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Harry was getting behind on his homework again, what with Quidditch practice before dinner on Wednesday, masturbating and reading his book Monday during free period, the two dates with Draco last weekend, and now a third date in the room of requirement Thursday before dinner. But Harry was excited to have some time alone with Draco and figured he could make up the homework soon enough.

Harry got to the room of requirement first, because he wanted to make the room just right. He wanted their exotic lilac beach from before, but with the addition of a bathroom, just in case he talked Draco into doing something from the book. Or judging by the amount of sand he found in his bits after they went snorkeling, the shower would be useful in case they went snorkeling again. 'Yeah, if Draco asks, I want the shower for the second reason; I hope the snorkel gear is there again, including the swimsuit.'

The swimsuit from last time had disappeared after he took it off. He went to throw it in the laundry, and it was gone. But on the plus side, it had worked well enough while it was on him and he didn't have another, so he hoped the room would provide again.

Harry was hit with the scent of lilacs and a salty ocean breeze when he opened the door, which was a good indication that the room was made right. He did a quick once around, looking for differences. There was now a small cabinet outside the hut on the beach, which is where he found their snorkel gear, but no swim-trunks. The hut wasn't any deeper, but it was wider, cutting into the lilac forest on the left side of the room, and now there were solid thatched walls on that side of the hut, instead of the purely open design from before.

He went inside the hut and found the same loveseat and fireplace as before, but now there was a dresser up against the rear wall. When he opened the first drawer, he was pleasantly surprised to find the green and lilac swim-trunks from before, along with a few pairs of pants. He opened the next drawer and found two sets of pajama bottoms and two plain white t-shirts. The clothes looked nicer than his own and there was a chance Draco might see him naked today, so he quickly switched his pants and added one of the white shirts, before pulling his robe back on. Again, he hid his own pants in his backpack, so that Draco wouldn't see.

'I really need to buy new pants now that I've got a boyfriend to potentially see them,' Harry thought as he stowed his backpack on top of the dresser.

After that, Harry explored the addition on the left side of the hut. Against the rear wall of the room of requirement, there were now a set of sliding glass doors. When he opened them, he found a large empty closet. Closer to the dining patio side of the room was one solid wooden door. He opened the wooden door to find the bathroom he had asked for. There was a large tub on the left, like the one in the prefects bathroom. On the right there was a small shower, sink, and a loo, and on the back wall there was a whole rack of fluffy white towels.

'It's perfect,' Harry thought. It blocked the view of the lilac forest, but it more than made up for that with added functionality.

Draco came in when Harry was just walking around the outside of the hut on the lilac side, to see what the bathroom looked like from the outside. It looked like it might blow over in a strong wind, because it appeared to be made of giant leaves and sticks. But as they were inside Hogwarts, it was unlikely that the hut would be subjected to a strong wind and it was probably held together by magic, so Harry decided it would do.

"Hullo Harry," Draco called from across the room and Harry went running over to the door.

"Hi Draco," Harry replied, panting slightly and taking his hand.

"Is the room the same?" Draco asked curiously. He wondered if Harry always asked for it like this or if the room always made itself like this for him.

"Mostly. There's a cabinet on the beach to hold the snorkel gear now and a dresser in the room with my trunks in them. And there's even a bathroom on the lilac side of the hut!" Harry's voice increased in excitement when he got to the bathroom part.

"With a loo?" Draco asked and Harry nodded. "Better watch out or the Weasley clan will be moving in here soon."

"Hey! Watch it, they're my friends!" Harry exclaimed somewhat miffed. He had hoped that he and Draco could set aside their differences now that they were together. 'Are we really gonna go back to that when I introduce him to my friends as my boyfriend?'

"I was just pulling your chain," Draco explained, laughing at Harry's reaction.

"That wasn't funny." Harry pouted.

"It sooo was way funny and you totally fell for it." Draco was doubled over laughing now.

After a few minutes, Draco stopped laughing, straightened up, and pulled himself together.

"Had enough of a laugh at my expense, have you?" Harry was smirking, because Draco looked so cute with a smile on his face and a light in his eyes that he couldn't help it.

"Yeah. Eh, I haven't laughed like that is so long…In fact, I can't remember the last time I laughed like that," Draco replied.

"It really takes a load off to know your mum's safe, doesn't it?" Harry asked.

"Yeah. So why were you so excited about the bathroom? Plan on moving in here permanently to hide from the Dark Lord?" Draco asked.

"No, but that's a good idea. He'd never be able to find me in here and the elves would feed me whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I'd just have to convince you to move in here with me so that I'd have someone to talk to." Harry thought it was a good idea, but he couldn't imagine doing it for long, because he couldn't imagine hiding and staying hidden. He wanted to kill Voldemort and get it over with.

"He'd probably tear down the entire castle, brick by brick, to get to you; obsessive bastard," Draco joked.

"Did you know he really is a bastard, literally? His mum tricked his muggle father into marrying him with a love potion. She decided to come clean once she was pregnant. The muggle kicked her out and she gave birth in an orphanage, before dying and leaving baby Tom there to be raised by muggles. His dad never came looking for him; that's probably why he hates muggles so much."

"Really? How do you know all that?" Draco asked.

"Dumbledore. I've had a couple of lessons with him this year. He teaches me about Voldemort's past, that way I'll be prepared to kill him when the time comes," Harry revealed.

"And his first name is really Tom? That's so pedestrian," Draco said laughing.

"Tom Riddle," Harry confirmed.

"Oh no wonder he changed his name! Can you imagine Lord Tom Riddle? That wouldn't even scare kneazles."

"You're in a good mood today," Harry observed.

"Yeah, well mother's safe, I've got a new hot boyfriend, and I finally got caught up on my school work. I've never had such poor grades before," Draco replied.

"That's great!"

"The poor grades or the hot boyfriend part?" Draco asked before stepping forward and tilting his head down for a kiss, which Harry returned.

Draco and Harry snogged for a good ten minutes before they broke apart panting. Draco bent down, his hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath, but Harry stayed upright.

"A couple of months without Quidditch and you're out of shape already?" Harry quipped.

"Yeah, well I haven't done much of anything physically lately, besides snorkeling Sunday," Draco replied, standing up and smiling, before taking Harry's hand again.

"I know, Quidditch is starting to feel like such a little kid thing. There are so many more important things to consider, what with the war coming up and all," Harry said.

"Yeah, I was feeling the same about school. But now I'm thinking that maybe I can come back and finish once the Dark Lord eats it." Draco was thinking about how he wouldn't be allowed to come back next year after being involved in Snape's plan to off Dumbledore. Or if things went the other way, he'd still be in hiding after not fulfilling the Dark Lord's orders. Either way he wouldn't be here and most likely he'd be hiding somewhere safe with mother.

"Yeah, I feel you, but until Dumbledore breaks down this game plan that he's been working on, I don't know where to start. But enough talk of Voldemort; he's not here and he's not going to ruin our lives," Harry insisted, deliberately leaving out the mention of Horcruxes. He didn't want to spoil their time together and he didn't know where to start looking for the next Horcrux, and even if he did, he couldn't share that with Draco, so there was no point bringing it up. "What do you want to do today? The come-and-go room is open with possibilities."

"Um, do you want to sit down on the couch?" Draco asked. He wanted to talk more about what Harry had showed him yesterday and he wanted to be sitting down for that discussion.

Sitting on the couch worked well for snogging and reading sex books, which is what he wanted to do, so he smiled, nodded, and led Draco by the hand over to the loveseat in the little hut. Draco plopped down first and Harry sat down next to him, hoping his boyfriend would want to snuggle again like their first date.

"Harry, I wanted to talk to you about the memory you showed me," Draco began and Harry instantly knew that this couldn't be good, but he stayed silent and nodded, to see where Draco was going with this. "You shared with me how you felt about it and I appreciate that, but I just wanted to make sure you understand how I felt during it. I want you to use legilimency on me and see that day from my perspective."

'Okay, so not a break-up; maybe we're moving forwards,' Harry thought. "But I don't know legilimency Draco."

"I know, but two days ago I didn't know it either. It's completely different from occlumency, so don't even go saying I had that as an advantage."

Harry wanted to make a joke to the effect of, 'You just want me to relive your emotional garbage after I subjected you to mine,' but he thought better of it and kept the words from coming out of his mouth. Instead he nodded his head, gulped, and said, "Okay, I'll try. How do I do it?"

Draco spent half an hour giving Harry a quick tutorial and then Harry spent half an hour trying to make the stupid spell work. But he wasn't trying too hard, because he secretly hoped it wouldn't work at all and their two hours of alone time together would pass without him having to see the bathroom incident from his boyfriend's perspective. He already knew it was bad and he didn't want to know just how bad. What if there was more Draco had kept from him? What if he was a monster?

The setting fake-sun going down over the gentle waves caught Harry's eyes through the window. At that moment he really wished that Draco had wanted to go swimming or snorkeling or anything else but sit on this couch, even if it meant never getting to his sex book. And in that moment, he absent-mindedly cast the legilimens that penetrated Draco skull and linked him directly to his brain. It took Harry a good ten minutes to get his bearings, but he already knew that he should be seeing the bathroom, and that helped.

The bathroom from Draco's eyes and colored with Draco's emotions finally came into focus. It was hot and horny and steamy, but then his senses seamed to shut down until he was left with only touch. And then that stopped too when the pain hit and he was out. Harry hadn't known that Draco was already beginning to pass out from over-excitement before he even entered him! If he'd known that, he would've stopped right then and avoided this whole mess!

But Harry didn't have a time-turner, so he kept watching through an indiscriminate darkness and an undetermined amount of time. Waiting for the blackness to end made everything seem very scary to Harry, like anything could be happening in the world outside and he wouldn't know. Then the sense of sight was back and Harry was there pointing a wand at him and his arse was on fire. The other senses came back too as Draco struggled to get away from Harry and stop the pain and he ended up falling off the sink. The whole thing was filled with agonizing pain, humiliation, and an unknown feeling that Harry had never felt before. He decided that it was probably the violation that Draco had told him about in the hospital. It felt awful.

Harry broke the spell and began to cry as he pulled his knees up to his chest. Draco too had just relived the horrible experience, for what he hoped would be the last time, and tears were trickling down his face, but he was trying to control it and hold himself back from all out sobbing.

Fifteen minutes later, Draco looked at his watch and was the first to speak. "Merlin's pants! Look at the time; you better go or you'll miss dinner!" He could sneak down to the kitchens himself, but Harry couldn't, because Harry had detention with Professor Snape again.

"I don't want to go," Harry replied. He had stopped crying, but he didn't feel like putting on a smiling face and acting like nothing had happened and he hadn't even gotten to the worse part with the sectumsempra.

"But you'll miss dinner and you've got detention right after," Draco argued.

"What about you? Do you feel like going?" Harry asked, reaching out and wiping the tears off Draco's face.

"No, I was just gonna pop into the kitchen and get something," Draco answered.

"Why don't we have dinner together then? Right here?" Harry motioned towards the table on the fake-outdoors patio.

"No food," Draco replied.

"Dobby," Harry called.

Dobby appeared instantly with a loud pop and said, "Yes Harry Potter, sir. Can Dobby be getting anything for the great Harry Potter, sir? Dobby is honored to serve Harry Potter, sir."

"Yes Dobby, can you get me and Draco some dinner?" Harry asked.

"Yes, Harry Potter, sir. Dobby will get a most wonderful dinner, sir. What would Harry Potter, sir, like Dobby to get?"

"What do you want, Draco?" Harry asked, turning to his boyfriend.

"Do you have any of your cherry cheesecake Dobby? And lamb kabobs with mashed potatoes and squash?" Draco asked hopefully. These were all foods Dobby had served him at the manor, but other than the mashed potatoes and squash, they weren't things he'd had at Hogwarts.

"Yes Draco Malfoy, sir. Dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes, sir," Dobby said.

"Thanks Dobby," Harry replied. The elf apparated with a sniffle and Harry was grateful not to have to endure another rant on what a good wizard he is for thanking an elf. Draco was looking at him funny, so he asked, "What?"

"Is thanking the elves part of Grangers house elf club?" Draco asked. He didn't really want to get into it, but Harry had caught him staring.

"Yeah, but Ron and I aren't in her club. It's just her," Harry replied.

"Why's that Potter?" Draco asked with a smirk. He was still a little down from the legilimency, so he didn't laugh.

"Because other than Dobby, none of the elves I've met want to be free," Harry answered honestly. He tried to support Hermione, but some of her ideas were just too radical for him.

"Yeah, that's because they have to be bound to a family to reproduce. Dobby doesn't have a wife or kids and he's actually a fairly young elf, so he has years before he needs to think about that," Draco explained. "And father is awful to all our elves, but then father's awful to almost everyone."

"Is he awful to you?" Harry asked curiously, now that Draco was opening up to him.

"No, not if I toe the line. Make fun of muggleborns and such," Draco answered. "He pretty much spoiled me rotten."

Harry didn't know what to say to that, so he just smiled and took Draco's hand again. He led them out to the beach. The last rays of sun were setting, so they watched in silence. Then they turned to the table and a chandelier overhead lit up with hundreds of candles.

"I didn't notice that there before. Was it there before?" Harry asked.

"No, it definitely wasn't here last weekend, but I think it might've been there earlier today. I can't quite recall whether it was or wasn't; I didn't look that closely," Draco answered.

They heard another pop and two plates filled with lamb, mash potatoes, and squash appeared on the table. Harry pulled out the chair for Draco, before sitting opposite him and taking his left hand in his across the table, like how they had sat for dinner their first night.

"I wonder why the sun set so much earlier tonight than it did Saturday night," Draco commented.

"You're right it did set earlier…maybe because we have to leave earlier," Harry suggested.

"Yeah, that must be it," Draco said, digging into his food.

When they finished, their plates disappeared and were replaced with plates of cherry cheesecake. "Yum," Draco said. "So what did you want to do this weekend?"

"Come back here, of course," Harry answered, smiling. He waved his fork around to indicate the beach and the lilac forest.

"What do you want to do here? Anything in particular, or snorkeling again?" Draco was trying to figure out how he should dress. If they were doing the beach again he would have to wear his trunks and a light summer robe.

"Snorkeling sounds good, but there was something else I had in mind that I wanted to talk to you about."


"Well, I got this book on wizard sex and I've been reading about how to give blow jobs," Harry said, diving right in. Draco started choking when he heard the words blow and job, so maybe he should've led up to it more. He got up and patted Draco on the back. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, but maybe next time wait until I finish eating to say things like that," Draco replied when he finished coughing. Bad table manners were embarrassing, but Harry's comment was inappropriate for the dinner table.

"Okay, are you done eating now?" Harry asked with a smirk.

Draco quickly ate the last few bites of his dessert, swallowed, and washed it down with water, before saying, "Okay, now I'm done." He was nervous about what Harry was going to say and mentally preparing to bolt for the door.

"So, as I was saying, I've been reading about blow jobs and how to give them, but it would help if I had someone to practice on. I was hoping you might be willing to let me practice on you." Draco was silent for several minutes, so Harry added, "I wouldn't be expecting you to reciprocate, of course. You'd be doing me a favor, so I wouldn't ask you for anything more."

"Um, so you want to put your mouth on my bits, but I don't have to touch yours?" Draco asked, just to make sure he understood. He had decided not to run after all, but to wait and hear Harry out, as long as he wasn't proposing to do any of that right now; he needed time to think before he made that kind of decision and he needed all the information.

"Well yes. I was thinking we could work up to it. First I'd start by wanking you and when we were both comfortable with that, maybe in a week or two, I'd move on to using my mouth."

"The boy's in my dorm are always talking about blow jobs. Word is Tracey gives a great one; Vince swears by them and she's given one to every boy in our year except me. Although, Theo's pretty happy with Daphne's bjs and Blaise prefers Pansy's bjs," Draco said. Harry had made him uncomfortable and he thought he'd return the favor by volunteering what he knew about blow jobs.

"So every boy in your dorm, but you, has had one?" Harry asked.

"Yeah. What about in your dorm? Who is it, Lavender, who services all the bits in lofty Gryffindor tower?" Draco asked.

"Well she's dated a few boys, but I don't think it's anything like that." Harry was somewhat offended that Draco was implying that Lavender was a slag.

"She's dated a few in Slytherin alone. Both Vince and Greg were considering full out fucking her, even though it might cost them a proper marriage. Blaise has let her service him, but at least he's not stupid enough to consider sleeping with her. And I know for a fact that she's slept with Justin Finch-Fletchley in Hufflepuff, but then he's muggle born, so his reputation doesn't really matter to him, does it now?"

"Why do you know all this? I didn't know any of it, except for that Lavender has dated Ron, Seamus, and Justin."

"I heard she more than dated Seamus, but then he's half muggle, so again he doesn't give a shite about a reputation. But in Slytherin house, everyone knows everything that's going on. We keep close tabs on all the other students, so we don't get swindled in a bad marriage contract," Draco admitted.


"Well say Blaise and Lavender start dating and want to get married and she told him she's a virgin and her folks wanted his family to put up a large sum of money in the marriage contract to get her. Blaise's father's long dead and his mother's remarried and the new husband probably won't want to hand over much money, especially because he's got his own two kids. Blaise would probably end up working his arse off for ten years to save up the money to satisfy Lavender's parents. But, since we all know she's a slag, her parents can't ask much money and will settle for whatever she's offered. Blaise could just take her off their hands for nothing more than what he's got in his tiny trust-fund, without having to work for ten years," Draco explained.

"Oh, I didn't know about all that," Harry replied.

"Well now you do," Draco said.

"Isn't Blaise with Pansy?" Harry asked curiously.

"For now, but he doesn't have enough money right now to put in an offer like her father wants. It depends on who wins the war really; if the Dark Lord loses, Pansy's family's reputation goes down and Blaise's won't, so he might still be able to win her hand."

"So back to my earlier question, can I wank you this weekend?" Harry asked in a very forward manner.

'Shite, he's persistent,' Draco thought. He had been hoping to side-track Harry with the change of topic and give himself more time to think about it, but now that they were right back to it, he'd have to go with the truth. "Maybe. Can I have some time to think about it?"

"Yeah, sure. Take all the time you need, just let me know when you're ready," Harry replied smiling. It wasn't a done deal, but Draco hadn't run and was considering it, so he thought his chances were pretty good.

"Okay. You better get going or Professor Snape will give you another detention," Draco said. They still had a few more minutes of dinner left, but he had enough to think about and didn't want to give Harry the chance to spring anymore surprises on him. Maybe he could go see mother Saturday morning and talk to her about this…okay, maybe not mention the blow job and the wanking, but ask her about moving forwards in a relationship with Harry. That would involve telling his mother that he was in a relationship with Harry, but she was currently staying in Harry's house, so the prospects were looking up.

"Yeah, I'll go, but what time do you want to meet here on Saturday for our date?" Harry asked.

"How about after lunch; that worked well last time," Draco answered.

"And then we can stay for dinner?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, we can have dinner together," Draco replied with a smile.

"Brilliant! Gotta run," Harry said leaning over and giving Draco a chaste kiss before grabbing his backpack and running off to Snape's detention.

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