you can get back to the life you lost, whatever is left of it I mean." He did not know why but he felt sad that Sirius might run off and leave after getting his freedom. However Sirius's gruff cough and shuffling feet caused him to look over at the man. He looked embarrassed and unsure of himself for some reason. And for some reason this caused his stomach to twist into a painful knot for reasons he could not explain. And then the man spoke.

"Harry uh, I'm not sure how much you have been told. But you see the thing is when you were born your parents. That is to say Lily and James, well they made me your God Father Harry." He looked so unsure of himself, his sunken eyes and face coloring in embarrassment and the knot in his belly got tighter as excitement began to well up in him.

"Yes…I know, I overheard Professor McGonagall talking about it before." He trailed off still looking at the man he had wanted to kill not a hour ago with his bare hands. His shuffling got more pronounced and he could no longer meet his eyes, instead he focused on the castle as he spoke to him.

"Well, ah Harry. You see your parents, assuming anything ever happened to them had planned on you coming to live with me. In fact you would have if I had not been such an arse and gone after Peter all those years ago. But that's not the point right now; I know you have been living with Lily's muggle sister but I was wondering if maybe….I don't know, if you wanted a, a different home with me that is." He paused then taking a peak at him and seeing his slack jawed face as he spoke.

"Me? Come live with you?" He asked with incredulity which had the escaped convict backtracking quickly.

"Of course you don't have to Harry its completely up to you, I won't force you to uproot yourself and come live with me if you don't want…." But he never got to finish what he was saying as Harry lost control of his emotions and flung his arms around Sirius shouting.

"Do you mean it?! Can I really move in with you?! Do you have a house?! How soon can I come over?!" Flabbergasted Sirius looked at the son of his best friend who he suddenly discovered had more than just Lily's eyes he also had her heart and her smile to match it as the boy held him so tightly he thought he would never let go and a tear or two was forming around his eyes. Still he had to make sure.

" you really want to Harry? I mean I don't want you to feel like you have to but." But Harry was shaking his head still smiling Lily's smile.

"Of course I want to live with you, if you want me to. I can't stand the Durselys and I would love to come live with you. Especially since that's what my Mum and Dad would have wanted." Now they were both smiling and as Sirius Black hugged his Godson back for the first time in 12 years he looked much much younger, tears in his eyes as he held his last connection to two of his best friends ever. A few feet away Remus Lupin watched his best friend and his other best friend's son embrace tears in his eyes as well for Harry's happiness. Hermione was likewise happy for Harry now that it seemed like he was finally getting a real family member in his life and not those despicable Durselys. Snape still hung in mid air and the rat was still stunned in his cage, Ron sat on the ground holding said cage and breathing heave. His leg was killing him. As happy as he was for Harry he was tired and hungry and ready to get back to the Castle.

Before he could open his mouth however to complain bright white light suddenly covered them all from above as the clouds moved in the sky revealing the full moon. All at once they froze, and then slowly Lupin turned to stair directly at the glowing orb in the sky. A low moan forming in his throat as all the color drained from his face. His eyes met Sirius's as the grim marauder noticed his long time friend's reaction and moved to place Harry between himself and Lupin. "Girl run NOW! He's not safe, he hasn't taken his potion tonight and he's about to turn!" Sirius shouted at Harry's friend who was standing behind Lupin. He could not get to her with Lupin in the way and the girl whose name escaped him at that very moment had a look of fear cross her face as she watched her professor twitch and cry out in pain as the change took him. He rushed forward and wrapped his arms around Lupin trying to reason with him as he changed in the hopes that he would keep his mind but he knew that without the potion it would be for not.

Harry on the other hand watched as his newly confirmed Godfather rushed forward and wrapped Professor Lupin in a bear hug. Ron was still a dozen feet away and on the ground with a broken leg holding Peter's cage and with Professor Snape floating next to him still stunned and Hermione was still frozen in place. Eyes wide as she watched Professor Lupin change. "Hermione RUN!" He tried yelling at her but she paid him no more mind than she had paid Sirius and honestly he could not blame her. At that moment he remembered every aspect of the Werewolf chapter they had studied in DADA when Snape had been the teacher. Werewolves were truly cursed beings, their transformation a mocking representation of true wild wolves. As he watched Professor Lupin's hair began to fall out as his skin turned a matted sick grey. His jaw snapped and stretched and formed into a muzzle and his fingers and toes shrunk into paw like protrusions unable to grasp anything but more than able to rip and tear with the claws and their reach as his arms and legs grew out as well the joints deforming and Sirius could no longer hold on as the newly transformed werewolf threw its arms out dislodging the weakened man as though he was a child.

Without Sirius hanging off him or his clothes which had been shredded in the change he could see Lupin's withered body. His spin was hunched and his arms reached so far down that he only had to lean over a little and he was on four paws. The werewolf virus ate away at its victim's magic over the course of their life. Even those werewolves's that accepted the change and reveled in it were affected. It was the reason why Professor Lupin had always looked so sick and weak, the werewolf infection ate away at his body and magic and spread when he changed and bit someone. Without his potion the change completely wiped his human mind away leaving only the deranged beast behind. Said beast focused its yellow eyes on him and growled menacingly at him only for Sirius to spring forward again growling as well as he changed mid air into his Grim dog form and attacked the werewolf.

The Grim and the Werewolf began to tear at each other viciously with teeth and claws. He could vaguely hear Hermione begging for the two to stop but he could do nothing but stair. His mind blank at the battle that raged before him. Finally after only a minute or so the Werewolf's claws raked across Sirius's side drawing a splash of blood and shrieking whimper from his Godfather. "SIRIUS!" he finally managed to cry as the Werewolf kicked the dog's limp body away and into a stone. Harry ran towards Sirius and found that he was unconscious but alive. Pulling his wand he strained to remember some of the spells he had picked up from spending so much time in the hospital wing and cast. The blood started to slow down at once and the slashes started to close much to his delight, until another shriek of terror and a shout of, "HERMIONE NO!", from Ron caused his head to whip up in alarm.

As he was helping Sirius the Werewolf that used to be Lupin had turned on Hermione and in a single movement had picked her up and flung he over his shoulder and was in the process of running off on three legs with Hermione in tow. "HARRY!," she cried out in terror as Lupin sprinted away with her, "HELP ME PLEASE!" The choking amount of terror as she screamed for help ripped holes in his chest. He barely paused as he sprinted off after the retreating werewolf to yell at Ron.

"Ron signal the castle with sparks and bangs NOW. Get Peter to Dumbledore and Sirius to Madam Pomfrey I'm going after Hermione." He didn't wait to hear Ron respond, but he was heartened by the fact that bangs and flashes of light started going off behind him not moments later. In retrospect he should have woken up Professor Snape but in his rush he forgot all about him. Too worried about Hermione to care about anything else, only hoping he could find her in time.

(Hermione POV)

Hermione Granger had been through a lot since entering the Wizarding world 3 years ago. She had almost been killed by a Mountain Troll, turned into a cat girl, petrified and then forced to use a time turner most of the last year and almost having a mental breakdown because of it. However there was one bright thing that made all the crazy worth it. And that thing was one Harry Potter, her first true friend. It had been his efforts that had saved her in her first year and it had been he that had spent the most time when she was turned to stone sitting by her side according to Madam Pomfrey. He had also apologized for going off on her about the Firebolt he had gotten earlier that year. It would go without saying that she had a major crush on her green eyed black haired best friend. The one sore spot about being Harry's friend meant that she had to be around one Ronald Weasley all the time. Ron was such a child and he always got on her nerves and they always fought, if she was not friends with Harry she would never interact with Ron.

Now however she seemed to be in yet another predicament. Professor Lupin had forgotten to take his Wolfsbane that night and had transformed into a fully fledged Werewolf. After attack and disabling Sirius Black, Harry's newly discovered innocent godfather he had turned on her. Scared out of her wits she thought he was about attack and bite her but instead he had taken one long sniff at her before scooping her up and running off with her. At that moment she cursed her mind for remembering everything it did about werewolves. He had not bitten her and was taking her to a secluded area away from others which meant only one thing. He meant to breed her, werewolves only every attacked humans and when they did they bit them to infect them or in the case of male werewolves they would also kidnap women and rape them, fulfilling that instinct to reproduce. While he mind was racing a mile a minute telling her things she did not want to hear he body and her voice were acting on their own.

"NO NO NO PROFESSOR LUPIN NO PUT ME DOWN OUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW PLEASE!" She screamed at the werewolf but it did nothing, she kicked with her legs and pounded her fists on his back but still nothing, she was just not strong enough to affect the werewolf. She was just thinking about using her nails or her teeth when the werewolf suddenly stopped and flung her onto the ground in front of him. Panting and scrambling to get up her hands flashed over herself looking for her wand but it was gone. Her eyes meet the panting werewolf as it eyed her. Panicked she tried to turn and bolt but the werewolf was faster. As soon as she turned he was at her back, tripping her and pushing her onto the ground. Her breath left her in a whoosh as she felt his clawed paws reach for the top of her shirt. "NO NO!" she tried screaming again but the savage ripping sound was me by the sudden feeling of cold that hit her upper body. Her blouse and her bra beneath it both torn away, her breasts exposed to the air as her nipples instantly stiffened.

She was fourteen years old her birthday in November and like a lot of young women she was developing ahead of the boys in her age group. Already her breasts were small C cups and showed no sign of halting in their growth any time soon. Her hips had begun to flair out in enticing curves and her tummy remained trim and flat with no signs of excess fat. Her figure a side effect of carrying around all those heavy books and the workouts she did over the summer with her mother, her skin also held a light tan that promised to get darker over the summer break with effort. Flipping around so she was not lying on her belly on the ground one hand covering her breasts instinctively she tried edging away from the werewolf that used to be her teacher. He stood there holding the remains of her shirt and bra with one paw hand as he observed her. Then to her ever growing horror her eyes were drawn to the apex of his legs as his sex organ began to unsheathe itself from within his body. Like the rest of him it was a bad blending of wolf and man as the grey and purple veined cock began to harden. She wondered for a moment why he was no longer following her as she continued to back away from the werewolf and his cock, but her own question was answered as her back hit a tree and rock wall. She was trapped, nowhere to go.

Striding forward with speed that surprised her, the werewolf discarded her torn blouse and bra and with a swift movement got his paw in the band of her uniform skirt. "NO," she tried to yell but it still did her no good as the skirt was torn free baring her emerald green silk panties to the night. She had gotten them from the muggle world last summer after discovering that the magical world had zero variety in the way of woman's underwear and had been wearing them in secret as she imagined fantasies in which Harry discovered the panties. Not even caring about that now though she tried to lunge for the wolf's muzzle or eyes in the hopes of causing it enough harm that it might leave her alone. It was for naught as the wolf's left paw hand came down on her chest pinning her in place as the right tore away her last line of defense the emerald green panties scraps automatically being blown away by the wind. "Please," she begged one last time in a broken sobbing voice as the werewolf positioned his cock at her womanhood, tears freely spilling down her cheeks. The head of the cock was just beginning to press against her slit when an almighty roar cried out and Harry literally jumped out over the rock to her side and tackled the werewolf off her.

The werewolf had to weigh almost 250 pounds if not more; it was sheer luck and surprise that allowed Harry to knock the wild animal off her. Though it seemed that all his supposed luck ran out right after that. Harry managed to get his arms around the wolf as he hit it but the wolf was not considered a dangerous magical creature for no reason. Almost as soon as he hit Lupin he rolled in his grip and kicked sending him into a tree with a crash. "AAHHH," he could not help but yell out as he impacted the tree. Looking up his head spinning form the rapid turn of events his eyes met the reflective yellow of his favorite DADA teacher ever. The same man who was now an uncontrollable monster and who was trying to rape his best friend.

Instinctively his hand came up with his wand in his right hand and Hermione's in his left which he had found following the trail Lupin had left behind. A pair of bright red stunners shot towards the werewolf but he managed to duck under both and get right in his face before he could get another spell off. A swipe of his paw knocked both wands onto the ground. Three mire swipes of his claws left long and bloody cuts across his chest and his shirt torn to shreds making him cry out again in pain. "HARRY NO," Hermione yelled as he began to topple over blood spilling down his front. Only for the werewolf to pin him upright with his paws against the tree, his muzzle in his face with his lips curled up and fangs exposed.

"Professor, professor please," he begged softly, gasping at the pain he was feeling, "this isn't you. Fight it, I know you can control the monster. Please Moony, it's me Harry. James son remember, Lily's son you wouldn't hurt me." He gasped then coughing in agony. For a moment he thought he was successful at breaking through to Professor Lupin's mind. The pressure on his chest lessened slightly as the werewolf got a confused look in its eye. He looked directly at him, hoping and praying that his begging had worked. It didn't, without another warning the savage growling returned and the werewolf lunged forward sinking its fangs into his left shoulder right over his heart. Its head thrashing back and forth tearing meat and cracking bone as a final throat ripping howl of the dead and dying ripped from his thirteen year old throat.

"NNNOOOOO," Hermione screamed. Not afraid but livid with fury, all thoughts of her nakedness and near rape forgotten as the boy she secretly pined over was fatally wounded by the wild beast that used to be her respected professor. Rushing forward she had no time to react as the werewolf drop Harry's body on the ground and turn swiping at her and knocking her away easily. But her heart was beating in her ears and adrenalin was pumping in her veins and she was back on her feet in a split second. Eyes darting around the small clearing she noticed a sharp jagged stone and picked it up. Hers and Harry's wands were too far away and Lupin was between her and them anyways.

Her hand squeezed so tightly around the stone that she didn't notice when it cut into her hand drawing blood. Smelling the blood on her and deciding that it had waited long enough the werewolf lunged at her again. She got in two good swipes at the werewolf drawing blood across its chest in arcing streams. But it was useless, another swipe from the wolf and she was disarmed again and a final shove and she was back on the ground exposed and defenseless. "NO NO NO," she shouted trying to kick the werewolf's erect cock that was swinging wildly between its legs. Snarling the wolf brought both its paw arms down on her arms pinning her in place and forced its hips between her legs preventing her from being able to kick him.

(Warning Rape Begins)

(Warning Rape Ends)

Her thoughts got no further though as something that looked like liquid black shadow suddenly appeared wrapping around the werewolf's upper body and torso as well as both arms and then jerking. With a yelp of shock the wolf was pulled off her, his cock leaving her abused pussy bleeding and gaping. She barely managed to raise her head to see what had saved her, before her eyes widened in disbelief. It was Harry, standing barely. His left shoulder was stained in dark red blood that flowed all the way down his chest and left leg to the ground, but that was not what held her attention. Where Lupin and bitten and torn his shoulder open more of those liquid black shadows were failing around like tentacles. Silver grey streaks were traveling were traveling under his skin from the bite wound down his arm and across his bare chest. She watched in morbid fascination as the werewolf infection, as that was the only thing it COULD be, traveled up the veins in his neck, his face and then to his eyes. Eyes that suddenly filled with black, deep dark black were there should have been white. His eyes remained emerald green but gained a silvery reflective like quality like moonlight. Then the silver spread up to his scar, "AAAAAHHHHHHH!"

His good right hand came up and slapped against his scar which started glowing a sickly red and black as soon as the silver and grey touched it. The werewolf had regained its bearing and turned on Harry who it had thought it had wounded unto death. Snarling and lunging at the impudent boy who dared interrupt while he was claiming a bitch was caught mid air buy waving shadows as Harry flung his left arm out, the shadows responding to his command and slamming the werewolf against a large boulder stunning it for the moment. Her attention was still solely on Harry though as she noticed the red and black light coming from his scar was getting brighter and brighter despite being covered by his hand.

It was though a damn broke and a second voice, much louder and screeching overshadowed Harry's screaming. A giant blob of red and black ectoplasm blasted from his forehead arcing into the air before forming a deformed looking face. It lasted several seconds before disappearing into nothing. But it didn't stop there, the thing that had been inside Harry's scar was gone, but the silver grey were still spreading all across his body, and then he started to change. "AAAHHHHWWWOOOOLLLLLLLLL!" First his screams of pain morphed into a echoing howl louder and more terrifying than anything she had heard form Professor Lupin. His skin all over his body started to turn from tan pink to black. He whole body started pulsing and bulging and with each pulse muscles started forming, sleek and defined and strong. Nothing like the sickly thin limps of professor Lupin. Short but thick black fur began to sprout all over his body as black as his skin as his muscled arms and legs began to grow. His fingers staying long slender digits but growing thick curved claws at the ends. His ankles turning into reversed second joints as his feet stretched and widened to allow him to balance on his bigger body. Finally his mouth and jaw stretched into a black furred muzzle and the change was complete. Wind seemed to be whipping around the wolf Harry in a cyclone and the shadows around him as far as she could see were twisting and dancing.

She noticed Lupin once again rise to stare at the new Werewolf, looking between the two there could have been no greater difference. Lupin was 7 feet tall thin grey and hairless and above everything else he looked sickly, hunched back and no tail with paw hands that could grasp nothing. Harry on the other hand looked healthy. There was no other word for it. He stood taller than 7 feet and though he had a youthful thinness about him it was not a sick looking thin. The muscles that covers his body were so well defined she thought they must have been sculpted on him and the Fur that covered him all over looked silky and soft in the moon light. The ears on top of his head swiveled back and forth and his head turned so their eyes met and help. She gasped seeing the awareness behind his eyes, she could have sworn she also saw a crooked fanged smile directed her way before Lupin finally snarled and lunged at the wolf Harry.

Lupin was fast as he had demonstrated all night long. But apparently the wolf Harry was faster as he nimble sidestepped the werewolf. His right hand came up claws slashing at Lupin as he drew four long deep gashes across his flank. Lupin yipped in pain and made to snap at the hand only for harry to bring his other hand down on Lupin's muzzle knocking him to the ground. A vicious snarl ripped its way from the Harry wolf's mouth as he reached down and picked up the protesting werewolf and flung him all the way across the clearing an into a tree. Not finished Harry made a gesture with his hands causing the shadows around him to surge like a tidal wave knocking the werewolf back down as it tried to rise. Finally giving up Professor Lupin the werewolf made a mad break for it dashing away on all fours into the forest. Snorting, Harry let his head back and let out a long howl into the night the shadows and winds around him swirling.

Numbed form the rapidfire events that had taken place, Hermione watched with some trepidation as the wolf Harry turned to her and slowly made his way over. She was standing now, very still as he approached. When he got close enough she looked into his eyes again, seeing the mind behind them and suddenly she knew she was safe. "Oh Harry," she cried throwing herself at him, her arms going around him. He was so warm, she felt it right away and even more when his arms came up around her claws retracted. And the smell coming off him from his fur, she breathed in a large breath smelling the musky vanilla and pine needles, the wind suddenly wiped around them and she shivered realizing she was cold for the first time since being striped. She pulled herself closer to the wolf Harry marveling how good his fur felt against her taut nipples. Only a second after thinking that did her eyes snap open and letting out a indignant squeak jumped away from Harry startling him in the process.

"Harry you IDIOT! Who said you could look at me naked, close your eyes! Close them now!" She followed her yelling with slaps to his arm as the wolf Harry scrambled turning his head skywards so as not to look at her. Doing her best to cover her modesty she looked around and spotted her wand and Harry's. Scooping them up she looked for her clothes but all that was left were scraps. Not enough to fix with magic, and she had not yet learned to conjure or transfigure clothes. Harry was still standing frozen in place looking up. The wind picked up again and she shivered violently from it, noticing also that the blood between her legs was drying as well. She didn't want to think about what happened, not yet because she was sure that if she did she would break down. They had to get back to the castle first and she had to get Harry help. Something very strange had happened; he was not a normal werewolf by a long shot. Hopefully Dumbledore or Madam Pomfrey could explain what had happened, and they needed to move quickly to get out of the forest before Professor Lupin or something else decided to attack. With a quick wand movement she vanished the blood from between her legs, though she did not know any healing spells for the pain and walked back over to Harry.

Not seeing any other choice she wrapped her arms back around Harry and his warm fur and pressed her front flush against his. Harry twitched but did nothing but put his arms back around her after a second. "Harry look at me," she said and he did looking down at her along his muzzle his ears pointed down. He looked worried about her in his eyes.

"Harry I don't know what's happened to you but we need to get back to the castle quickly. I don't have any clothes and can't make anymore right now. I don't know the spell, also I need Madam Pomfrey incase I'm injured more than I realize after," she paused shuddering again but not from the cold, "after what happened. Can you get us back to the castle Harry, are you in control?"

At the mention of what had happened to her Harry growled low in his throat wrapping his arms around her tighter toward off the cold. Suddenly she felt something slithering around her legs making her jerk and look down. The shadows around Harry had begun to wrap themselves around her crawling up her legs to her waist then her chest and then her arms stopping at her neck. The only thing that kept her from freaking out was the strange warmth the shadows were emitting and the firm hold Harry kept on her despite the strange situation. He had a look of concentration on his face, as much as a wolf face can have at least, and after a moment she realized why as the shadows wrapped around her began to take shape and solidify.

The shadows formed shocks and then shoes around her feet, then panties followed by pants for her legs with a belt. Then a black T-shirt followed by a black coat that hung down almost to the ground. Both the shirt and coat clung to her body in enticing ways and her nipples poked at the material trying to push through. The cloth was unnaturally warm and kept the chill away. Stepping away from Harry she twirled in place, "shadow cloth, this is shadow cloth Harry how did you do this," she asked looking at him with wide eyes. The wolf Harry shrugged and made more motions with his hands making more shadows twist and turn around him, he defiantly was not a normal Werewolf. "Well now that that's taken care of can you carry me Harry?"

He looked at her funny for a second before shuddering, the shadows around him engulfed him for a moment and when they had cleared he had changed. He looked like a normal four legged wolf now, except for the tiny little fact that he was bigger than a horse. He seemed startled by the sudden change and twisted around trying to see himself. Which ended with him chasing his own tail like a puppy and falling over after a few turns. She couldn't help it, the situation was so bizarre that she laughed out load. At least until he nudged her with his snout with a disgruntled look in his eyes. Chuckling at the look she motioned for him to let her on, kneeling down she managed to jump on his back and wrap her hands in his fur. It was just like riding a horse, her parents had taken her years ago and she remembered easily. "Alright Harry, Yah Yah! Giddy up Horsey! Giddy up!"

Snorting at her for talking to him that way Harry took off back into the forest. Following the smells left behind by both himself and Hermione when they first made their way to the clearing. He was so FAST, running with Hermione on his back was easy. Honestly despite the strangeness of the situation and him turning into some kind of Werewolf it seemed pretty cool. He had never felt so alive before and now he didn't know if he wanted to turn back. The speed and strength not to mention the super sharp eye sight was just so much better than his weak old body. But he could think about that later, he could still smell what must be blood on Hermione for when Professor Lupin, "Gulp," raped her. He knew that the professor was not in control of himself, but he felt such anger at what had happened to Hermione. He knew she was holding together for the moment but he had no idea how long that would last.

Seeing the castle he ran out of the forest and headed for the front gates. There was no sign of Ron or Snape or Sirius outside but he followed their sent to the gate which was wide open. He ran inside still following their sent and surprisingly not running into any teachers or ghosts. The sent seemed to lead straight to the hospital wing, figures, and he could smell more scents now and he could even hear people talking all the way down the hall through the door. Not stopping he ran at the door sending shadows at it to open it, another cool thing he seemed to be able to do for some reason. The doors flew open ahead of him and he came face to face with almost a dozen wands pointed right at him.

(Hospital Wing, Normal POV)

For Sirius Black he could honestly say he had never had a more stressful day. He hadn't meant to harm the young Weasley boy and in his less than stable state of mind he had not thought his plan through when he had grabbed him and was now regretting the broken leg he had caused the boy. Despite how fucked up things were he was still surprised how quickly they had managed to convince Harry to listen. He had James's looks but Lily's smarts and her short fuse. After taking care of old snivilus and exposing the traitorous rat Pettigrew things had almost seemed to be going his way.

They got back to the Hogwarts grounds and he had even managed to ask Harry if he wanted to come live with him. He had not held much hope but to his great surprise and joy he had said yes! Finally he could fulfill his promise to James and Lily, the promise he had broken 12 years ago, he could give Harry a home. He did not know much about Lily's sister but from the way she had spoken of her he had doubts that Harry's childhood was ideal, something he would have to find out when he had a moment. His luck though seemed to run out there.

Remus, his long time friend. Almost as long as he and James had been friends was a werewolf, and he had forgotten to take the Wolfsbane potion that night. For the first time in many years he had changed without protection from the potion or being physically isolated from other living humans. The wolf free for the first time in years had gone on a rampage, he had changed into his Grim animagus form but his weakened body and years of exposure to the Dementors left him ill prepared to fight a werewolf. He had lost and been knocked unconscious, only to wake up in the hospital wing. Now the fact that he was not tied down was a good thing, added onto the fact that he was surrounded by Dumbledore, Cornelius Fudge some half toad looks lady in all pink, Amelia Bones head of the Aurors and half a dozen of said Aurors flanking her all surrounding Peter.

Wrapped in chains on his knees and surrounded by the Aurors who all had their arms pointed at him threateningly Peter looked defeated, his eyes were empty a combination of Veritaserum and a man who had given up completely. As if to tie a pretty bow on the whole thing his left sleeve was yanked up the faded dark mark still visible. The whole room had gone silent when he work up and the room's occupants were watching him watching Peter. His gaze was one of contempt and he said, "assuming all these good people have gotten the true story out of you rat I have nothing left I want from you, Amelia if you be so kind as to remove this man from my sight I'm afraid if I stare at him for much longer I might get sick and knowing Poppy she won't take to kindly to anything that would disturb her patients."

"To right," came the bustling voice of said Matron as she came around the curtains potions in hand. The x convict groaned at the sight and the others in the room minus one part toad chuckled good naturedly at his antics. Then the head of the Aurors came up to Sirius and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry Sirius, we have his confession under veritaserum and enough spells on him to keep him locked down tight including some to keep him from using his animagus abilities to escape," she paused then leaned down and embraced the man in a tight hug. Surprised but none the less pleased he hugged her back and she muttered in his ear. "I'm so glad you're safe Sirius and I'm so sorry about what happened to you. Mark my words you WILL be compensated for all the wrong done against you I swear." She said the last part loud enough that everyone including the minister heard her before standing and motioning for a tall black skinned man to take Pettigrew. "Get that scum to a secure cell Shacklebolt, take the others with you."

Then man nodded smiling at Sirius and putting his wand under the rat's chin, "give me a reason, please and I will slit your throat and claim that you tried to escape got it?" He shook the man by his chains to get his point across. The Aurors started to move the man out of the room but before they did Amelia put her hand on the shoulder of a young woman with short purple hair and whispered to her to stay behind. Nodding she did and the rest of the Aurors took Pettigrew away. Next Sirius looked to Dumbledore who had taken a step forward smiling that grandfatherly like smile of his that he had missed all these years.

"I can assume that it was you Headmaster that managed to enact my freedom correct." The headmaster smiled patting him on the shoulder.

"Well yes I did Sirius and I can't tell you how glad I was to do it, though the whole thing was made quite easy when mister Weasley explained the situation involving his rat. After that a little truth serum and the dark mark was that was needed to clear the air." Sirius let out his bark like laugh griping the old man's arm and pulling him into another hug which he happily returned.

"Speaking of Ron how is he," he asked. His answer came from behind the curtain. Pomfrey pulled said curtain back to reveal the red head. Leg up in the air and smiling.

"Don't worry about me I'm fine mister Black." He said causing Sirius to give his bark like laugh again.

"No need to call me mister young man, just Sirius is fine or Padfoot if you like. Sorry about your foot again but I'm sure Poppy will have you up in no time. But what happened, where's Harry and that other girl? Hermione I think was her name, yeah that's it." He looked at the red head but a sudden feeling of panic started to form in his gut when his pale face went from all smiles to sudden worry.

Looking around he noticed almost everyone else in the room, except the pink toad had almost the same expression as the boy Ron did. But it was the headmaster that answered his unspoken question. "Sirius, according to mister Weasley after you were knocked out Professor Lupin was out of control and apparently kidnapped Miss Granger. Mister Potter apparently went after them both in an attempt to find them. As I speak the teachers are gathering with some Aurors Amelia has to spare to go into the forest and find them." Sirius's face went completely white at this but it was the pink toad that spoke up next.

Her voice was the most sickly sweet thing any of them had ever head and it grated against their ear drums like nails on a chalk board, all at once Sirius Black wanted nothing more than for someone to silence her ugly flapping lips, "hem hem, well I don't think you have to worry about anything mister Black. The aurors will find misters Potter and the mudbl…I'm mean the muggleborn girl and will dispose of the dark creature responsible for this misfortune."

That did it, Sirius Black could take a lot of shit but when it was directed at his only remaining best friend well, bitch just crossed a line didn't even cover it. "Be quite you half toad FREAK," he spat at the woman causing her to flinch and her eyes widen in shock. "I won't hear ANY talk about you kill MY best friend werewolf or not. The ONLY reason he forgot to take his potion tonight is because he was worried about saving ME. Now you listen to me Fudge," he snarled looking directly at the minister who so far had not said a single word since he had woken up. "You and I both know I have YOU and you ministry by the preverbal BALLS over this whole mess. The wrongful imprisonment of the head of a ANCIENT and NOBEL house for 12 YEARS WITHOUT TRIAL is sitting solely on YOUR LAP GOT IT!"

Fudge was very white now and nodding his head frantically at whatever Black said, he basically had control of the Ministry with this whole situation. Delores had suggested earlier that they sweep the whole thing under the rug and just send Black back to Azkaban but one look from Dumbledore and a call to Amelia ended that idea. By tomorrow morning the whole horrid tale would be plastered across the daily prophet. Depending on how Black wanted to swing it he could destroy his reputation and his political career! "You're going to order your Aurors to get Harry and Hermione back safely but not to harm Remus Lupin, only defend themselves as necessary. I won't ask them not to defend themselves against a wild werewolf but they don't have to kill him to save the children GOT IT!"

But Fudge never got the chance to answer, because at that very moment the doors to the hospital wing suddenly burst open. Banging loudly against the walls the occupants of the room turned automatically towards that noise. Black writhing shadows poured through the open door and through them a beast jumped through. A wolf black fur dark as night and larger than a horse with bright green eyes surrounded by black instead of the normal white. The pounding shadows were accompanied by a blast of wind whipping into the closed room. But the strangeness did not end there for on the giant wolfs back sat Hermione decked out in pitch black clothes and wild hair flowing around her head.

Everyone in the room froze, pointing wands at the intruding wolf and its rider, the silence lasted for a second and then two seconds. Finally the silence was broken by a shout, "CONFRINGO!" From the pink toad lady, a bright red blast of energy left her wand and flew straight at the wolf. Before anyone could react to the sudden attack the shadows around the wolf suddenly leapt forward and swatted the spell out of the way and into one of the beds destroying it in the resulting explosion. Said shadows then whipped forward and caught the hands of everyone with a wand yanking all the wands out of the hands of Dumbledore, Fudge, Umbridge, Amelia, Auror Tonks and Madam Pomfrey. The wolf stalked forward towards the pink toad lady lips pulled back and fangs bared the shadows pushing all others out of its way and trapping the woman in place.

"Harry no stop!" Hermione yelled pulling on the wolfs ears, "we don't have time for this please I need Madam Pomfrey remember." The wolf stopped chastised ears drooping and letting out soft wines of apology to which Hermione sighed but smiled and scratched him behind his ears. Much to her amusement he hummed approval at the scratching. She would have to tease him later, the shadows feel back to normal freeing the horrid pink lady and the wolf trotted forward towards the frozen healer. The wolf got down on its belly and allowed Hermione to descend though she stumbled in pain holding her lower belly as she did.

Reacting from years of healing the matron moved quickly to the woman and began casting spells on her to ascertain what was wrong with her. After a moment she gasped and started casting more spells. "Poppy what's wrong asked Dumbledore who finally managed to move though he kept an eye on the wolf who Miss Granger had called Harry. He would get answers in a moment.

"She's been forcibly penetrated Headmaster," she said drawing gasps from everyone else in the room and a shouted WHAT from both Sirius and Ron. "She has suffered several internal injuries but it's nothing I can't fix and it doesn't look like whoever assaulted her finished the job so there won't be any maternal complications." Hermione sighed at that only for the healer to produce a vial of potion seemingly from thin air and force it down the girls throat. After she downed it the Headmaster spoke again.

"Miss Granger please can you tell us what happened?" He spoke calmly his eyes still darting to the giant wolf who was watching over the girl like a hawk.

"Yeah," piped up Sirius, "where's Harry? What happened to you after I was knocked out?" Coughing slightly at the potion that went down her throat she looked around the room relishing the feeling of pain leaving her nether regions.

"Well Headmaster mister Black to answer the big question your probably wondering is this. Harry is right here, he's this wolf." Stunned silence for a second and then everyone was shouting, it took nearly a minute for things to calm down and then only when Dumbledore shouted QUITE in that commanding voice only he could do did silence reign. The giant wolf that was apparently Harry down on the floor paws over his eyes and ears and tail flat on the ground.

"Miss Granger, would you be so kind as to explain exactly how Mister Potter became this giant shadow casting wolf?" the way he said it was so absurd that in her exhausted state of mind she could not stop a small chuckle from escaping her lips only stopping when the Harry wolf snorted and nudged her bed.

"Ah sorry Headmaster, you see Harry um got bitten by Professor Lupin who was. Well he was assaulting me and Harry tackled him off me. But got bit in the process, then when Professor Lupin turned back to me again and started….well started raping me he uh changed." The news that she had been raped did not seem to be going over well with those around them. Dumbledore looked deeply saddened and Sirius just looked horror struck head going back and forth between Harry and Hermione. Ron looked like he was about to throw up and Amelia looked like she wanted to hurt someone. Fudge looked sick and the Umbitch I mean Umbridge kept an impassive look on her face over the whole ordeal.

Placing his hand on the girls shoulder for support as Pomfrey doubled her efforts on the young woman he gave her a very sympathetic look, "I'm sorry Miss Granger for what has happened to you. If it's not too much trouble can you tell us the rest?" Hermione looked seconds from breaking down finally until Harry put his big head on the bed and in her lap whining and rubbing against her tummy. Hermione sobbed and clutched onto his neck in a death grip crying into his fur. He was warm and still smelled like vanilla and pine needles and she calmed enough to continue after a minute.

"He…hic….he threw Professor Lupin off me with the shadows somehow. They were coming out of the bite wound and I could see silver grey stuff traveling through his veins out from the bite." Dumbledore nodded in understanding and said.

"Werewolf virus, the infection was spreading. But it should not have changed him so quickly. The infection should have taken a month to spread and infect his body and he should have turned at the next full moon not this one. Is there anything else?" Hermione nodded into Harry's fur and continued.

"Yes it reached his scar and suddenly it burst open and started screaming and this black sick looking goop flew out of it. Formed a face and then vanished and the screaming stopped. Then the shadows went everywhere and Harry changed into a wolf, but he was on two legs at first and he fought of Professor Lupin easily and then turned into a four legged wolf later when we needed to get back to Hogwarts, he also made these clothes out of shadows for me since my others were torn up." To say that Dumbledore was shocked was an understatement, all of it was incredible but if she was telling the truth about his scar. A sudden savage hope exploded inside his heart, if the curse in Harry's scar was gone then Harry was free. The bleak path of self sacrifice that had seemed destined for him destroyed. Why this whole thing might just be a blessing in disguise.

"There," said Madam Pomfrey, "you're all done Miss Granger. Now all you have to do is heal so you're staying here for the night understand." Hermione nodded her acceptance an laid back against the bed relaxing for the first time in hours.

"Harry," said the headmaster getting the wolfs attention, "can you understand what I'm saying to you?" He nodded his big head, smiling he then asked, "are you in complete control of your mind despite the full moon?" Pause and then another nod from the wolf. "Ok we need to find out what has happened to you can I cast a few spells to try and figure things out?" He nodded his consent and so the Headmaster started casting a wide variety of spells over Harry. The room was silent except for the casting and the whoosh of the spells from the powerful warlock. Finally after about 10 minutes of casting a sudden very wide and very boyish grin appeared on the headmasters face the twinkling in his eyes came back in full force and he gave a shouted "AH HA!"

"What what?" Sirius asked desperate for any info on his Godsons condition. Guilt more painful guilt eating away at him seeing as he was unable to help Harry or Hermione after being knocked out.

"I think I may have a answer if my guess is right. However first I need to summon Professor McGonagall, FAWKES," he called out and the phoenix appeared in a flash. The immortal fire bird circled around the room singing before landing on the wolf Harrys head and bending its head down looked him in his giant green moon light eyes. They locked eyes for a second before the bird of light and goodness started cooing in affection for his friend and started preening his neck fur with his beak. Harry in response gained a fanged smile tongue rolling out of his mouth and his tail started to wag which cause Hermione to giggle and Ron to shout.

"Hey Harry keep this up and I'm gonna think you turned into a oversized dog not a wolf." Laughing at his own joke he didn't see the shadows jump up and begin tickling him until it was too late. Laughing and unable to escape because of his leg he finally caved, "I give I give mate, geese at least your still you in there. This could only happen to you. You know that right Harry?" He asked rolling his eyes, honestly why was he even surprised.

Chuckling at the playful antics despite the situation the headmaster conjured a note and gave it to Fawkes. "My friend if you be so kind as to take this to Professor McGonagall and the others and then bring her back here straight away I need her here as fast as possible. Taking the note the bird flamed away and the aged man turned back to the crowd.

"Now Harry Miss Granger said something about another form that you had first. Do you think you could show it to us?" A short pause before he got up and walked to the middle of the room everyone watching him as he got a look of concentration in his eyes. The shadows started swirling around him again and suddenly covered him completely, then after a second they vanished leaving a changed wolf in front of them. He stood on two legs now and was taller vertically than he had been before though he massed much less now. He looked more like a traditional werewolf than he had before but even then other than the wolf like form he was nothing like a real werewolf. The fur and tail sticking out behind him the muscles and mostly straight back, the hands with fingers instead of paws and the fact that he was in complete control of himself despite the full moon shining in through the hospital wings large windows.

"Remarkable," said Dumbledore awed.

"Wicked," said Ron

"Wow," said Sirius in a soft voice.

"I don't believe it," said Fudge looking wide eyed.

Hermione remained silent and Umbridge just looked repulsed at him. As though disgusted by his very existence, something Amelia who was also awed did not fail to notice. Looking slightly embarrassed at the attention he was receiving the werewolf Harry shuffled his feet as the shadows died down looking at the Headmaster to continue.

"Well I'm much surer now than I was before," said Dumbledore, "but now I have something to ask you Sirius."

Sirius looked confused and asked, "me what do you need to ask me?"

Chuckling the twinkling eyed man said, "you have told us your most riveting story about how you managed to become illegal animagus. You James Potter and Peter Pettigrew did it all on your own, with some help from Remus Lupin but I have to wonder. Did Lily every officially join the marauders after she started going out with James in 7th year?

Sirius looked shocked at this for a moment then embarrassed. "Ah yes, she did. After she started dating James it was no time at all before she had all his secrets out of him. He was putty in her hands." As he started talking Harry suddenly moved at speeds that no one could really track with their eyes and almost appeared out of thin air next to Sirius's bed startling him. Sirius jumped but looked up at the werewolf that his godson had become, though in his mind Harry had become an epically cool werewolf. He did notice the look of longing in his eyes, the longing for stories about his parents. Smiling the godfather put his hand on his godson's arm and squeezed. Harry looked at it the claws on his hands suddenly retracting before he squeezed back, managing a sheepish but happy look despite the lupine features.

"She wanted to prank with us surprisingly enough and to become an Animagus like we did. Both because it would be cool and because it would give her an unknown advantage in case of Death Eater attack since we were not registered."

Dumbledore nodded, "illegal yes but given the circumstances acceptable, wouldn't you agree minister?" He asked looking at Fudge.

"Oh yes perfectly acceptable situation, but you will need to register now just to get things all straightened out, agreed?" He asked looking at Sirius his voice slightly uncertain making the escaped convict smile at the political ax he held over the ministry at the moment.

"Of course minister, I am after all a law abiding citizen, I only took such drastic measures because of the unstable climate during that time period. As soon as all the details concerning my release and exoneration are completed I will stop by the registration office and register, ok?" The minister nodded in relief that this one thing had gone over smoothly. Then Dumbledore motioned for him to continue.

"Yes well we made the potion for Lily about Christmas time and James gave it to her as a gift."

"And what was the form revealed to Lily when she took the potion?" Dumbledore asked.

"Well it was a," but he paused he twisting to look at harry in shock eyes widening in sudden understanding, "it was a wolf. An arctic wolf animagus."

"A wolf," asked Amelia an amused tone in her voice, "to James Stag form. Well I always knew who was the dominate one in that relationship." This remark caused Sirius to bark out a laugh and Harry to actually bark laugh the only way wolves could.

"Ah Amelia don't ever change. Still the same as you were when James and I became Aurors," said Sirius tears streaming down his face in mirth.

Suddenly Fawkes reappeared with Professor McGonagall who looked quite flustered. It only took a minute to recap everything they had learned so far though the usually stern woman had gone over and held Hermione when she learned what had happened to her. Hermione eagerly accepting her favorite teachers comfort. Though the only thing she had to say to the Werewolf Harry was, "only you minster Potter," mimicking Ron from earlier.

"Well now that all the important people are here I think I can put the pieces to this puzzle together but first Mister Potter can I get a small blood sample?" Dumbledore asked and when he gave the ok a quick wand wave and a conjured vial and he had a small sample of Harry blood. Though they noted that the cut healed itself in a matter of seconds without a spell.

"Yes well just before you arrived Professor McGonagall we confirmed that Lily had been a wolf animagus secretly during the war." The transfiguration let out a small gasp but then nodded.

"That would explain the smell then, I always wondered if Remus Lupin was just sleeping in their closet from time to time to get such a smell all over them. But I guess I should have thought of something like this instead." Sirius looked bemused at her suggestion but kept silent for the moment.

"Yes well look at this," said the headmaster as he cast some spells at the vial of blood. The results flashed different colors but apparently the Professor understood what it meant.

"Amazing its some kind of blend of Animagus and the werewolf virus," Dumbledore nodded in approval and continued.

"But it's not only that Minerva, there are also traces of Basilisk venom AND phoenix tear mixed in as well. What we are looking at here is something entirely different. It's not the werewolf curse or a curse of any kind any more. There's no dark magic in it, none at all. It's all been purged somehow, and you can tell just from mister potters physical appearance and mental state that he has taken the most incurable disease in the magical world and turned it into a power no one has ever dreamed of." Everyone was staring in awe at the two teacher's speech, what he was saying well it was amazing. A huge breakthrough in magical science and abilities why it might even lead to a cure for the cursed werewolves if they were lucky enough. Though like always there was one person who was determined to drag everyone's good mood down.

"Hem Hem," came the fake cough of the pink half human half toad. Everyone in the room looked at her and she smiled sweetly at them all though it didn't feel sweet more sadistic. "As exciting as this all is Headmaster Dumbledore it does not change one simple fact. Mister Potter regardless of how he has changed the werewolf curse still has it in one form or another. He is in fact, no longer purely human and as you know our laws state no non human may wield a wand. So I'm going to have to ask that mister Potter surrender his at once along with the rest of our wands that he took earlier and to not resist as he is taken into custody on the grounds of being a dark magical creature."

The silence was so loud in the tiny hospital wing that time seemed to have frozen for a second as all the occupants in the room gaped at the thing in pink clothes as she smiled a self satisfied little smile at the looks on their faces. Everyone except Dumbledore that is, he still had twinkles in his eyes, but they had taken a sudden hard edge to them and his back seemed ramrod straight all of a sudden as he stared the woman down. "Madam Umbridge I'm afraid you must have misheard me before, did you not hear the part when I said he no longer had any dark magic inside of him. Whatever reaction that occurred to make him this way purged all dark magic and negative effects from his body."

Umbridge did not lose her smile either as she responded at once to the old man parry, "dark magic or not he is still a non human, our laws clearly state that all non human sentients are forbidden for carrying a wand and are considered dark until their status can be judged by the Wizengamot. Furthermore there is still concern of his bite, he could still be infectious others. What if he starts turning more witches and wizards into creatures like himself?"

In response Dumbledore turned back to Harry and with a single motion of his wand he had a sample of spit from him. A dozen spells later he had a answer, "my spells detect several enzymes within mister Potters saliva. If I'm not mistaken there are several healing properties here that could be very useful to the medical field but my spells cannot detect a means of infection another human in his spit. He seems to not have that ability. Furthermore Delores I distinctly remember a special system created by the Wizengamot call the Pureblood Special Powers Protection Act, created almost 87 years about that I think would apply to this situation perfectly. It was created by the Malfoy family after they fled to England from France if I remember right."

Now Umbridge looked mad, "Mister Potter is NOT a Pureblood though Headmaster. He is a half blood so that law does not apply to him."

Dumbledore was still smiling, "I'm afraid your mistaken madam the legal definition for Pureblood is a magical born of two magical parents. Both Lily and James Potter were magical so in essence Harry IS Pureblood and even if he was not he IS the heir of the Most Ancient and Most Nobel House of Potter which would make him eligible for any rights a Pureblood has even if he was a squib."

Now the walking tad was seething in anger looking for SOMETHING to derail the situation, "Regardless he would need the signatures of FOUR other houses of equal status to his own AND a signature from the Minister of Magic."

She let that hand for a second sure she had won but then a cough from one Sirius Black got their attention, "Well seeing as I am the head of the Black family you know he has my vote also the law does not prohibit him signing for himself so that's the second vote. Amelia would you be willing to help my godson?"

The head Auror looked between Sirius and the ready to pop pink toad and smirked, "of course I would be honored to help House Potter and sign the act so that makes three and unless I'm mistaken doesn't the house of Dumbledore have such status as well?"

Dumbledore smiled and nodded, "yes I can sign the fourth signature in favor of House Potter and I think that make four votes Delores."

"YOU STILL NEED THE MINISTERS SIGNATURE1" she yelled her face beat red now all pretence of smugness gone.

"Speaking of," said Sirius whose eyes locked onto Fudges and caused the man to start sweating, "it would make me so grateful minister if you would help my godson in this trying time. You know it might make me grateful enough to remember to mention to the press how it was not your administration that sent me to Azkaban without a trial and how you even sought to do everything in your rectify the old ministry's mistake when the truth came to light. Between the compensation I'm sure to receive from the ministry from 12 years spent in Azkaban and this situation here I would call us even wouldn't you say."

There could not have been more difference between the desperate hope on the Ministers face and the one of rage on the toads. It was just so funny, especially when Fudge jumped forward, "Yes yes of course I would love to help mister potter and House Potter. After all it's clear that mister potter has done the impossible again, taking such a horrid curse and turning it into such a wonderful ability here." With a wave of his wand the parchment appeared, Dumbledore took it and read over it quickly before producing a sharp looking quill and signed it in what looked like red ink. Fudge was next then Sirius and Amelia and finally Harry. His hands managed to grasp the quill normally though it was a little small ha managed to sign. It was only then that he noticed the signatures were in their own blood and the quill left the back of his hand itching slightly but that was it.

With a flash the parchment copied itself several times going to the headmaster and the minister and everyone else who signed. "Well I think that's about it for today I will make sure this gets placed accordingly Mister Potter and I will see you Mister Black tomorrow. I will be taking the Dementors with me now there's no more need for them. Come Delores we have a lot of work to do." And with that the Minister left with a seething pink toad though not before Harry returned their wands to them and everyone else.

"Well that went well," said Amelia sitting down heavily in her chair the pink haired Auror still silent not having spoken the whole time behind her.

"Indeed it did," said Dumbledore cheerily as McGonagall also sat down and Sirius whooped excitedly. The headmaster felt a tap on the shoulder from Harry who in turn pointed to the paper with a questioning look in his eyes.

"Ah yes, this the Pureblood Special Powers Protection Act is a special law which allows any pureblood family with certain differences to basically make those differences immune to the law. In the case of the Malfoys who fled to here from France after angering a Veela monarch and were cursed were not technically fully human anymore. Their hair and feminine like features along a small amount of impotence a result of this curse on their line. A lot of gold was passed when they arrived nearly bankrupting them but they managed to sweep the little tid bit about the Veela under the rug. Even if it comes to light the law allows them to keep their pureblood status, in fact it makes anything they can do with their powers legal. Though the Malfoys have none of the usual Veela abilities if they did the act would allow them to use them without fear of the law. Part of thinks that they were hoping to develop those abilities eventually but they never did. For you however this means that your abilities and anyone who had your abilities is immune to the law as far as your abilities go. So if you do have the ability to turn someone and do you can't be brought to court for it understand?"

Harry nodded his head spinning at the implications. This was big, really big. He got to keep being a wizard and no one could do anything about it. And he got some dirt on the Malfoys, he didn't know what Veela were but he bet he could get under Draco skin the next time they met with this info.

"Now Harry," Dumbledore continued, "where not quite done yet. Though I think we have done enough for one night. Sleep here tonight and we will see what happens in the morning alright?" Harry nodded before shifting back to his large four legged form and curling up on the floor next to Hermione's bed. With goodnights all around the lights were turned off and he entered the realm of sleep.