Story Title: Ropin' A Sitter: The Epilogue

By: WeeKittyAndTAT

Banner by: DeeBelle1

Rating: NC-17

Beta's: Jess2002, Savannavansmutsmuts.

Disclaimer: All things Twilight Saga related belong to Stephenie Meyer, no copyright infringement is intended. All things within this storyline are the thoughts and writings of Nicola Pitt and Kasi Maakestad, aka: WeeKittyAndTAT.

Summary: This is the Epilogue for the one-shot contest piece, Ropin' A Sitter. After pushing her away in the story, the epilogue will take them through the date process and beyond. See their dates and how things progress. See if Charlie gets the momma he wants from Bella and see if Bella Cullen can rope Edward Swan into being her cowboy forever.

Ropin' A Sitter

The Epilogue

The road home was hard to drive. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She smacked my arm lightly telling me to look at the road, several times. I'd only last a few seconds before my eyes were on hers again.

"Have you any idea of how sexy and completely hot you are?" I ask her, as my eyes go back to the road, while turning the corner.

"Cowboy, you've got the girl. Just pay attention and drive the car." Bella looks to me again, and frowns because I'm looking at her and not the road. "And keep your eyes on the road. I'd like to be alive so that I can enjoy our dates."

I chuckle a little, but it quickly turns to sadness as I see her house come into view just up the road from us. "I'll come in and speak with your father about this. He needs to hear it from me, about me courting you."

Bella lets out a hum and I look at her. "Courting me … are you really going to tell him you're courting me?"

I pull up at her house and frown, but shake my head and speak to her as I move to get out of the truck. "No, not quite, I intend to ask his permission to court you."

I stop my movement, when Bella lets out a laugh. I turn and look at her and she wipes away some tears. "I haven't asked my father for permission for anything in years. You ask him for this, and he'll set you tasks. My parents know how I feel about you and Charlie. All they want is for me to be happy."

I let out a sigh, but shake my head at her. "I should still ask. It's the way I was raised."

Bella gives me a smile and nods her head. "Just don't say I didn't warn you."

I quickly lean over, kiss her lips and jump out my truck. By the time I'm around at Bella's side, she's already out of her seat and standing there. I glare at her and motion to the door.


I roll my eyes at her confused look. "I was coming to open the door for you."

Bella tilts her head still looking at me. "Why, this isn't our date?"

I shake my head at her and take a hold of her hand. "I'll open doors for you a lot and not just when we are on a date." We walk toward the door and just as we get to it, it opens and both her father and mother are standing there looking at us.

"Hello, Doctor Cullen, Mrs. Cullen, could I have a word please?" I say with a slight shake to my voice. Doctor Cullen looks at his wife and raises an eyebrow, before turning back to me.

"We can talk in my office," he says. I watch as he starts to walk away. I lean over and kiss Bella's temple. When someone clears their throat, I jump away from Bella and move quickly to catch up with Doctor Cullen.

"Please take a seat, Edward." I look at him, seeing that I'm not able to read anything from his face. "Come on, Edward, spit it out. I haven't got all day."

I look away from him and to the floor pulling my hair. "Iwouldliketocourtyourdaughter," I say in a jumble.

"Say that again, one word at a time, this time."

I look at him when I hear a small chuckle. "I would like to court your daughter." I watch him closely to see any changes on his face, but his face stays the same.

"Are you asking for my permission or telling me that you are courting her?"

"I … well, I'm asking you, sir, but I sort of already asked her and she said yes."

He tilts his head to the side. "If you have asked her, then why are you here asking me?"

I open and close my mouth a few times. "Well, I thought I should do the right thing and come to you."

Doctor Cullen nods his head at me.

"So, if I told you that I wasn't okay with this, you would stop seeing her?" I gulp as a pain shoots through my chest and I look at my hands holding my hat. I know that there's no way I can stay away from her. Not after I almost lost her and had to plead with her to stay. "Well, I take it by that look, the answer would be no then?"

I sigh deeply and look back up at him. "I'd like you to be okay with this," I say quietly.

"Hmm, you see my daughter is eighteen and you are thirty-four-thirty-five, that's what … a sixteen year age gap?"

I run my hand through my hair. "I don't know what to say … what I can tell you. All I know is that I have felt something for Bella for a year now. After watching her with Charlie, with my son, I have fallen in love with her. I did everything I could to stop feeling that way. Hell, I hurt her a lot, because I was trying to push her away from me. But when I found out she was going to leave here … that I wouldn't be able to see her eyes, her smile, to hear her laugh every day … it's … I felt like I was dying a slow painful death. I'm sorry if you think this is wrong or if I'm some danger to your daughter. But I swear I'll always love her and will try to give her everything her heart desires. I'll tell her every day how beautiful she is, how much I love her, and how lucky I am that she gave me a chance to love her."

I watch as he smiles and shake his head a little. "Did you know that Esme is thirteen years younger than me?" I shake my head at him. "She was twenty when we met, but still I can't really complain about the age different between my daughter and you, if there's almost as large of one between my wife and me. But I will tell you this, if you hurt my daughter as much as you did that made her want to run away from her home, I will kill you. It will be painful, believe me. I have the drugs that I could do it and without anyone finding out." I gulp again and nod my head. Doctor Cullen gets up and goes to the office door. "Well, let's get back out there, before Bella and Esme hurt their ears."

I frown at him and he opens the door and Bella and Esme fall to the ground. I look at Bella and see she had been crying. I jump up and move to her and help her up as Doctor Cullen helps Esme stand up.

"Are you hurt?" Bella shakes her head at me.

"I love you too," she says, before kissing me.

I place my hand on her waist picking her up without breaking the kiss. We both seem to lose ourselves in the kiss and are only brought out of it, when someone clears their throat.

I place her back down on the ground. "How about I take you out tomorrow during the day with Charlie and then tomorrow night just me and you?"

Bella nods her head. "That sounds really good." I smile and lean in and kiss her.

"Okay! Esme, get my gun! I think I'm having a change of heart here." I pull back and look at Doctor Cullen, who is now glaring at me. I sallow, but keep looking his way.

"For God's sake, boy, take your darn hand off of her ass!" Esme says, shaking her head either at me or her husband, I'm not sure which. I look to my hand and sure enough I have a good grip of Bella's beautiful ass.

I pull it away quickly and hold up my hands. "Okay, love, I'm going to go, while I still have my nuts intact. I'll see you tomorrow." I go to kiss her again, but stop when Doctor Cullen lets out a growl.

I look to see that Bella's holding back a laugh. I smile at her and give her a quick wink, before running out of the house.

The rest of the day goes by really slowly. I put Charlie to bed and plan out what we are going to do with Bella. I don't tell Charlie about taking Bella out, until we are leaving. I knew if I told him beforehand, I'd be asked every five minutes when we were going.

"I can't wait to sees her, it's been ages," Charlie says. I shake my head at him, knowing that it's only been a day.

"We just need to saddle up Twilight and New Moon," I say as we head to the stables.

I had called Bella early and asked her to have her horse ready, so we could go on a ride. I'm planning on taking her to a private spot that I've only ever taken Charlie too. I never took Leah there, it just never seemed right to have her there. The mere thought of Bella being there makes it so much more special to me.

We approach Bella's house and I guide both horses around to the side of the house.

"Okay, bud, let's get our girl," I say as I help him down. As soon as he is on the ground, I give him his bunch of daisies that he collected from our flower garden. He runs ahead and into the barn, where Bella is tending to her horse.

"Bella, look I pickeded dees for you." Bella smiles and bends down to him.

"These are beautiful, thank you." She gives him a kiss and he smiles openly at her.

"Are you already to go, love?" I ask and Bella looks at me and blushes nodding her head.

I help her saddle her horse and help Charlie back onto New Moon. We ride along the path with Charlie between us. I make sure that I keep an eye on both of them. Not because I fear for Bella or think she isn't a good rider, but more because I just want to look at her.

Every now and then her eyes meet mine and I wink at her, before looking back at the path. I smile at Charlie who is giving New Moon "huhs" and "ahahs" at the right moments.

"This is us, just after those trees," I say pointing ahead of us a pace. As soon as we pass the trees, Bella lets out a gasp. I turn and look at her and see her looking around in shock.

"Wow, this place is amazing." I don't say anything as the sun is hitting Bella is such a way, that it's too beautiful for words to describe. I smile knowing I was correct and Bella would make this place more special for me.

I jump down from Twilight, help Charlie down from New Moon, and lastly help Bella dismount Breaking Dawn. I give her a quick kiss, before putting her flat on the ground. I get all three horses and take them over to the fenced in area on the other side of the tree line I'd built there long ago. I remove their saddles, so they can run free and graze some of the grass. Making sure they have water in the fresh spring creek fed trough, I close up the gate.

I grab our picnic bags that were tied to Charlie's and my saddles. I grab the extra blanket rolls I had put on Charlie's saddle and head back into the clearing. I look ahead and see Charlie running around with Bella chasing after him. I sit down with my back against a tree and just watch them run around. I smile each time I hear them laugh and giggle with each other.

After a little bit of watching them I get up and wait for the right moment. When I get the chance, I sneak up and grab Bella. I lift her up into my arms and spin her around very much like she had been doing with Charlie.

I kiss her neck as she screams out. I tumble us to the ground making sure she is unhurt in the process. I straddle her, looking her right in the eyes. I grin when I see the love beaming out of her eyes back at me. "I," kiss, "love," kiss, "you." This time the kiss lasts longer, well until a small meddling lad lands on my back.

"I'll save you, little lady," Charlie say in his best John Wayne voice, which makes me hold back my laughter.

I can feel Bella's chuckle of amusement as I land on top of her. I roll slowly off her and lay on my side, so not to hurt Charlie, who starts to tickle me. I jump a little, when Bella joins in.

"Hey, no fair, you two are ganging up on me."

I start laughing at Charlie's giggles as Bella has begun tickling him. He squirms away from her and begins to run around again. As Bella goes to get him, I pull her back onto my lap and kiss her.

The rest of the afternoon goes by and I manage to drag Bella and Charlie over for something to eat.

"I help maked the picnic Bella," Charlie says as he sits on her lap smiling at her.

"Oh, what did you make me?" Bella asks looking between us, and Charlie gives her a look to say that she should know.

"Peanut an jelly, our favorite."

Bella chuckles and nods her head and I hand her a sandwich. She looks at the heart shaped pieces and gives Charlie a kiss on his head, before taking a bite.

"Hmm, this is really good," Bella say in between bites. Charlie smiles happily and begins eating his own sandwich.

After we're all done, Bella and I clean up, while Charlie goes to feed the horses some carrots. As soon as he hit the trees, I pull Bella to me and against the tree. I start to kiss her as she wraps her legs around me.

"I love my son, so much, but I really can't wait for tonight to have you all to myself." Bella lets out a moan and I feel myself harden. I pull back and let her down, knowing that having a hard on while riding a horse will not be pleasant. It doesn't take us long to clean up or make the track back to Bella's house. I give her a quick peck knowing that I need to get Charlie home, fed, bathed, and to Alice's, so I can get showered and dressed to take Bella back out.

Time seems to go by quickly, but I get it all done. I just manage to arrive at Bella's on time. I take a few deep breaths, before knocking on her door. I look up at her when she answers the door. "Wow, Bella, you look beautiful," I say.

I watch as she bites her bottom lip and grins at me. "You look great too, Edward." I smile at her and hand her the flowers that I brought her.

"Wow, these are really nice. Not nearly as nice as the ones a charming young man picked for me earlier," Bella says teasingly as she waves me into her house. I grin when I see Charlie's flowers sitting in a vase on the counter.

"I'm glad to hear it. He spent a good hour making sure he got the best ones for you." I watch her place my flowers into a vase and set them on the counter next to Charlie's.

"Are you all set?" I ask, and again Bella nods her head. I offer her my arm, which she takes. We make our way out to my pickup truck and I open her door. I help her inside and I close the door. Making my way around the truck, I can't hide the huge smile I'm wearing.

It doesn't take us too long to get where we're going. I help her into her chair and the waitress hands her a menu. We both order our food, and it takes no time to arrive. Bella and I sit and talk as we eat and I can't help myself from moving closer to her as the night goes on.

"You ready to do some dancing?" I say into her ear. She nods her head and I stand up helping her up and lead her to the dance floor. As Cotton Eye Joe comes on Bella and I are in full dance mode around the floor.

I'm glad when a slower song comes on and it gives me the chance to pull Bella closer to me. "I always thought no one could compete with Charlie's energy, but you've proven me wrong." I feel Bella chuckle and I feel her blush against my skin. "What's causing this beautiful blush to appear?" I feel Bella shake her head. "Tell me," I whisper into her ear and I feel her shiver.

I hear her let out a shaky breath and I tilt her head up, so I can look at her face. When her eyes meet mine, they are smoldering with what comes across as very lustful. "I just had a passing thought that having a lot of energy would be good in some places in the house."

I look at her unsure of what she's getting at. Suddenly, the look she's giving me, hits me. All the energy in the bedroom really would be a good thing. I wiggle my eyebrows at her. "It would be good, very good. I just hope my old ass can keep up with you."

Bella looks me in the eyes and pulls my head down a little as she stands on her tiptoes to kiss me. "You're not old, so stop saying you are. Besides, I have seen you work out, and it's more like me that'll be the one that can't keep up with you." I grin at her shaking my head, before pulling her closer to me kissing her again.

When the next song comes on, I quickly spin her and we again are doing line dancing. It isn't like you can resist doing the Boot Scootin' Boogie.

After dancing non-stop for three hours, I drive Bella back to my house. "Please know I'm not expecting anything, I just want a little private time with you, without everyone and their brother watching us."

Bella smiles at me, nodding her head, before she starts to kiss me again. We tumble into the house and I feel Bella chuckling against my lips.

"Here we are with no alcohol in us, and we can't even walk," I say with a grin. It's rather funny this is about the fifth time we have tripped, because we've been kissing each other while walking.

"Edward," Bella says and I look at her as I pull her to my sofa. "Can I stay the night? I mean, that way we can have a drink and relax. I'm not saying we should jump into bed and have sex, just so you know." I see the blush on her face. I also know that she's a little freaked out and worried about how I'll react or what I'll say to her request.

"Bella," I start to say as she straddles me and shuts me up with a kiss.

"I'm not even saying sleep next to each other in the same bed, but I really wouldn't mind that. I just want us to spend quality time with you. I'm enjoying spending time with each other and I just want to take advantage of all I can. Just to be clear, I'm not the kind of girl that sleeps with a guy on the first or second date." I smile at her.

"How many dates does it take to get there?" I ask in a husky voice.

Bella looks at me and shrugs her shoulders. "I never got to that date yet, but I have a feeling you'll be the first to find out." I look at her and feel a sense of relief to find out that she's a virgin.

"If I have things my way, I'll be the only one to ever find out that information." Bella nods her head at me and grins. I pull her head to mine and we begin making out again. "Stay with me tonight, but know this, I may never let you leave," I say before I start kissing her neck.

"Do you really want a drink?" I ask knowing well that Bella is allowed to have the odd drink.

Bella shake her head at me, "No I much rather do this." I nod my head and stand up with her.

"Then we should head to bed. I really like the idea of you sleeping next to me," I say as I walk to my room carrying her.

I stop off in the bathroom and hand her a brand new toothbrush from the cabinet. I brush my teeth beside her, and smile at the thought of sharing a normal routine thing like this. When we finish in my bathroom, I pull her into my bedroom. I sit her down on my bed and walk over to my drawers grabbing a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. I turn to hand them to her seeing she's already shifting out of her clothes. I make a funny noise and she stops and looks at me.

I look at her beautiful nearly naked body, as I hear her starting to speak. I'm so zoned out at the sight of her body that I'm unable to comprehend what exactly she's saying.

"Edward," Bella says as she places her hand on my face.

"Huh, yeah," I say. Bella pulls my face to hers, so I am looking in her eyes.

"I said, that normally I'd be sleeping naked, but I'm just going to sleep in my underwear instead. Is that okay?"

I gulp loudly, but nod my head. "I … I normally sleep naked too, but tonight … yeah, tonight, I'll be sleeping with a hard on … shit. I mean, in my boxers … I mean, I'll be wearing the damn boxers." I close my eyes silently cursing at myself for telling her about my hard on.

I feel Bella quietly chuckling against my chest and I look down at her. "I can see that Edward, I'm sorry. Would it help if I put something on?"

I shake my head at her and begin to take off my clothes. "Don't worry about it my love. It's been like this because of you for months now."

Again Bella gives a light chuckle and I see that her blush is also covering the top of her chest.

"Let's get into bed," I say pulling her toward my bed.

It doesn't take us long to get comfortable and we start to kiss again.

"Has anyone told you, that you're an amazing kisser?" I ask as I start to kiss her neck.

"Nope, I've not really kissed many guys." I pull back a little and look at her. "Edward, I've wanted you for so long, that no guy has ever got a kiss from me. I have kissed before though, I kissed Jake when I was eight. Next was Sam when I was fifteen. Then when I was seventeen, I did kiss Jasper."

I growl, hearing that she kissed a guy who she still hangs around with. "Wait, he's been with Alice for six or seven years now?" Bella blushes and bites her lip as she looks at me.

"It's her fault, she dared me," Bella says as she hides her face.

"Tell me what happened," I say knowing that even if it's a story about her kissing another guy I want to hear this.

"I told her that I had never really, you know, kissed a guy with tongue and she said I should just kiss a friend. I told her I wasn't going to do that. We were sharing a bottle of wine and well, you know how Alice is. She decided that I was doing things her way and she started to kiss me, to teach me how.

"Then she told me I was almost as good of a kisser as Jasper and then she dared me to kiss him. He was right there with us, and well, she wouldn't shut up about it. So yeah, Jasper and I kissed, but I've got to tell you, I felt more with Alice then him. It was just really weird kissing him."

I look at her and hold back the fact I'm even more aroused, by talk of girl on girl action. I let out a small chuckle, hoping that my cock will stop twitching.

"But kissing you is a thousand times better than that kiss Alice gave me."

I roll on top of her and Bella wraps her legs around me waist. "I've got to say that I have kissed a few women, but nothing compares to this. You really have no idea what you do to me."

I feel Bella's hands run up my spine and she pulls me down, so she can kiss my neck. I feel her smiling and she pulls back. "Oh, cowboy, I, without a doubt, can feel exactly what it is that I'm doing to you," Bella says and she bucks her hips up. Her movements cause her warm lacy covered pussy, to rub across the length of my hard cock.

That's all it takes for me to lose control. I push down on her and start to kiss her chest. With one hand I move her bra out of my way, and with the other I move her leg up giving me a better angle to thrust right against her.

Before my mind can stop me, I start to dry hump her. She arches her back clearly enjoying this as much as me. I get up on my knees applying a strong thrust. A few seconds later we're both moaning out in pleasure and I fall on top of her.

"Wow, I never knew how good sex with clothes still on could be. Hell, I can't wait to see how much better it'll be without them," I chuckle, but instantly start to feel bad. "Bella," I'm cut off by her kissing my lips.

"Don't be a dick. I would've stopped you if I didn't want to do it. Now let's go and shower together."

I look at her and shake my head. "I got to say I love this side of you."

Bella smiles, but I can see the blush slowly coming to the surface. "Good, because this Bella comes out as much as bad, shy, and caring Bella does."

I get up and help her to stand. "Bad Bella? Hmm, I think I would really like to meet her," I say picking Bella up as she wraps her legs around me.

"Oh, you will, and I'm thinking it will be extremely soon." I smile and then kiss her as I walk us into the bathroom.

Bella and I spend time in the shower washing and pleasing each other. By the time we fall asleep, naked, I may add, we've made each other cum another five times. This is more than I have ever cum in one night before.

In the morning I hand her one of my shirts, only to pull it back when she goes to take it. "I think you should eat breakfast naked," I say leaning in to kiss her lips.

"Hmm, you know, I'm in the mood for cream," Bella says as she grips my cock and begins to stroke it. Before I can say a word, Bella drops to her knees and has my cock in my mouth. I hold back as she spends time teasing me.

"Please, Bella," I say in a small voice.

"Show me how you like it?" I look down at her and her grin makes me nod my head.

"Lay up on the bed, with your head over the edge a little." Bella wiggles her ass at me and I give it a slap.

I give her one last look to make sure she's okay, before I fuck her mouth. "I'm going to cum, swallow, please, baby, swallow," I say as I come undone. I feel myself empty down her throat. As soon as I am done, I pull her up kiss her, tasting myself on her.

"Fuck, baby, I'm hard again," I say kissing her.

"Edward, I'm never like this, I never do this. When I'm with you, I feel as if I have no control. I need to touch you, and to have you touch me. I can't fight it anymore. I need you inside of me, please, fuck. I love you. I need you to make love to me, please," she pants out.

I swallow as I hear her words. "I fucking love you, baby. I'm trying hard, really fucking hard, not to run with you to the chapel and demand that they marry us," I say as I line my cock up with her opening. "This is it baby, there's no going back, we're about to become one."

Bella nod her head at me and I enter her I one swift movement. I knew that Bella had lost her hymen, because of her excessive and hard horseback riding and roping. However, that didn't make it any less sore for her.

"Okay, it's okay baby. I've got you and I'm never letting you go. You tell me when it's okay to move."

"Now, Edward, please move now," she begs as her fingertips rub circles on her clit.

I start moving as does Bella. It isn't long before we are both on our knees and I'm behind her rocking our bodies as one. We spend the next two hours making love.

I look at Bella as we eat our late lunch. "Marry me," I say looking at her. She tilts her head to the side and gives me the, "are you crazy look."

"It been two dates, two days, Edward."

I shake my head at her. "I know and I was with Leah a very long time, look at me and her now. But yesterday and today with you, felt so much more than all that time with her. I know that we are going to grow old together, that I'm going to live well into my late years, so I don't miss a thing with you."

Bella gets up and walks over to me and sits on my lap. "Ask my again in few months and it will be a yes, I promise."

I chuckle. "Fine, but until then you'll need to wear a promise ring."

Bella shakes her head at me. "You honestly want me to wear your ring?" I nod my head at her. "Wow, where did the guy who was afraid go?"

I chuckle. "I told him to fuck off and he was a prick for hurting you. This is me, the me that doesn't give up the things he wants and cares about. I'm telling you here and now, he can be controlling and possessive. Yet he's loving and will treat you like a princess. He will love and cherish you until his last dying breath. He'll make love to you as if you're his most precious gift, but fuck you like you're his personal whore."

I push myself into Bella and watch as her eyes roll back and her mouth opens wide in a silent moan.

"I'll be every guy you've always wanted and the guy you never knew you wanted or needed." I start to fuck Bella on the kitchen table still talking to her. "I will piss you off, because I will mark you in every way as mine. I will fuck up any guys that try to take you away from me."

I pull out and flip her so her chest is on the table and trust into her again. "I'll buy you things, take you places, open doors for you, and call you just to hear your voice. I'll tell you every day that you are beautiful and that I love you. Why?" Bella doesn't ask, or say anything only small moans are coming out of her mouth and I speed up my trusts. "I'll tell you why," I say pulling out all the way. "It's." Thrust. "Because." Thrust. "You're." Thrust. "MINE!" I ram my cock into her hard and feel her cum and I follow her.

I pull her up, but Bella start to wobble, so I pick her up and take her to the bathroom. I'm a little worried that I was too rough with her, but the goofy grin on her face tells me she liked it.

The months fly by and Bella and I have been together for almost three full months now. The whole town knows about us and we at first had the odd stares and whisperings, but thing are starting to die down. Everyone seems to have gotten used to seeing Bella and I kiss and hug each other. Charlie's still itching to call her mom. I know Bella will love it, but I've asked him to hold off until I marry her. That'll be soon, if I have a say in it, which I do.

I'm out in the field working on a fence and smile, when I hear Bella calling my name. I turn and frown when I see her face as she looks upset. I drop my tools and run over to her.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Bella looks at me angry.

"Dawn's pregnant." I tilt me head and give her a confused look. "I'll give you three guesses who the daddy is?" Bella says angrily at me.

"Dawn, as in your horse, Breaking Dawn?" I ask still a little unsure of what going on.

Bella raises her arm and drops them slapping her thighs. "Yes, my horse. Your stinky stag of a horse got my horse pregnant, and she's too young to be a mom." I'm about to chuckle, but Bella's lip wobbles making me hold it back.

"Oh, baby, are you sure?"

Bella nods her head at me. "It was when we were on our first date."

I rub Bella's back as she begins to cry. "Come on, it's not that bad, your dad was thinking of breeding her anyway. He had talked to me, because Twilight was one of the studs he was thinking of using."

Bella shakes her head. "No, that's not what I wanted, she's too young."

I sit down on the ground and place Bella on my lap as I keep rubbing her back. "It'll be okay."

Again Bella shakes her head. "What if she die's? Or she not a good mom?"

I frown a little, but sigh seeing that Bella's wanting an answer. "We'll keep a good eye on her, and bring her up here. I've helped delivered a few horses now."

Bella nods her head at me. "Is this all you're upset about?" Bella shakes her head at me. "When dad found out, he said that it could have been worse, and then he looked at me."

I kissed her head and again frown. "And that's what upset you?" Again Bella shakes her head. "Baby, tell me what it is."

She looks at me worried. "I was trying to look for him, when I found him in the barn and Matt was looking Dawn over." I give her a look to have her carry on. "I was looking for him because … I think I'm pregnant," Bella sobs out as I feel myself go into shock.

"I swear, I'm on the pill … I don't …"

I look at her as tears run down her face. I sigh getting what's upsetting her now. "I swear it's going to be okay. I love you baby, I really love you. You're going to be a great mom, you already are to Charlie. And I will move heaven and earth to keep you alive."

Bella nods her head at me. "I feel as if my emotions are all over the place," Bella says, as she beings to sob again.

I help her to stand. "Come on, baby."

Bella looks at me. "Where are we going?"

I pull her arm a little to make her move. "To have it confirmed."

Bella completely stops moving and I turn and look at her. "You need to see a doctor, Bella," I say and Bella raises her eyebrow at me.

I look at her unsure of what it is that I'm missing. "Edward, my dad is the town doctor. The only town doctor we have," Bella says and I feel myself pale.


Bella nods her head. "Fine, we'll go to see Tanya then," I say as I pull on her hand again. "She's a nurse and did some midwife training."

I feel Bella stop and I turn to look at her again. "You're truthfully okay with this, if I am?"

I nod my head at her and she flies into my arms. "Yes, baby, of course I am," I say frowning now in wonder if she is okay with this.

"You asked me to marry you the morning after our dates. I'm giving you my yes now. I love you and even if this wasn't planned, I'm still very happy and excited."

I nod my head and kiss her. "Let's get a test done and then head over to the chapel."

"I took fifty tests this morning, and they all said positive."

I feel myself grin, and pull her into my arms. "I can't wait to marry you. You're having a baby, MY BABY." I kiss her until her cell starts to ring. I pull back allowing her to answer it.

"Hey, dad," she says. I watch Bella bite her lip and close her eyes. "We're on our way," she says looking a little worried. "He knows. I guess now that I think about it, taking fifty of his tests was a bit stupid."

I know I should be worried, but I still can't believe that I'm getting married and going to become a dad again. I drive slowly over to her parent's house, holding her hand the whole time. I start to feel more worried, when I see both her parents standing outside of the house.

"He's going to kill us," Bella says.

I lean over and kiss her. "He won't, come on baby, let's go and tell them the happy news."

I have to drag Bella along with me. "Doctor Cullen, Esme," I say. Esme gives me a small smile.

"I'm thinking we should take this into my office," Doctor Cullen says before turning and walking away from me.

I feel myself start to sweat. I have no idea why this man, a man I've known for years and have called Doc both inside and aloud, suddenly scares me. Maybe it's the fact that I'm dating and sleeping with his daughter. Whatever it is, it's turned me back into a teenage boy that calls adult by their titles.

I always called Leah's dad Harry, even after we began dating. We all walk in to the office, Doctor Cullen and Esme sit at one side of the desk and Bella and I on the other.

"So, you've went and gotten my baby girl knocked up?" I look at him and can't help but smile, loving the fact that Bella is carrying my child. "You really shouldn't look so happy boy, I'm not happy with the fact my daughter is with child outside of wedlock."

I close my eyes hearing the anger in his voices, as Bella chuckles and I open them quickly to look at her. "You got mom pregnant outside of wedlock too."

Doctor Cullen looks at Bella in shock. "Come on, Dad, you were married in March of ninety-four. I was born in September ninety-four, that's only six months apart."

Doctor Cullen opens and closes his mouth a few times, so I speak up to save face. "This wasn't planned, but I can't help loving the fact that this beautiful girl is carrying my child. She's already fallen into the role of being Charlie's mom. She is so good with him, you must see that. I've wanted to marry her from the second she gave me another chance.

"I almost lost her once and that opened my eyes. I respect both of you a lot, you must know that, but I also respect your daughter. Now the right thing would've been for me to come to you first, but I couldn't stop myself from asking for her hand already. I did that months ago, and as you know, she promised to give me a yes if I give her a few more months. Today she gave me that yes. We're planning to go to the chapel next. Please, I truly would love for you both to give us your blessing. I ask you for your blessing for Bella, because she loves you so much. I know in the next few months she's going to need you more than ever."

Doctor Cullen smiles at me and shakes his head. "First my horse, and now my daughter, I should just shoot you. Ah, first let me get her checked over, and do blood test to see how far along she is."

I nod my head. We all head over to his office in town and Esme calls Reverend Webber to make us an appointment for him to come and see us. It takes the best part of an hour for us to get everything done. Just as we're finishing up, Tanya comes in and is happy to put Bella on her books.

We're sitting down for a quick snack when the Reverend turns up.

"My daughter and Edward want to get married," Doctor Cullen states.

He looks at us happily and brings out his date book. "So, when next year are you wanting to do this?"

Bella and I look at each other than to him. "We want it to take place within the next four weeks."

He looks at us shocked, then gets a displeased look on his face. "Please tell me, Carlisle, that she's not with child?" Bella nods her head a bites her lip. "I'm sorry, but I can't be a party to this … this marriage."

I look at him and go to speak, but Esme cuts me off. "Don't you dare come into my home and look at my daughter like that. Now, you are our town Reverend, if you won't carry it out, then fine, I'll get one of those things from online and do it myself. She has done nothing wrong. She may be having a child a little quicker than she thought or planned, but never the less, she'll love that child. While we're on children, how is Angela?" Rev Webber pales and knows that he's been called out. "And please remember those who live in glass houses should not cast stones," Esme states standing up and waving her hands in front of her.

"Goodbye, Mr. Webber."

Reverend Webber stands up and opens and closes his mouth, but Esme doesn't give him the chance to speak as she pushes him out of the door.

The day passes and Bella and I pick up Charlie from kindergarten. We agree not to tell him just yet about the baby knowing that it takes a long time for a child, but also because we wanted to keep just between those who already know, until Bella has passed her first trimester.

We do tell him that Bella is moving in with us in a few weeks, which seems to make him absolutely happy. Bella put him to bed and spent over half an hour reading and singing to him. I snuck up stairs and watched her with a smile on my face.

She comes out after Charlie has fallen asleep. "You have any idea how much our boy loves you?"

Bella blushes and I pull her to me. "He so wants to call you mom, you are his mom, in his mind and mine."

Bella kisses my neck. "I'd really like that, but I still feel bad about Leah. What if …" I shut her up by kissing her as hard as I can.

"She never wanted him as much as it pains me to say she didn't. You've been more of a mother too him. She has no claim to him, not even through the law."

Bella nods her head at me. "You can talk to him tomorrow. I'm ready for him to call me mom. I'd love for him to call me that from now on."

I smile at her and kiss her again. "We'll talk to him together. He's our son, you know?"

Bella nods her head and I lead her to our bedroom.

I look at myself in the mirror. I smile as I see Charlie standing beside me copying my movements. We're both dressed in similar outfits. We have black jeans and boots on, a white shirt with a black Silk Sunday go-to-meeting tie, black waist coat, a black overcoat, and our black cowboy hats.

"Is it time to see Mom yet?" I shake my head at him, he's been asking non-stop since Bella left last night.

"No, not yet, but after today, she'll be with us always." He smiles at me. From the second he was told that he could call Bella mom, he did and has not stopped. It only took a few weeks for Bella and her horse Dawn to move in with us.

We'd found out at that time Bella was five and half weeks pregnant. Between Bella, Alice, and Esme the wedding was all arranged for five weeks so she is only ten weeks now and we are due to have our first scan next week.

I walk my son to the town gardens and stand next to Jasper, who's my best man. I smile and chuckle, when I see Emmett, who has obtained a license to marry us, standing there. He is wearing one of Reverend Webber's robes and looks really silly, because it is several sizes too small.

As the music starts, I look down seeing Alice and Rose walking down the pathway. They both smile at me and I tip my hat at them, before looking back down in time to watch Carlisle walk toward me with my beautiful—soon—very soon—to be wife on his arm.

I stare at her feet and smile. She has on these white Victorian western wedding boots. She told me how she has always wanted them, so I made sure we found them. Her dress starts half way up her calf and it's white. Bella was telling me it has embroidery and appliqués, all I know is she looks breathtaking.

When they get to me, Carlisle places Bella hand in mine and then gives her a kiss. Emmett does well and adds a little humor into the ceremony. As Emmett says you may kiss the bride, I bring Bella to me and kiss her. I make sure that the kiss conveys to her again how much I love her. The cheers and the gun fire don't make me stop, but Bella pulls away from me and I pout at her.

"Yee-haw," everyone cheers and Bella and I turn to them.

"MOM," Charlie yells and Bella looks down and picks Charlie up.

"You look great, and you did a great job today, I love you, my sweet boy." Charlie grins at her happily and hugs her tight.

"I love you Mom, but don't leave again. I didn't like not waking up and having breakfast with you." Bella kisses his head and whispers something into his ear.

"Come on, time to get some photos taken," I say holding out my arms for Charlie to come into them.

Bella pouts at me, but I told her no heavily lifting while she's pregnant and that means holding Charlie for any longer than a few moments. I switch sides and put Charlie on my hip near to Bella, so she can hug him when she stands close to me. It takes a good hour for all the pictures to be taken.

We arrive at the party, and Bella starts to cry when she sees everything. Seems as if the whole town is here and have added their own things to the party. It doesn't take long for everyone to have dinner and do their speeches and then we do what this town does best and that's dance.

Esme and Carlisle take Charlie home with them, both proud grandparents. Bella and I promise him we'll be there bright and early for breakfast. I help Bella get on Twilight and then I get behind her and I ride us both to the meadow, where I have set up a small camp for us.

As we come together under the blanket of stars out in the meadow, my whole existence finally makes perfect sense. I spend the entire night showing my wife just how much I love and cherish her.

The months that follow are filled with vet and doctor's appointments. Bella's horse Dawn is almost two months in front of Bella, so Bella and Dawn are due at the same time. At Bella's scan we found that we were going to have another boy.

Bella has just entered the last trimester and we're out buying things that we'll need to fix up the nursery. I've left Bella and Charlie at the checkout, to grab different paint. Bella had a change of heart and wants soft yellow, instead of the medium yellow. When I get back to the checkout, a voice stops me in my tracks.

"I really can't see the Doc being happy that you're pregnant and married. What in the hell has gotten into you girl, you're what seventeen?" Leah asks my wife rather loudly.

"Nineteen, now," Bella says in a normal speaking voice.

"Why did you do it? Get married, I mean, did the Doc force you?" Leah asks.

"No, of course not, my daddy would ever do that. I got married because I love him, that's why." I look around seeing Leah from the back and she's shaking her head.

"You should get out now, there's nothing in this small town. Hell, you must've married an old guy if he's got a kid already. I mean, you're more like a free babysitter than a wife."

I see the anger in Bella's face, so I move quickly. "Hey, baby, I got the paint," I say wrapping my arm around Bella.

"Edward?" I look at Leah and she bursts out laughing looking between Bella and I.

"This is him, the guy you married is my ex?"

Bella nods her head and Leah just smiles. "Well good luck and all, but I've gotta tell you this Bella, you should get rid of that one your carrying and run for the hills while you can. Life's about living, not being tied down to a guy with a kid and another one the way." Leah doesn't wait for us to say anything back to her as she walks away with her head up in the air.

"Daddy, Mommy, who was that lady?" I look down at Bella, and smile, because I don't feel sad at all that he has no idea.

"That was an old friend of your dads, she went to school with him." I smile knowing that's the reason I don't feel sad, is because Charlie has the best mom, Bella. And even when he's old and grey, I know he'll love her like that. Leah will never mean anything to him, and I'll tell him she was a special lady that carried him for me. I'll explain it was because I wanted him so badly.

And I now know for sure that Leah feels nothing for him. She seems happy with her life, so she must've found what she was looking for. Bella and I put Leah out of our minds and carry on with our family shopping. Charlie helps Bella cook dinner and they're planning what is to happen to his room. Charlie's really excited about becoming a big brother.

"I really couldn't believe what Leah said." I look across at Bella and pat my chest. She comes willingly and lays on me.

"I told you, baby, she didn't want him. It doesn't mean he's not loved. You love him and I do too. He's getting what he needs from us." Bella nods her head at me. "And very soon you'll be his mom legally."

I watch as she smiles, last week we filed all the paperwork for Bella to legally adopt him.

"I love you," I look down at her and kiss her head.

"I really love you, too," she says leaning on my chest as I place my hand on her tummy feeling my baby boy.

Today I have been running all over my land. First Dawn went in to labor and Twilight became over protective of her, so I had to help Matt out. We were about half way through the birth when Lauren turned up panting saying that Bella's water had broken. From then on, I have been running between the two.

Dawn had a filly about an hour ago and Matt has stayed to keep an eye on them as I have locked myself in with Bella and Tanya.

"You're doing great, Bella, one big push and you'll have a baby boy." I'm sitting behind Bella and she's between my legs.

"Here he comes, Bella," Tanya says.

I kiss Bella's head. "Keep pushing, baby," I say giving her a kiss, knowing that she's tired from being in labor for the past eight hours.

"Stop, Bella, I just need to check … okay, push again."

Bella pushes and then relaxes, there's suddenly a loud cry from below. Tanya quickly checks our son over, before handing him over to us.

"Here you go Momma, here's your big boy. He sure is a cutie-pie." Bella smiles at Tanya and then looks at her son.

"Wow, he's so small." I chuckle nodding my head as I look between them.

"He's really not that small Bella, he's a whopping nine pounds-ten ounces. That's a pretty big baby for a first time mom and even bigger for a girl of your size. Okay, things look good here, I'm gonna leave you two to bond. Do want the others in?" Bella nods her head.

"Yes, I want my other son in here." I chuckle kissing her temple, as Tanya smiles nodding her head.

"Not for too long, I'll come and look on you both tomorrow. Remember and call if you worried about anything." I smile and give her a wink as she walks out the door.

Over the first week of Jonathon's birth, most of the town comes and visits. Bella and I were really surprised to find a gift box from Leah. There was also a note to me and Charlie. She said she was glad that I was happy and looked well, and she was happy that Charlie had the best mom he could ever need.

Ten years later.

Bella and I have been married for ten years today, after we had Jonathon, Bella fell pregnant again, but this time we had twin girls, Catherine and Rachel. Charlie is an amazing big brother and has made me so proud.

Bella horse Dawn has also had two more foals with Twilight, and they've all gone to the kids. We have what some will say a simple country life, but we are happy. Bella is a remarkable wife and mother and we have a great family. Sure we worry about money like the next family, but we seem to get by.

Thanks to the town that we live in, and the fact that we are always there to help each other out. I love my family and our life.

I'll always be glad that I took the chance to chase after Bella. Catching up with her that day, was the best thing that happened to me, it directed the rest of my life to be what it is now. I may've been ropin' a sitter, but I found myself tied to my destiny.

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