2001-ish. Harry is 21. Voldy-moldy is dead. The rest of the world lives on!


AU. Slash. Theo is an Unspeakable. Harry is an Unspeakable. They are married. What an unlikely pair. Can you imagine the trouble they get into? TheoxHarry pairing. SeverusxKingsley side pairing.


MAIN PAIRING: Harry Potter x Theodore Nott

Side Pairings: Severus Snape x Kingsley Shacklebolt, Ron x Hermione, Blaise Zabini x Draco Malfoy.


I do not own any Harry Potter anything or any Twilight anything. That belongs to J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyer. I just like playing with their characters in my own little world of storyville. I make no money by writing this fanfiction. All original characters are my own.


M – Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16

Author's Notes: This is part of a random TheoxHarry series I had planned out. I will update it as I have the time to proof the chapters I have written. It is posted by request for Zakayla. Enjoy, my fellow Theorry fan. ;)

WARNINGS: Mature themes. Contains mentions of slash(m/m), moments/mentions of femslash(f/f), and Het (m/f). Scenes are not explicit as per FF guidelines. There will be definite hints of citrus. Mild D/s Themes. Possible gore/torture in future chapters. Fluff. Mystery. Mentions of past Abuse. OC's. OOCness. Very AU. Other warnings will be added as I see fit.

AUGUST 2001 : ENGLAND : Shared Residence.


Harry Potter did not whine.

"No, Harry." Came the Slytherin's calm reply.

"But I don't want to!"

"I am not asking whether you want to or not. It has already been decided." Theodore Nott selected his second best pair of trousers and bent to inspect his newest pair of work boots. He could break them in with a spell, he reasoned.

"S'not fair."

"Life is seldom ever fair." Was the immediate, time-favored reply. "Now stop stalling and start packing."

"But we just came off assignment."

"And now we're going right back on it."



The green-eyed brunet affected a sulky air, staring up at the ceiling from his position where he lay half-sprawled across the bed. "You just came back…" his voice trailed off, softly. "I missed you."

"And I missed you too, my darling little trouble magnet. There'll be plenty of time to catch up on the flight over."

"Why can't we take a portkey?"

"Because." Theo sighed. He straightened, spelling the rest of his belongings into his favorite trunk and transfiguring it to pass as typical muggle luggage. The ease in which he did so spoke of the experience of doing it several dozen times over, at least.

Harry didn't answer. He heard what wasn't said.

Because you don't like portkeys since the graveyard and Cedric.

"It's a long flight."

"It's America." Theo countered. "That's a long way away from England."

"But why us?"

"Because Severus and Kingsley asked." Theo returned, calmly. "Do not push my bag off the bed, Harry. Honestly!"

Harry huffed at that, but again, he heard what wasn't said.

Because we owe Severus and Kingsley our lives several times over and they trust us.

"There. Done!" Theo stood back, hands on his hips, surveying the room. He'd hardly bothered to unpack from his last trip. The only thing out of place was his pouting husband with his arms crossed over his chest. "Harry."

"Why can't Blaise or Draco go?"

"Because Blaise is finalizing his latest divorce and you know Draco will never leave him alone when it's that time." Theo drew out a galleon from his trouser pocket. "Teacher's assistant or student?" He flipped the coin and slapped it on his wrist. "Call it."

"Do I have to?"

"If you don't, I will."


"Non-answers don't count."

"Theo, can't you just tell Severus that-"

"No one ever just tells Severus something." Theo scoffed. "Heads it's student." He moved his hand and smirked. "Ha. I win. Tails."

"Ha, bloody ha." Harry retorted.

There was a long pause and then Theo sighed. He pocketed the galleon and tossed his wand on the bed, before circling around to stand in front of Harry's reluctant form.

Half on and half-off the bed, Harry thumped his feet half-heartedly against the side of the bed. Theo shook his head faintly, but reached down to shift Harry's legs, insinuating one knee between them as he knelt, moving forward to hover over his husband.

"You," he kissed the tip of Harry's nose. "Are," he kissed one cheek. "Being," he kissed the other cheek. "Difficult," he kissed that famous lightning bolt scar. "Why?"

Harry stifled a groan and turned away. "It's—it just—we—sometimes—I-!" He tried and failed to properly articulate the jumble of emotions, memories and words that tangled up in his chest. He'd missed Theo, who'd been out on assignment. The last mission hadn't required a partner and Theo worked well only with Harry or a very strict deadline.

All Unspeakables had their own quirks and that was one of Theo's. He'd read the file, skimmed the mission requirements and sent Harry packing to stay with a frazzled Ron and a pregnant Hermione.

He'd then turned up, unscathed—of course—and with a new mission in hand from their old mentors, one Severus Shacklebolt—formerly Snape—and one Kingsley Shacklebolt. It was something to do with America, potions ingredients, rogue vampires and a place called Forks.

Harry had dug in his heels at once, but Theo, of course, did not pay any attention to his token protests. Not after he'd cleared things with Luna, anyway, and the pretty Ravenclaw Seer had assured him that there was nothing to worry over.

"It's a long assignment, at least a few weeks." Theo shifted his attention to one faintly pinked ear and began to nibble along the edge of the outer shell. "We'll have the nights and the mornings to ourselves, not to mention the weekends. I know you've missed Kingsley too." Theo sniggered. "And Severus has probably missed you as well."

Harry's next objection came as a surprised gasp, when Theo tongued the earring dangling from one lobe and tugged it sharply with his teeth. "Ngh—he didn't." Harry arched his neck, allowing more room for those pleasurable ministrations. "I didn't either."

"You're both so bloody stubborn, it's adorable." Theo informed him. He then bent to sweetly ravish that protesting mouth. He distracted Harry with the kiss, working to unfold Harry's crossed arms and shifting to pin them over his head. Holding both wrists with one hand, Theo felt for his wand and set it to packing his husband's usual travel gear. "Do you want to stay with the Weasleys again?"

"No!" Harry tugged free of the one-handed grip and immediately locked his arms around Theo's neck. "No. I want…I'd rather be with you."

"Do you need to sit this one out?" Theo allowed him to steal a kiss.

"No…I'd…rather be with you."

"Then why are we having this conversation?"

"Because you've been ignoring me?" Harry peered up at that handsome face, watching the brown eyes darken in lust.

"Have I?" Theo purred.

"Yes, yes, very much so." Harry murmured. He twined his fingers through Theo's dark curls at the nape of his neck, enjoying the silken feel of them. He felt a distinct sense of gratification filter through him at the look of possession and want etched on Theo's normally impassive face.

"Neglected you terribly?" Theo buried his face in Harry's neck, sucking, kissing and nibbling at the softness there.

"Mmmhmm-ah!" Harry squirmed. "Right there…that's good…good…very…ah…good." He groaned as Theo slid one hand up his shirt and dug into his side with blunt fingernails.

Theo lifted his head, long enough to steal another kiss. He smirked into the moment, twitching his wand to pack the rest of Harry's things and send off the message to Severus that they would be leaving in a few hours.

Yes, there were other ways to travel to America and Harry wasn't necessarily averse to other means of wizarding travel, but to miss the chance to have his delectable husband beside him for a prolonged period of time?

Well, Slytherin habits never die.

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