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This story gets its name from a condition that Harry and Draco both suffer from, owing to their partial centaur ancestry. Has anyone else noticed that there are only male centaurs? Where do little centaurs come from? Keep reading to find out, but the answer will also explain how Draco ends up pregnant. Harry and Draco will both take on certain centaurian features, but only in the reproductive areas. And now onto our story…


Harry ran to catch up to Draco, but slowed down as he reached the bathroom door. Inside he found Draco standing at the sink with his head bent down and tears dripping down his face. He let out a sob, leaning his arms against the sink and burying his head in his arms, not noticing Harry's entrance.

Harry watched Draco cry for a minute, unsure what to do with himself. Part of him was sure Draco had given the necklace to Katie and almost killed her and that part of him wanted to make Draco pay. The other part hated to see Draco suffer and wanted to go to him and comfort him. At war with himself, he remained silent and slowly crept closer, but not too close. He stopped three feet away and waited. He didn't know what he was waiting for; he was just waiting for something, anything, to let him know what to do.

Draco was too lost in his own misery to notice Harry; he kept his head buried in his arms and cried, his sobs the only sound echoing off the walls. He couldn't do this. He had one chance to please the Dark Lord and save his family and he was failing. His father would never get out of Azkaban now and his mother would probably be crucioed by the Dark Lord himself, that is, if the Dark Lord could even be bothered with torturing her and didn't just kill her out right. Since she had not failed him herself, maybe he would have mercy on her and skip the torturing. But who was he kidding? The Dark Lord was not a merciful Lord and if Draco didn't kill Dumbledore by the end of the year, his mother would pay the price and be tortured and then killed.

"Mother; he's got mother," Draco murmured softly in between gasps of air as he continued to cry into his arms.

Harry heard Malfoy and realized that he must be referring to Voldemort, but didn't make a move or a sound, wanting to give Malfoy a chance to say more. He wanted to overhear more. He wanted more clues as to why Malfoy was having this breakdown in this bathroom. Maybe it had nothing to do with Katie. Maybe Malfoy hadn't even noticed Katie was back, because he was so concerned about his mum. Maybe he had just received an owl with news of his mum and was struggling with how to handle it. Harry didn't know what it was like to have a mum, but he certainly knew what it was like to miss having one. From the sound of it, Malfoy would know what that felt like in the very near future and Harry could understand why that might lead his nemesis to breakdown crying in the boy's bathroom. Maybe Malfoy spent all those nights in the room of requirement crying too. Or maybe he had some plan to save his mum that he had to keep secret from all of those Death Eater spawn in the Slytherin dorm. If word got out that Malfoy was acting against the Dark Lord…well that would most likely lead to a dead Malfoy turning up with a Dark Mark over his body.

Harry didn't want that to happen, but he needed more information before he could help. Malfoy would never give him that information willingly, so he decided to remain where he was and wait silently to see what else he might be able to overhear.

Draco gasped for air as he thought about his mother. She was a good kind person whose only crime had been marrying his father. She wasn't a Death Eater. She never killed or tortured muggles. She stayed at home and sang him lullabies and read him bedtime stories while his father was out Death Eating. He loved her dearly. She was the only person in this world who loved him unconditionally. She didn't care if he didn't really have a problem with muggle-borns or if he didn't have the highest marks in the school or if he didn't win every Quidditch match. Father loved him too, but there was always a price on that love; he had to be the best to earn his love, but not with mother. Mother would love him no matter how many dotty old professors he couldn't kill. Mother didn't deserve to be caught in the middle like this and used as leverage to ensure orders were carried out. He would do anything for her and that sick bugger knew it. He would find a way to kill Dumbledore and save his mother. He'd mend the blasted cabinet or die trying.

But how could he mend that cabinet if he was kicked out of school? Draco let out another loud sob as he thought about his earlier fuck-up. Katie Bell was back and had probably told Potter all about Rosmerta giving her the necklace. Potter would go straight to Dumbledore, who would question Rosmerta, realize she was imperiused, and figured out that it was he who had done it. He'd be expelled by this time tomorrow. He'd be kicked out of school and taken directly to the Dark Lord, who would proceed immediately to torturing mother.

No, if this was his last day at Hogwarts, then he had one last chance to fix that blasted cabinet and save mother. 'Pull yourself together! You're wasting valuable time,' Draco thought to himself and he built up his resolve to give that cabinet one last go. He could just stay in the room of requirement until he succeeded and no one would be able to find him or pull him out of there until it was done! He sucked in a sob and looked up into the mirror to fix his face and saw- Potter.

"Potter!" Draco exclaimed, turning around quickly, not knowing when Potter had gotten there or how much he had seen. But Potter had seen him crying and that was embarrassing, so his cheeks flamed red and he pulled out his wand.

Malfoy was clearly in distress; that much was obvious to Harry. But other than that tidbit about Voldemort having his mum, Malfoy hadn't given out any clues. Harry didn't know when Voldemort had taken Narcissa Malfoy or where he had her or what Malfoy thought was going to happen to her. He had his guess, which was rather morbid, but it was just a guess and Harry still didn't know how best to help or quite what to do.

"It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you," Harry said softly as he approached, hoping not to scare Malfoy away.

At that moment, Harry wanted to comfort Malfoy, so he stepped forward slowly, with his hands up to show he wasn't reaching for his wand. He got within a foot of his rival and reached a hand out to wipe away some of the tears from Malfoy's face.

Draco was confused and didn't know what Harry was playing at. He was also embarrassed, especially now that Potter was wiping the tears away from his face. He was like a deer caught in headlights and not knowing what to do, he simply stood there and let whatever was happening, happen.

Malfoy's skin felt warm underneath his fingertips. Harry thought for a moment about letting go and taking a step back, but his fingers tingled where they made contact with that soft skin and Malfoy was not moving. There was no hexing or pushing away. If Malfoy wasn't pushing him away, maybe Malfoy felt it too. It felt like butterflies in his stomach as he gently brushed the tears away. Malfoy's face was still damp and flushed, but his lips were bright red in a way Harry had never noticed before, grey eyes were shining with unshed tears. Malfoy just looked so innocent and vulnerable in that moment. He cupped Malfoy's cheek with his other hand and gently touched his finger to those red lips.

Malfoy's brain wasn't working quite right. It was receiving the signals in, like that Potter's hands were cool and felt spectacular against the heated skin of his face, but the revulsion, that this was Potter touching him, was not there. His brain failed to process that information and instead, he was left with nothing as he leaned into the pleasant touch. He let out another gasp of breath as Potter's finger touched his lip, but it was no longer the struggle for air associated with crying, but the need to breathe more quickly as his heart rate sped up. He could feel his pulse beating rapidly in his ears, muffling what little sound there was in the quiet bathroom. He took an unconscious step forward, closer to Potter, letting his wand arm fall loosely to his side.

Harry took Malfoy's movement as a sign that he was agreeable to what was happening and so he let it continue to happen. He stepped forward slightly, closing the gap between their bodies, letting his chest touch Malfoy's chest just so. He could feel the gasping breaths taken. His thighs brushed softly against the other boy's thighs, tingling where they met, as his hands continued to have a mind of their own, stroking those soft red lips.

Harry wasn't sure how it happened, only that it was happening. He was kissing Malfoy! His hands were cupping either side of Malfoy's face and his lips were pressed against those soft delicate lips. The biggest surprise was that Malfoy was kissing him back! Malfoy's lips were moving, slowly but firmly, underneath his own. The contact sent shivers down his spine and straight to his groin. He could feel his heart beating out of his chest as his lips slowly caressed those succulent red lips.

Malfoy's mouth opened slightly as he turned just a tad to suck in a gasp of air. Suddenly Harry too was feeling the burn in his lungs as his body craved more oxygen to fuel whatever it was that was happening. He turned his head slightly, taking in a few quick breaths without fully breaking contact. Their lips were still touching, just so, corner of mouth to corner of mouth, as they each caught their breath.

Harry thought for a moment that Malfoy would break away from him and hex him, but he didn't move and his mouth was still right there. His lips were open and his panting seemed to be under control, so Harry took the advantage, turned his head back, and rejoined their lips fully, darting his tongue out for a taste before one of them came to their senses and stopped this. He didn't want to end this anytime soon. He was hot and tingling and needed relief. He instinctively inched forward, using his knee to part the other boy's thighs, so he could get in-between them.

Draco wasn't thinking, only feeling. He let Potter snog him senseless and it barely even registered when his legs were parted. His leg felt hot where Potter was pressing into him with something hard, but that didn't matter, because Potter's upper thigh was now pushing softly, but rhythmically, against his bits. Pleasure shot through his body. He could feel the blood rushing south.

Harry's mouth was still exploring Malfoy's deliciously open mouth. He licked soft, supple lips, tasted the warm wet tongue, and explored slick hard teeth. Malfoy let him and even moved his lips beneath his and darted a tongue out to meet his once or twice. Mostly Malfoy just panted into his mouth and let Harry control the kiss, never daring to explore Harry's mouth with his own tongue, but to Harry it was enough that he was participating.

Harry was never more grateful for the wizarding dress-code of a robes with no trousers than he was now. The trousers would have gotten in the way; zippers and buttons might make this uncomfortable, but the robes just glided and flowed with his movements, letting him move against the willing body.

"Do you want this?" Harry asked. He wanted it, but not if Malfoy didn't. Malfoy was giving him every indication that he also wanted it, but Harry had to be sure.

Potter was rutting against him and Draco's lips tingled under Potter's tongue. His cheek burned under Potter's right hand and his hip burned under Potter's left one, even though he was only being touched through the fabric of his robes. His pulse pounded so loudly in his ears that he barely heard Potter's question. But he did hear it and he did want Potter to continue. He didn't want to have to go back to his dorm alone.

Draco had never done something like this before. Pansy had offered, but it was Pansy, so he had declined. He had been on a few dates with Astoria and even kissed her once, but then he had realized just how disgusting it was to kiss a witch. There was a seventh year wizard in Hufflepuff who had flirted with him once, but he was a Hufflepuff and with all the muggle-borns in his family tree, father would never accept the match. So Draco was rather inexperienced sexually and although he wasn't really thinking about, somewhere in the back of his mind, he hoped Potter might touch him with his hand, but if not, this thing he was doing with his leg was good.

Malfoy nodded once and made no other move to show that he had heard and was agreeing, but he did nod and he didn't back away, so it was all the conformation Harry needed to continue. He gently broke away from Malfoy, putting a hand on his chest to hold him back when Malfoy's lips tried to follow him. Harry stepped back a few inches, needing the space to remove his ratty white pants, an old cast-off from Dudley, and hike up his robes. He flung his pants behind him, into the bathroom stalls, not caring where they landed, and reached out to do the same for Malfoy.

Potter's right arm was reaching towards him, pulling his robes up, but that didn't matter because his left hand was touching him. His heart pounded so hard he could feel it beating like a drum in his chest and he struggled for breath. 'Maybe he wants to touch me with his hand after all,' was Draco's last thought as Potter got the robes up and pulled Draco's pants down.

There wasn't enough blood left to travel to Draco's brain, so his vision went blank and he saw nothing but white stars bursting across a black screen. His hearing too went blank. When before he could hear the blood pounding in his ears and the sound of his pants for breath echoing off the bathroom tiles, now the room seemed eerily quiet, with no sound at all. Before he could taste Potter's tongue darting in and out of his mouth as he struggled to kiss him while adjusting their clothing; now he couldn't taste anything. The bathroom had smelled of lavender from the cleaner the house elves used and Potter had smelled of musk and sweat, but also of vanilla from the school's standard shampoo and mint from his toothpaste, but now Draco couldn't smell any of that.

Draco could only feel. He could feel his lungs burning for more oxygen and his chest as he panted for breath. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest and through his ears. He could feel Potter's tongue dart into his mouth and he could feel Potter's hand on him and it felt wonderful. He felt his knees give out and he felt Potter's strong arms catch him, holding him up. He felt Potter move them backwards a few inches, towards the sink. He felt the cold hard porcelain on his lower back. He felt Potter lift him up and scoot his body backwards until he was just seated on the edge of the sink. He felt his head resting in the crook of Potter's neck, his head turned out to better drag in the cold harsh breaths he needed, as Potter removed his pants from where they had fallen down his legs and caught on his ankles.

Harry saw Malfoy's eyes glaze over in pleasure, before he felt him sagging. He caught Malfoy around the waist with both hands, preventing him from falling to the floor. He quickly scooted Malfoy back onto the ledge of the sink, letting him rest his head in the crook of his neck, but he didn't let him rest completely, as his hands quickly returned to the boxers caught around Malfoy's ankles. Harry reached down to remove them, but missed, his hand going inside the fabric, between Malfoy's legs. He tried to grab the fabric to tug them off- they were in his way and he wanted them off already- but his hand just seemed to disappear inside, like a muggle's magic hat, and he couldn't gain purchase on the fabric.

'They must have a wizard-space charm on them!' Harry thought to himself as he pulled his arm out of the boxers and finally pulled them off of Malfoy by tugging on the outside of the fabric. He quickly threw the offensive fabric over his head, like he had done with his own pants, while pushing forward into the newly opened space between Malfoy's legs. Malfoy's entire body was fiery hot and flushed pink with blood. Harry smiled as he realized how turned on Malfoy was. He was happy to think Malfoy wanted this as much as he wanted it.

Harry had not been seriously considering having sex in the near future, given that he didn't have a partner and wasn't that into girls, but when Seamus brought out a book on wizard sex spells and potions, he was vaguely interested. He hadn't known he was gay at the time and that realization had still yet to hit the young hero, but there were some things that were useful no matter what you were into. Harry had found the lubrication charm useful, so like all of the sixth year boys in Gryffindor, he had studied that section and practiced casting that charm. He grew proficient at it, which was something he was grateful for when he reached for Malfoy's wand, clutched tightly in a limp hand by his side. Harry easily cast the charm. He dropped Malfoy's wand to the floor and went for it. And then being the teenaged virgin that he was, it was over.

Draco had not budged a millimeter from his position on the sink with his head propped against Potter's shoulder and neck. He could not move. All thought had left him and he was left only with the sensation of touch. It felt good, exceedingly good, until suddenly it felt absolutely horrible. His face scrunched up in pain. It hurt so much that his brain turned off that sensation too and he was left floating in blackness with a pain in his arse for an undetermined amount of time.

Harry stood there panting and didn't realize that Malfoy hadn't enjoyed it. He had not seen the pained face, because it was still turned away from him. He didn't notice that Malfoy took in one sharp gasp of breath, before his panting stopped and his breathing returned to normal. He didn't realized that Malfoy passed out and was resting limply against him, until Malfoy's head slipped sideways off his shoulder and body followed, slowly slipping off the sink. Harry grabbed a hold of Malfoy at the waist with both hands, steadying him back on the sink, before wrapping one arm around his waist and using the now freed hand to prop Malfoy's head back onto his shoulder.

"You alright there?" Harry asked concerned.

'He probably couldn't hold on,' Harry thought to himself. 'Guess I better help him back down now.'

But Malfoy didn't respond, and Harry wanted a responsive partner, so he gently laid Malfoy's body back against the mirror behind the sink, careful not to press Malfoy's back into the water faucet. With Malfoy's body leaned against the mirror, Harry finally had a chance to see his face, scrunched up in pain, eyes closed. Figuring Malfoy was in pain because he was a virgin, Harry decided to cup Malfoy's cheek with his free hand, still holding onto his waist with the other arm, making sure that he didn't fall. "It's okay," Harry soothed softly, hoping that Malfoy would respond and be alright.

But Malfoy didn't respond and Harry began to worry as he slowly realized that Malfoy had passed out. He moved the hand on Malfoy's cheek down to the faucet and turned it on, cupping his hand under the cold stream of water. He slowly brought the water up to Malfoy's face and splashed him. When that failed to rouse Malfoy, Harry retrieved another handful of water and splashed Malfoy's stomach.

"Merlin's Beard!" Harry swore softly, not liking the situation at all.

Finally accepting that Malfoy had passed out on him, Harry pulled his wand out of his robes sleeve-pocket. "Enervate!" Harry exclaimed, pointing his wand at Malfoy.

Draco gasped, choked on his own saliva, and spluttered as he came back to consciousness. First he realized that his bum felt like it was on fire and second he realized that he was covered in water. His robes were pushed up under his armpits, but they were dripping wet. His face and stomach were wet as well. Third was that Potter was standing over him and holding onto him. Potter had his wand out and pointed at him, so he reached for his wand, only to find that he didn't have it anymore. He was unarmed, in a very bad position, and running on enervate fumes.

"Get off me, Potter," Draco tried to shout, but it came out hoarse and whispery. He pushed Potter away with all his might, but the motion fell short as Potter tightened his hold on him and he let out a loud cry of pain.

"Okay, okay, just hold on a second," Harry said, trying to do too many things at once. He was worried Malfoy would fall off the sink if he just let go, so he wanted to put Malfoy down on the floor. And to complicate matters, Malfoy was pushing and shoving him and squirming. It was all he could do to hold onto Malfoy and keep him from falling.

Draco screamed as Potter wrapped his arms around him more tightly. This was so humiliating that Draco wanted to cry if he could just stop screaming long enough to. He pushed Potter back again and resumed his squirming, trying to get away from Potter. He felt Potter's arms loosen their grip and seizing the opportunity, he pushed Potter off of him as hard as he could, the faucet painfully gouging into his back as his own body moved backwards. His bum was on fire, his back hurt, and the sink was wet and slippery; all of which caused him to lose his balance and fall side-ways off of the sink. He would have been embarrassed if he wasn't already humiliated. What could possibly be worse than Potter doing that in his bum?

Harry fell back onto the hard tiled floor. He landed hard on his bum. It hurt and he was just about to start feeling sorry for himself when he saw Malfoy fall off the sink. Malfoy landed hard on his side, before his head hit the wall in back of the sink with a bang. Harry slowly inched closer to Malfoy, wanting to help him, and trying to think of a healing spell that might work. Draco took a minute to recover from hitting his head. He saw Potter inching closer with wand out and again he wished for his wand. Then he saw his wand laying a few feet away from him on the other side of the sink! 'Screw my buggered arse and my bum hip and my aching head, I need that wand,' he thought, before throwing his body in the direction of said wand. He grabbed it and pointed it threateningly at Potter while he tried to remember how to cast a hex, any hex, so long as he could keep Potter off of him. And while he thought, he got up on his knees, struggling to fix his robes, which had been caught around his waist. He finally got the blasted robes lowered enough to cover his bits and looked up to see that Potter had followed him and currently had a hand held out to him.

"Stay back!" Draco shouted, still trying to get his wits about him.

"I just want to help," Harry replied, taking his arm back and letting it hang loosely by his side. "Let me take you to the hospital wing."

'So you can brag about how you had your way with me?' Draco thought before starting to cry again. He got out one curse, which he aimed at Harry, in-between sobs. He didn't plan on going to the hospital wing or letting anyone know about what just happened. If his dorm mates knew how weak he was, he would have a target on his back for the rest of his school career.

The curse missed Harry, who jumped up and retreated towards the bathroom door. He didn't want to leave Malfoy like this, but he also didn't want to get hit.

"Crucio!" Draco shouted, wanting Potter to feel as much pain as he felt at that moment. But he had never performed the cruciatus curse before, and so it just bounced limply off of Potter's chest.

Harry responded instinctually to the failed cruciatus, casting the first spell that came to mind, which happened to be, "Sectumsempra!" He watched in horror as his spell ripped opened the front of Malfoy's robes and he could see the blood seeping out of the chest cuts. The last thing he wanted to do was to hurt Malfoy more than he already had and now Malfoy would probably bleed to death in this bloody bathroom!

Harry went to kneel at Malfoy's side and took the blond head into his lap, whispering, "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry," over and over again. He could see the blood draining out of Malfoy, face turning a sickly pale shade of white, but he didn't know the counter curse or how to save the boy.

The bathroom door banged open loudly and Snape barged in, pointing his wand at Harry before turning to the bloodied boy lying motionless on the tiled floor. Recognition dawned on his face as he began muttering a counter curse, knitting the skin back together and forcing the blood back into the emptied veins. Harry watched in silence as Snape worked, grateful beyond measure that he would not become a murderer this day.

"Potter, you are to stay here and not move a muscle until I come back to deal with you!" Snape hissed through his teeth as he levitated Draco's body. Harry nodded and Snape left with Draco.

Harry heard the door bang shut and sprang into action, looking for his misplaced pants; he did not want to be caught by Snape again without his pants on. He found Malfoy's first, on the floor of the first stall, and decided to tuck them away in his backpack to return as soon as possible, because he didn't want Snape to find out that Malfoy's pants had been removed and discarded on the bathroom floor. He finally found his own pants in the third stall and put them back on, before setting about to wait for Snape's return.


Author's Note:

This story was originally quite long and overly fluffy. I just edited it in August 2016, removing almost 30,000 words of superfluous fluff.