Author's Note: There was another lemon removed from this one.

Being a Hogsmeade weekend, Harry and Ron were up bright and early, excited for a day out of the castle. Harry went down to breakfast with Ron and Hermione, but when they finished, Ron and Hermione went off without him while Harry waited for Luna. Luna had trouble finding her shoes this morning, possibly due to nargle involvement, so she was late getting down to breakfast.

"Oh hello Harry," Luna said approaching the Gryffindor table when she was finally finished eating.

Harry had been reading his charms book to pass the time, but quickly tucked it away and said, "Hey, let's go. Luna, I want to thank you for going with me today."

"Oh it's no problem really. I'm glad I can help out," Luna replied looking down at her necklace, which appeared to be made out of white string and bits of painted something.

"Come on then, let's start walking," Harry said encouraging Luna to skip along beside him as they walked to Hogsmeade. "Luna, can I ask you to keep this trip a secret between us? I don't want anyone else to know what I'm buying."

"Oh yes, I wouldn't dream of telling. It's the gulping plimpies you ought to watch out for: they're horrible gossips, mind you," Luna replied.

Satisfied with Luna's response, Harry tried to make small talk to pass the time. "That's a nice necklace you've got."

"It's dental floss and fingernails to keep the dabberblimps away," Luna replied airily, skipping along.

Not knowing what to say to that, Harry decided to keep quiet for a while.

"Wotcher Harry!" Tonks greeted as Harry and Luna approached the front gate.

"Hi Tonks, what are you doing here?" Harry asked.

"I'm here to escort you today," Tonks replied.

"An escort for Hogsmeade, is it really that bad?" Harry asked.

"I'm afraid so. And I'm to transfigure your face, so that no one recognizes you," Tonks said and Harry cringed.

Harry agreed and Tonks transfigured Harry's hair to lie flat and made it brown, instead of black. She gave him blue eyes, covered his scar, and changed his nose. With that settled, they set off into the village.

"Where's our first stop?" Tonks asked.

"The Jewelry store, but you have to swear to tell no one," Harry answered.

"Why the hush-hush?" Tonks asked.

"It's a surprise for someone," Harry said.

"Oh, I get it; we're shopping for a witch you fancy," Tonks replied.

"A wizard actually," Luna replied.

"Um, yeah Tonks, I sort of fancy wizards," Harry replied.

"Well good for you. I'm sure he's a nice young bloke," Tonks replied cheerfully as they continued to walk.

"Thanks Tonks, that means a lot to me," Harry replied sincerely.

"Anytime mate," Tonks said.

"What's going on with the Order?" Harry asked.

There wasn't much Tonks could tell Harry about Order business, but Harry listened to what little she could say as they walked the rest of the way to the jeweler. Harry and Luna went inside, while Tonks stood watch outside. It was still fairly early and the shop was empty. There was one glass counter filled with metal jewelry with a middle aged wizard standing behind it.

"Hello young lady and gentleman, can I help you with anything?" the man behind the counter asked.

"Sir, I'm looking for an engagement ring," Harry answered, stepping closer to the counter.

"We have several fashions in stock or we could make something special for your young lady here," the wizard replied, clearly thinking Luna and Harry were an item.

"Oh, it's not for me," Luna replied.

"It's for my, er, boyfriend. I need a man's ring," Harry added.

"Oh right, sorry, my mistake. We also have a few male wedding rings. The men don't normally do engagement rings, except for the purebloods, but we could make something special if none of these will do," the man said pulling out a small piece of black foam with half a dozen rings it in. There were silver-toned and gold-toned bands; some were plain, while others had diamonds or various other stones set into them.

"What do you think Luna? What would he like?" Harry asked, picking up a plain gold band in one hand and a jeweled silver band in the other.

"He has expensive tastes. What metals are the rings made out of?" Luna asked.

"Gold and platinum mostly, but this one here is titanium." He pointed to one ring. "This one here is platinum with grey and white diamonds; it's the most expensive," the man said indicating another ring; this one a silver colored band with three stones set in it: one grey stone in the middle and one white stone on either side of it. "It's got plenty of room to include an engraving on the back. And I can transfigure it to fit a family crest on the side."

"It's lovely," Harry replied. It was expensive and pretty, but still looked masculine, and those things were important, but would it look the best on Draco? Could Harry see Draco wearing this ring?

"If we bought it now and decided to add a family crest or an engraving later, can we do that too?" Luna asked.

"Yes, of course."

Harry decided to buy the ring and paid for it by writing up an order for a Gringotts transfer of funds, which was the wizard equivalent of writing a check. The shop keeper put the ring into a square black box and then the box into a small silver bag with the store's name. Harry thanked the man and slipped the bag with the ring into his pocket, before he and Luna exited the store.

Luna and Harry parted ways and Harry continued on to the clothing store with just Tonks. Tonks waited outside again, guarding the door and Harry walked inside. He was greeted by a young woman who helped him select a dozen pair of plain low-cut boxer briefs and two pairs of patterned low-cut briefs.

And because he was at a clothing store and didn't like to go to clothing stores often, he decided to get a few more things. He was only going to buy two or three outfits, which would be just enough to dress up for Draco on the weekends, but then he thought better of it, because he didn't want Draco to notice that he wore the same exact thing every weekend. Plus, if he was going into hiding for Merlin knows how long, he didn't know when he would have this chance again. Therefore Harry bought plain white socks, plain muggle t-shirts (imported from muggle retailers), a pair of swimming trunks, trousers, a raincoat, and a thick winter cloak.

It was a lot of shopping and Harry didn't have much patience for it, so once he found one of something that would work, he got the rest exactly the same, except for the trousers, which were exactly the same but different colors. It was more clothes than he could carry easily, so he had the sale's witch shrink his items to fit neatly into one large bag.

Once his tab was settled, Harry exited the store and Tonks was waiting outside, right where he left her. "Where to next, Harry?" Tonks asked.

"I've an appointment with a Mr. Binns. He's a lawyer," Harry answered.

"You're not in trouble Harry, are you?" Tonks asked curiously.

"No, but with the price out on my head, I'd like to make a will," Harry replied. It was a half-truth, because he was going to ask Mr. Binns to help with a will that would leave all of his assets to Draco and their baby.

Tonks nodded and they walked in silence. They were walking away from the town center and into a small strip on offices. "Here it is," Tonks announced, pointing to the sign advertising the services of Mr. Binns.

"Are you gonna wait out here?" Harry asked.

"Yep, I'll just be making sure no Death Eaters show up and ambush you, as usual. You know the drill right? Use your cloak and run if there's a commotion?" Tonks asked.

"Yeah, I know. The chosen one has to live long enough to be slaughtered by the right crazy nut job," Harry replied with a smirk.

"Right," Tonks replied cheerfully.

"This one might take a while," Harry told Tonks before going in.

Harry was five minutes early, so he waited in a small lobby until Mr. Binns opened the door to his office and called him in. Mr. Binns was a portly balding wizard with an easy smile that made Harry feel at home. "Close the door behind you," Mr. Binns instructed, before introducing himself.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Harry," Harry replied.

"You don't look much like him," Mr. Binns replied.

"My Auror gave me some glamours so that no one would know it was me," Harry replied, thinking that maybe he ought to have Tonks remove the glamours so that Mr. Binns could be sure it was really him.

"Oh, I can see the scar if I look closely enough and I can see the glamours flickering," Mr. Binns said.

Harry remembered that Tonks was an animorphmagus and didn't need to use spells to change her own appearance, so he figured she must be weak at them from lack of use.

"First it is customary to hand me a retainer, which can be any amount of money you like, even a knut," Mr. Binns said.

Harry had some coins in his pocket left over from the clothing store, so he handed Mr. Binns a sickle.

"Great. So what can I help you with today Harry?" Mr. Binns asked.

"Well I need help with two things, but first I need to know if you can keep this confidential," Harry answered.

"Absolutely. Once you gave me that retainer, then anything we say is protected by attorney client privilege. That's why I always have to ask for it first."

"What about if Voldemort and his Death Eaters kidnap you, torture you, and read your mind?" Harry asked seriously. This was a real concern for him.

"Well I should hope that I manage to keep our dealings quiet enough that they never come after me, but if they do, I am skilled in occlumency and I will do my best to resist torture. I value attorney client privilege a great deal and I would not violate that trust if I were still of sound mind. I think that's about as good a guarantee as any you'll get from a lawyer."

"Alright, good. Well first of all I'm dating Draco Malfoy and would like to put in a contract marriage proposal."

"You are aware that his father is a Death Eater and therefore your proposal will likely be rejected?" Mr. Binns asked.

"It might not be; he's pregnant," Harry revealed. "That's the other thing I need your help with, because I want to write out my will, leaving everything to Draco and the baby."

"Well I certainly wasn't expecting that, but I'm sure I can help."

First they went over Harry's lists of assets and who he wanted to leave them to for the will.

"Good. I can put together a will based on what you've told me. You'll have to read it over and let me know if there are any changes for me to make. It would be best if you could visit me again so I can explain anything you don't understand."

"Alright, yeah, I can do that," Harry replied thinking that there weren't any more Hogsmeade weekends left in the term, but he could sneak out using one of the secret passages.

"Good, then let's move onto marriage contracts. How much do you know about them?"

"Not much. I know Draco's parents are more likely to agree and push it through, because of the baby. And I know that money and assets matter."

"Yes, money and assets are important, as well as blood purity and social status. I've got enough information on your money and assets and we all know your social status as the boy who lived. With those three things, you'll have an attractive package, although not a perfect one. What is your blood status, by the way?"

"I'm halfblood. My dad was a pureblood and my mum was muggleborn."

"Well that's not good, considering you want to marry into the Malfoy family, but that won't be detrimental to our case. Is there anything else that might make you a valuable asset to have in the family?"

"Well Draco mentioned that I'm magically gifted and a Peverell. He seemed to think those things mattered."

"Yes, those things do matter. Your survival in the face of all odds is legendary, but I'm afraid I don't know just how powerful you are. There is a simple spell I could use to find out. Is it alright if I use it on you now?"

"Yeah, go for it," Harry replied.

Mr. Binns cast a spell Harry didn't recognize that produced translucent colored lights. It looked almost like a rainbow, except there was a great overabundance of red and blue, but an under abundance of green. "Well it seems that you have an average amount of magic in all areas except defensive magics, love magics, and evil magics. You've plenty of love and defense and hardly any evil. You'd probably never be able to cast a good killing curse."

"I don't plan to use the killing curse to defeat Voldemort, but is my magical strength good or bad?"

"I would say excellent. You are obviously very magically inclined and that should help me put together an attractive proposal."


"Now there are other matters we need to discuss, such as your physical proposal."

"Isn't the proposal what you're helping me with?"

"I'm helping with the marriage contract. You still need to get down on one knee and propose, with a ring and a nice speech professing your undying love."

"I can do that. I bought a ring today, want to see?" Harry asked, reaching for the jewelry bag in his pocket.

"Yes, I would," Mr. Binns replied and Harry pulled out the ring and showed it to him. "This is a very nice ring, although I don't think it will work for either the wedding ring or the engagement ring."

"But the store owner said it was a wedding ring and I could use it as an engagement ring," Harry protested.

"Well in less discriminatory circles, it could be used as either; it is nice enough. But for someone of Mr. Malfoy's status as the future Lord of Malfoy Manor, he'll need a ring with a bigger stone for a wedding ring. It can be like this one, but with one big flashy eye catching stone."

"Merlin, maybe I can take this back and get him to put in a bigger stone."

"That's a possibility, but I would wait on getting a wedding band until after your proposal is accepted, because the Malfoy family might very well have a wedding band to contribute to the marriage. If a typical wizard from that type of family were to pursue a pureblooded witch, the wizard's family would normally have a wedding band for the witch that was a family heirloom. But with your complex situation, there is a chance his parents won't have a sufficient band for a man or just won't want to give it to him."

"Oh, so I should return this one and get my money back?"

"Well, maybe not. There is no rule saying you can't lavish gifts of jewelry on your intended. You could give him that ring just because."

"Isn't there any way I can turn it into an engagement ring?" Harry was considering using this ring tomorrow after he and Draco return from visiting Narcissa. If Harry had to wait to get another ring, then that would set his plans back. He didn't like Draco walking around pregnant with his child and not even engaged to him. He wanted the world, sans Voldemort, to know that he was committed to Draco.

"A typical engagement ring has your family crest on it. Mr. Malfoy would then give you a ring with his family crest on it. The rings are made out of platinum, like your ring, but they're made exclusively by goblins and the older the ring, the better it'll look in the contract."

"I don't have any ring with my family crest on it."

"I'll arrange to have one made by goblins right away, but are you sure you don't have one? Rings like that are small and easily lost in large Gringotts vaults full of gold."

"I guess there could be one in my vault…but I can't go to Gringotts and check."

"I can request that the goblins look for a ring and if found, give it to me along with your vault statements. I'll pass along the ring to Professor Snape to give to you."

"That'd be great!' Harry exclaimed, before it dawned on him that Draco would have to wear a ring with the Potter crest and vice versa. "Wait, we need to keep this marriage a secret from Voldemort and his followers. Draco and I've agreed that if I die, he is to take the baby and pretend it's someone else's kid. We can't wear rings with each other's crests."

"That would be a problem, but you would have to at least give the rings with the crests, if not wear them. In that case, you might want to give Mr. Malfoy that plain ring to wear and the regular one to save and keep secret."

"Yeah, I like that idea," Harry replied, thinking that sounded perfect. He could still give Draco this ring and they could hide their family crest rings until after Voldemort's death.

"Excellent. Now remember, your actual proposal counts, so you should work on it for a while. It should be sappy and romantic and you should specifically say you love him and want to build a family with him. If his parents are on the fence, Mr. Malfoy may show them your proposal to tip the scales for or against your favor. So be eloquent and flattering; you could mention you like his eyes or some other feature, but make sure you practice it."

"Practice it, be romantic and eloquent, and suck up, got it," Harry replied.

"I think we're done for now. I just need your signature to authorize the appropriate Gringotts forms," Mr. Binns said placing several forms in front of Harry. Harry didn't read them; he just signed them blindly. "If you have questions you could owl me or pass me a message through Severus."

"Yeah, great," Harry said glancing at the clock on Mr. Binns' desk and realizing he was late for meeting Ron and Hermione at the Three Broomsticks. "I've got to go, but please keep in touch and let me know when the marriage contract is ready, because I want to do that right away."

"I'll do it as fast as I can and send it along to Severus. It was a pleasure to meet you Harry Potter," Mr. Binns said, leading Harry out the door.

Tonks was there waiting for Harry and together they ran to the Three Broomsticks. Mr. Binn's office was on the opposite side of town from the Three Broomsticks and Harry could only run as fast as Tonks' legs could take her, so it took them a good ten minutes to get there.

"Come in with me and have a pint," Harry said to Tonks when they arrived.

"I can't drink while on duty, but I could sit with you," Tonks replied in between panting for breath.

"Brilliant! Come along then," Harry said holding the door open for his friend.

"Tonks!" Ron called waving his arms from a table that he and Hermione had procured.

Harry and Tonks walked over to the table and sat down.

"Tonks, thank Merlin, Harry is missing. He was supposed to meet us here half an hour ago and no one has seen him. I haven't even been able to find Luna, who was supposed to be with him," Hermione babbled on, not realize that Harry was right in front of her.

"Hermione, I'm right here," Harry said, trying not to laugh, even though he found the situation very amusing.

"Blimey Harry, is that really you?" Ron asked.

"Yep, I disguised him meself," Tonks replied and Harry nodded.

"Brilliant Tonks, but Harry you had us worried sick," Hermione said.

"I'm sorry, but my errands ran a bit late and I didn't keep track of time. I made poor Tonks here run all the way through town to get here as fast as we could," Harry replied.

"'Snot so bad Harry; I need to keep in shape for me day job anyway," Tonks said.

"And your night job too, I reckon," Harry replied.

"Definitely," Tonks said with a grin.

"So Harry, what did you and Luna end up buying?" Hermione asked.

"A necklace chain for her to add bubblegum or something to. She's working on making something that will help me with the war and just needed me to buy the chain," Harry lied.

"You bought a girl a necklace for her to add bubblegum to, for your war effort?" Ron asked sniggering.

"Yeah, I figured it couldn't hurt," Harry replied.

After that was settled, Ron and Hermione retold their adventures buying quills and chocolate, while Harry ate lunch and drank his butterbeer and Tonks watched.

After a nice lunch, Harry and his friends walked back to Hogwarts, escorted by Tonks, who left them at the front gate. They went first to Gryffindor tower to deposit their purchases and then headed to the library with their backpacks to do research for an upcoming essay. After two hours Harry and Ron left to go to Quidditch practice, while Hermione remained behind at the library. Quidditch went well and then it was time for dinner, so Harry and Ron went up to their dorm room to change.

"Are you ready to go?" Ron asked when he was done changing.

"You go ahead Ron, I'm gonna get Dobby to bring me something in the room of requirement," Harry replied.

"You're spending an awful lot of time in there."

"Yeah, I know, but I can't tell you the details of what I'm working on yet. Mostly I eat, study, work on occlumency, and think about Dumbledore's lessons on Voldemort," Harry lied.

"You'll tell me when you can though, right Harry? When this is all over or when the three of us are safely in hiding?"

"Yeah mate, I'll tell you."

"Okay, I'll just see you tonight after detention," Ron replied.

"Merlin's saggy ballocks, I forgot about detention with Snape!" Harry exclaimed.

Harry grabbed his backpack and ran off to the room of requirement. The door was already there waiting for him, which meant Draco was inside. Harry opened the door and found their usual lilac beach and began his search for Draco. Harry didn't see any movement in the ocean or the forest, so he walked into the hut. Draco's school bag was there, so Harry set his backpack down on the coffee table next to it. Harry searched the hut, but didn't find Draco. But when Harry was checking the nursery, he noticed that there was a new door off of the hallway, on the left after the door to the sitting room. The door to the new room was cracked open and Harry slowly went inside. It was a study with a large wooden desk looking out on the lilac forest.

Draco was lying with his head on the desk on top of parchment and several open books. As Harry walked towards his boyfriend, he looked around to see more of the usual Hawaiian décor, but also shelf after shelf of books lining the two walls without windows. And there was a large wooden inlay of a dragon in the middle of the room.

This room was Draco's study and that made Harry stop and think about just what sort of person would take a chance to make anything in the world and choose a study. 'Hermione's type of person,' Harry finally concluded thinking that his best friend and his boyfriend had far more in common than either would ever admit.

Harry didn't want to wake Draco, but he also didn't want his boyfriend sleeping on books like that or missing dinner. Harry had been gone all day and didn't even know when the last time Draco ate was. Did Draco have his snacks without him? Did Draco eat lunch? What about breakfast? Harry could go on forever with worry over Draco, so he quickly gave up and gently nudged Draco.

Draco woke up and Harry apologized for not coming sooner and offered to call Dobby to bring dinner. Draco had eaten a large snack that he had found in an ice box that had materialized in the sitting room, so he wasn't hungry yet. Since they only had an hour before Harry's detention with Snape, they decided to fool around in the bedroom instead.

Harry prepared himself with his usual three spells, still standing up mind you, while Draco filled the applicator. As soon as Draco was done, Harry was on Draco, pressing his lips to Draco's plump and juicy lips. Harry pushed Draco against the wall and licked Draco's lower lip until Draco opened his mouth and allowed Harry's tongue inside. Draco's lips moved underneath Harry's and Draco's tongue hesitantly stroked Harry's tongue.


Having just slept for two hours, Draco for once wasn't sleepy after cumming. He let Harry hold him for five minutes before jumping up and grabbing his clothes. "Call Dobby and let's have a quick meal," Draco instructed.

Harry followed Draco's lead and pulled his clothes back on. Draco went to the study to pack up his things and Harry went to the dining patio and called Dobby, who agreed to bring them dinner right away. Harry went back into the hut and found Draco putting his things away. Harry walked up behind his boyfriend and enveloped Draco in his arms for a hug.

From behind, Harry nuzzled Draco's ear and neck and said, "I love you." He wanted to say it, but he also wanted to see if Draco would say it back.

Draco didn't reply, but turned around in Harry's arms and pressed with lips to Harry's lips. Harry returned the kiss and the two of them snogged for a minute until they heard the pop of Dobby's dinner appearing. "Come on, I'm hungry," Draco said breaking away from the kiss.

Harry, having forgotten that he was waiting for Draco to tell him anything, led Draco out to the dining patio where the two of them had a lovely, if rushed meal. After dinner, Harry rushed off to his detention.

"Evening Mr. Potter," Snape greeted.

"Good evening professor. I met with Mr. Binns today."

"And how did that go?"

"Good, I think. He said I need a ring with a family crest to give Draco for an engagement ring. He's gonna go to Gringotts for me and see if there's one in my vault and if not, he's gonna place an order with goblins to make one. He said he'd give it to you as soon as he gets it."

"Very well, Mr. Potter. But what about the marriage contract?"

"Same: he's working on it and will pass it along to you to give to me. He wants to meet with me again so we can finalize it."

"Do you really want to wait until the end of term to propose? I was under the impression this wedding was to occur before the end of term."

"No, I'd do it sooner if I got everything sorted sooner. But yeah, before the end of term would be good." Harry left out that he'd been planning on sneaking out to go see Mr. Binns, but if Snape had a better solution, he was all ears.

"I can arrange for Mr. Binns to come onto school grounds to meet with you as soon as he has the contract prepared. Perhaps next weekend or the weekend after…"

"Next weekend would be best; the weekend after is Quidditch."

"What about your trip with Ms. Lovegood? What did you buy and how much does she know?"

"I bought a ring. I don't think Draco will be able to wear the ring with the crest, so I bought him a plain ring that he can wear in front of everyone and not be found out. I plan on giving it to him when I propose."

"And Ms. Lovegood?

"She only knows that it's an engagement ring for a boy I fancy. Nothing more."

"Very well, you may take your seat," Snape replied and Harry did just that.

Harry sat down, pulled out his books he checked out from the library earlier, and began to study. He expected to be alone in detention, so he was a bit surprised when Draco stopped by half an hour later to talk to Snape.

"Professor Snape?" Draco asked, entering the office.

"Yes Mr. Malfoy?" Snape greeted.

"Sir, I was wondering if I could continue meeting with Harry for occlumency practice this week?" Draco asked. "During our usual detention time on Tuesdays and Fridays, even though I don't have any more detentions."

"Hey, Thursday is my last day. I won't be here on Friday," Harry put in.

"Mr. Potter, have you forgotten the five additional detentions I gave you for fighting in the hallway with Mr. Malfoy?" Snape asked.

"Well…um…I was in detention those days with Draco; I thought that would cover it. Plus, you know we were only pretending to fight, to keep his image intact."

"Be that as it may, you still have to serve your detentions and you cannot serve a detention when you are already serving detention," Snape replied.

"Great," Harry huffed. "At least it'll only be an hour." Harry was thinking that he would still be able to get to Quidditch practice after detention.

"It was one hour for Mr. Malfoy, because he was the victim in your attack. It will be the full three hours for you, Mr. Potter."

"No, that's so not far," Harry retorted.

"And is almost killing Mr. Malfoy fair? Is raping him fair? Is forcing him to carry and give birth to your child fair? This is not a fair world Mr. Potter. It is time you learned that," Snape replied coldly.

"Yes Professor," Harry replied scathingly.

"So, back to my question of occlumency practice?" Draco piped in, trying to keep out of the argument, but wanting to get his answer, so he could get to his common room already. Pansy, Tracey, Daphne, Sophie, and Milli would be waiting on him, or worse, gossiping about boys without him.

"Yes, Mr. Malfoy, you may continue to grace Mr. Potter and me with your presence in detention every Tuesday and Friday. Is there anything else?"

"No, not really, sir. You know that Harry and I are going to visit mother tomorrow morning, correct?" Draco asked.

"Yes Mr. Malfoy. Come to my office after breakfast and I'll let the two of you use my floo," Snape answered.

"Thank you Professor, I'll just be going now," Draco replied, before heading out the door.

After that, Harry really was left to detention alone, so he returned to his books.

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