TheGodlessAngelOfDarkness's challenge and my attempt at it. Viva la JackRabbit!

While You Were Sleeping...

Chapter 1

Mother Nature, the Guardian of the Seasons, had made sure that all of the seasonal spirits hibernate in their off seasons for the different regions of the world. This would give the spirits time to rest and recharge their powers, drawing the magic from the Earth as they slept. And it would also keep the different seasonal spirits from fighting. Normally, this wasn't a problem, since none of them would see each other.

But a few of the more powerful desert Summer spirits had become positively feral. It had actually gotten rather bad within the last 40 years. Those 5 spirits had started straying out of their territories, deliberately hunting winter and autumn spirits in their resting places. Mostly they had just scared them, or kept them from sleeping, which had denied the colder spirits their recharge time. This had caused a shift in weather patterns around the world, where there winters and falls weren't as cold as they needed to be. Other spirits were trying to help the autumn and winter spirits to catch up, but it would easily take years to repair the damage.

Last year had surely be the worst. When the Guardians had been distracted with fighting Pitch Black and recruiting Jack, the desert spirits had gone hunting. They had found and captured a winter sprite from the mountains of the Swiss Alps. To the horror of every seasonal spirit, and the absolute rage of Mother Nature, they had killed that poor sprite. The culprits were currently hiding deep in the Sahara desert, too afraid of Mother Nature's wrath to emerge.

Still, every winter and autumn spirit on Earth was now seeking extra measures to ensure they were safe as they hibernate.

Jack Frost was no exception.

Jack hated hibernation. The idea of being stuck asleep for 6 months out of the year wouldn't really appeal to anyone, but especially not the Guardian of Fun. And when you were stuck hiding in some hole or cave, praying that no one found you while you slept, it didn't exactly make for good dreams. He would admit that he badly needed it after the winter he'd had. The year before, when he'd become a Guardian, he'd almost collapsed into a coma the night of their victory. He'd used more of his powers than he'd even known existed, and the drain on him had taken a heavy toll.

The young spirit had managed to stagger out into the deep snow surrounding Santoff Clausen under the moonlight, and had sank into a deep, deep sleep. It had taken Sandy tracking him down by his dreams to reassure the very worried Guardians that he was alright. They had quickly moved him to a room with the windows open, keeping it cold all spring and summer to protect their winter spirit as he'd slept.

Now that he was a Guardian, he was actually not so upset about hibernation this year. He could go somewhere protected, and he knew just the right spot. North, with the best of intentions, had a bad tendency to check in on him too much for him to really sleep well, and Tooth's Palace was far too busy and noisy. Sandy didn't really have a place. But Bunny, oooh, Bunny's place was perfect.

Peaceful, quiet, almost completely undisturbed by anyone; it was a seasonal spirit's dream come true for a hibernation space. Not to mention, who would think to find a winter spirit in a land of eternal spring? Of course, he hadn't exactly mentioned the sprite's death or the desert spirits to the other Guardians. Why make them worry? He would be just fine in Bunny's Warren; it was one of the safest places on Earth, so he saw no need to make them post a guard or anything.

Jack quietly flew into the Warren, using as little of his powers as he could to not draw attention to himself. It was Easter Sunday, and MiM alone knew how Bunny would go off if he messed anything up today of all days. Bunny had been working overtime this year to make up for the disaster of last Easter, and had been all but tearing his own fur out in stress. Jack had done his best to keep the snowfall under an inch in the last few days to be sure that the weather would be perfect for Bunny's holiday. But now, sweet MiM, he was so tired!

Jack flew to a quiet spot by the paint flowers, under a large group of bushes with big leaves and colorful blooms with a very soft, sweet scent. Soft moss covered the ground, and he could hear the sounds of the paint river flowing deeper in the valley. It was the perfect spot. He tucked his staff by the roots of a bush, taking off his hoodie and spreading it on the ground to lay on. Exhaustion was pulling at him with every breath he took, and the winter spirit groaned softly as he lay down. It would feel good to rest this year. He blinked up at the light filtering through the bushes' leaves, smiled, and fell to sleep.

Good lord, I hope I can do this. The Challenge goes:

1.) Rise of the Guardian Request/Challenge

2.) Yaoi & Mature Rating

3.) Must go with plot below at least...

The original plot was that all the seasonal spirits hibernate til the season before their own. During the time Jack sleeps he decides to sleep under a willow in the Warren. Jack's hibernation takes place, ironically, the day after Easter! E. Aster Bunnymund finds him and gets annoyed, but lets him sleep. After a day or two Bunny starts to go into heat, like he normally does, and smells Jack. Needless to say EVENTUALLY Bunny's instincts to mate would get the better of him and he would take Jack. He would feel horribly, but go with the thought that Jack would never know since he was asleep. Though when Jack awakes Bunny guilt's only grows along with his shame.

What Bunny doesn't know that even though Jack was hibernating at the time he woke up during Bunny' played asleep.!. He then decides to toy with Bunny's guilt over what he did by teasing him and hinting about what he did without fully giving it away.

Wish me luck, folks!