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(ICW Headquarters, Geneva)

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore stood on the arrival platform of the International Confederation of Wizards looking over the open bay. The official location of the ICW was in the city of Geneva Switzerland for no real reason other than it was in the relative center of the magical world as a whole. The building was a domed cathedral made of the purist white marble and stood as a symbol of magical power and unity as ironic as that was to the age old man.

Naturally the building surrounding facilities and area was heavily warded and separated from the non magical world to the extreme. The platform he stood on was stretched out over the water and had stations situated all over it for international floo travel, apparition and even magical transport such as flying carriages or underwater transportation. Apparently the Americans had not used any of those options when they contacted the ICW. According to the reports given to the care takers of the building less than a day ago a giant swirling tunnel of light had opened up on the platform and a man had walked through calm as you please.

Now normally the ICW headquarters was only used when an international meeting was held and the representatives of the magical nations gathered. The rest of the time the building upkeep was taken care of by the handlers usually hired from the surrounding population and any official business was dealt with by the proxies that normally took up residence from each magical government. It was his job to be the head of the ICW but while he did that he could not also hold the seat of Britain's representative. So his proxy was sort of the head proxy of the group but had the least amount of work, all he did was inform him of anything he needed to know as soon as he could because if it had to be brought to his attention that usually meant it was a international issue.

So it was no surprise that his proxy had called for Fawks to deliever his emergency message. It wasn't much, the man that had come through had simply announced himself as a official delegate from the Mages Republic and that a group of their political and military leaders wish to meet with and speak to the other magical nations of the world in the hopes of establishing connections and trade opportunities with their long lost brothers and sisters. Now for the most part the Headmaster was excited to meet the American magicals but one thing had him worried. The American wizard had left the same way he had come minutes after delivering his message to the gathered proxies but it was the military representative that was mentioned that had him worried.

Unlike the muggle world none of the magical ministries had a standing magical military force. The standard was the Auror forces which were similar to muggle police men. That the Americans might have an active magical military had him wary and he was not the only one. Within half a day the pavilion was packed and fit to burst with the wizards from each ministry mostly purebloods with a few halfbloods here and there. It went without saying that there was no non humans represented as even the most liberal of nations still had strong pureblood beliefs of one sort or another.

Next to him was the British, French, Chinese and Australian ambassadors and the four of them were whispering to each other as they awaited the Americans arrival. They were looking at the apparition points and portkey landing platforms and for a moment none of them noticed the swirling green and white light about 30 meters above them in the air. It was however harder to not notice the sudden whooshing sound followed by the immediate lack of sunlight from above. Now Dumbledore had lived through the Second World War seeing both the muggle side of the war led by Adolf Hitler and the magical side led by Gellert Grindelwald. Gellert his very best friend and unknown to most his only love had fallen to the Dark Arts and the magical superior doctrine. He had tried to seize the magical world as a whole so he could lead it against the non magical world. He had actually gotten a lot farther than Voldemort ever had the magical war stretching all across Europe not just Great Britain. In his mad rush for domination he had employed the use of muggle firearms and technology.

It was at that time that Dumbledore decided the Magical and Muggle worlds could never become one. The advent of technology forever separated magicals from non magicals in his mind. The two worlds could simply not exist together as one, for no other reason than the fact that technology reacted explosively around high concentrations of magic. It was for this reason he let the muggle studies class fall behind the times so to speak. Many muggleborns tried to bring small electronics to the castle but they shorted out the moment they crossed the ward line.

So when he looked up into the sky to see what was blocking out the sun he felt the cold stone of dread settle in his belly. Black as night with dark grey highlights was for all intents and purposes was a flying metal hammerhead shark. He knew instinctively that it was a product of technology, sure some magicals had flying transports but that was things like brooms or carpets. France had carriages but those were pulled by flying horses, and the flying metal thing up in the sky was much too large to be magical. At least not solely magical, that cold feeling in his gut told him that while the craft was of technological origin a magic hand had shaped it in some way or another. For he was sure the technology was beyond what was considered normal among the muggles, he would have heard if they had flying sharks that could disappear and reappear in swirling light and the final nail in the coffin. If the flying machine was only made with technology it would have crashed and burned the moment it had crossed the ward lines.

The arrival platform was large mostly for those who traveled by water like the Russians and Bulgarians, their underwater boats taking up a lot of space. As light shone down from the hammerhead shaped ship coasting back and forth across the platform his mind estimated the craft to be 195 meters long and maybe 45 wide at the head, 35 for the main body. As it descended closer and closer to the ground he noticed several round protrusions with points swiveling back and forth and he barely contained a blanch as his mind told him that they must be projectile weapons of some sort. It wasn't just a magical technological ship; it was a warship armed to the teeth and fully capable of launching an attack at any moment.

Men and women were running across the platform shouting and directing others away from the descending craft and a triple set of landing gear unfolded from the bottom of the ship just in time to catch the craft as it landed. The whole platform shook from the impact and the head of the ICW hear the whirring of the ships power source idling down as it began to shut down. The four other ambassadors behind him had long since fallen silent and together they and everyone else on the platform watched in silent awe. Suddenly the forward under section of the ship began to lower to the ground creating a ramp, down from the inside of the ship came more than a dozen people running.

He couldn't tell if they were men or women because each individual was wearing a white and silver military uniform. It was crossed over the chest and the pants ended at the ankles were a pair of combat boots. Over the uniform however were sections of metal armor plating, the lower leg sections wrapped over the top of the feet and the thigh armor cover from the knees up to the hips. The chest armor seem to be multiple section covering the upper chest and then folding into sections at the waist and then covering the crotch and folding around to the back. The hands were covered to the wrist then the forearm and then from the elbow to the shoulder it all attached to the torso armor at the shoulders and thighs. A cross between a cloak and the coat he had seen Harry make out of shadows connected at the shoulders and covered the back to just above the ground and opened over the chest it was white and silver like the rest of the uniform and armor and seemed to serve a purpose beyond simple décor but he couldn't tell what that could be. Then the reason he couldn't tell genders was because of the metal helmets that covered their heads they had two glowing blue eyes and were a little blocky in their design with several lines crisscrossing over it indicating where it unfolded to be removed.

But that wasn't the worst of it, not only were these soldiers armored they were also armed to the extreme. On their right hips was a muggle pistol in a holster and on their left a sheathed sword in a metal and ivory scabbard and in their arms a muggle rifle. It was more advanced looking than the ones he remembered seeing. It was white and silver and rectangular in shape and looked heavy, the soldiers then moved into formation lining up on either side of the ramp and snapped to attention waiting. Then down the ramp came four more people, the first a man instantly clicked with Dumbledore for two reasons. The first being his apparent age, he was old with a dark tan and smooth silver hair on top of his head reaching down his back and making up his beard that reached his belt. The second was his magical power, it was massive and easily matched his own in power. But he had the feeling that the man was actually holding his power back and unlike himself the man looked extremely fit for his age.

He wore comfortable looking white silver and blue ceremonial clothes with a cloak slash cape hanging off his shoulders. He didn't have the weapons of the soldiers but as he walked closer Dumbledore saw that the man's clothes opened at the chest exposing a glowing prismatic diamond shaped stone set into the man's chest. Trying to look at the man's magic with his mage sight turned out to be a stupid idea as the stone in his chest nearly blinded him the second he turned the ability on.

Blinking spots out of his eyes he looked at the others following the powerful man. Of the three following him two were not human. The woman next to him was of a species he did not recognize. She was tall with light purple skin and dark purple hair and surprisingly bright sapphire eyes. She wore clothes similar to the man's but cut for a woman. It opened at the chest but there was no stone there like the leader, however it was not the lack of stone that surprised him it was the size of the woman's bust. They were at least an F cup and there had to be some naturally occurring magic going on because they didn't seem to get in her way at all as she walked. The rest of her body seemed to be carved around her breasts from her wide hips to her narrow waist and long legs he could practically feel the lust rolling off the gathered men behind him, despite the fact that they were all purebloods. This woman was armed but with only a large curved sword on her hip and despite her exotic figure her face held all the regal grandeur of a high class royal.

The other non human was much easier to identify being a little over four feet tall and sporting a large shaggy beard and an axe on his hip. He was a Dwarf with black hair and beard and dressed in a miniature version of the man's clothes but like the woman he sported no stone in his chest. Despite his shorter stature he easily kept pace with his taller companions and was looking left and right smiling a very big smile like he was just really glad the be there. While the lead man looked almost Dumbledore's age and the two non humans looked about middle aged or so he guessed the last a human male looked about 21 or so. His clothes were white and silver like the others but while the adults wore lose formal looking clothes the young man's clothes were skin tight covering him from the neck down except like the others they opened at the chest.

Like the old man this young man had one of those strange crystals embedded in his chest. From what he could tell the crystal seamlessly conformed to the skin around it making it look like a part of his body as opposed to being inserted artificially into his flesh. And like the soldiers he was armed and armored though to a lesser degree. Over the body suit the armor was layered, on his forearms he wore vambraces and over his shoulders wrapping around his stomach pauldrons. He had a fauld wrapped around his waist and sabatons from his feet to his knees. All in all it made him look like a cross between the soldiers behind him and a medieval knight. As for weapons he had a pair of swords on his back the hilts could be seen over his shoulders, he had a pair of pistols on either hip and another larger gun on his back waist that he could not identify.

But despite all that it was his face that drew his attention the most, fine almost elfin like features with short snow white hair and bright emerald green eyes, exactly the same shade as Harry's and his mother Lily's eyes. The four reached him and stopped before giving him and the others a small bow in greeting. Taking the lead Dumbledore spoke first seeing that the other representatives were frozen solid just behind him.

"Hello and welcome to the ICW headquarters, my name is Albus Dumbledore and I am the head of the ICW. Let me be the first to say what a pleasure it is to welcome our long separated brothers and sisters back to the magical world as a whole." He laid the political speak on thick mostly to cover up his shock and racing thoughts, it was his job to give the best impression he possibly could. There was plenty of bad history with the American's and the other magical ministries, mostly because like the British the ministries at the time thought of the new world territories as their property and when they suddenly found themselves cut off by powerful wards they had reacted violently. For nearly a decade afterword several of the ministries including Britain, China, and Egypt had banded together to try and breach the wards covering the North American continent.

They had failed spectacularly and it had left a bitter taste in the mouths of many a pureblood families. The British, French, Chinese and Australian ICW representatives behind him were good examples of this as each had demanded to chance to join him in greeting the Americans as they arrived. The rest of the ICW was already seated inside awaiting their arrival. The lead man chuckled and responded in a light tone, "Hello Albus Dumbledore it's a pleasure to meet you I am First Paladin Richard Lakeshore leader of the Paladin Order and these are my associates the head of International Affairs High Councilwoman Silvia Van and Tacticus Magnus High Councilman Ronan Kert Commander of the Eon flagship of the 7th battle fleet."

Both the purple skinned woman and the Dwarf smiled and acknowledged as the First Paladin introduced them and then he motioned the young man forward and placed a hand on his shoulder, "and this is my apprentice Paladin Gaius Octavian who agreed to join me on this little adventure though not without a little arm twisting I will say." Octavian shuffled his feet obviously slightly annoyed with the old man's ribbing.

"Master please I was more than eager to come along. I only said I would be disappointed if I missed the Blackhorns hatching in the Eyrie not to mention that Grace and Aspen would kill me if I didn't bring back souvenirs." Richard chuckled at Octavian's distress and the young Paladin just rolled his eyes before holding his hand out to Dumbledore, "It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Dumbledore please just call me Tavi, everyone does. Well everyone but this crazy old man but you can't take anything he says seriously he cheats at cards."

The old man's indignant cry seemed to break the ice as everyone but the Chinese representative chuckled and Albus could see the smile in Richard's eye. He had an instant like for these Americans and felt he could get along very well with the First Paladin whatever that was. However he knew it could not last more than a moment and his fear was proven when the Chinese representative took the chance to speak up in a slightly accented voice, "Mr. Lakeshore forgive me for interrupting but you must know how important it is for your countries Ministry to make a good impression on the ICW. Being the only country in the magical world that is not a part of the ICW and there for lack the international resources available to everyone else. It is for that reason we need to integrate your nation into the ICW as quickly as possible so that we can your bring your Ministry up to the standards of the rest of magical world. So it begs the question as to why you would bring these…creatures with you on this day."

At that moment Dumbledore could have cheerfully Bombarda'ed the Chinese delegate off the platform and into the bay water. The man's pureblood bigotism was really shining through at that moment as he looked at the two non humans before him with disdain in his eyes. Dumbledore watched the Americans waiting for the outrage and accusations to start flying. The four all had blank looks on their faces as they blinked at the Chinese man before looking at each other. It started as a low chuckle and then a giggle and then suddenly the four of them were laughing out loud big full belly laugh Ronan the dwarf actually teetering on his short legs. The Chinese man looked as stunned as everyone else though his visage quickly turned red with embarrassment and rage.

Clearing her throat of her giggles Silvia the purple skinned woman eyed the Chinese man with a look akin to amusement and pity. "On behalf of the Mages Republic I must thank you for your obvious concern for our nation's economic status. However it is unnecessary I assure you, one of the many reasons we decided to come forward at this time is because we noticed the obvious…stagnation of the rest of the magical world. The state of your own economies and the level of development in almost all magical fields are much less developed than we previously assumed."

The Chinese man looked absolutely furious at that and looked like he was about to react violently to Silvia's words when Dumbledore decided to step in before it could get that far putting a hand on the man's chest and freezing him in his tracks the look on his face telling the man that if he didn't stop at that moment things would not end well for him. The Chinese man huffed in anger and turned on his heel and strode quickly into the building probably to take his seat with the others. Turning back to the Americans Dumbledore decided to move things along.

"How about we take this inside now. I'm sure the rest of the nations are eager to meet you and to start discussions." Richard nodded in agreement and motioned to Ronan with his hand. Ronan nodded at the queue and touched something at his neck. It wasn't until that moment that he noticed the little devices wrapped around each of the American's necks, it was a white metal half circle wrapped around the back of their necks and had little blinking lights on the ends. Ronan muttered something under his breath and with his other head made motions in mid air like he was manipulating something only he could see; finally he made a jabbing motion like pressing a button. The majority of the soldiers lined up behind them suddenly turned in unison startling the three remaining ICW representatives as they marched back up the ramp of the big black ship. Half a dozen remained and took up flanking positions behind the Americans rifles in hand.

"Mr. Lakeshore while it is legal for representatives to have personal protection in the security detail of the ICW muggle weapons are strictly forbidden unfortunately I will have to ask your soldiers to leave them out here, only magical objects are allowed. So wands and magically constructed swords are ok so long as you check them in." Dumbledore said eyeing the muggle weapons with a distasteful look in his eye.

"If magical items are allowed Mr. Dumbledore then those are as well they are not muggle weapons but like magical swords they are based off a muggle design but enhanced by technomancy. That and there are more than a hundred reasons in that building why I think those arms are necessary, as much as I would like to believe in the common decency of other people I won't do it at the expense of MY people's lives. Their weapons stay Mr. Dumbledore and that's not negotiable." Mr. Lakeshore shot back in a perfectly reasonable tone. He was right in a way and that left Dumbledore stumped as normally people did what he said without question, especially here at the ICW headquarters he was the leader. But he knew without a doubt now that the Americans considered him if anything equal to themselves not inferiors that had to take orders.

Dumbledore sighed in resignation and nodded but the French ICW representative took the opportunity to speak up his accent non existent. "You mentioned a flagship of a battle fleet Mr. Lakeshore called the Eon. Is that it back there? It's very impressive and nothing like I have ever seen before in my life."

Richard Lakeshore chuckled and answered, "I'm afraid the fleet is not my area of expertise. However my good friend Tacticus Magnus Kert would be able to answer any questions you might have concerning the fleet. So long as the information itself is not classified."

The French man blinked and looked at the Dwarf before nodding to himself. Realizing that these Americans would be including their non humans in every aspect of their negotiations and the ICW better get used to it. So he nodded at the dwarf smiling and repeated his question. "Forgive me Councilman Kert I should have directed that question to you."

"It is no problem," Kert replied his tone still warm and jovial, "and to answer your question no that is not the Eon behind us. That is a Dawn class Frigate warship attached to the 7th fleet which I am the commander of. The Eon is an Incarnate class Dreadnaught much larger and more powerful."

"Can you tell us the difference between the two and why you didn't just bring your flagship with you?"

"Well that's simple for two reasons, the first being that the Eon would be much too big to land here. The Frigate behind us is only 195 meters long an lightly armed while the Incarnate Class is 1,475 meters long and posses more than fifteen times the fire power of the Dawn class. That leads to the second reason; we brought our smallest most lightly armed vessel so that we would not send the wrong message to the ICW. We have just enough to protect ourselves but not enough that you should consider us a huge threat to your wellbeing."

"Wow," the French man said in an awed voice trying to imagine what the Dreadnaught might look like, he couldn't even imagine something that large flying through the sky. "How is that even possible? You mentioned something called technomancy but I thought it was impossible for magic and technology to mix?"

"Soon after we were cut off from the rest of the magical world our people got to work on many areas of magic that had been forbidden to us in the past. Technomancy was one of those things and we managed to develop a way for technology to work with magic, once we did that we managed to open realms of magic and technology inaccessible to regular magicals and muggles. We figured that the other magical countries would at the very least research the idea and you can imagine our surprise when there were no indications of technomancy anywhere else beyond the Dimensional Distortion Field." Ronan's voice was a little incredulous at that little fact.

"Maybe we can change that?" The French man said. The British and Australian men also looked interested and the Americans all chuckled slightly.

"Maybe we can, it all depends on certain conditions and that's why we are here," Ronan said.

The thought of the American's technology spreading to the rest of the magical world suddenly made Dumbledore wish they had stayed behind their wards and never returned. As they walked into the theater chamber.

(Several Hours Later)

It was suprising that the Magical Ministries almost exactly matched the current muggle geographical layout of the world. Excluding Mexico, America and Canada which was combined together to make the Mages Republic. However while the muggle population of the world was approaching seven billion the magical population of the world topped out at about three hundred fifty million. Not bad considering but when you spread it out over about 130 different Ministries and the individual populations were relatively low. Which was what the focus of the current conversation was between the ICW and Richard Lakeshore was all about. The American's claimed their independent population consisted of seventy five million humanoid sentients and that was the problem, they were counting their non humans which apparently outnumbered their regular humans by a significant margin.

"Mr. Lakeshore I don't know how many times I have to repeat myself to make you understand but you cannot count your non humans among your population the ICW does not recognize non humans as sentient!" Shouted the Chinese representative. The man had been on the American's case since the introductions had begun and most of the pureblood dominated ministries were backing him. While the magical world was in a stand still development did happen though on a much slower scale. Currently the ICW was split with about two thirds of the members leaning more towards what the American's already had. Equality for all sentient species while the remaining third was still rigidly pureblood. Now that was not to say the two thirds consisted of all light wizards just that a combination of war, large losses of pureblood families and rising muggleborn populations tended to push those ministries in that direction.

"And you will never be allowed to join the ICW so long as you continue to make such outlandish claims!" The Chinese man huffed as he sat heavily in his seat glairing; the American's all looked very calm and collected. They hadn't reacted once to the obvious antagonizing nature of China or any other ministry that supported them and as always easily responded.

"As we have told you we have no intention of joining the ICW seeing as we do have a lot of cultural and political differences. Joining the ICW would mean declaring our non humans as nothing more than animals and we won't do that no matter what you say. Furthermore we provided basic information explaining key elements of our society as a gesture of good faith," the First Paladin explained calmly to the silently steaming Chinese man.

Because he currently had the floor so to speak he was the only one asking the questions and he seemed to have plenty of them considering his liberal use of his snobby pureblood voice. "Fine, let's talk about this information you submitted about the Mages Republic. Your currency is not the Galleon, how do you expect to do trade if your currency does not follow the standard the rest of the magical world follows?"

"It's true all our currency is in credits on a purely electronic format. We have no solid currency. However more likely than not any trade that does happen will be purely on a barter level to begin with. We have plans to approach the Goblins seeing as we are the only magical community that does not follow their banking system. Another reason we will not join the ICW is because every ministry that is a member has to use Gringotts and no other it severely limits your economy using the gold standard. It may be possible that some ministries might switch to the credit, to boost to their economy it is clearly labeled and explained in the information sheet before you and honestly aren't you tired of carrying heavy coins around all the time?"

Many of the men in the stands chuckled good naturedly and more than a few looked interested. Though the Chinese block looked annoyed. "Be that as it may what about this ridicules claim that you don't use wands! Everyone here knows that wands are necessary in casting magic and I would ask why you insist on treating us like imbeciles by trying to feed us these lies!"

Now everyone looked interested as many in the stands sat straighter. Even Dumbledore who had been relaxing for the majority of the meeting looked on with interest. So it was with a calm slightly smug voice that the First Paladin explained, "esteemed members of the International Confederation of Wizards each and every one of you knows that a wand is not required for magic. There are several of you here that can perform some amount of wandless magic."

"What you don't realize though is you are missing several of the keys necessary to perform magic without a crutch. The first is mental in nature, we use intense meditation to train our minds and emotions to handle the stress that comes with calling on and controlling magic. The next is physical, as you all know we magicals live longer than non magicals and we are healthier because of our magic but what you haven't seemed to realize is that effect goes both ways. While the magic makes the body stronger the body makes the magic stronger so we use muggle weight training and exercise to keep our bodies in top physical form, again its easier for us than the muggles and we get results much faster that last longer. The final key is quite simply belief. You believe that wandless magic is hard and that you have to be powerful to use it, we believe that magic works a certain way and so it does."

"Oh give me a break!" The Chinese man shouted standing a pointing a finger at Lakeshore. "You aren't seriously going to stand there and tell me that the only reason we use wands is because we believe we need them. If that were true someone would have discovered the ability by now!"

"Would they?" Lakeshore asked, "everyone one of you here is to one degree or another very traditionalist in nature. Everyone raised in the magical world is told how magic works all there life so they never question it and your muggleborns don't know how magic works so they have to learn everything from you and because they are for the most part minorities even if they thought to voice such a idea most of you would ridicule them and put them down, right?"

Most of the gathered men were nodding and looking interested. It was one thing for a crazy idea to be put forth by a individual but these Americans can using magic they didn't understand using muggle technology mixed with magic that was supposed to be impossible. It was throwing most of them for a loop figuratively and allowing them to be more open minded than they normally would be. Seeing how things were leaning the Chinese delegate made one last attempt to put these Americans down, he had his orders and that was to limit the amount of contact they had with the Americans however he could. "If this is all true then show us how to do what you say, tell us these secrets to magic only your people seem to know. After all you said you were hoping to trade, what could be more valuable than your knowledge?"

The man smirked thinking they wouldn't want to share the keys to their power so easy but felt his stomach start to go cold when all four of the American's smiled widely at him and started nodding. "That is a wonderful idea good sir," Silvia said arms folded under her impressive bust.

"I quite agree," Ronan chortled slapping his chest.

"After all it's the neighborly thing to do," Gaius said.

"Yes I quite agree. In fact Mr. Dumbledore we heard a Quidditch World Cup is happening soon." Lakeshore asked looking at the Headmaster.

"Yes and I'm sure arrangements could be made for some of your citizens to come and see it. Also this year we are holding a Tri Wizard Tournament at Hogwarts and you would be welcome to come see that as well."

"Really," the old man asked a big smile appearing on his face, "how about I do one better. There would be no better way to showcase our world to you than to physically show it to you. What if we offered to host your tournament for you and allow members from each ministry to come along as well. Naturally we would cover all the expenses and provide transport through our wards."

The uproar was instantaneous not that Dumbledore noticed. Inside he was cursing up a storm, he had intended to use the tournament to draw out Voldemort and his supporters which was why he had been so set on it being at Hogwarts. But he could already see that would not be happening. Over 90% of the ICW already agreed on the idea and if he tried to stop it they would just overrule him with that amount of support. Only the Chinese block continued to oppose but at this point it looked more like a show than anything else. So he banged his gavel silencing the members and stood up.

"Mr. Lakeshore that is a very generous offer one I think the majority of us wish to accept whole heartedly. Though it would take a lot of work and cooperation on all our parts to make it happen. The schools competing our Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbotans."

"Bring the whole class form each school and their teachers we can provide space to perform your normal studies along with equipment and offer special sit in classes for their age equivalent for our own children. Sound good Mr. Dumbledore?"

"It sounds very good Mr. Lakeshore I have the feeling that this is going to be a very good experience for both our peoples." Dumbledore smiled.

(With Harry)

With a relaxed sigh Harry breathed in and out as he and Amanda lay by the edge of the lake in their large wolf forms. He now understood why dogs always loved just lying around being lazy. He could really get used to relaxing in this form despite being bigger then a normal sized horse. Amanda was transformed as well and curled up next to him using his body like a pillow. He didn't mind as it was a very comfy and enjoyable position, he thought about mounting her and them fucking in this form but he figured there was all summer for stuff like that. And there was too many other students watching for them to fuck, not because he cared if they would be upset but because he didn't want them to see his mate being fucked, she was his and his alone.

Earlier when they had left the great hall it was a simple matter of following their noses to find the entrance to the school kitchens. Calling Dobby allowed them to figure out tickling the pear would let them in and the House Elves inside were more than willing to let them eat as much as they wanted. During the meal Amanda talked to him about his plans for the summer next year, eventually it led to Amanda suggesting he try taking Ancient Runes and Arithmancy next year by dropping Divination. It was a really great idea; he really didn't feel like spending another year getting his death predicted by Professor Trelawney over and over again.

So they made their way over to McGonagall's office but she wasn't there, it was really starting to seem strange how often the teachers were unavailable when he needed them but always seemed to show up when he was trying to avoid them. So they just slipped a note under her door and made their way to the lake. He had Amanda practice shifting back a forth for a little while before they both laid down by the water for a nap.

Despite his half asleep state he caught the sound of approaching footsteps easily enough and raised his head to see McGonagall walking towards them from the Castle. Nudging Amanda awake they both shifted back to normal to greet her. "Good afternoon Professor McGonagall, I assume you got my message?"

"Indeed Mr. Potter I did. And let me be the first to say how happy I am that you are starting to take your education seriously," the transfiguration professor said with a pleased smile. "Here take this note to Professor Sinistra. Professor Babbling the Ancient Runes professor and Professor Vector who teaches Arithmancy have both already left for the summer but Professor Sinistra is still in the Astronomy Tower and she is close friends with both Professors so she can get your transfer request to both teachers quickly and they can send you the work you will need to catch up."

Harry nodded and took the slip from McGonagall and thanked her again and she walked back up to the castle. Amanda slipped her arms around his waist and set her chin on his shoulder pressing her body up against his back. "Professor Sinistra huh Harry? Between her and Angelina Johnson on your Quidditch team I can't think of any finer examples of dark skinned beauty."

"Your right Amanda they are both very beautiful but I don't care what color their skin is anymore than I care what species they are so long as I can breed with them," Harry paused and blinked as he registered what he had said. "Wow that sounded really wrong."

Amanda chuckled but kissed his cheek in response, "it's just the wolf reaction again, and you're looking for mates that can bare your young. There's no point if they can't get pregnant, and I don't judge by the color of a person's skin either Harry. But you have to admit there's something exotic about all that beautiful dark chocolate skin pressed against your body." Amanda purred the words in his ear and he couldn't help imagining the Astrology Professor taking his seed in the tower or Angelina sucking him of in the locker room shower.

"Seduce a professor, I like that Amanda. But what makes you think she would even go for it?" Harry asked

Amanda smirked wider and stroked his head lovingly, "While I am not a raciest there are a lot of them in this world. Professor Sinistra is a 25 year old single black female muggleborn professor, if Dumbledore was not the headmaster she would have never gotten the job. Rumor has it that the only reason she is even teaching is to earn enough money to get her masters. That and she has to be sexually frustrated, given how young she is normally a woman her age would never take such a demanding and time consuming job like this unless she had no other life outside her work."

(Astronomy Professor's Office)

Aurora Sinistra sighed as she looked over her income for the year. It wasn't much, oh it wasn't bad by any stretch of the imagination. But it wasn't as much as she had hoped. Getting a Masters in any one subject in the magical world took years of work and independent study after one graduated from school, it was also expensive as all hell. Not suprising the cost for a muggle born like herself was more than triple the cost for a pureblood or a half blood.

There was no way she could pay it all at once so she had to use the yearly deposit system. Each year she would deposit a pre set amount of money into the ministry account, once she paid the appropriate amount she would be assigned a ministry Astronomy master who would be her teacher. Then once she had learned everything she could from the master she would be awarded her Mastery and be considered an Astronomy Master herself and could take apprentices and work in the high level Astronomy wing of the Ministry and work with Masters from all over the world via the ICW.

As a little girl it was her dream to be an astronaut, that had changed when she had discovered magic but her love for the stars and planets had not changed one bit. But the magical world did not offer a muggle equivalent education meaning that as soon as she entered the magical world she left the muggle education and her dream of going into space behind. However the way magic interacted with the cosmos at large fascinated her and gave her a new goal in life, though sometimes she wished she could apply muggle science and knowledge of the universe but again lacking that education she was stumped.

"Tight pockets again Aurora," asked the woman sitting across the desk from her. Septima Vector, the Arithmancy teacher and her senior by three years making her 28. She had neck length straight black hair and grey eyes and a full generous figure with maybe a large B cup if not a C cup. She was her closest friend along with Bathsheda also 28.

Aurora just nodded in resignation, "Yeah it's the same story it is every year that damn deposit eats up most of my yearly pay. At the rate I'm going it's going to be at least two decades before I've paid the tuition, and that's if I go without a lot of less important stuff. Like decent clothes or a house."

Both women chuckled but it was a slightly morbid tone, "it's those damn muggleborn rates the ministry imposes Aurora. Maybe you should find yourself a little sugar daddy to help line your pockets. With your looks and body it wouldn't by that hard you know." Septima said it with a sultry voice making Aurora roll her eyes, it wasn't the first time she had voiced that particular idea and Septima KNEW when she wasn't looking for a relationship with a guy.

"Get your mind out of the gutter you damn Nympho," she said with an amused tone of voice, "you know exactly why I can't get into a relationship with a guy. That's what I have you for." Both women laughed and Septima looked at her with that look she always got before they had one of their encounters.

"Ah yes your little Pregnancy fetish, fact is if you slept with a guy you would keep going at it till you were preggers. Of course that's good for me seeing as I get to mooch off your frustration." Smirking Septima rose and walked around the desk pulling Aurora up out of her chair and kissing her full on the lips.

Aurora groaned as the slightly older woman molder her lips to her own, the knowledge that what they were currently doing was not only against the school rules for teachers but for all intents and purposes taboo towards the bigoted pureblood society she was forced to live in turned her on even more. And quite honestly she needed to work of some frustration, more than a few older male students tried hitting on her more than she cared to admit and then there was the talk going through the school about Harry Potter, the boy turned Lycan. About how at lunch Amanda Stone a girl turned by Harry basically announced that Harry was going to turn a boat load of girls for the sole purpose of impregnating the lot of them. This had caused her to go hid in her office for fear of running across the young man.

Septima smirked as Aurora went limp in her arms, the young black woman always submitted when they got together. And while she honestly enjoyed dominating the beautiful woman she wished she could run across someone man or woman who could dominate her. While Aurora had a pregnancy fetish, at her core Septima was a sub looking for a master to take her. But that was neither here nor there at the moment as she pushed Aurora off her and back onto the desk top eliciting a cry of disappointment from her. A deft flick of her wand and both of them were naked, Septima let her eyes roll over Aurora's naked form as she lay spread across her desk. From her long smooth legs to her shaved mound and pert B Cup breasts with small black nipples she looked divine.

Not wasting any more time she crawled on top of her vulnerable looking lover. Claiming her lips once again in a heated kiss and pressed their bodies together. The feeling of their breasts mashing against one another nipples grinding and scraping. Septima couldn't help herself and pushed her tongue into Aurora's waiting mouth tasting her and exploring every inch she could reach. The feeling was intoxicating and she could help but groan as Aurora wrapped her arms around her neck and crossed her legs with her own. Wrapping her left hand into her hair to deepen the kiss her right trailed up her leg towards the treasure between her thighs. Her fingers were bare inches from her target when a voice cut their combined moaning and lip smacking.

"Well, well, well this isn't something you see every day." Septima's head shot up and looked across the office in horror, only to meet the amused gaze of Harry Potter. Tall and wearing almost skintight black and silver clothes which from conversation she knew was made of shadows, the 13 year old boy who looked like an extremely fit and handsome 18 year old young man was just closing the office door behind him and shadows rose up covering the door turning it pitch black. She knew without being told that he had sealed the office, though the office door should be locked against students unless the teacher let them in and at the very least the wards on the door should have alerted all inside to his presence the moment he approached. Unknown to all the gift of shadows from the thousand year old Basilisk circumvented the wards and allowed Harry unfetted entrance to the room.

"No, no don't get up," Harry said smiling and walking towards them as Septima made to rise from her position over Aurora. More shadows rose up binding both hers and Aurora's hands together and to the desk, another thicker shadow wrapped around Aurora's waist and two more around Septima's thighs trapping both women naked to each other and the desk in a severely compromising position.

"Mr. Potter I demand you release us this instant," Septima yelled half in anger half in shock. However she was surprised when he chuckled good naturedly and reached forward to stroke her cheek. She couldn't stop the sudden intake of breath at the intimate and possessive gesture, nor was she prepared for the sudden assault on her nose as the smell of crushed pine needles and vanilla made her dizzy. Unconsciously she leaned her head into his hand rubbing against it on instinct alone.

Aurora whimpered from her position, with her back to the desk she had to look upside down at the door and with Harry now right up against the desk his crotch was practically in her face. To say she was mortified would be an understatement, this was bad on so many levels that her earlier excitement from committing taboo felt like it was biting her in the arse.

"Now there's no need to get upset Professors, I only came to deliver a note to Professor Sinestra to deliver to both you Professor Vector and Professor Babbling. According to Professor McGonagall both you and Babbling were supposed to have already left for the summer, hence the reason I came here. Though I suppose it doesn't really matter anymore for your Professor Vector seeing as you probably won't be here next year."

"What do you mean," she asked her stomach dropping like a rock .She an idea what he was getting at but she really wished with all her heart that she was wrong. She felt Aurora tense as well and her breathing became rapid knowing that in this situation their fates were the same.

"Well that should be obvious, once word get out that two teachers are fraternizing against school rules, not to mention that both those teachers are female. Well most likely Dumbledore will be forced to fire you both. This world is nothing if not bigoted and I can only imagine how it would treat a female couple. I really am sad to see it happen." And Harry really did look sad at the prospect which only added to the two teachers fear.

"NO!" Aurora shouted from her inverted position tears streaming up her face and into her hair line the look of anguish clear across her face. "Please, you can't tell anyone. If you do and I lose my job I will never be able to achieve my mastery. Please it's my dream."

Septima watched Harry look at Aurora with a compassionate look on his face. She dared hope he might be swayed. Her mind going a million miles a minute she knew she was helpless in this situation. Nothing she did could prevent him from letting their secret out. Without warning the shadows holding her pulled her up and off of Aurora and back against the chalk board behind her, her arms bound up above her head as her whole naked body was displayed for Harry to see. Aurora likewise moved twisting around on the desk and then being forced into a sitting position still bound by shadows.

He stroked her face again and smiled, "I'm afraid keeping this whole situation a secret is out of the question." Aurora's face broke as fresh tears streamed down her cheeks but Harry wiped them ay with his thumbs. "However I can think of one thing that would allow you both to keep your jobs regardless of this information getting out. I just need you to answer two questions for me."

"Anything," she cried out desperate for any solution that could save her.

"The first is how much more do you own on your mastery program?"

Aurora looked shocked at the unexpected question and answered haltingly, "about…..about 30,000 in all. With the amount I get paid each year I can only make minimum payments. Both the price of the Mastery and my pay here at Hogwarts is set by the Ministry and being muggleborn my income is as low as it gets even at a school like Hogwarts."

Harry nodded in understanding and without warning his hand dropped from her cheek to her left breast palming it and squeezing it rolling the rock hard nipple between his fingers making her gasp and her eyes widen as a faint blush darkened her chocolate cheeks, "As for my second question, is it really true that you have a pregnancy fetish?"

Aurora Sinestra's face lit up like a beacon at the question and it didn't help that Harry's other hand came up palming her other breast and he was now rolling both globes of feminine flesh together sending bolts of please through her body. She gasped and groaned as her body undulated between trying to get away from the 13 year olds touch and pressing her body closer. Both acts which were prevented by the shadows binding her, Septima bound against the wall could only watch in silent awe and trepidation as the young man for all intents and purposes tortured his professor in a sexual manor.

Finally unable to stand it anymore she let a choked, "yes, yes its true!" Eliciting a broad smile from the Lycan who then proceeded to pull on her nipples, twisting them and pulling them out as far as they would go. With a cry of passion Aurora Sinestra came, her hips bucking against the desk before falling silent held up only by the shadows and panting.

"I'm glad to hear it Aurora, can I call you Aurora?" He asked and smiled as she nodded listlessly, "That makes this very easy. I'm sure you have heard all about me by now and what happened to Amanda Stone?" Again Aurora nodded comprehension starting to dawn in her eyes, "good then this is simple, with your consent if will turn you and impregnate you right here right now. Under the protection law as a Lycan it won't matter if you're sleeping with Septima as well."

Aurora felt the heat rise rapidly in her body at the prospect, but what shreds of an independent woman she had left after this surprise attack reared up, "Har….Harry this. This is Black mail. Why are you doing this to us?"

Harry blinked before backing up a step and crossing his arms a serious expression on his face. "Please don't think badly of me Aurora, you either Septima. I'm working with borrowed time here you see. I'm protected by the Pureblood Special Powers Act but it won't be long before the rest of the world realizes what I'm doing. That I can change women and that I'm expanding the population of the Lycans as a whole. Now while I would love the opportunity to fall in love with every single woman I will turn I really don't have the time to woe them one by one. So instead I have this offer for you Aurora, I will fulfill your fetish of having children. I will pay for your Astronomy Mastery in full. I will allow you to peruse whatever line of work or research you want and fund it, in exchange you will become my mate for life and you will bare as many children as your body can handle. It is my wish that over time we could grow affectionate towards one another and that you might actually enjoy being a Lycan. The choice in the end is yours, you can refuse and I will leave but I will inform the public of what I say. I'm giving you a choice though not an even one I will admit."

Aurora's head was spinning at the omission. On one hand he was not denying blackmailing her and Septima with what he saw, on the other hand he painted a very pretty picture. If she refused he would tell everyone, the headmaster, the teachers and students and most likely the press or board of governors of her sleeping with Septima. She would lose her job her chances at her Mastery and any chance of a happy future in the magical world. On the other if she submitted to this boy, NO this man, she would never want for anything ever again and he would even help her get her Mastery! The difference in outcomes was as opposite as night and day. And really it was not like she would be giving up anything worth losing, this was her chance to break out of the structured trap the pureblood ruled ministry had built around her life. Looking him in the eyes with a face of determination she said, "then Harry, I accept. I'm yours."

Harry smiled and her heat beat faster in her chest realizing that now he would make good on his promise and take her. However he then looked past her, turning she realized she had all but forgotten Septima who was still bound to the wall naked as she was a dripping wetness from between her legs like a stream. "Not that it really matters if you agree if she does not," Aurora blanched as she realized what he meant. If Septima refused then Harry would turn her over and Aurora would fall with her. The fate of one of them was the fate of both of them.

Septima was frozen as both Harry and Aurora looked at her. Listening to the conversation for the last few minutes she had been overcome with a sense of submission. Being bound and hearing Harry all but demand they submit to be bred like cattle turned her on like nobody's business. This was the dominator she was looking for, a master who would take her however he wanted whenever he wanted. She just had to make sure HE understood that. "I will submit, but only if you promise to dominate me fully…..Master."

Aurora's face lit up with happiness and slight surprise at her lover's submissive attitude. Not realizing how being forced like this was getting her off when she had always been dominating with her. Harry however frowned slightly, "I'm glad you accept Septima, it makes me very happy and hopeful. You will have everything I offered Aurora as will all my other mates. However never refer to me as Master, I may dominate you in the bedroom but you are not my slave Septima. None of you are. You will be my mate and the mothers of my children if you have to call me anything call me Alpha."

Septima's eyes widened at the order and she nodded her head rapidly in acceptance, "yes Alpha whatever you command."

Warning Smut Begins

Warning Smut Ends

Harry smirked as he laid Septima on the desk next to Aurora after turning back to normal. Both women were showing the signs of the change, Aurora more than Septima for the moment and it would not be long before they both turned fully. There was a strong possibility that both women were now pregnant and as soon as he taught them too basically shift back and forth between Lycan and Human he would take them to the Hospital wing. After all he had to make sure his mates were healthy. Looking down and both naked and exhausted women he couldn't help but think that his life was taking a very large turn for the best and he couldn't help but wonder what would be awaiting him this summer and next year. He couldn't wait to find out.


Designation: MR-325 Dawn Class

Crew Size: 75

Dimensions: Meters 195 Long, 45 Wide head 35 body, 75 Tall at dorsal fin. Shaped like a hammer head shark black with grey under belly

Mass: 10,000 tons

Power Plant: Infinity Drive, wireless energy transfer from Manifestation Engine provides unlimited energy.

Armor Type: Ablative Armor

Flight Speed: 12,000 mph (Space), 2500 (Atmosphere)

Maneuverability: 18/20

Weapons (Location):

45mm Rapidfire Flak Rail Cannon x14 (all over)

135mm Archer Class Plasma Beam Cannon x20 (Dorsal Surface, Plasma Cannons modified with Archer Magic Arrow rune code structure turning a direct fire weapon into a guided one and tripling the penetration power of the plasma strike)

25 tube Anti-Vehicle Missile Launcher x4 (two per side of ship)

150cm Valiant Railgun x2 (either side of hammer head, massive range and penetration)

Equipment (Location):

Neural Interface Control System (Directly connects to neuro linker of the crew members)

Gravity Reduction System

Shield Generators (Bubble type, modified Protego rune code to block both magic based attacks and physical attacks plasma/kinetic/particle)

Landing Gear x3

Belly Hanger (Room for up to 12 Sparrow class fighters, 8 Titan class Main Battle Tanks and 400 armed and armored troops in 2 Blitz class transports)