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Ok, so I should probably warn you that...THIS CHAPTER IS EXTREMELY VIOLENT and PERVERTED. If you are not OK with this than you can skip this chapter and resume reading when the next update comes. As far as the plot is concerned it is sufficient to know that he was tortured.

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(Part II)

"Hey...hey! What's a matter, Tav-bro? Why you all mother-fuckin' sad an' shit?"

Tavros looked up and saw Gamzee standing just a few inches in front of his wheelchair, staring down at him with a look of concern on his face. Gamzee looked less disheveled, Tavros decided, he seemed more coherent and the crazy look had gone from his eyes.

Tavros sniffled and wiped the tears from his eyes.

"I'll be fine," he said, making an effort to sound fine, despite the fact that his stuffy nose distorted his voice, making it obvious that he'd been crying. "I'll be much better off without her."

"Hey man, what happened?...Don't let Bitchka get ya' down." said Gamzee, opening a bottle of faygo and knocking back against his lips. He tilted his head backward and the nasty orange liquid fizzed as he gulped it down.

" know," said Tavros. "Same shit different day. I asked her to marry me and she asked me to kill myself."

"So she broke up with you. Is that it?" said Gamzee.

"Yea," said Tavros.

"Its probably because you're always talkin' about that dumb human shit, like that which-ma-calit thing you just said. Man, I would'a broken up with you too."



"I'll be honest with you, Gamzee. I could really use someone to talk to right now, and we were always such good friends when we were kids...uhh...I mean before you got too fucked up on the sopor, and had your...uhhh... schizophrenic episode. I was thinking, since you're getting to be sober again now, maybe things could just go back to the way they were then," said Tavros.

"So does this mean we're friends again?" asked Gamzee.

"Yea, I guess it does," said Tavros.

"I'd say we should get high, but Karkat trashed my stash. Sooo...let's talk about this mother-fucker," said Gamzee taking another swig of the orange faygo.

He emptied the contents of the bottle and then tossed the clear plastic container on to the ground. It made a hollow noise as it hit the pavement then rolled away into a showy corner of the hallway.

"Uh...Jegus...I don't know. Where do I begin?" said Tavros.

Ganzee walked behind Tavros' wheelchair and started pushing it.

"Vriska's super mean to me all the time...but...uhh...but for some reason I still really like her a lot," continued Tavros. "It would probably be better for me if I didn't like her...or if maybe I didn't like her so much...but I just do...and I can't help liking her...even if she doesn't like me very much at all. I don't even blame her that just...she just should be with someone a lot better than me. So really if she was mean to me...really I just kind of uh...I don't know...deserved it for not being that great...and really I didn't hold it against her because that's just the way she is when she's dealing with lame people like me."

"Uh huh," said Gamzee as he continued to push Tavros' wheelchair.

"She's just cool...ya' know." said Tavros. "She's just like this radical cool dame who doesn't give a shit about anything, is a funny and awesome warrior, and knows how to build things. Did you know she knows how to build things? She's way smarter than me, man, I can't build things."

"You'd know how to build things if you had gone to school for it," said Gamzee, still pushing the wheelchair.

"Naw...I'm probably too dumb 'cause I'm a bronze blood. Blue bloods are way smarter than bronze bloods uhh...which is why they go to school I guess," said Tavros.

"You've got it backwards," said Gamzee, turning Tavros' chair around a corner and continuing to push him down the shadowy corridor "...You mother-fuckin' dumb-ass."


"High bloods don't go to school because they're mother-fuckin' smart. They're smart because they mother-fuckin' go to-ugghh...never mind...just fucking never mind. You actually are an idiot, so probably you're right anyway...Fuck this conversation! Fuck this conversation backwards, forwards, sideways and upsidedown!"

Gamzee stopped pushing Tavros' wheelchair and walked around to the front of it, bracing himself on the armrests as he leaned forward, glaring hatefully into Tavro's bloodshot yellow eyes.

"You know what I can't fucking stand about you," snarled Gamzee. "You bitch and wine and cry about every little mother-fuckin' thing! Oh look at me! I'm a loser! I'm a cripple! I'm a shit blood! I'm stupid! Nobody likes me! Poor, poor, pitiful fucking me! You act like you're the only person in the whole mother-fucking world whose ever had a mother-fucking problem! And Bitchka...don't get me started about Bitchka!"

Tavros' eyes narrowed, and his black eyebrows grew taunt with building rage as his grey hands tightened into fists.

"Gamzee, I'm gonna' warn you once to get the fuck out of my face," said Tavros.

Gamzee ignored the threat and continued to scream.

"Bitchka used my freakish horns as a coat-rack last week told me to sit really, really still so that the coats wouldn't fall off! So I did! For eight hours! Bitchka kicked me in the ass yesterday, but that's ok because I guess I deserved it! Isn't Bitchka just great! Isn't she cool! Isn't she fucking beautiful! Oh Bitchka, my beautiful, smart, amazing fucking Bitchka!...Bitchka this! Bitchka that! Bitchka! Bitchka! Bitchk-"

Tavros punched Gamzee in the face, and his hands slipped from the armrests of Tavros' wheelchair as his head was knocked backward by the force of the blow. He stumbled backward, clutching his bruised jaw. Then turned his head to the side and spat purple blood and broken fangs from his battered, dripping mouth.

"I warned you," muttered Tavros, quietly.

"Mother-fucker you're gonna pay for that!" Gamzee screamed.

He charged at Tavros' wheel chair, knocking it backward with the force of his towering body. The back of Tavros' head hit the ground and he grimaced, attempting to roll out from underneath of the Juggalo's crushing weight.

Gamzee put his hands on either side of Tavros' flailing body and with some difficulty managed to restrain his arms.

"Get the fuck off of me!" Tavros yelled, turning his head away from Gamzee's bloody, dripping face.

"Heh-heh-heh-heh...Didn't think you had it in you, Tavy...You're hot when you're angry," crooned Gamzee mockingly.

Tavros head butted him and he was knocked backward again, his fingers momentarily loosening their grip on his Tavros' wrists. Tavros rolled sideways, and began dragging himself along the hallway, the paralyzed lower half of his body trailing behind him like something inanimate.

"...Help! Somebody help me!"

"Heh-heh-heh-hah-HA HA HAH-heh heh...I can walk faster than you can craw, wheelchair-boy," Gamzee said, strolling along behind him at a mockingly casual pace.

Gamzee ran his tongue along the empty, bloody holes where the teeth on the right side of his mouth had once been, very confident that Tavro's cries for help would go unheard. Tavros had unwittingly allowed himself to be wheeled to one of the distant corridors of the underground labyrinth, and no one ever went this far down- ever. They were all too afraid to get lost, too stupid to successfully navigate the complicated network of corridors, hallways, vents and pipes the way that Gamzee did on a regular basis.

Gamzee rolled one of his sleeves back, revealing a small syringe filled with red fluid taped to the inside of his wrist. He grinned, removing syringe from the tape and holding it out in front of him, then, knelt down and grabbed the waist band of Tavros' grey jeans.

"No! Get off!"

Gamzee, yanked Tavros' pants down and jabbed the needle into one of his butt cheeks, compressing the plunger to release the ominous red substance into his blood stream. Tavros' vision blurred and he went limp.

The world became a spinning nauseous blur, Gamzee's taunts and amorous giggling a muddled incoherent slur of indecipherable noise. Tavros felt himself be undressed, then picked up and dumped back in the wheelchair. He heard the spoke of the wheels turning on their axils, the sound of spinning rubber scraping against the increasingly uneven cement floor. Gamzee was taking him deeper into the labyrinth and he was limp and inebriated, powerless to stop it. He closed his eyes and moaned, feeling as though he were about to throw up.

" head h-hurts...owww...I feel all d-di-dizzy... ." Tavros moaned, his voice sounded very slurred and distorted, so eerily different from the way that he imagined it in his head.

Gamzee wheeled him into a small room at the end of one of the corridors and then locked the door behind him. Tavros heard the metallic clink of its rusty hinge, oddly magnified by his altered state. Then felt his face hit the pavement as Gamzee kicked his wheelchair over, knocking him back onto the floor. Tavros fought to keep his eyes open but the tranquilizing effect of the drug was too powerful and he drifted into a deep, uneasy sleep.

"Sweet dreams, Tav pupa," Gamzee cackled. "When you wake up we're gonna' have some mother-fucking fun...heh, heh, heh...well I'm gonna' have some mother-fuckin' fun... it won't be any fun at all for you...because I'm gonna' make it hurt. Gonna' make you hurt like I hurt mother-fucker..."

He walked up to Tavro's inert body, which lay sprawled out on the floor, naked and face down.

"You and your fucking goobery ways, always ignorin' me all the time, and mother-fucking avoidin' me whenever you meet a girl that treats you like a dip-shit loser," Gamzee said, Grabbing Tavros by one of his ankles and dragging him to the harness that he had set up in one of the corners of the room. It hung from a number of long metal chains that Gamzee had attached to the network of crooked pipes that ran along the ceiling.

"You were always such a shitty friend. I was just too mother-fuckin' high back then to realize it."

He lifted Tavros' body onto a metal plate built to support his stomach and chest, locking the four thick chains that hung from the side of it around his back to secure him in place. Then he secured his wrists with a pair of metal handcuffs that hung from the ceiling, so that his arms were forced strait out in front of him.

"...Can't have you knockin' the rest of my teeth out, can I?" Gamzee muttered as he fastened Tavros further in place with a neck shackle, and a pair of horn shackles which he snapped closed and locked around the base of each of Tavros' large horns. Each of these restrictive devices were intended to be used alongside the harness in order to restrain the victim while at the same time providing further support as they hung from the ceiling. He grabbed a pair of ankle bracelets that were dead bolted to the floor and secured them around Tavros' ankles, though this particular restraint was, in this case, unnecessary, since Tavros couldn't kick him if he wanted to.

Gamzee stepped back and admired his work. Tavros lay tranquilized and unresponsive, as he dangled from the ceiling, forced into an embarrassing position by the historical torture restraint. Gamzee walked up to him, giggling maniacally as he observed this hard earned victim with hungry, violent eyes. This was Tavros bent over with his arms pulled strait out in front of him, his legs pulled strait down underneath of him, and his dangling toes swaying slightly, just inches from the cement floor. It was the same Tavros that had followed him around when he was a kid talking about Fiduspawn and twelve-sided dies; there was no disputing that. But this was also a handsome troll at the peak of his physical prowess, about twenty years old by the human system of measurement, and completely vulnerable to whatever torture he wished to inflict...a fitting sacrifice to the Mirthful Messiahs.

Gamzee put his hand on Tavros and touched him on the shoulder for the first time in years. His bare skin was smooth and Gamzee moved his hands greedily along the contours of his muscular back to the swell of his chubby, bruised buttocks and let his hand linger there. They were still warm from Tavros' previous spanking.

"Honk," Gamzee said giving Tavros' ass a squeeze.

Tavros moaned in his sleep and unconsciously attempted to shift on to his side, but the chains restricted his movement. Gamzee moved his hand down to Tavros' thighs to his caves, ankles, heals and toes, fascinated by every detail of this body that was his to brutalize.

"Yup, he's definitely got two balls..." Gamzee said, sticking his hands underneath of Tavros to fondle his genitals.

Tavros slept for four hours before the sedative began to wear off. Then his eyes opened slowly and the room came into focus. Gradually, Tavros began to remember where he was and what had just happened. He whimpered and tried to rub his aching head but found that his wrists were bound and it was impossible for him to do this. He felt metal chains against the bare skin of his upper body and whimpered again when he realizing the he must have been bound.

"H...Help!" he screamed, sounding extremely pathetic as he trashed against the metal restrains, attempting desperately to free himself. "Somebody help me! Help! Heellllp! Oh no...oh no… Oh shit! Oh jegus! Help! Mphhh!"

Gamzee clamped a hand over his mouth.

"Shut your mouth, you're giving me a mother-fucking headache," said Gamzee.

Tavros bit Gamzee's hand, and Gamzee screamed withdrawing his bloody palm.


Gamzee slapped him angrily across the face, and Tavros, unable to turn his head, was subjected to the full force of the blow.

"Ow!" he yelped, his pale grey cheek glowing bright orange.

"I thought I told you to shut the fuck up!" Gamzee shouted forcing something metal into Tavros' mouth, and then fastening it around the back of his head.

It was a ball gag, not the one that he had specifically chosen but one selected at random in his haste to shut Tavros up. This one was medium sized and large enough to stretch Tavros' mouth slightly, causing discomfort but not serious pain. It was lined with dull, rusty spikes that chafed the inside of his mouth but did not immediately cause him to bleed.

"Mmmmpphhhhhh! Mmphhhh!" Tavros tried to scream through his gag, but all that came out were muffled incoherent noises.

"All right you pansy-assed, mother-fuckin' loser...It's time to be punished."

Gamzee found the twelve pronged flail and held it up for Tavros to see.

"Do you know what this is, mother-fucker?" he asked Tavros, gesturing violently in his direction. "This is a mother-fuckin' cat-o-twelve tails. It'll rip your skin right down to the muscle, make a loser like you cry like a mother-fuckin' pupa."

Gamzee held up his other hand and showed Tavros a large syringe filled with yellow liquid. Tavros flinched when he saw this, remembering the first needle and shouted another pointless muffled cry for help.

"And do you know what this mother-fucker is? This mother-fucker's gonna' make sure you feel it."

Gamzee walked behind Tavros and jabbed him in the tush with the needle. Tavros flinched as he felt the sharp, stabbing sensation of the needle piercing his skin and then the layer of fat underneath. He let out a cry of pain that was muffled by the gag, and whimpered as he felt the burning sensation spread around the point of the injection. As Gamzee emptied the contents of the syringe into his bloodstream, Tavros began to feel the lower half of his body again. He felt the dull, stinging ache of the bruises that Vriska had left on his backside, cool air on his naked legs and finally the cold metal restraints that chafed his dangling ankles.

"What's a matter, Tavros? Can't handle a little needle? I used to stab myself with these mother-fucking things at least three times a mother-fuckng day." said Gamzee, and with one sharp swift motion of his wrist he snapped the syringe sideways, breaking the tip of the needle off underneath of Tavros' skin. He grinned evilly as this elicited another terrified, muffled cry of pain.

" it can hurt forever."

Gamzee lifted the twelve pronged flail again.

"Your whipping is gonna' hurt a hell of a lot more than that," Gamzee sneered. "I'd be a shame to scar up that sexy mother-fuckin' body of yours up too bad, so I've decided to give you just fifteen lashes. Five on your back, five on your rump, and five on the backs of your thighs...You ready? Heh heh heh Ha HA HAH HAH HAA heh heh...don't answer. I don't actually mother-fucking care."

Gamzee raised the flail and brought it down hard on Tavro's bare back.

"Mmmpphhh! Mmmmmnnnmppphhhh!"

The twelve metal prongs cut deeply into Travros' back and muddy orange blood seeped from the painful jagged lacerations. Tavros began to cry. Gamzee laughed at him, bringing the flail down on his bare back again.

Tavros screamed through his gag again and bronze tears rolled down his face. Gamzee cackled at the sound of his frantic muffled bawling, and brought the flail down three more times. Then he raised the whip over Tavros' upturned bottom and brought it down again.

Tavros screamed some more and wept pitifully. His bloody back rose and fell sharply with each tortured, agonizing breath as Gamzee spanked him with the whip. He began to tremble, feeling nauseous and lightheaded as his injuries continued to bleed. He then felt the horrible slicing pain move to the backs of his thighs as Gamzee began to whip his legs. The sound of the leather throngs swishing through the air and striking him bare thighs filled his ears, and he felt sick with shame for having been stupid enough to trust Gamzee.

At long last, the whip ceased its relentless flailing. Tavros breathed a sigh of relief, noticing for the first time in several minutes the discomfort caused by the metal ball gag in his mouth. The rusty metal spikes on the inside of it were starting to scrape against the skin causing tiny cuts to form on the inside of his mouth. He tasted blood, and his nose dripped with snot that he was unable to wipe away. In the absence of the terror and the mindless screaming agony, he wept just as hard as he had before, feeling worthless, stupid and pitiful.

Gamzee took a handkerchief from the pocket of his jeans and used it to wipe the snot and tears off of Tavros' face.

"There, there, mother-fucker. That part's all over now," he sneered mockingly, patting him on the head. "You know I hate to be the bad guy, but your really did mother-fuckin' deserve it. So really that was for your own mother-fuckin' good."

Tavros wept harder, wishing that Gamzee would take his hand off of his head. This fake sympathy was worse than the yelling, the laughing, the insults or the jokes at his expense, and if he hadn't been gaged at that moment Tavros would have told Gamzee to drop the fuck dead.

At the moment, however, this was a distant, impossible fantasy. Tavros didn't have enough fight left in him to glare at his tormenter let alone tell him to drop the fuck dead. So instead he closed his eyes tight and wished to die, bronze tears forcing their way out from under his eyelids and over his flushing cheeks.

"I'm going to remove the mother-fucking ball gag, now." said Gamzee. "But only if you promise not to scream. Do you promise not to mother-fucking scream?"

Tavros nodded vigorously, eager to have the rusty ball of metal removed from his aching mouth.

"Good, because if you scream I'm gonna make you chug faygo until your mother-fuckin' stomach explodes. Then I'm gonna pull out all a' your mother-fuckng fangs with pliers and rape you all up in your mother-fucking mouth. Do you understand?"

Tavros nodded vigorously to indicate that he understood.

"Good," said Gamzee, reaching his hands behind Tavros' head to remove the gag.

"Owowowow...," Tavros whimpered as Gamzee wrenched the gag from his mouth and tossed across the room like a hand grenade.

"Does it hurt, mother-fucker?" Gamzee asked him.

Tavros put his head down, ignoring the pressure of the neck shackle against his adam's apple and didn't answer. Gamzee backhanded him across the face.

"I asked you a mother-fucking question!"

Tavros Sniffled.

"...Y-yes," he shuddered.

"How much does it hurt, mother-fucker?" Gamzee ordered.

"...It h-hu-hurts r-really...b-bad," Tavros whimpered in response.

"Excellent…let's play a mother-fuckin' game." said Gamzee.

"...O-ok...I'll do whatever y-you w-wa-want," wept Tavros. " don't hurt me anymore..."

Gamzee paced the room several time and then stopped in front of Tavros, a sadistic smirk twisting his painted face.

"Alright, this is how the mother-fuckin' game is played," Gamzee said. "I will ask you a series of mother-fucking questions and you will answer them. For every mother-fucking question that you answer correctly you will not be mother-fucking harmed. For every mother-fucking question that you answer incorrectly you're gonna' get motherfucking hit. In the end if you answer more motherfucking questions correctly than incorrectly, providing that you keep your motherfuckin' mout shut...I'll let you go...but heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-ha-heheh-HA-HAH-HAAAH- HA-HEH-heh...if you get more questions motherfucking wrong than right...then you extra horrible punishment."

Tavros nodded slowly to indicate that he agreed to the terms, his hands trembling violently against their icy shackles as he tried to stop himself from wondering what the extra horrible punishment was.

"Question 1," said Gamzee. "Who was the commander of the intergalactic Carapacian fleet that defeated the Leprechauns in the 17th sweep of the 9th Troll Lunar Equinox?"

Tavros of course didn't know the answer to this question. He had never been taught a significant amount of Alternian history and even if he had it wouldn't have mattered because the question was made up.

"Uhhhh...was it...Colonial fried chicken man?"

"Close, but still wrong," said Gamzee. He brought his hand back and smacked Tavros as hard as he could across his sliced and bloody rump.

Tavros bit his lip to stop himself from screaming.


"Question two," said Gamzee. "...Who was the guy who did the thing at the place?"

Tavros took up at him, his yellow eyes brimming with dark tears, and managed a glare.

"...I'm sorry but you'll have to be more specific."

Gamzee sighed.

"Fine," he said. "Who was the motherfuckin' elderly gent with the motherfuckin' top hat and monocle who won a tap dance contest three miles south of who gives a fuck at 12:45 on a Wednesday."

"...That's not a real question, is it?" said Tavros.

"Like you would know the motherfucking difference anyway," said Gamzee.

"...This is not a real question because...uhhh...b-because I'm pretty uh...I'm pretty sure that 'who gives a fuck' isn't a real place and that'd h-have no way of knowing that it happened at 12:45 on a Wednesday..."

"Wrong! The correct answer is motherfuckin' Dancin' Jim Baloshnick," said Gamzee, smacking Tavros across his injured rump again.

Tavros whimpered, biting down on his lip, and squeezing his eyes shut tight against the jolt of searing pain but he didn't scream. He didn't want to find out what would happen to him if he screamed.

"Third question," said Gamzee. "That motherfuckin' girl, you find her attractive in anyway?"

"Uhhh...n-no-she's...dumb and also ugly..." blurted out Tavros quickly. This was a lie, but he had a feeling that the response would save him from getting hurt again, at least temporarily.

"Good answer," said Gamzee, smirking. "Question number four...I am not the sexiest motherfuckin' man you've ever seen? Don't you just want to take a picture of my glorious cock and make it the screen saver on all of your electronics, and also tattoo it on your face?"

"Y..yes," said Tavros feeling especially disgusted with himself. "...Yes to all of those questions."

"Congratulations, that answer was motherfuckin' correct," said Gamzee. "And now for the motherfuckin' tie braker...motherfuckin'...question five!"

Fuck...what was question five?

"What..." hiss Gamzee menacingly, his hand slinking down into a large cardboard box with the world "MuThA FuCkIN MiRiCleS" written across the front of it in purple clown makeup. "Did...the Subjugators mother-fuckin' political prisoners...who motherfuckin' lied to them? What...did they do...when they were motherfuckin'...lied to...when they were motherfuckin lied their motherfuckin' face?"

Tavros began to shake, realizing that he was likely to find out.

"...I don't w-want to play anymore...don't hurt me please...please just let me go...I won't tell anyone, I p-pr-promise...just please don't hurt me anymore..." Tavros begged

"I'm giving you exactly 30 seconds to answer the question."

Tavros sobbed.

"...P-please..." he wept. "You know I can't...oh't h-hurt me...I don't know the the qu-question..."

"Time's up," said Gamzee. "What's your mother-fucking answer?"

"...Uhhh...uhhhh...I uhhh...I don't know!" Tavros blurted out.

"Sorry, 'I don't know' is the wrong answer!...You lose!" Gamzee shouted, and he pulled a short silver blade from the cardboard box, about two inches long and sharpened on both sides.

He took a step forward, brandishing the knife threateningly. Tavros recoiled, his brimming yellow eyes widening with terror. Gamzee walked counter clockwise around the hanging restraint, and stood behind him, giggling maniacally.

"They did this," said Gamzee, and Tavros flinched as he felt the tip of the cold metal knife against his crack.

"You're evil!" Tavros sobbed. "...H-how do you live with yourself."

"You and your motherfucking obsession with that motherfucking Bitchka...makes me motherfucking sick. Never mind about's always Bitchka this...and motherfucking Bitchka that...but I don't care...I'll rape that bitch and motherfucking kill her. Do you understand, motherfucker, that's what I'm gonna' do with her the next time I see her...and you're not gonna' be able to do a motherfuckin' thing about it...because you'll be too busy motherfuckin'...bleeding to death!"

"...Don't stab me...p-please," begged Tavros.

"The knife is going up your ass, Tavros. There isn't anything that you can do about it," said Gamzee.

"...Please...I...I'll do anything you w-want..."

Gamzee paused for a moment to contemplate this.

Any thing I want huh...heh heh heh hah he must be lying. The second I set that mother-fucker free he'll go running-no mother fucking-scratch that...crawling back to Bitchka. Fuck that shit-blooded motherfucking dumb-ass, anyway. He's not important...he's just a motherfuckin' childhood crush...and I've out grown him. That mother-fucker had his chance to be something more...I was even gonna' let him live when I slaughtered the rest of these motherfuckin' fools in the name of Lord English...but now he's only the first of many...many...MANY motherfuckin' victims.

Gamzee cackled sadistically and with one swift, fluid motion, forced the knife into Tavros' body.

Tavros screamed like he was on fire as he felt the blade slice his vulnerable insides. Gamzee removed the knife, unbuttoned his fly and pulled the zipper down on his jeans, before pulling down his pants and the pair black and purple stripped boxer shorts underneath.

Tavros continued to scream as Gamzee violently thrust his erect, grey cock into him, forcibly stretching the searing injuries. Gamzee bent over him and grabbed onto his horns like a pair of handlebars on a motorcycle. The weight of Gamzee's lanky, emaciated body sent spasms of agony across the jagged injuries on his back as Gamzee leaned over him.

Gamzee felt the felt the front of his shirt become saturated with bronze blood as he thrust his hips forward plunging his cock further into Tavros' brutalized body. He ignored the blood-curdling shriek of his victim as he continued to grind his pelvis violently forward, pounding against his injured bottom, while at the same time kicking his legs forward, and slamming his knees against the victim's bloody, dripping thighs.

"...Blood makes the best mutherfuckin' lube...motherfucker..." Gamzee whispered, his lips very close the corner of Tavros's grey, pointed ear as he leaned over him, feeling the soft texture of Tavros' Mohawk against the underside of his chin. The warmth of his victim's, large, trembling body consumed him, encircling his throbbing, desperate cock in a kind of gnawing, indescribable pleasure. It was a pleasure equivalent to the rush he got after he had chugged his first sopor pie, what was now many years ago, before he'd grown numb to the substance's mind altering effects. Whatever. It didn't matter anymore anyway...because, nothing, he decided, nothing...was better than this.

Tavros' annoying screams and tortured, humiliated sobbing were the sound track to Gamzee's mindless, relentless thrusting; the mantra to which he silently vowed that rape was totally going to be his thing from now on. Somewhere on a sparkly motherfuckin' cloud of miracles and bullshit the mirthful messiahs were surely inhaling a bong full of soporiphic fumes whilst simultaneously fucking themselves off to this. Gods can do that you know. Gods can do two things at once.

"...Say my worthless piece of shit..." Gamzee moaned, feeling himself come close to orgasm.

Tavros continued to sob and shriek with mindless agony as his searing body was jerked forward with each relentless thrust, the grinding creak of the rusty chains that secured him to the ceiling lost beneath the ear splitting timbre of his agonized wail.

Gamzee tightened his grip on Tavros' horns and forced his head forward so that the shackle around his neck began to choke him.

"Say my...fucking name..."

Gamzee relaxed his grip on Tavros' horns, and he choked, gasping for air.

" G...Gamzee...M...M...Makara..." Tavros gasped, whishing he had the strength to just let the fucker strangle him to death.

Gamzee released on of Tavros' horns an moved his hand down the troll's neck, caressing his collar bone and shoulder blade, before suddenly ceasing his bicep between two sharp unkempt yellow nails and pinching it until it bled.

"...Wrong name," Gamzee growled.

He thrust forward viciously, and Tavros screamed out in pain feeling his injuries rip with the force of the violent motion.

"Aggghhhhhhhhhh! God! Oh God!" he swore between sobs.

"That's right mother-fucker...I'm God...I'm the mirthful motherfuckin' messiahs, don't you know?...I've finally figured out who those mother fuckers are, motherfucker...they're me and motherfuckin' ME!" Gamzee shrieked in Tavros' ear, thrusting forward with every ounce of his strength; making the chains swing as he moaned and lurched forward; reaching climax as he ejaculated his seed. Tavros whimpered as he felt his belly fill up with the nasty substance.

The pipes above them collapse under the pressure of their combined weight and the two men fell to the floor.

Take that rewind it back Troll-T has got the beat to make your booty go SMACK.

Gamzee stood up, and clumsily freeing himself from the tangle of chains and fallen ventilation pipes, walked in the direction of his cell phone's familiar ring tone.

Take that rewind it back LudaTroll has got the beat to make you booty go SMACK.

He was still naked from the waist down, dripping with bronze blood and purple cum, as he knelt down and freed his cell phone from the back pocket of his discarded black and purple polka-dot pants.

Take that rewind it back-

Gamzee silenced the ring tone by pushing the tiny envelope that had appeared on the screen with his thumb.

Fuck, he thought, his yellow eyes narrowing with disgust as he recognized the numerous 8's and navy blue font.

It was a text message from Vriska.

So what do you think? Too much? Not enough? Did anyone even make it to the end of this hideous chapter? Spoiler alert: Vriska's on the war path. I'll post the next chapter time I have some free time, and also when (or if) I get at least seven more reviews.