Harry and Draco were up late having anal sex and fell asleep without cleaning up or using the conditioning or soothing potions. Draco woke up in the middle of the night with his stomach rolling from hunger. Harry had rolled half of the way off of him in the night, but his upper torso was still weighed down by Harry's body. He tried to shift Harry, but Harry was too heavy. Maybe he could've tried harder, but he was pregnant and he didn't want to risk it.

"Harry… Harry… Harry, wake up!" At first Draco whispered and pushed Harry, but by the third time he said Harry's name, he was shouting, because clearly whispering was not enough to wake Harry up.

"Huh?" Harry asked groggily.

"Get off me," Draco said, pushing Harry again.

"Oh sorry," Harry said before sliding off of Draco. Their bodies were stuck together. It felt gross and pulled on his sparse chest hair as he broke the connection with Draco. "Ew." He summoned his wand and vanished the mess from his body, before turning to Draco. "Do you want me to do you too?"

"Yes please, this is rather disgusting," Draco replied. Harry vanished the mess Draco's chest. "I'm going to get something to eat. You need to add the other potions."

"Yeah, alright." Harry watched as Draco threw on a robe, and left the room. Then he reached for the potion applicators and felt a sharp pain in his arse. "Argh," he groaned.

Harry added first the soothing potion and then the conditioning potion. By the time he lay back down, he already felt better and he was soon asleep.

Draco ate a snack and went back to sleep. He woke up again for breakfast, but Harry stayed in bed, so he ate alone. When he finished eating, he crawled back into bed with his husband. It was still early and after all of the lovemaking, he had no trouble closing his eyes and going back to sleep. It wasn't until lunch when the two lovebirds finally crawled out of bed.

After lunch, they went into the bathroom and squeezed into a tub that was much smaller than their usual. It was tight, but they were together and for just a few hours more, it was their honeymoon and they didn't need to worry about what was waiting for them back at Hogwarts. They took their time in the tub, exploring each other's bodies with their hands.

Before the bath was over, they were horny again. This was their honeymoon, so Draco asked, "Do you want to go again?"

"No, my arse hurts; I think it'd be best to give it a day. Wanna wank instead?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, okay," Draco agreed and reached down.


They cleaned up, got out of the tub, dried off, and went back to the bedroom to lie down. They were just lying in bed, enjoying the afterglow and Harry especially enjoying the effects of the soothing potion as it did its job, when they heard Narcissa calling out for them. They quickly threw on his pants and robes. Then Harry kissed Draco on the forehead and twice on Draco's barely there belly and said, "Take care of yourself and my boys. I just have my thing with Professor Dumbledore and I'll be back at Hogwarts tonight. I'll meet you in the room of requirement at our usual time tomorrow, but if something happens to me, promise you'll keep my men safe, yeah?"

"Yeah, we'll be right here waiting for you to come back. We won't return to Hogwarts until after we have word that you've returned safely and all is well. Professor Snape promised to stop by and notify us as soon as you're back," Draco replied.

They heard Narcissa calling again, so Harry gave Draco one last quick kiss on the lips, before exiting the room and calling back, "We're up here! I'm just heading out now."

Narcissa was still in the drawing room, where she had flooed into the house, because she didn't want to risk interrupting the boys and overhearing something. When Harry walked into the drawing room, she engulfed him in a hug and said, "You take care of yourself, Harry Malfoy. Our family needs you to survive this war. If it comes to letting someone sacrifice themselves so that you can live, let them, because your boys need you to come back to them."

"I will, ma'am," Harry replied and hugged his mother-in-law back. He wasn't so sure if he could actually let someone sacrifice themself for him, but he did want to be there for his sons and his husband, so he would try.

Harry flooed back to Hogwarts, leaving Draco and Narcissa behind to enjoy a quiet and peaceful dinner at Grimmauld Place. When Harry was leaving the room of requirement, he ran into Professor Trelawney, who was trying to get inside to stash her sherry bottles. Apparently the room had been in use and sealed off since he and Draco had left and the divinations professor had empty alcohol bottles to hide. It was then that Professor Trelawney told Harry about Professor Snape's betrayal of his parents.

Harry was furious and although he wanted to run straight to Professor Dumbledore and confront him, he first wanted to make sure the castle would be safe without the headmaster. Thus he first stopped by Gryffindor tower to warn his friends. While there he remembered his half a bottle of Felix Felicis, which he gave to Ron and instructed to share with whoever Ron could get to help guard the castle. He also scrounged around until he found his old DA coin and summoned the members of his little club, hoping that a few people would still have their coins.

Harry left Ron, Hermione, Neville, and Ginny with instructions to gather more students and guard the school, before he ran to the headmaster's office to confront Professor Dumbledore, completely ignoring the fact that it was almost dinner time. But no matter how angry he was, what happened in the past with Snape mattered little when it came to what was happening tonight with the horcrux hunt. In the end, Harry and Professor Dumbledore went off to the cave where they retrieved the fake locket.

When Harry and the professor returned to Hogsmeade, the headmaster was in bad shape and there was a Dark Mark hovering over the astronomy tower. After a quick chat with Madam Rosmerta and acquiring a pair of brooms, the two flew off to the Astronomy tower, where Professor Snape was waiting. Professor Dumbledore immobilized Harry with his last spell, right before Professor Snape killed Dumbledore.

With Professor Dumbledore's death, Harry was free to move again and he chased Professor Snape through the school. He was waylaid by Seamus, who came out of a corridor and asked him what was going on, because Seamus and the others had been guarding the hallways for hours and nothing had happened. But now something was happening and Seamus was in his way.

"Snape killed Dumbledore; get help," Harry shouted and then he was dodging passed Seamus and following after Snape.

Harry caught up to Snape on the school grounds, but the professor got in a few curses on him and slowed him down just enough that Snape was able to clear the front gates and disapparate away. He ran out to the gates and collapsed onto his knees from exhaustion, but then remembered the horcrux, which Dumbledore had had on his person's. The locket would be on Dumbledore's body, wherever it had fallen. Suddenly he was up and running again and this time back towards the castle.

Harry ran until he reached Dumbledore's body and retrieved the locket. He tucked it away and cried as he looked down at Dumbledore's crumpled body. He thought back to how Snape had murdered the headmaster and then his thoughts switched to Draco and Narcissa and his two unborn sons, all back at Grimmauld Place, where Snape had access.

Harry was up and running again, into the castle and back up the stairs to the seventh floor. Ginny and Michael Corner were out in the hallway and they both shouted at him and asked what was going on, but he didn't have time to stop. He kept going until he was in front of the correct tapestry and he summoned the lilac beach room without thinking about it; he was just thinking that he needed to get to Draco first.

Harry tore across the room, to the fireplace in the bedroom and quickly flooed over to Grimmauld Place. He exited the fireplace in the drawing room and called out, "Draco! Narcissa! It's an emergency! Come quick!"

No one responded to Harry's call, so he began searching the house. It was well after Draco's usual bedtime, so the first place he looked was their bedroom, which was empty, except for a single piece of parchment on the bedcovers. He picked it up and read.

Dearest Harry,

By now you are aware that the war has begun and this safe house has been compromised. Mother and I are going into hiding for the duration of the war, just like you wanted us to do, which will work better if you don't know our location. Don't worry about us, because we're in a safe house out of the country, protected by the fidelius charm. I suggest you do the same, because if we're captured, I'd like to think you're still out there and capable of saving us. I just want you to know that we need you to end this war as soon as possible and that we would prefer you to be returned to us alive at the end of it. Go forth and be our hero, but do come back to us alive. I will contact you with our location when the Dark Lord is dead. This message will erase itself half an hour after you first touch it. Do keep it, because in the end, when this is all over, it will reveal our true location.

-I love you,

Yours truly, your husband.

That was all the note said, no matter how many times Harry read it. He read it over and over again until the half an hour was up and the note turned into just a blank, ordinary scrap of parchment. Seeing the ink disappear into the page reminded him of Tom Riddle's diary, so he went into the drawing room, found a quill and a pot of ink, and wrote down, "Where are you?" The words disappeared almost as soon as he had written them, but no response ever came. He repeated the message, but when the results were the same, he had to admit that this parchment did not work the same way the journal had worked. But then the journal was a horcrux and Draco's parchment most certainly was not. Most likely messages could only be sent one way or only the one other message could be sent, but either way, Draco had not gotten Harry's message.

Harry gave up and tucked the parchment into his pocket and flooed back to the room of requirement. He exited the room for the seventh floor corridor, where Ron, Hermione, Professor McGonagall, Tonks, Kingsley, and several other Aurors who Harry didn't recognize were. Harry was taken to the headmaster's office and debriefed regarding the events of the night. Professor Dumbledore was dead and Professor Snape had done it. No one else was injured. No Death Eaters, other than Snape, were ever in the castle. Professor Snape had cast the Dark Mark to lure Professor Dumbledore to him just before Harry and the headmaster had returned from the cave.

Harry didn't tell any of them about the cave or the horcrux or even that Draco was missing. Sooner or later someone would notice that the dungeons were one Slytherin short and then the speculation would begin; Harry didn't know how much Draco had known or even when, so he decided it was best to keep quiet on the subject. He had to trust Draco that Draco and Narcissa had gone to someplace safe where Snape and Voldemort wouldn't be able to get to them. He imagined his little family safe behind a fidelius charm that not even Snape knew the secret too; one Narcissa had set up.

Then it occurred to Harry that Tonks' mum was Narcissa's sister and Tonks was outside the office, standing guard in the hallway. But Harry was stuck in the headmaster's office and Professor McGonagall and the Aurors wanted answers. He repeated what he had seen again, leaving out all the same things that couldn't get out, and then asked to go. When the adults still wanted to talk to him, he started rubbing his temples and claimed he had a headache. Finally the adults decided to give the poor kid a break, because it was well past midnight and he had yet to sleep.

"Tonks, will you walk with me?" Harry asked as he exited the headmaster's office.

"Sure Harry, what can I help you with?" Tonks asked while following Harry down the corridor and up the stairs.

"I'd like to speak with your mum," Harry admitted, leading Tonks towards the room of requirement.

"Me mum? Why you wanna speak to her?"

Harry walked in a circle three times as he pictured a room with a sofa and a fireplace, connected to the floo network. The door appeared and he opened it, went inside, and Tonks followed him in. "Narcissa and Draco Malfoy have disappeared. Narcissa was staying at headquarters, but she's gone. I think your mum might know where they are," Harry finally answered.

"Narcissa hasn't been staying at headquarters; Dumbledore moved her weeks ago," Tonks replied.

"Are you sure?" Harry asked, thinking about Draco's grandmother. Narcissa must have left Grimmauld to take care of her mother.

"Yeah. I heard she was holed up here in the castle somewhere, because her son was sick again and then she never came back. Dumbledore told the Order he had her moved."

"Well I'd still like to speak with your mum and ask her what she knows about this. Can you give me the floo address?"

"Sure, but it's late and I don't think she knows anything," Tonks replied.

Tonks took Harry to her mother's house. She dragged her parents, Andy and Ted, out of bed in their nightclothes and introduced them to Harry. Harry asked Andy if he could speak with her alone, so she took him into her sewing room, shut the door, and asked, "What's on your mind sweetie?"

"Your sister Narcissa, she and Draco are gone and I thought that you would at least know where they've gone," Harry replied.

"I haven't seen Cissy since she was over yesterday."

"Do you know where they might've gone?"

"Probably to her property on the continent that she was fixing up. It's under a fidelius and I don't know anything more about it than that."

"Do you think they're safe there?" Harry asked hopefully.

"I would imagine so, dear. She said the place is stocked piled with supplies and only Draco and Severus know the secret. That's far fewer people than with Headquarters."

"Snape knows? Oh please tell me you're joking!"

"Joking dear? Why no, Severus has been quite helpful to Cissy and her son. She said she trusts him with her life."

"Shite! This is not good."

"Language young man! Now just what is the problem? Weren't you supposed to marry my nephew last night?"

"I did. The problem is that Snape is a traitor! He killed Dumbledore and now he knows where my husband and his mum are and I don't! They're in danger and I can't get to them!"

"Oh dear, that would be a problem."

"Yes, it would be."

"Do you have any way of contacting them dear?"

"No…." Harry said, but then he remembered he did have a way and pulled out his coin charmed to relay messages to Draco. "Um, wait, I do have this."

Harry tapped the coin and made the words, "Snape killed Dumbledore!" appear on the coin. They waited with baited breath and then the words changed and the coin read, "I know."

Draco knew. It took Harry several minutes to process this thought and while he was trying to wrap his head around just what that meant, Andromeda urged, "Well dear, ask him if Severus knows the secret to his hideout."

Harry nodded, because that was a good point. He tapped the coin and made the words, "Does Snape know where you are?" appear on the coin. They waited and a few seconds later the coin changed to read, "No, we're completely safe." Then the message flashed again and read, "No one outside safehouse knows secret."

Harry breathed a sigh of relief as he considered the possibility that Draco and Narcissa really were safe somewhere on the continent where no one, not even Snape or himself, could find them. The coin changed again and this time it read, "I love you." Harry taped it and changed it to read, "I love you too."

Harry stood there staring at the coin in his hand for over a minute. He was in a bit of shock after Dumbledore's death and then finding out that Draco left him, but now he was starting to feel relieved that his husband and children were safe. This was, after all, just what he had wanted. Draco and Narcissa must've learned that Snape was a traitor and vacated Grimmauld Place, in favor of the more secure safe house. He didn't want to think about what could've happened with Snape had they stayed and he was immensely relieved that they had been alert to the danger and had disappeared before Snape could get to them. The move would've been rushed, but wouldn't have been all that hard with a couple of house elves and some magic.

'This will be a good thing,' Harry told himself. 'But then if it's so good, why does it feel like I've just had my heart ripped out?'

Andromeda interrupted Harry's internal monologue by sayings, "Well Harry, I think you ought to get back to school now, don't you?"

"Yeah, thanks," Harry replied.

"I'll let you know if I hear from either of them," Andromeda said, leading Harry back out into the sitting room, where Ted and Tonks were waiting.

Harry thanked Andromeda again and then he went back to Hogwarts with Tonks. He made Tonks promise not to tell anyone that Draco and Narcissa were missing, but he didn't tell her why it was so important. Then it was time to crawl through the portrait hole and face his friends. There were still a few Gryffindors awake even though it was well passed two in the morning; they were huddled near the fireplace crying. Hermione and Ron weren't in this group, so Harry went up to his dorm, where he found Ron and Hermione huddled on Ron's bed with tear streaked faced. Neville, Seamus, and Dean were awake too and it appeared they were all waiting for Harry.

Suddenly Harry was exhausted. His eyes closed and he just couldn't bear to open them long enough to tell his story to one more person. He begged his friends to leave him until the morning and thankfully, they agreed. He lay down and he was out as soon as his head hit the pillow. In the morning he would have to go through the ordeal of telling the story of Dumbledore's murder by Snape over and over again and he would even take Ron and Hermione into the room of requirement to tell them about what happened to Draco, but for now, he slept.

Author's Note: This is where the usual end to a Harry Potter book comes, which means we've reached the end of Peverell's Children. Don't worry, there will be a sequel that will pick up where this story leaves off and time will go through the war at an accelerated pace. There will be a couple of scenes from Harry's POV detailing what changed from canon now that Draco and the Malfoy family are missing. There will be several chapters showing what Draco's doing during the war. Then we'll zoom over to the end of the war and Harry and Draco's reunion and how these two finally work out their differences and become a real family. So please join me over at the sequel, Peverell's Children II. I just posted the first chapter!