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(Kings Cross Station, Platform 9 ¾)

The train pulled into King's Cross Station with all the usual fanfare of the end of the school year, hundreds of magical families crowded the platform waiting for their children while the non magical families were forced to wait on the other side of the barrier for their children to make their way through. It was into this crowd that Harry exited the train with Amanda, Aurora and Septima following close behind, all their trunks were shrunk and in their pockets to make things easier.

The train ride had actually been enjoyable for once with no interruptions but that was to be expected, Harry had placed his shadows over the door after Penelope had joined them preventing anyone else from being able to find the compartment door. Said girl joined them moments later having gone off for a moment to say goodbye to some of her friends. Looking around he spotted the Weaselys and what had to be Hermione's parents standing with Ron and Hermione and gave a quick way to the family as he continued to look for Sirius.

He found him not a minute later standing with Remus and the pink haired girl Nymphadora Tonks who was standing with two other adults that must have bene her parents. He felt a buzzing in the back of his head that told him that something was amiss and his eyes suddenly drifted back over to the Grangers who were holding Hermione in a close hug. Suddenly Mr. Granger looked up and locked eyes on Remus and Harry realized what was about to happen. Hermione had confessed to him the other night that her parents knew everything about her adventures and that she had been allowed to floo home to tell her parents exactly what had happened the other night.

Surprise surprise they were not happy to learn that their child had been raped by a werewolf; apparently it had taken McGonagall several hours to explain the whole story including how Harry had saved Hermione before the werewolf had finished the job and how Remus had not been in control of himself without the potion. She had also had to explain the reason why Remus had forgotten the potion that night and the history of the werewolfs in the magical world.

Now Mr. Granger seemed to be making a b-line towards Remus who had also noticed him and with a resigned defeated look on his face turned and began to walk toward the angry father. On both sides of the room Mrs. Granger and Hermione both made to follow Mr. Granger perhaps to stop him and Sirius appeared to want to do the same for Remus. Acting quickly Harry made to meet both men in the middle where they would meet and sent his shadows out across the floor, shadows shot up blocking both groups from following the two men and he waved both off as they looked at him in confusion.

A circle of shadow surrounded the two men as they approached each other and unconsciously the crowd ignored them and the situation in general sort of like a notice me not charm. Mr. Granger had dark brown hair with a bit of grey in it and was a tall well-muscled man who looked like he worked out often and he towered over Remus by at least 4 inches. He stopped in front of Remus who was looking back at him with a resigned face and asked, "you're the man who raped my daughter?"

Remus didn't answer for a second then nodded, he didn't see the fist that impacted his left cheek. Mr. Granger's right hook was fast and even Harry who had been expecting something like that almost missed it. Remus went down hard his lips split and blood splattering down on the tile, "That was for my daughter," he said in a calm voice. Harry had to prevent Hermione or Sirius from getting closer as they tried to get around his shadows and he notice that one or two people noticed the hit despite his shadows. Mr. Granger stared down at Remus as he rolled over onto his butt and sat up blood still flowing down his face. Reaching down Remus flinched instinctively and Mr. Granger's eyes tightened and he grabbed Remus's arm and hauled him to his feet.

"Hermione has personally asked me not be angry and both she and her professor McGonagall have explained the circumstances of your being a werewolf. However despite all that I had to do something," Mr. Granger tailed off the hostility draining out of his body. "I can't protect her from the things in that world and I can't take her out of it even if I wanted to."

"No you are right to be angry at me, if I had not forgotten my potion it would have never happened," Remus replied drawing his wand and casting a quick spell on himself to heal his split lips. "If I had taken the potion I would have been no threat to anyone when I transformed."

"From what Hermione and Professor McGonagall told me you were racing to save your only remaining best friend from wrongful imprisonment on an island filled with literal soul sucking demons. I'm not sure I would have been clear headed at all in that kind of situation," Mr. Granger joked slightly making both men chuckle.

"If you should blame anyone Mr. Granger it should be me seeing as it's my bad luck that seems to get Hermione into all sorts of trouble," Harry injected as he approached to two men. Mr. Granger looked at him and his eyes widened slightly, between his appearance his eyes which had shifted to black and the shadows around them he had just noticed Harry was more than a little imposing.

Still Mr. Granger was ex-military and made of sterner stuff and recovered after only half a second. "From the way my daughter describes it the only reason she survived her first year was because of you Mr. Potter," he said holding out his hand which Harry shook.

"Please call me Harry Mr. Granger," he replied releasing his hand.

"Then I must insist that you call me Daniel," he shot back with a smirk.

"Daniel then, so are we done here or are you going to go for a round two," Harry asked. Daniel and Remus looked at each other before Daniel answered.

"No were done here," Daniel said and Harry dropped the shadows. Hermione and Mrs. Granger ran up to Daniel while Sirius and co walked up to Remus.

"Thank you for taking care of that Harry, I'm Laura Hermione's mother," Mrs. Granger said after berating her husband. "Thank you for taking care of our daughter while she was at school, your free to come visit her over the summer if you like."

"I would like that; likewise she and your family are invited to come over to my home as well. As soon as I can figure out where it is I will let Hermione know and then you can probably floo over." Laura nodded and Hermione came up and gave him a quick hug.

"Have a good summer Harry and remember to write me," Hermione said as she gave him a quick hug. Without her parents noticing however she made a quick grope of his arse, pulling back she gave a little smirk at his perplexed and bewildered face and winked at him before all but skipping off with her mother and father. (She's not ready yet), and there was the voice but at least it reflected his thoughts. Hermione was one of his first friends ever and she was maturing, deep down he wanted her to join his pack but she needed to grow up a little more before she was ready to.

Also deep down he knew she was still suffering from the attack and rape on her person, she was holding it in quite nicely but he figured that sometime this summer she would break down. That was probably the reason the Senior Grangers and Mr. Weasely allowed Ginny to spend the summer with Hermione so she could be there when it happened. Considering her experience with the Chamber of Secrets she was one of the best people for the job.

Shaking the morbid thoughts from his mind as the Weaselys followed the Grangers to the barrier to say goodbye to Ginny before apparating home themselves he turned back to Sirius and Remus. "Feel any better Moony," he asked half sarcastically.

"Marginally," he muttered still rubbing his jaw. "Honestly I fully expected him to beat me within an inch of my life right then and there."

"McGonagall and Hermione stressed the fact that it was the beast inside you and not you that hurt her. I imagine if you had been there yesterday night he would have done just that. But honestly Remus you have to get over it, you fucked up but the people that matter have forgiven you and you won't forget the potion again. Hermione will recover in time, but letting everyone with a grudge against you beat you up is not the right thing to do," Harry chastised.

"The pup is right Moony," Sirius said throwing an arm around his best friend. "If you really want to make it up to Hermione why not teach her something she doesn't have access to at school. She would probably flip over that."

Remus looked intrigued and Harry nodded in agreement with Sirius's idea. "That would work like a charm, she already has a separation in her mind between the werewolf and you Remus but this would certainly not hurt. Besides it would probably help your guilt tripping habit more than anything else."

"Enough of the sad stuff," Sirius injected. "More to the point pup whats with the three lovely ladies who look suspiciously similar to you in appearance and style of clothes following you around."

"Those are just the women I turned into Lycans like myself and who I'm now sleeping with on a regular basis. Did I mention that two of them were teachers at Hogwarts?" Harry spoke as though it was the most normal thing in the world while his father's two best friends looked at him with stunned expressions.

"Lily is going to kill us from the afterlife," Remus groaned out loud as what Harry said sunk in. Sirius on the other hand looked at Harry, then at the three gorgeous women in skimpy black shadow clothes and then fell into a fit of laughter. Then fell to the floor and kept rolling around and holding his gut. Tonks walked up behind them with her parents following and looked at the three Lycan women.

"Damn Harry you move fast, any room for me in that Harem of yours?" She said it jokingly but Harry's glare cut her off and froze her in her tracks.

"Not a Harem Dora, that implies that these women are less than me. It's a pack and if you want in, well I would love to corrupt you. But you will want to know what that means before you commit, there's no going back once you do." Harry said and Dora blinked in surprise.

"Consider me chastised but we should probably get a move on before we talk dirty to each other, the platform isn't really the most romantic place for a good shag," Dora joked as her mother groaned and her father was curiously observing the tile pattern on the ceiling.

"Speaking of Sirius how do we get to Potter Manor, I assume you know how this ring works," Harry asked.

"Sure pup it's a permanent portkey to the manor, the Goblins should have keyed it to the ring already. Everyone here just has to be touching each other and you have to say Portus Potter Manor and we should appear at the front door," Sirius explained.

"What if someone grabs onto me and come along for the ride," Harry asked pointing out the flaw in the security.

"If that happens the wards at Potter Manor will activate the moment you arrive, they are intent based and will protect you against anyone who came along without your permission," Sirius said.

Harry nodded, "so is everyone going along then?"

"Not us Harry we just came along to say hi. I'm Andromeda Tonks nee Black and this is my husband Ted," the woman who looked a little like Sirius explained.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Tonks. Please feel free to drop by the manor any time you want this summer," Harry replied as he shook both their hands.

"If you don't mind Harry I would like to see your manor, and maybe find a good few places to christen," Dora teased.

"No problem," Harry replied smirking. "Now everyone who is coming get close I don't want to have to come back for anyone."

Once everyone indicated that they were ready he, Sirius, Remus, Dora, Amanda, Aurora, Septima and Penelope all vanished when Harry called out the activation phrase Sirius had told him. Maybe it was the amount of people in the group or maybe it was because they were traveling so far, he had never been by portkey before, but the swirling vortex took nearly three minutes to vanish before the group slammed into the ground. They all managed to keep their balance, though it was a close thing they almost became a pile of dominoes.

The sun was high and the sky was clear in the early afternoon as Harry looked upon Potter Manor, his true home, for the first time in his life. It was a simple yet elegant building, about four stories tall of stone the entrance was flanked by pillars and topped with a dome. The front doors appeared to be large heavy wood with carvings of dragons on it and the whole thing was a nice beige color. Harry was broken out of his observation of his home when Sirius put his hand on his shoulder.

"Same as I remember it Harry, the Goblins did good work," Sirius said with a slightly choked up voice. Harry noticed that he had slight tears in him eyes and figured that he was remembering the past when he spent summers at Potter Manor with his father and grandparents.

"Let's head inside," Harry said and opened the front doors. As he stepped through the door he felt his ring heat up and the wards passed to his control. In the entrance hall he could see hallways to his left and right with a large staircase in front of him leading upstairs. Doors on either side of the staircase led to other areas on the bottom floor. It was nice white gold and brown colors with small statues and pictures hanging on the walls. "Sirius if the house is the same can you tell me where everything is?"

"Sure pup first floor is the dining hall, kitchen, living room, library and the game room. Second floor is all bedrooms bathrooms and the pool and the third floor is your personal study, personal library and the master's quarters. Top floor is half storage half lavatory for experimentation and potions," Sirius described.

"Sounds neat," Amanda said admiring the manors interior. "Though now that the stasis charm is broken it's going to be a bitch to clean."

"That's true," Remus said looking around a little misty eyed. "I imagine the Potter Family house elves all died when the original manor was destroyed, sorry Harry."

"House elves huh," Harry said a little said he didn't know who the old Potter elves were. "Only house elf I've ever met before was a crazy little odd ball named Dobby."

With a pop that made most of them jump said house elf suddenly appeared in front of Harry wearing a variety of strange including no less than a dozen pairs of socks, not all of them on his feet. Harry also felt the wards flare from the elf but somehow he knew that because he called the elf by name he had unconsciously allowed the elf entry to his home. He had to be careful about that in the future. "Dobby is so happy mister Harry Potter sir called him, does mister Harry Potter sir need a house elf for his home," the elf called off rapidly as his eyes darted between his and the manor's.

"Nice to see you as well Dobby, its true I probably need an elf to help clean this manor. But I figured you would prefer to be free," Harry ended that sentence like a question. But Dobby was already shaking his head before he had finished.

"Dobby is liking being free but only because of nasty old family, still Dobby does wants to be being paid. Dobby offers services for 1 Galleon a month and 1 day off the year," Dobby said looking seriously and Harry chuckled at his antics while the others looked on torn between confusion and interest.

"You drive a hard bargain but I have a better one, how about 5 Galleons a week and 4 weeks' worth of vacation time a year so long as no more than a week of that time is used at once," Harry's counter offer was met with a smirk from the house elf and the haggling was off. After five more minutes they eventually agreed on 2 Galleons a month and a week of vacation time a year, they shook on it and Dobby popped off to get started while also saying that he would contact other elves to see if they wanted to work for him as well.

"Well that was interesting," Aurora said as Dobby popped away.

"I will tell you the story later," Harry said shaking his head in amusement. "For now Sirius Remus go claim your old rooms for yourselves, girls once they do find a room you like and claim it. I'm going to go check out the master bedroom and then we can get together later and discuss what we are going to be doing this summer over dinner."

They all nodded and Sirius and Remus led the girls up to the second floor where all the normal bedrooms were while he went up to the third and found the master bedroom. Not surprising it was Gryffindor themed in red and gold with lion heads everywhere and he had to shake his head and the blatant favoritism but he imagined families like the Malfoys had a lot of green and silver in their homes. The large bathroom was similar though with white tiles with the red and gold walls, in the middle was a large sunken tub big enough for maybe a dozen people. He had a feeling he was going to enjoy the tub as much as he would enjoy the king sized bed back in the bedroom.

Connected to the bedroom was an office with a large oak desk with a large window in the back overlooking the back of the manor. A combination of grassy planes, small hills leading to a forest in the distance, it was a very pretty view though he felt like it could do with a regulation Quidditch Pitch. But the real thing that drew his attention were the dozen or so portraits lining either side of the wall, the two ones closest to the desk showed perfectly painted copies of his parents which meant that every other male and female duo were the previous lord and lady Potters. They were also all silent and unmoving.

Sirius found him staring at the portrait of his mother not five minutes later his hand stroking her face in a loving gesture. Sirius walked up behind him and looked at the portrait with him before answering the silent question hanging in the air, "the Goblins can recreate the family portraits easy enough, but the magic that brings them alive and gives them the memories from when they were alive is gone. They can't re-create that, your parents could have made new portraits since their originals were destroyed before they died but if they did they were destroyed again when Voldemort attacked Godrics Hollow."

"I'm not surprised but I would have liked to talk to them even if it was just a portrait," Harry said before looking away. "Nothing we can do about it now though. I gave Dobby access to my money so he could go buy food and supplies for the manor and unless my nose is deceiving me Dobby is already cooking."

Sirius just smiled and they made their way down for dinner. The dining hall was large and contained a long oak table able to seat up to 50 people at a time, luckily there were only 8 of them so they all concentrated at one end of the table with Harry at the head.

Things got a little complicated after that, Sirius tried to sit on Harry's right but Amanda, Septima and Aurora all growled at him. Apparently their instincts told them that they sat at their Alphas side not Sirius and after a quick tug from Remus who told him not to challenge the Lycan girls in front of Harry, otherwise they might attack him without thinking, and to let the girls chose their positions.

Amanda, his first mate, took up positon on his right hand while after a quick silent deliberation between Aurora and Septima Aurora sat on his left with Septima next to her. Penelope quickly claimed the seat next to Amanda while Tonks sat next to her. Sirius sat next to Tonks while Remus sat next to Septima and struck up a polite conversation with her.

Dobby appeared shortly after with dinner and they all dug in eager for the food, reminiscing of a Hogwarts style dinner. It was a few short minutes later that Amanda spoke up, "Harry what are our plans for the summer. Have you given any thought to it?"

"The only real event this summer is the Quidditch World Cup which I can get tickets for, I will look into it tomorrow. Other than that unless we come up with plans on our own all I have planned is the extra studying I will need to take Ancient Runes and Arithmancy next year," Harry said.

"We can always make trips to the beach or Amusement Park or things like that," Aurora spoke up looking thoughtful. "Since were not so busy this summer we can relax for the most part, especially you Harry since this summer you don't have to spend it with those horrible relatives of yours."

"That is true," Harry said looking excited at the prospect. "God it will be nice to spend a summer just doing whatever the hell I want for once instead of doing chores for the Dursley's all the time and being locked in my room when they don't want or need me."

There were mummers of agreement among his friends and for the most part they discussed all the different things they could try. His girls, Amanda Aurora and Septima, were discussing bikinis with Dora and Penelope while Remus and Sirius were talking about what Dumbledore could be doing with the lost colony. Suddenly their attention was drawn by a loud tapping on the window, looking over they saw a brown owl holding a letter.

With a mental flick the wards let the letter through after checking the letter for traps, it was clean. Without a word the owl flew over towards Sirius and deposited the letter in his hands. Silently he opened the letter slightly curious but no more than that, the others were curious as well but it was just a letter and they were already starting to go back to their own conversations when Sirius let out a loud gasp his eyes going wide and drawing all their attention.

"Sirius," he asked but his godfather either didn't hear him or ignored him. "Sirius," he said louder as the seconds ticked by and still the man gave no indication that he had heard him at all. Getting fed up he raised his voice and slammed his hand down on the table at the same time he shouted, "SIRIUS!"

Sirius jerked and looked up at Harry, his eyes had unshed tears. He rubbed them hard and sucked in a sharp breath trying to control his emotions. "Sorry, sorry it's just," he trailed off choking up.

"It's ok Sirius just take your time," Harry said soothingly.

Sirius took another deep breath and then spoke softly, "It's Sakura," Remus gasped softly at the name of Sirius old lover, "she responded to my letter. She wants to come see me and she wants to bring our daughter Konoka as well. I have a daughter Moony, Prongslit and she wants to see me now that she knows that I'm innocent."

Sirius let out a half laugh half sob of joy and the girls converged on him offering him congratulations and asking about the girl. It took a minute but eventually Sirius looked at him and said, "There was a woman I loved during the war Harry. She was my everything but she wasn't a fighter so she left before things got bad, but she never got back to Japan. Sakura was pregnant and tried to come back but couldn't and was stuck in France. When the war ended she had given birth but I was thrown in jail and from her perspective I was guilty of killing your parents."

"So this whole time she believed that you were guilty," Harry said.

"And hated me for it," Sirius said nodding. "I sent her a letter the other day with the newspaper showing that I was innocent but it's really hard to get over 13 years of hate. Even if it was misplaced, at the very least my losing my mind that night and not going straight to Dumbledore meant that for the next 13 years the woman I loved was alone and my daughter fatherless."

"Well then they should come here," Harry said realizing where the conversation was going. Deep down a flare of jealously coiled in his gut, he had only just gotten Sirius as a godfather and now he had to share him. But he ruthlessly crushed the feeling a second later and rationalized that this woman Sakura had known his parents and if she got back together with Sirius he could probably count her as an aunt/godmother. Then there was his daughter, he understood not having parents and he couldn't justify not getting them together.

"If it wouldn't be too much trouble Harry," Sirius said his tone of voice making it clear he hated imposing on his godson but Harry just smiled and shook his head indicating that it was no problem. It was not like he didn't have the room. "But that's not all, she is a little anxious and wants to bring a friend of hers from France and her two daughters. Apparently this woman's family was the one who took care of her all these years."

Harry stroked his chin thinking, he was already allowing Sirius's family to come visit three more people were not that big of a deal if it made this any easier for Sirius. "Alright they can all come I will have Dobby get rooms ready for all of them ok?"

Sirius smiled and nodded rapidly in thanks, "Thanks pup I owe you one."

(Master Bedroom)

Harry stepped out of the wrapped in only a white fluffy bathrobe while drying his hair with a towel, everyone was setting up in their rooms and getting ready for bed. According to Sirius the women he loved Sakura, his daughter Konoka and their friends Apolline Delacour and her two daughters Fleur and Gabrielle would arrive in two or three days.

He had planned on just going to sleep that night his mates, Amanda, Aurora and Septima all wanting to set up their rooms that night and made runs out of the manor to go collect belongings and personal items to decorate their rooms. They had also taken care of any financial payments they might have needed to make after he had given them access to some of his money. He would have to register them with Gringotts as consorts to give them official access to his finances and at the same time talk with the Goblins on how to invest his money and where.

He was drawn out of his musings by a knock at his door, curious he walked over and opened the double oak doors and was surprised to see Penelope Clearwater wearing a silk robe and a pair of cute wire frame glasses and nothing else. "Hello Penelope fancy seeing you here."

"Harry," Penelope said softly while blushing. "May I come in?"

Harry nodded and stepped aside holding the door open for her and she walked by into the room. He closed the door and activated the privacy wards locking the door. Penelope looked around the bedroom and seemed impressed by it, he noticed that he eyes stopped and stared at the large bed before turning back to him a determined look in her eyes. "You can probably guess why I'm here," she said softly.

"I can," he said walking forward until he was right in front of her and within reaching distance. "Though I'm surprised you would make you decision so quickly."

"So sure you know what my decision is," she teased smiling and cocking her head to the side.

"Pretty sure," he teased back and reached up to stroke the side of her face with his right hand making her sigh softly and lean into his hand. "Mind if I ask why."

"I talked to the girls," she said as she rubbed her face against his hand. "It's a real good offer Harry and you're a good guy, I feel like you could have multiple women in your life and show them all equal affection without letting any of them feel neglected. It also helps that you're really fucking hot and will let me have any job I want so long as I give you lots of babies. You would be surprised how rare it is for husbands to encourage their spouses to pursue their dreams. So as for my answer."

Penelope stepped back and dropped her nightgown; her skin was pale against her dark chestnut brown hair that reached down her back. Her dark brown eyes looked large behind her glasses and she looked at him with hope, her breasts were large. A good C-Cup size they were as pale as the rest of her skin and stood firm on her chest and were topped by bright pink nipples already firm from the cold air. Her stomach was smooth but soft as were her hips which were rounded over her peach shaped arse, she wasn't very muscly but that was ok. Her womanhood was a thin pink slit and was hairless, she was already dripping with arousal.

Harry smiled as the Lycan in his head roared, (Claim Her!), she was a beautiful specimen of femininity. Mentally he scorned Percy Weasely for allowing this woman to slip through his fingers and decided that the next time he saw the rule crazy red head he would show Percy exactly how and why he and fucked up. Mostly likely with a heavily pregnant Lycan Penelope Clearwater. Dropping his bathrobe he stepped forward and reached for the wide eyed woman.

Warning Smut Begins

Warning Smut Ends

Harry laid Penelope down gently on the bed after pulling back the covers and removing her glasses. Her body was covered in a light sheen of sweat and the bite he had placed in her shoulder was already healing, her breathing was heavy but slowly getting softer. He smiled and laid down next to her pulling the covers over both of them and placing a loving kiss on her cheek.

She moaned softly and rolled over into his arms and smiled sleepily at him. Her wrapped his arms around her and pulled her flush against his body and gave her another kiss against her lips. "Love you Harry," she murmured against his lips, "love you Alpha."

(Granger Residence)

Pulling up to Hermione's house was a novel affair, Ginny thought. Unlike the small magical communities she had visited with her mother over the course of her life the muggle suburban neighborhood was neatly laid out with two story brick houses that were nearly identical but individual modifications popped up here and there.

The car was also different from anything she had seen before; Hermione had called it an SUV. It was very different from the car her father had modified to fly. It could seat eight people in all and was made of some kind steel and plastic combination instead of the thick metal body of the Ford Anglia and possessed a lot of features that made the drive much more enjoyable. Such as comfy seats and air conditioning, muggles really were more innovative than any of the magicals she had met before.

"Come on Ginny lets go inside," Hermione's voice broke her out of her thoughts as her friend she opened the door so she could hop out of the car. They went to the back and opened the cargo trunk of the car, they couldn't shrink their trunks like normal because they were coming to a non magical house so she had had to leave it in its normal large state.

Mrs. Granger approached with a pair of unfolding carriers to place their trunks on so they could roll them into the house. Placing them on the miniature trollies she followed Hermione into her house, "welcome to our home Ginny," Hermione said smiling at her a holding her arm up to display her house.

It was very homey and warm, just like the Burrow but without all the chaos and magical utensils. Instead a clean and orderly house filled with unmoving family pictures and muggle electronic devices, directly across from the front door was the living room filled with large green couches and love seats on beige carpets spaced around a large flat screen TV on the wall and a Kitchen was off to the side next to a dinner table. Around the corner a double set of doors were across from a set of stairs that led up to the second level of the house.

"It's lovely," Ginny breathed looking around with slightly wide eyes. Mr. and Mrs. Granger walked up next to them, Mr. Granger with his arm around his wife. "Thank you again for allowing me to spend the summer here."

"It's no problem dear," Mrs. Granger said smiling. "Your room is up stairs, it's the guest bedroom. It has a queen sized bed and your own bathroom so you won't have to share. I hope that's ok."

Ginny's eyes were wide, "ok? It's perfect! I've had to share a bathroom with three older brothers my entire life and another one with four dorm mates these last two years at Hogwarts."

Hermione's parents laughed as did Hermione, "well I'm sure you will enjoy it," her friend said. "Let's get you settled in; mum will have dinner ready in a few hours."

Ginny nodded and Hermione led the way up the stairs both of them dragging their trunks behind them careful not to drag them against the wall. Once they reached the top Ginny saw several doors down the hall to her left, three close together and a large open area with another TV and several muggle devices and cases. To her right there was another hallway, two more door and what looked like the entrance to their attic.

"These three doors are my room, my sister Miranda's and the bathroom we share. That area is our open game room. The other two are your bedroom and bathroom, the attic there is off limits but the door is locked so you won't be able to get into it regardless.," Walking over to the door to her room Hermione opened the door and ushered her in. It was a beautiful room with a large comfy looking bed with light blue sheets and dark blue pillows with an open door that led into the bathroom and a moderately large window that looked out over the backyard.

"It's lovely Hermione, thank you," Ginny said hugging the busy haired girl and then pulling her trunk into the room and setting it down at the foot of the bed. "So what should we do until dinner then?"

"Well," Hermione started but then was cut off as the sound of a door opening behind them and a voice of a young woman called out soft and gentle sounding.

"Hermione that you," both girls looked around and Ginny got her first look at Hermione's secret older sister. She looked about 18 years old with soft brown hair that cascaded down her back in gentle waves and chocolate eyes. She was fairly tall about 5'10 with a womanly figure, she couldn't tell how curvy though because of the loose silky pajamas she wore. A large button up shirt and pants that nearly covered her bare feet, they were a pretty light purple in color and looked very comfy.

Then she noticed the discrepancies, her hair while soft and wavy looked a little limp and lifeless, he skin was pale and pasty. Far more so than if she just spent all her time inside and away from the sun, plenty of purebloods did that and she knew what it looked like. Finally there were dark rings under her eyes that bespoke of a tiredness she was long used to having, despite all that she had a beautiful small smile on her lips as she looked at her little sister.

"Miranda," Hermione called out happily and walked quickly to her older sister and threw her arms around her waist in a hug. Ginny noticed that despite her obvious happiness Hermione was very careful when she hugged Miranda. Miranda hugged her back just as softly but Ginny was sure the older girl was hugging Hermione back as hard as he weakened body could.

"Oh it's so good to see you again," Hermione said pulling back and smiling up at her sister. "I missed you all year."

"I missed you to Hermione," Miranda said stroking the younger sister's face lovingly. "Did you have a good year at magic school?"

Hermione flinched and Miranda looked curious but after a moment she shook her head and forced a smile onto her face, "I had a mostly good year. Some things happened at the end of the year that were not so good but mum and daddy already know about it."

Miranda looked concerned, "do you want to talk about it?"

"Later," Hermione said. "After dinner, I don't want to think about it right now." Instead she reached back and motioned towards Ginny, "this is one of my best friends from school Ginny. Miranda Ginny, Ginny Miranda."

"A pleasure to meet you," Miranda said reaching out her hand towards the short cute red head covered in squee inducing freckles. She had always wished to have such pretty red hair like this girl did.

"The pleasure is all mine," Ginny replied happily and reached out to take her hand. As soon as she did she felt a powerful shock run up her arm that caused her to flinch and let go of Miranda's hand. "Ouch."

"Sorry about that," Miranda said with a sheepish smile. "I sleep a lot because of my body's condition and so I spend a lot of time in pajamas. A side effect is that I always seem to have a static charge around me. My family is pretty much used to it and I don't meet other people often because I don't go out, kind of hard when walking is a chore and I can sleep more than 12 hours a day."

That's alright," Ginny said shaking her hand and then reaching out for another shake. Miranda took it and shocked her again but since she was expecting it it was nothing she could not deal with. "What do you have?"

"Not sure," Miranda said which surprised her. "I've been like this my whole life, ever since I was a baby. Doctors never could figure out what it was only that it was probably genetic and that it seemed to only drain my energy. I only have enough strength to get around a little and for regular growth, any extra activity drains me completely and knocks me out for hours." As though to reinforce her claim she yawned and her eyes glazed over a little but then she shook her head to clear away the grogginess.

"Yeah she was always really quite growing up," Hermione said smiling fondly at her older sibling. "My parents didn't even realize something was wrong till she was a toddler, before that they thought she was just a really quiet baby. But why don't we play a game until dinner is ready?"

"A game," Ginny asked, "but wouldn't that tire Miranda?"

Both girls smiled and Miranda pointed towards the game room, "I can't play games that require physical activity but video games, now that I can dominate. To start things off I think I will teach you about a game us non magicals call Mario Cart."

Hermione laughed and Ginny nodded in agreement interested. But as they walked to the Granger's game room Ginny's mind was racing at Miranda's description of her illness and the shocking sensation she had felt both times she had touched the young woman. A sinking feeling began to form in the pit of her stomach.

A few hours later they were wrapping up dinner, surprisingly they hadn't used the dinner table. Instead they had all sat in the living room with their dinner on trays as they watched the pilot episode of a TV show the family apparently adored called Doctor Who. After teaching her the history of the TV show she found that she greatly enjoyed the show.

After finishing the meal Mrs. Granger had cooked for all of them and cleaned up the dishes by had they had all sat down to start the next episode. As the credit for that one rolled Ginny decided to speak up about something that bothering her all afternoon, "Mrs. Granger can I ask you a question?"

"Sure dear what is it," Hermione's mum asked looking curious. The other three paused and looked at her curious as well.

"I was just wondering, have you ever taken Miranda to a magical doctor?" Ginny asked.

The Grangers looked confused at the question and Mrs. Granger said as much, "no dear we haven't. Why do you ask?"

"Because Miranda shocks people whenever she touches them," Ginny said. The other four looked confused so Ginny pushed on, "magicals like Hermione and I don't get sick from diseases that affect non magical people like you, but the things that do make us sick only make magicals sick. They tend to do one or two things, kill us horribly or inhibit our ability to use our magic. For example a magical cold makes us weak, listless and prevents us from using magic. It does not kill us but it does make us more susceptible to other magical diseases and it won't go away no matter what until we take an anti cold potion."

Hermione's parents and Miranda still looked confused but she could see the gears working in Hermione's eyes, she would get it in a few seconds. "Normally things that make magicals sick only exist around high concentration of magic, muggle born witches and wizards almost never get sick until they enter the magical world. Miranda keeps shocking people when she touches them, it's possible that she is a witch just like Hermione and those shocks are her magic trying to get out."

Now the Grangers got it and all of their eyes widened comically, especially Miranda who looked more than a little hopeful. "Wait, just wait. You're saying I've spent the first 18 years of my life like this because I've had the magical equivalent of the common cold?"

"I'm saying it's a possibility," Ginny replied. "A magical doctor would be needed to confirm it but those shocks remind me of magic. For you Hermione even after three years of magic it would just seem normal to you but I grew up in a house filled with magic and I've had the cold before."

"But if she was a witch wouldn't they have sent her a letter when she was eleven," Hermione asked mind spinning trying to take the new information in.

"Not if she has been sick since she was born, if she came across something that could give her a cold before she was a year old her magic would have been covered up. Muggle born magicals don't get detected normally till they are a year old and start throwing off accidental magic," Ginny explained.

"Then you can cure my baby girl," Mr. Granger asked his tone one of that of a father who had long desired to fix something that hurt his family but had been unable to.

"If she has a magical cold then yes," Ginny said. "We don't even really need a healer, I can just owl my mum for the potion and give it to Miranda. If I'm right she gets cured if I'm wrong well then she throws it back up but nothing more harmful than that."

"Then we should try it," Mr. Granger insisted. The three girls around him nodded as well eager to try anything they could.

"Alright then," Ginny said smiling. "I will owl my mum tonight and have her send the potion over" The Grangers smiles and hopeful looks could not have been any brighter.

(Miranda's Bedroom)

It was only an hour or so later that the majority of the house was asleep in their beds. The elder Grangers were asleep in their master bedroom and Ginny was in bed as well, after she had sent a letter to her mother requesting the potion and her reason why. As for Hermione, currently she was sitting in her older sister's bedroom.

All her life she had adored her elder sister and protected her, her sister was kind and loving to everyone she met. But due to a twist of fate was confined to their house the vast majority of the time. This had developed into a hobby of computers and video games, several computer screens filled her room which she used to surf the web or play online games.

Normally her parents would not have allowed one of their children to develop into a shut in like Miranda had but considering her condition they saw little other choice. Because of all the computers the air conditioner was always on in Miranda's room and that made it very cold, she was sued to it though had had pajamas specifically designed to keep her warm while in her older sister's room. It was the first place in her memory she remembered feeling safe and loved, sure she felt the same way with her parents but her first memory was of Miranda holding her as she woke up.

After dinner she had retreated to Miranda's room and once everyone was asleep had crawled into bed with Miranda and told her everything. It was hard and she broke down in tears more than once but eventually she managed to tell Miranda how she had been raped by a werewolf. Miranda had been shocked and it had taken some time to explain how Professor Lupin wasn't in control without the potion.

Now she just lay in the dark with her sister's arms wrapped around her holding her close, "Miranda, if the potion works and your cured. That means you're a witch like me, if that happens are you going to try and learn magic?"

Miranda was silent for a moment before answering, "I'm not sure little sis. I mean when you became a witch and went to school I was a little jealous but at the same time I was proud for you. Honestly I don't know if I could change my life now, technology does not mix with magic and if I do get cured there are things I want to do in this world with technology."

"I understand," Hermione said a little disappointed. "But do think about it, I'm sure professor Dumbledore would be willing to help you with the magical side if we explain your situation to him. And magic is really cool Miranda, I would love it if we could learn it together!"

Miranda just chuckled and hugged Hermione tighter to her chest, "like I said little sis. I will think about it." Hermione nodded into her chest and after a few minutes both sisters drifted off to sleep.

(China, Unknown Location)

Bohai Chao the Chinese representative to the International Confederation of Wizards walked quickly through the Peoples Ministry of Magic in China with sweat running down his face and back clearly distressed. The reason for his distress was that he was a failure and his masters did not tolerate failure.

When the Mages Republic initially contacted the ICW he had been as eager as anyone to establish good relations with the isolated magical community. The Mages Republic territory stretched from the southern tip of Mexico all the way up through Canada and the wards they had constructed prevented anything or anyone magical from traveling to the area for the last few centuries.

No one knew what the Mages Republic was like but the very fact that they had wards that had stumped the greatest minds in the magical world since they had come up suggested that they were powerful and organized on the inside. That meant a large untapped market and population base that could be exploited by the first nation that could sink their claws into the Lost Colonies, but even before the Mages Republic had arrived at the ICW in a flying shark shaped ship that bespoke of a people far more powerful than any other magical nation on the Earth his superiors had contacted him with very simple orders.

Disrupt any attempts to establish contact with the Lost Colonies and destroy any attempts at official treaties between any ICW member and the lost colonies. Naturally he had been confused and a little upset, but it was not his place to question orders. It got a little easier for him when he discovered that the Mages Republic included non humans in their government and allotted them equal rights as citizens, but even then he under estimated them.

First it was them offering to host the Tri Wizard Tournament the Europeans were holding next school year, that by itself disrupted several plans from several nations. But it also offered opportunities to go into the Mages Republic and see for themselves what they were like behind their wards. However it had not ended there, representatives from Gringotts had arrived at the ICW and had started demanding that the Mages Republic convert to the galleon and allow a Gringotts branch to be built in their territory. They had categorically refused which had pissed off the Goblins, many were now worried about another Goblin rebellion rising up.

Expositions of their version of magic had garnered the attention of several nations as had their use of what looked like magic enhanced muggle technology, their flying warship was a major advantage he didn't know how to counter. And finally the Mages Republic had made inquiries into the idea of sending some of their citizens to the Quidditch World Cup, it had gotten approved pretty quickly and so the Mages Republic had also asked if they could hold an exhibition match before the official match with one of their own. Apparently their version of Quidditch had a time limit so they could play their game and it would end before the official match between Ireland and Bulgaria began.

At every turn he had been thwarted trying to stop the Mages Republic from gaining political ground in the ICW but at the moment they were pretty much in charge of the situation no matter how you tried to spin it. Bohai Chao reached his destination and entered a dark room; once he entered the circular room he reached the center and got down on his knees. Five figures shrouded in darkness high above him in a circle looked down on him, he couldn't see their faces but he could feel their displeasure even from here.

"My Lord's I'm sorry I have failed you. The Mages Republic has thwarted all my attempts to turn the ICW against them." Chao said.

"That is unfortunate but not unexpected," one man said.

"The plan is still viable even with this turn of events," another said sounding contemplative.

"It could even be seen as a boon; with this we will be able to gain a much greater insight into the Republic's structure before the plan commences. Surprise is still on our side," a third added.

"You may leave us," the first man said and Chao wasted no time in scurrying from the room happy to have left with his head. "Now that he is gone what are our plans now that the Mages Republic has opened their doors. Our informant did not believe they would do so this soon."

"Our informant underestimated how quickly the Republic would consider opening its doors after two centuries of isolationism. But so long as they don't know what we know they won't suspect what is coming until it's too late," the fourth shadow commented.

"How close are we to acquiring the tome," the fifth man asked his voice subduing the other four simply by speaking up.

"It's currently in the possession of an English Wizard by the name of Lucius Malfoy, from our observations not only has he invoked its power but he is gathering the remnants of the Death Eaters who once served under the Dark Lord Voldemort. From our interrogation of one of their lesser members Lucius Malfoy is planning on attacking the Quidditch World Cup with the Orcs he is summoning," the first man said.

"The man we interrogated had his memories modified as killing him would have drawn undue attention at this time, however we placed a situational based curse on him that should be undetectable unless someone knows what they are looking for. If he remembers he will die before he can talk," the second man said.

"That's good, we should be able to retrieve the tome during the commotion of the attack, Malfoy is sure to have it on him. Make sure no one important is at the match during the attack but at the same time make sure enough of our citizens are present at the match so as not to raise suspicion after the fact. After all who would suspect us of anything while we are morning over the loss of several of our upstanding citizens who died in an attack lead by an English nationalite and terrorist?" All five men in the room chuckled and then dispersed their meeting adjourned.