Yellow Cream Cake
klaroline; oneshot

Caroline's having a rough day. Not only is she vampire-PMSing, but her daily dose of B+ just isn't cutting it. To put it quite frankly: she wants to binge. On human blood. Badly. To add insult to injury, her favorite pastry company has gone bankrupt.

RIP, Hostess, you had a good run, she thinks morosely, glaring at the remaining box of Twinkies. She swipes it off the shelf and power-walks to the checkout line, tummy rumbling. She pays for her sweet pastry indulgence and hurries home where she rips into the box with enthusiasm. She has to eat to take her mind off the constant strum of blood, blood, blood.

And that is how Klaus finds her, Twinkie half shoved in her mouth, eyes wide like a doe caught in headlights.

Klaus sends her a vaguely impressed stare as he saunters in through her bedroom door, uninvited.

Caroline swallows the rest of her Twinkie quickly and glares. "What are you doing here?" she demands in question.

He ignores her inquiry in favor of plucking one of the remaining Twinkies from the cardboard box. "What are you eating, love?"

She sighs. "Read the box," she snaps haughtily as she snatches the container back into her grasp.

"Twinkies," he says, unimpressed. "Do you normally consume such large quantities of sugary delights?"

"I'm having a bad day," Caroline retorts, face flushing.

Klaus sits down beside her, his weight causing the bed to shift, pulling her in closer to him. "Bad day," he mulls, sea green eyes trained on her. "And why would that be?"

"Why do you care?" she huffs. "More importantly, why are you here?"

"Do I need a reason to visit you?" he asks patiently, long and slender fingers carefully unwrapping the Twinkies' plastic outer wrapping.

"Yes, actually," she says, "you do."

A throaty laugh makes it's way past Klaus' lips as he brings the Twinkie up to his mouth and bites down. He pinches his brows and swallows. He slides his gaze back to Caroline, who is peering at him curiously. "How do you eat these things," he drawls in mild mannered disgust, chucking the half-eaten Twinkie into the trash.

Caroline can't hep it, she laughs. "Did you seriously just eat a Twinkie?"

Klaus frowns. "Despite what you seem to think, Caroline," he says dully, "I was once human; I remember its simple pleasures."

"Hm," Caroline hums contently, merely staring at him. She unwraps another Twinkie in a flash, smashing it against Klaus' closed mouth, laughing all the way.

His hand flashes upwards, gripping her wrists as his eyes darken and his lips twist into a snarl, fangs elongated. He appears startled and ready to rip out Caroline's heart.

She gasps. "Sorry," she mutters, "I was messing around—it was a joke—"

Klaus releases her wrist and wipes at the cake and cream smeared across his face. "It is unwise to attack me," he says, "even in jest."

Caroline's face sours. "Are you ever not prepared for someone to betray you at every turn?"

"Is it not a common occurrence for you and your friends to try and end my existence? It would be foolish to let my guard down around you, sweetheart, no matter how playful or beautiful you may be."

Caroline stands up abruptly. "You can let yourself out," she sneers, stomping from the room. That's what she gets for tying to act like Klaus was human, to flirt with him—gosh, she's so stupid

Human is something Klaus can never again be.