Title: We Both Know

Author: moviegeek03

Beta: purplehrdwonder

Characters/Pairings: Klaine, Sam, Santana, Rachel, Finn, Adam (some Kadam but nothing major), Burt/Carole, Tina, Hunter

Rating/Warnings: PG-13; Assault, mentions of steroid addiction; Spoilers for aired eps

A/N: Title comes from the Gavin DeGraw and Colbie Caillat song of the same name.

Summary: Kurt realizes that he might fear losing Blaine more than he fears letting Blaine back in when he learns Blaine has had a rather painful run in with Hunter.

Chapter 1

Blaine ran around the house one last time, checking to make sure everything was in its place before Sam arrived. He had debated for weeks on going up to New York to visit Kurt, but had decided at the last minute to remain in Lima for his final spring break of high school and just relax with some movie marathons and bro bonding. After failing to save the most important thing in his own world, it was nice to camp out on the couch with Sam and watch the superheroes save theirs all within the span of a few hours.

He still talked to Kurt frequently, sneaking texts under desks during boring lectures and catching up via Skype when they could. They were getting better at communicating. But Blaine knew Kurt had Adam and he wasn't too sure what that meant for him. Kurt never seemed unhappy, but he didn't have that same spark that Blaine had seen during Schue's failed wedding.

With a sigh, Blaine tried to shove thoughts of Kurt to the back of his mind and finish cleaning up his room. Sam was coming over to spend the while Blaine's parents were in Pittsburg. They had offered to bring Blaine along on their business trip since it coincided with his break however he felt like a week with his best friend sounded nicer than stuffy businessmen and wandering around the hotel by himself.

Blaine went downstairs to double check the fridge to make sure Sam's favorite cans of pop were still tucked in the back. He had just finished when the front doorbell rang. Blaine smiled and hurried to let Sam in so they could start their night.

"Hey, man!" Sam greeted as Blaine pulled the door open and stepped to the side. He hitched his duffle bag up higher on his shoulder and shuffled inside next to Blaine.

"Hey Sam! I was just double checking that there was enough pop in the fridge. You want one?"

"Nah, I'm good," he replied, following Blaine into the kitchen and taking a seat at the bar. "You the only one home?"

Blaine grabbed a water bottle and sat down next to his friend. "Yeah, just me. My parents left this morning for Pittsburg. Dad has a bunch of meetings to deal with for a merger he's working on and Mom has some family up there she wanted to visit ."

"You sure they're ok with you staying here with me instead of going with them?" Sam asked, furrowing his brow.

"No, um, I would've just ended up staying in the hotel the whole week anyway and just seen them for dinner. My uncle—the one mom's visiting—he's not my biggest fan." Blaine fiddled with the paper on the outside of the bottle, peeling pieces off. "He's pretty homophobic so Mom never makes me go visit. She just likes seeing her sister and her kids."

"That sucks! Dude I'm really sorry." Sam slung an arm across Blaine's back and squeezed his shoulder. "Your uncle sounds like an ass."

Blaine laughed a little at Sam's bluntness. "Pretty much. Like I said, my parents don't really like him but you can't choose who your family marries."

"Still sorry," Sam restated, patting Blaine on the back before removing his arm.

Blaine smiled in thanks and stood up. "So," he started to change the subject, "did you remember The Amazing Spiderman?"

"Of course!" Sam faked offense as he started digging in his bag for the DVD. "Can't believe you haven't watched this yet."

Blaine shrugged as he took the movie. "I just didn't like that they did remakes so quickly after the original set."

"You'll like this one; I promise. They made it different enough. Trust me, I was skeptical but I'm glad I went to see it."

Blaine scoffed. "You only went so you could check out Emma Stone in a mini skirt."

Sam blushed a little as he bumped shoulders with Blaine. "Hey, you don't judge me for that and I won't judge you for watching for Andrew Garfield in tights…"

"Deal," Blaine replied quickly around a laugh. "Um, there is still plenty of food and stuff here if you want, but I thought it would be good to just pick up a pizza or something before we started the marathon."

"I was hoping we could go out to that comic book shop you were talking about too. It sounds way cooler than the dive we got in Lima!"

"Trust me," Blaine said as he moved to grab his jacket, "it is. There's a Little Caesars across the street. We could pick up some pizzas and wings afterwards then just crash on the couch with some movies."

"Awesome!" Sam hopped down from the barstool and all but ran past Blaine in his excitement. He came to a halt in front of the door, sliding a little on the rug. "You don't mind driving do you? I just had Finn and Puck drop me off on their way to Columbus."

"Of course I don't. I knew Burt was still working on your truck. Any hopes of it getting fixed so you can go visit your family sometime this week?"

Sam sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "He's waiting on the parts to get in but hopefully. Til then I just have to depend on Finn and you to drive me around I guess."

Blaine nodded and fished his keys out of his pocket. "Why are Finn and Puck going to Columbus anyway?"

"One of the women Puck used to clean pools for gave him tickets to an OSU baseball game. He asked Finn to go with him and they decided to make a weekend of it…get a hotel in Columbus, hit up a few of the bars. Pretty sure Finn just wanted out of Lima for a few days after everything with Schue."

Blaine nodded. It hadn't taken long for all of New Directions to hear about what had happened between Finn and Ms. Pillsbury and to see how pissed Mr. Schue was about it all. Gossip spread quickly through the halls of McKinley.

"Good for Finn," Blaine added. "Getting away can help clear you head and let things settle."

Sam fidgeted for a moment after he stepped onto the front porch. "That's kind of why I'm surprised you didn't go away for the break. To you know, clear your head after everything…"

Blaine sighed as he locked up his house and started towards his car. "Not sure that would've worked in my case since my problems aren't in Lima." He pulled his car door open and settled into the driver's seat, staring straight ahead so as not to look in the backseat where Kurt had been just weeks ago.

"I'm sorry I mentioned it," Sam muttered as he climbed in the car as well.

"Don't be," Blaine quickly shrugged it off. "I just…it's complicated."

"Won't always be," Sam continued, making Blaine smile. Sam was just as sure as Blaine that Kurt still loved him. During the wedding rehearsal, Sam had kept sending him thumbs ups every time Blaine would turn his direction while on the dance floor. Since then, Sam had been adamant that Blaine and Kurt would get back together.

Only now Kurt and Adam were official…

"So you said this place was like straight out of The Big Bang Theory, right?" Sam asked, as if sensing where Blaine's thoughts had gone.

Blaine chuckled and finally cranked up the car. "Complete with a signed Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man helmet the owner will let you take pictures with."

Sam did a little happy dance slash fist pump in the passenger seat. "Dude! That is so cool! How come I did not know of this place before?"

"It's kind of out of the way for people in Lima. But it's worth the trip once you've actually discovered it. Cooper started taking me there when I was a kid so I've always just gone."

"Thanks for taking me, man. And for letting me stay over some this week." Sam bit his lip and ran a hand through his hair. "I love staying at the Hummels, but I feel bad sometimes. Especially when Burt's goin' through treatments and is super tired. Feel like I'm in the way."

Blaine stopped at a red light and glanced over at Sam. "You're not! I know for a fact Burt and Carole are happy to have you there. Trust me. You're good at cheering Burt up when he's not feeling at his best and keeping Finn distracted. So don't think like that."

Sam still didn't seem completely convinced, but he nodded nonetheless. He still had self-esteem issues, no matter how many times Blaine, Tina, and Brittany talked him up. Blaine wanted to keep talking about it, but they soon parked and Sam's somewhat somber mood quickly turned back into that of a giddy five year old hopped up on sugar. He jumped out of the car just as Blaine was cutting the engine and putting the emergency brake into place. Blaine had to all but run to catch up to his friend.

Once inside the shop, Sam wasn't much better. He moved between the stacks, searching through old comics and looking happier than a kid at Christmas. They spent some time looking through the various comics spread out across the main floor before turning to some of the memorabilia and games scattered across the shop.

Sam picked up the toy hammer replica from Thor and started doing his impressions, earning quite the audience. He ended up grabbing a few other things and doing the same when some of the little kids urged him on. At one point, Blaine ended up with a toy lightsaber in his hand ducking swings from Sam's. He was amazed that they didn't get kicked out. He chalked it up to a very indulgent shop owner and the fact that he'd probably spent a small fortune in this place over the years.

They spent awhile goofing off in the store, picking up a few comic books to add to their collection and a Marvel Universe strategy game. It was nearly impossible for Blaine to drag Sam from the shop, but their growling stomachs eventually made Sam cave. They quickly paid for their items and made their way out of the store.

"You ok with Little Csaesars?" Blaine asked, holding the door open for Sam as he took one last longing look towards the shop. Blaine chuckled and nudged his friend on the shoulder. "I'll bring you back here, don't worry."

Sam blushed a little but smiled widely at the promise. "Awesome! And yeah, that's fine. Cheap pizza and wings? All for it! Can we get some of that crazy bread too?"

"Duh," Blaine snorted. "Oh and my mom made those death by chocolate cookies you like."

Sam slung an arm around Blaine's shoulders as they walked towards the restaurant. "Dude, remind me to kiss her when she comes back into town because those are seriously—"

"Well look who we have here," a voice said suddenly, interrupting Sam and stopping Blaine dead in his tracks. He easily recognized that voice as that of the Warblers' newest leading man. Hunter stepped in front of them, his bulky frame blocking their path. "If it isn't the dynamic duo! Batman and Robin in the flesh!" Hunter waved his arms out and motioned at them. He looked as mad as he had that night on the news after the Warblers had been busted for using steroids. And if Blaine was being perfectly honest, it still looked like he was using.

Before Blaine could pull him away, Sam bristled next to him and began talking back. "That wasn't what we were called," Sam defending, bristling next to Blaine. "We—"

"Sam," Blaine interrupted, shaking his head at his friend. If Hunter really was still on the drugs, then there was a distinct possibility that things could escalate given his rage. Blaine just wanted to get away and forget about the guy. He tugged on Sam's arm and tried to urge him back towards the car. They could always drive over to the pizza shop. At least there would be plenty of people there, as opposed to this part of the sidewalk adjacent to an alley…the one Hunter seemed determined to back them into.

"Oh no you don't!" he yelled, sidestepping into Sam and Blaine's path once more and succeeding in making them step towards the abandoned alley. "You two aren't going anywhere. Not 'til I'm done with you!"

"Dude what is your problem?" Sam sputtered, holding up his hands and trying to shove Blaine back behind him. Blaine wouldn't allow it though and ended up standing shoulder to shoulder beside his friend.

"My problem is you!" Hunter spat, practically sending drops of spittle into Sam's face. "You just couldn't take a loss could you? You had to stick your nose into my business, didn't you? You had to ruin everything!"


Blaine nudged Sam covertly to get him to stop talking. "Hunter, what are you talking about?" Blaine innocently asked, hoping he was keeping his facial expressions in check. "We didn't do anything. It isn't our fault that you were disqualified."

Hunter's hands clenched into fists at his sides and his face reddened. "Not your fault? You're got to be shitting me right now! I know all about Sammy's little investigation."

Sam tensed up beside Blaine. "Dude I—"

"Just shut up!" Hunter barked, edging closer towards them. "I heard all about what you did and how you got Trent to turn his back on us! You think I didn't notice you joining Blaine on his visits to see Trent?"

"But you were expelled," Blaine stammered. "How would you know?"

"I saw you two sitting all buddy-buddy with that little prick the day I was getting my stuff out of the dorms. I wanted to have this little chat with you then, Sammy boy. But the dean wouldn't let me outta his sight. But you know what? There's no one here now." He stepped forward and started to push Sam against a nearby brick wall. Blaine bit his lip and jumped over towards Sam, blocking Hunter from hurting him for the moment at least.

"That doesn't mean anything! Sam's my friend and so is Trent. They just wanted to get to know each other so Sam went with me. That's all."

Hunter rolled his eyes and shoved at Blaine, sending him backwards into Sam's chest. He staggered and would've fallen if it weren't for Sam grabbing him and helping him regain his balance.

"You see, I wanted to think that too. But then I decided to sneak into your little Regionals competition last weekend. Heard your director thanking Sam for never giving up and being the reason they were up there. Real sweet," Hunter added sarcastically, "him giving you the trophy and all. Audience seemed to eat that shit up."

"Hunter please—"

"Blaine, get out of the way," Hunter snapped.

"Yeah Blaine, just move," Sam urged, readying himself for a fight.

Blaine shook his head, his own hands clenching into fists. He wanted to be anywhere other than the alley, but there was no way he was letting Sam face this alone. "Sam wasn't the only one investigating. I helped." Blaine remained in between Sam and Hunter, not daring to move.

"You little shit," Hunter gasped. "What happened to all that 'once a Warbler always a Warbler' bullshit you guys were always going on about?"

"Yeah, well I did that for the Warblers. What you did wasn't right and it wasn't what the Warblers were about."

Hunter exhaled loudly and rolled his shoulders. He looked behind him, smiling manically when he realized no one was in sight. He faced Sam and Blaine once more as he dug through his pockets. Sam and Blaine didn't know what exactly Hunter was capable of. Sure, they knew of his military school background and the steroids. But after years of boxing Blaine was a fairly experienced fighter and Sam knew how to use his muscular build to his advantage.

They squared their shoulders and waited to see what Hunter would do. Both knew they could handle this. Everything would be fine.

All thoughts of their advantages soon flew out the window when they heard the clicking of a pocketknife coming from Hunter's hand.


Kurt groaned as his sleep was interrupted by something, or more likely someone, bouncing heavily onto his bed. He swatted at it, hoping whatever it was would just go away and let him sleep. He just wanted to sleep!

"Ow! Damn Hummel! Stop it!"

The arm he'd been using to swat out with was suddenly grabbed in a vise-like grip. He felt long manicured nails dig into the tender flesh along his forearm, waking him up the rest of the way and causing him to jolt up in bed so hard he nearly knocked his intruder off the bed.

"Santana! What the hell?" he huffed, pulling his arm away from her grasp and rubbing at the red marks she had left.

"Calm down! Jeez! Girl tries to be nice and wake you up so you don't miss your date with Harry Potter and this is the thanks I get."

Kurt whipped around, searching for his phone. There were already a few text messages from Adam asking if he was on his way. "Damn it!" Kurt somehow managed to shove the blanket down off himself even though Santana was sitting on the biggest bulk of them. He looked down at his sleep rumpled clothes and groaned. He knew his hair would be top priority and he didn't have the time to deal with it and his clothes.

"You know, you used to never be late for dates with Blaine," Santana said in a snarky singsong voice that made Kurt tense and nearly screw up the progress he had made with his hair.

"Santana," he warned through clenched teeth.

"And you've been late to what?" she continued as if he hadn't spoken. She hopped off the bed and walked up behind him. "The last three dates you've had with Sherlock—"

"His name is Adam," Kurt huffed tiredly. They'd had this argument a hundred times and he had given up bothering to put much effort into it.

"Whatever." She waved it off like he hadn't spoken. "I'm just saying that—"

"I'm late for my date," Kurt cut her off as he grabbed his bag from his desk.

"Fine," Santana snapped. "But you obviously don't care about it that much if you're always late like this."

"I'm late because I'm exhausted from school."

Santana jumped in front of Kurt, blocking him from leaving his room and grabbing him by the shoulders. "Since you slept through Rachel's latest Linda Blair impression, I'll give you that. But I know for a fact that you hate being late for things like this, so you can't tell me that you are all that interested in him to begin with." She didn't say it hatefully, but she kept her tone stern.

Kurt drew his bag higher on his shoulder and looked away. "How'd Rachel's appointment go this afternoon?" He hoped this would be a subject change that would work.

"Don't think you're getting off that easy, Hummel." Apparently it wouldn't.


"Well she's got Lurch's spawn growing in her and is ignoring all his calls. But she's healthy according to the doctor."

Kurt shuffled a little where he stood. He knew Rachel had, in a bout of maturity, talked to Finn this past week about everything. Only problem was that after spilling the news, she had since ignored every attempt Finn made to contact her. "Maybe I should stick around and—"

"I can keep an eye on her. Go on your little date that you are obviously so excited for."

Kurt rolled his eyes and made his way out of the bedroom, not even caring that he was leaving Santana alone in it would probably mean he would come home to all his possessions littering his floor. Again. He just wanted to get away from her. She'd been nagging him about Adam since their snow day, and it was driving him nuts.

He didn't need her comparing Adam to Blaine. He did it enough on his own, normally without even realizing it. Adam would be leafing through sheet music for their Adam's Apples rehearsal, and he'd imagine what songs Blaine would choose if he were their leader. They would pass a movie theater with posters for the next superhero flick and Adam wouldn't even notice; unlike Blaine who would've babbled on excitedly for the next hour. Even during their coffee dates Kurt couldn't help but feel wistful when he'd ask for a biscotti while Adam looked at them in disgust.

Adam wasn't Blaine. That was supposed to be the whole point though wasn't it? Yet somehow Kurt couldn't get past it, no matter how hard he tried.

With a sigh, Kurt pushed through the crowded subway and rushed out onto the street. The cool wind blew around him, messing with his styled hair and generally annoying him. He stifled a yawn as he finally made it to the block he needed and saw the cozy coffee shop nestled in between larger shops. It was everything the Lima Bean wanted to be yet he wasn't in love with it. But it was Adam's favorite and their mochas were decent enough.

"Kurt!" Adam called from a table near the window. Kurt waved and headed towards him, breathing a sigh of relief when he saw his usual drink already sitting on the table. "I was beginning to think you weren't going to show. Are you ok?" He reached across and took Kurt's chilled hand in his own.

Kurt smiled, but it didn't quite reach his eyes. "I'm so sorry! I was exhausted after stage movement so I went back to my apartment. I fell asleep before I remembered to set my alarm. I'm sorry." He squeezed Adam's hand, hoping it would make everything sound genuine.

"Aww I remember that class. Mrs. Luvit still teaching it?"

Kurt took a sip from his mocha. He winced a little at how cool it tasted. Adam must have been waiting for awhile. "Yeah," he answered. "She's great don't get me wrong but…"

"She's quite passionate," Adam inserted.

"Slave driver was what I was going to go with, but passionate is probably nicer." Kurt continued to down his coffee, happy for the caffeine if nothing else. "We started fight choreography this week. And I'm pretty sure my partner hasn't quite grasped the part where you are supposed to just make it look real rather than actually making it real."

Adam snorted out a laugh. "I had one of those freshman year."

Kurt's phone went off in his pocket before he could answer. "Excuse me." He dug it out and saw that it was Finn calling him. He sighed, clicked ignore, and turned off the ringer before tossing it onto the table.

"Everything alright, love?"

Kurt bit his lip at the pet name but tried to recover quickly. "Oh, um, more or less." He rubbed a hand over his face. "Rachel and my brother are having issues and I'm apparently the referee."

"That's never fun." Adam squeezed his hand as his cell phone buzzed again, lighting up with Finn's name. He flipped it upside down so he wouldn't see the screen and turned back to Adam, who soon launched into a conversation about the songs he was thinking about using for their next Adam's Apples performance. All the while, his phone buzzed across the table.

"So I was thinking a montage of old—Kurt why don't you just answer your phone and put your brother out of his misery?" Adam huffed mid-conversation. "It hasn't stopped ringing for nearly twenty minutes."

Kurt groaned and picked it up. "I really am sorry, Adam." He took a deep breath before unlocking and answering the phone. "Finn Hudson you better damn well have a good reason for calling me this many times and—"

"Oh thank God! Was starting to think you'd never answer!"

"And that didn't make you think that you should stop calling?"


"I've already told, I am not getting in the middle of you and Rachel. I love you both and I will not—"

"Dude, just listen! This isn't about Rachel. Did Mom not call you?"

Kurt's blood ran cold. "I-I haven't checked. I just assumed all the calls that were coming in were from you. Is something wrong? Is Dad in the hospital or…" His voice shook as he trailed off, not wanting to finish that thought.

"Burt's fine! I'm not calling about him." Kurt could hear Finn sighing deeply on the other end. "I'm calling about Blaine."

Kurt snuck a glance at Adam, wincing a little at his concerned expression. "Finn I don't really want to talk—"

"It's not like that! I just…Blaine's the one in the hospital. Something—he was attacked."