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Chapter 2

Kurt didn't hear Finn yelling his name through the phone, nor did he hear Adam calling him from across the table. All he heard was Finn's words about Blaine echoing in his head. He was attacked. Blaine had been attacked somewhere back in Ohio while Kurt was sitting here attempting a date with Adam. He felt sick. This couldn't be happening.

"Kurt!" Finn yelled once more. "Please say something? Are you there? Kurt!"

Kurt swallowed thickly and tried to take a deep breath. "Yeah," he replied, his voice cracking. "I-I'm still here."

"Dude, don't do that! You really freaked me out."

"What happened?" Kurt continued, not bothering to apologize to Finn. He needed to know what was going on with Blaine. That was what mattered now.

"I don't know yet. Mom called me earlier but I missed it. Her message just said that something happened with Blaine and Sam, and I should head back home if I could."

"Wait, where are you? If you're not in Lima how do you know they were attacked? Couldn't something else have happened?" Adam sat up straighter and tightened his grip around Kurt's hand. Kurt wanted to let go, yet didn't.

"Puck and I are in Columbus. We had tickets for a game tomorrow and decided to hit up some of the sports bars and clubs tonight. The one we're at has a bunch of TVs with different stations and stuff. The news came on and there was a headline of 'When did show choir become violent?' so I tried to watch. They showed Hunter. And—Kurt there was a knife!"

"Finn!" Kurt yelled back. "How do you know it was Blaine?" Kurt didn't miss the way Adam seemed to tense a little at the name, but he didn't have the time to pay it much attention.

"He was yelling and stuff while they were bringing him into the police station. He kept saying it was all Evans' and Anderson's fault."

"Oh god," Kurt gasped. He finally let go of Adam's hand and ran his own through his hair. He could feel tears pooling in his eyes, but knew he had to keep it together. He had to listen to what Finn had to say. "Did-Did they say anything about how bad they were hurt?"

"Kurt?" Adam stammered, watching him with concerned eyes.

Kurt didn't have time to respond, not when Finn was talking again. "The news just said they were taken to the hospital to be treated. But they showed the crime scene and…there was blood all over the alley, Kurt."

What little bit of color that was left in Kurt's face quickly drained. He had been hoping, however fruitlessly, that maybe it wouldn't be as bad as he feared. But it apparently was.

"Mom is working at the hospital tonight," Finn continued, unaware of the panic gripping Kurt. "I'm still in Columbus, but I think Puck and I are going to leave as soon as the hotel will let us check out. I don't really know when that will be yet. We haven't gotten back. I started calling as soon as I saw it on TV."

Kurt nodded, only realizing after the fact that Finn couldn't see him. "I-I'll see if I can get a hold of Carole. I think she tried calling me sometime in the middle of your set of calls. I just…"

"Yeah, I know. Call me if you hear anything and I'll do the same for you. Just, try to stay calm bro. He's gotta be alive at least. They wouldn't have said assault charges if he wasn't, right?"

Kurt gulped. "Right."

"I'll talk to you later bro. I'll keep my phone on as long as the battery holds. You still have Puck's number right?"

"Yeah I still have it," Kurt replied, hating how his voice shook. "Thanks Finn." He only realized his hands were shaking as well when he clicked off the call and let his hands fall back onto the table.

"Kurt?" Adam gently prodded. "Love? What's wrong?" He reached over and ran his thumb over the back of Kurt's hand.

Kurt took in a quivering breath as he tried to compose himself. But he couldn't. He felt a few tears stream down his face and knew his face was probably a splotchy mix of pale skin and red. He pulled his hand back from Adam once again and rubbed at his face.

"Kurt? Babe, please talk to me?"

"I…I'm sorry," Kurt finally apologized. "I think I should go home." He didn't want to do this. He wanted to go home and try to call his dad or Carole. He needed to go home. Kurt stood up rather abruptly, knocking over his half empty cup. "Damn it," he muttered, his hands flying out to attempt to clean up the mess.

"Hey, it's ok," Adam said, grabbing Kurt's shaking hands and stopping him from scrubbing at the spilled coffee. "Ally will clean it up."

Kurt's head whipped around to see their normal barista smiling at him and waving a dishrag. He hadn't even noticed she was there.

"Come on, Kurt. Let's get you home," Adam continued. He tugged on Kurt's hand, pulling him out of the coffee shop and onto the sidewalk. Kurt was still trembling a little, and it had nothing to do with the cool wind this time. With a sigh, Adam turned toward him. "Can you please tell me what's wrong? I wasn't trying to listen in on your conversation with Finn but I could hear some. And you're obviously upset."

Kurt nodded numbly as he leaned against the wall of the coffee shop and tried to take a deep breath. "Blaine and his friend were attacked. Finn saw it on the news. I don't know how bad or what's going on and I'd really like to just get home and try to figure it out. I need to call my dad and I can't hear with everyone on the sidewalks and the subway and—"

"I'm so sorry," Adam interrupted, grabbing Kurt's shoulders and pulling him into a hug. Kurt tried to return it, but he knew it was very half assed. He just wanted to go home and hopefully get a hold of his dad or someone. After a few seconds, Adam let go and smiled sadly at him. "Come on, I'll take you back home."

"Adam you don't—"

"Kurt, you're shaking. I'm not letting you go alone."

Kurt nodded and didn't argue. If it got him home faster, he didn't care.

The trek back to Bushwick passed in a blur. Adam kept a hand on him the entire time, but it didn't really ground him in the way it should've. His only lifeline at the moment seemed to be his phone, which still hadn't gone off with a message from his family.

"Kurt? Come on, sweetheart. This is your stop."

He looked up, startled to hear Adam talking. The other boy had remained fairly quiet since they had reached the subway station. He stuck his hand out for Kurt to take. Kurt had to close his eyes and take a moment before standing up. It reminded him too much of Blaine after Pavarotti's funeral in that moment. No matter how hard he tried to move on, everything always seemed to remind him of Blaine.


Without saying a word, Kurt took Adam's hand. It was so different from Blaine's. Adam's were smooth where Blaine's was calloused from years of playing guitar. There were no scars from trying to defend himself at a Sadie Hawkins dance. And no matter how many times Kurt gave Adam lotion, he never seemed to like putting it on his hands. Not like Blaine would.

Kurt pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind and pushed through the crowded subway. He walked faster than he normally would, practically jogging and pulling Adam along behind him. They made it to Kurt's apartment in record time and Kurt quickly let himself into the building. He scurried to the elevator and pressed the button once, cursing when the doors didn't immediately open. "Come on," he huffed, pressing it more vigorously.

"Hey," Adam sighed, coming up behind Kurt and rubbing his arm. "It's ok. Just give it time." As if on cue, the elevator dinged and opened. Kurt and Adam slipped in and hit their floor number. Kurt bounced anxiously as the elevator climbed the floors. He barely waited for the thing to stop before hitting the button for the doors to open.

"Give me your keys," Adam ordered softly when he saw the way Kurt's hands were still shaking. Kurt gave them over without argument and mumbled thanks. As soon as Adam unlocked the heavy door and slid it open, Kurt rushed in, running straight into Santana in his hurry.

"Damn, Hummel!" Santana shouted. "What the hell is wrong with you? Liz Taylor doing another jewelry auction on Ebay? Because if we're going to make next month's rent you best not be getting on your computer to bid!"

Kurt glared at her as he dug out his phone from his bag and tried to walk toward his bedroom.

"Santana," Adam said. "Kurt just found out that, um, well Blaine was apparently attacked and—"

"Oh God," she gasped. She rushed to Kurt's side and pulled him into a hug. He tensed at the sudden touch but eventually relaxed into her arms for a moment. "What happened?" she asked softly near his ear.

"I don't know yet," Kurt choked out, clearing his throat and composing himself. "Finn saw it on the news, so not sure what is really going on. But I guess he was out with Sam somewhere and had a run in with Hunter—"

"That 'roided up Schwarzenegger wannabe the Warblers have posing as their front man?"

Kurt nodded. "He…he attacked them." Kurt ran a hand through his hair. "I don't know how bad it is but Finn said they showed the crime scene for a second and there was a knife and blood and—"

"Hey, it's ok. It'll be ok. Call your dad and see if he knows anything. Isn't he still Sam's guardian?" Santana soothed, rubbing at Kurt's back.

"Yeah," Kurt sighed in relief. "He is. I totally forgot."

"Just call him. See what he knows and go from there."

"What going on?" Rachel asked as she stepped out of the bathroom. She looked a little pale and kept her arm wrapped around her stomach. But she still looked concerned as she took in Kurt's appearance. "Kurt?"

Santana grabbed her arm and pulled her away. "Come on, I'll explain." She then grabbed Adam as well. "Come on Ringo. Let Kurt call his dad." She ushered them away from Kurt's part of the apartment. "We'll be in the kitchen. Want me to make you some coffee?"

"Please," he sighed. She nodded and left him alone with his phone. Kurt fumbled a little before finally clicked on Burt's number.

"Kurt!" Burt greeted after only one ring.

"Dad," Kurt sighed, leaning back against his wall. His voice cracked a little but for once he didn't mind. "I was worried you wouldn't answer."

"Hey bud," Burt continued. It sounded like he had picked up on the distress in Kurt's voice. "I take it you heard about Blaine and Sam, huh?"

Kurt sniffled a little. "Finn saw it on the news and called me. What's going on? How are they? Where are you? Do you—"

"Scooter slow down! It's ok. It's going to be ok."


"I'm at the hospital now, bud. That's why I hadn't called you yet. I was hoping to find out about Blaine first but I haven't gotten too far yet. I've been waiting with Sam."

"Oh. H-How's Sam?" If Kurt couldn't hear about Blaine, he wanted to hear about Sam at least. Maybe he could gage how bad it was from that if nothing else.

"Pretty shaken and beaten up. But nothing compared to what it could be. He's got some fairly deep cuts along his arms and is going to be sporting a pretty bad shiner. Despite all that, it's all I can do to keep him in bed. Kid keeps trying to get up and go find Blaine."

Kurt smiled a little at Sam's devotion to his friend. He never expected the two of them to become so close, but he was so glad to see Blaine had someone like Sam back in Ohio still. "Did he say anything about Blaine? And why don't you know about him? Was it so bad that they…" Kurt trailed off, closing his eyes as he thought of various worst case scenarios.

"I'm still Sam's guardian. I'm not Blaine's."

"But Blaine's eighteen! That shouldn't matter!"

"I still would need to be an emergency contact and I'm not. They're in the process of getting a hold of his parents but Sam said they're in Pittsburg."

"But can't Blaine just say you're allowed to be updated on his case?" Kurt asked hopefully.

Burt sighed deeply on the other end of the phone. "He wasn't conscious when he was brought in, Kurt. He couldn't tell them anything. And before you get yourself worked up, that doesn't mean he's in critical condition or anything like that. I don't know. Sam said he looked pretty bad, but he couldn't tell either. We just have to wait and see."

Kurt's hand tightened on his phone and his stomach dropped. He felt tears sting at his eyes once more knowing that Blaine wasn't even awake. "Is Carole working?"

"Yeah, but I haven't seen her. She called me when the boys were brought in then she went to help. Sam said she's ended up working on Blaine and not him."

Kurt's hands balled into fists in his frustration and tears stung at his eyes. He hated this. He hated being hours away and unable to just be there. He needed to be there. He didn't think he could stand waiting around in his apartment with Rachel crying and Santana and Adam giving him worrying looks every few seconds. He couldn't do it.

"Dad," he choked out. "I want to come home. Can I—"

"You still remember my credit card numbers?"

"Yeah," Kurt replied. He smiled a little at how quick his dad was to agree.

"Use it to get a ticket to Columbus. Text Finn your arrival time. I'll make sure he knows that he and Puck should wait to leave so you can just ride with them."

"Thanks Dad," Kurt sighed. "And—"

"I'll call if I know anything. I'm going to see if I can't try calling his parents. If nothing else maybe they can give the doctors permission to give me updates. And Kurt? Don't worry too much. Be careful son. Love you."

"Love you too." With that he hung up the call and switched over to his Internet app to start looking for flights and prices. He could smell coffee wafting in from the kitchen, and he remembered the others. Santana and Rachel probably would like to know what was going on and he should explain things to Adam. He took a deep breath and swiftly left his room.

"Hey," Adam greeted, noticing him as soon as he stepped out of his room.

Santana turned away from her place at the coffee maker and looked him up and down. "So what's going on?"

Kurt sat down on one of the kitchen chairs and laid his head down on the table. "I still don't really know. They won't tell my dad anything about Blaine because he's not his guardian, just Sam's."

"Can't Blaine give consent for Burt to know?" Santana asked hopefully.

"He's been unconscious since he was brought in so…" Kurt swallowed back the emotions clogging his throat and hoped he could keep the tears at bay in front of Adam.

"Oh Kurt," Adam said softly, reaching over and rubbing at Kurt's arm.

"Did your dad say much about Sam?" Santana continued.

"Not a ton. Just that he was pretty banged up and fighting to go find Blaine."

Santana nodded sadly and handed Kurt a cup of coffee. "What're you going to do? Are you going home or what?"

Kurt nodded and gulped down the hot liquid, not caring if he burned his throat. "My dad said to go ahead and get a ticket."

"I thought you wanted to spend your break catching up on work and stuff?" Adam interjected.

"I did, but I don't think I'll be able to do that knowing my best friend's hurt and hours away. I can't focus on much else." He looked around the kitchen, expecting to see Rachel crying dramatically in the corner only to find her nowhere in the room. "Where's Rachel?"

"The smell of coffee made her sick so she's locked herself in the bathroom," Santana answered. "She's fine. You don't need to worry about her right now. Worry about you and that hobbit back in Lima." She ran a hand through her hair and Kurt noticed how it shook. "Do you want me to come with you?"

At that moment, Kurt could hear Rachel across the hall in the bathroom. He winced a little at the sound. "Um…I think someone should stay and keep an eye on Rachel."

"Are you sure because I'm sure she—" Rachel made a louder sound from the bathroom, stopping Santana midsentence and causing her to sigh. "Fine. I'll stay here with Berry." She pointed a manicured finger at Kurt. "But I expect updates."

"Of course," he replied softly. He downed the rest of the coffee and stood, scrolling and clicking away his phone. "Ok, I need to go pack so I can make the soonest flight."

"I'll tell Rachel," Santana sighed.

"Want some help?" Adam asked, standing and stepping next to Kurt.

Kurt nodded, even though he would've loved to have the moment alone to process everything. He didn't say anything; he simply allowed Adam to follow him into his room and help.

"So," Adam started while Kurt dug out his suitcase from underneath his bed, "I was wondering if you'd like me to come with you? I know it will be a hard week and I thought you'd maybe like somewhere there with you."

Blaine. Kurt just wanted Blaine. He didn't want to deal with having Adam there while dealing with Blaine and what had happened to him. He didn't think he could handle it.


"No," he said a little too quickly. He bit his lip at the hurt look that flashed across Adam's face. "I just—I don't think it would be a good idea." Kurt side stepped Adam and starting digging some clothes out of his dresser, making sure to grab the basics and essentials.

"Listen, Kurt, I know this is about Blaine and—"

"Yes," Kurt snapped, blushing because he hadn't truly meant to. "It is about Blaine. It is about the fact that he's hurt and I don't know how badly. I don't think it would be a good idea for you to come." Kurt sagged back against his dresser and took a deep breath, trying to collect his thoughts. "I don't want to make him uncomfortable by having you there when he's probably going to feel miserable as it is." It wasn't a lie, but there was definitely more to it. "I appreciate the offer; I do. I just don't think it would be a good idea."

Adam rubbed at the back of his neck. "God, I didn't even think about that. You're right. That wouldn't be fair to him." He took a few steps towards Kurt and pulled him into a hug. "Just call me if you need anything. Any time at all."

Kurt nodded against Adam's shoulder and pushed away from him. "Thank you."

Kurt went back to packing, and Adam helped. But the two didn't speak more than a few words after that. Kurt could tell Adam had things he wanted to say and was just holding back. For now, Kurt was grateful for it. He knew they'd have to talk eventually, but he couldn't do it right now. Now he needed to get his bags together and hail a cab so he could hurry to the airport to catch his flight.

"You sure you don't want me to at least take you to the airport?" Adam asked one last time as Kurt stood on the sidewalk in front of his apartment.

"No point in you going all the way over there when you have rehearsal tonight," Kurt replied, shifting anxiously and tightening his grip on his bags.

Adam sighed and nudged Kurt's shoulder. "I told you I would just cancel and—"

"No, don't. I don't want everyone calling me asking what's wrong if you cancel. So just go take care of the group. I'll be fine."

"Will you really?"

Kurt winced at Adam's bluntness. "Always am," he lied. Kurt wasn't quite sure Adam believed him, but he let it go.

A cab turned down onto their street and Kurt waved the driver down. Adam took Kurt's luggage from him and put it in the trunk of the cab.

"Thank you," Kurt said softly as he opened the car's door.

"Promise you'll call or text when you can?"

Kurt nodded with a small smile. "I'll try my best."

"You better." Adam returned the smile and kissed Kurt before he stepped away from the cab. Kurt climbed into the backseat and could've sworn Adam said a soft 'I love you' as the door was shut, but Kurt couldn't be sure.

"Where to, son?" the cabbie questioned.

"JFK, please." The car pulled away from the curb and set out toward the airport. Kurt leaned back against the seat, letting his head fall against the headrest. It was going to be a long week.



Kurt startled, not realizing Finn was standing a few yards away with his luggage already in hand. Kurt sighed in relief and rushed over to his stepbrother. "Hey," he greeted.

Finn pulled him into a tight hug. "How you holding up, dude?"

Kurt took in a shaky breath. The plane ride hadn't been the best. It was filled with families leaving to go on spring break vacations and family visits. He had never seen—or heard—so many crying babies in one place. Between their screaming and Kurt's thoughts going crazy with different worst case scenarios for Blaine, Kurt had a migraine from hell pounding against his temples.

He finally shrugged in response to Finn's question. "I just want to get to Westerville."

"Ok," Finn said, squeezing Kurt's shoulder and releasing him from the hug. "Puck's outside waiting on us. Let's go."

The two brothers started walking to the parking lot. "So," Kurt started, "I thought you had to wait 'til check out time at your hotel?"

Finn shook his head and hoisted Kurt's bags on his shoulder. "Nah, we just told the front desk that my little brother had been hurt back home and I needed to get back to him. Not like it was really a lie." He shrugged and looked down at Kurt, who had tears shining in his eyes again at the comment. Finn stopped and turned to Kurt. "Hey, it'll be ok. Blaine's going to be ok."

"You don't know that," Kurt sniffled.

"I know that he'd do anything for you, including getting better." Finn nudged Kurt's shoulder and started to walk again.

Kurt's step faltered as he thought over what Finn said but managed to keep up. The two soon reached Puck's beat up old car and clambered inside, Kurt taking the backseat so Finn would have more room in the front.

"Hey, man," Puck said as soon as the doors were all shut.

Kurt leaned back into the seat. "Thanks for the ride, Puck."

"Any time, bro." Puck cranked the car up and pulled out of the parking lot. "Anything for you and Blaine." Kurt could see Puck's throat constrict as he fought back emotions. "I really am sorry about what happened with you guys. I never expected—"

"Me neither, Puck," Kurt snapped. "But it did."

"You know he's sorry right?" Puck continued, not bothered by Kurt's snappiness. "I've seen him a couple of times since I got back in town. Game night and boys nights. Ya know, since he's become one of the guys?" Puck pulled onto the highway and started towards Westerville. "And he totally feels guilty about what happened."

"I know," Kurt replied softly. He glanced up at Puck, who stared back at him in the rearview mirror but didn't say anything.

Of course Kurt knew Blaine felt guilty. He'd heard enough broken 'I'm sorrys' to know that. Hell he could tell as soon as he looked at Blaine that night in Bryant Park. He knew Blaine hated himself for what he had done. Try as he might, Kurt had never been able to hate him for it. He'd been angry and hurt, and he wanted nothing more to hate Blaine. But Blaine was still his Blaine.

The same boy who'd stole his breath on a staircase and then his heart in an old common room. The same boy who'd swept him off his feet in a crowded gym and stood up for him when no one else would. The same boy who'd given up so much just to be with him every day.

It was hard for him to imagine that boy cheating, yet somehow he had. And Kurt was trying hard every day to process that and move on from it. He was getting there. He didn't know when he would be over it, or if he ever would. But he knew one thing for certain, Blaine needed to be alive and well for it to happen.

The rest of the drive passed quietly. Puck broke most of the speed limits and put all of his focus on not getting them into a wreck. Finn had picked up on Kurt's mood and left him alone with his thoughts. Kurt wasn't sure if he was grateful or spiteful for it.

When the hospital came into view, Kurt's anxiety worsened. He was practically vibrating with nervous energy as Puck pulled up to the front door.

"Go," Puck ordered. "Finn and I will park the car and meet you later."

"Burt's waiting on you in the lobby," Finn explained, twisting in his seat.

Kurt nodded and thanked them both before rushing out of the car and into the lobby. There were a few people walking about and sitting in the smaller waiting room. It took Kurt a moment to find his dad amongst them, but as soon as he did he all but launched himself into Burt's arms.

"Shh," Burt soothed, holding Kurt close. "It's ok. He's going to be ok."

"You don't know that," Kurt choked out into his dad's shirt. "They won't tell you anything and—"

"Carole said he woke up. I haven't gotten to see him yet, but they were in the process of moving him into Sam's room when I came down to wait on you."

"How bad is he?" Kurt asked, already letting go of his dad and moving towards the elevators.

"I'm not too sure yet. Carole got pulled away before she could say much."

"How'd she look?" Kurt continued, pressing the buttons on the console furiously. "Was she covered in blood? Did she look haggard or upset? Did she—"

"Slow down buddy." Burt pulled Kurt's hand away from the buttons. "Give the elevator a break before you cause it to break down. Blaine's not going anywhere."

Before Kurt could reply, the elevator dinged and opened for them. Both scurried inside. Kurt was about to reach over to click the button to shut the doors when Burt rolled his eyes and stopped his son so that others could come inside. He then hit the number for Sam and Blaine's floor before pulling Kurt into his side again.

It thankfully didn't take too long to reach their floor. Kurt was practically shaking the entire way up and rushed out of the elevator as soon as the doors open. It was all Burt could do to keep up with his son and guide him in the right direction.

They wound their way past various rooms and a few desks before Burt came to a stop in front of a partially closed door. "You ready?" he asked Kurt softly.

Kurt nodded vigorously, though he wasn't completely sure he was ready for what was on the other side of the door. But he needed to see Blaine. He had to know if the other boy was going to be alright for himself.

Burt knocked gently on the door then slid inside, pulling Kurt in with him. Instead of the silence Kurt expected, soft laughter and chatter greeted him. He noticed an empty bed to one side before looking over to the second bed. Sam was sitting on the edge. His arm was wrapped with thick gauze and there were quite a few bruises around his face. But Kurt couldn't pay much attention to them, not when Blaine was propped up on a few pillows next to him.

"Kurt," the boy gasped, his eyes falling on his ex. "You're here?"

Kurt wasn't much better. His eyes roamed over Blaine, taking stock of his injuries. He had a lot of bruises around his neck and was sporting a split lip. There were a number of cuts and marks along his knuckles as well as what looked like some torn finger nails. His forearm and bicep were also covered in thick gauze.

While the blanket hid a lot of his lower body, it was obvious that there had to be some bruising there as well. Blaine winced terribly when he tried to sit up more but smiled sheepishly, likely trying to cover up his pain.

Kurt swallowed thickly. "Hey you."

"What're you…I thought you were staying in New York?" Blaine tried to move up on the pillows even more and grunted from the pain it seemed to cause. Kurt closed the distance between them and gently pushed him back against the pillows.

"I came once I heard you were hurt," he said, trying not to get overly emotional all over again. "Someone has to make sure you don't make yourself worse doing things like this." He squeezed Blaine's shoulder, trying to convey just how worried he was despite the teasing words.

Blaine nodded. His eyes looked glassy, but Kurt couldn't tell if they were from the pain killers or unshed tears. "You didn't have to. I'm glad you did! But I'm ok, really." He squeezed Kurt's hand once before intertwining their fingers, just like he always did.

"Dude, you should've seen Blaine when Hunter went at me!" Sam piped in, reminding Kurt that there were others in the room still.

"Sam," Blaine huffed. "I—" He broke off, trying to clear his throat but only coughing as he tried to speak.

"Do you need some water, sweetie?" Carole asked.

"Or I can go get you Sprite from the vending machine," Kurt offered, remembering how it was what Blaine always preferred when sick or hurt. He practically drank a two liter of it the day after his eye surgery.

"You don't have to," Blaine said softly.

"But you'd really like for me to, wouldn't you?" Kurt replied with a smile, rubbing at Blaine's arm. "I'll be right back. Then Sam can tell me just how much of a badass you are." He leaned forward and kissed Blaine on the forehead, just as he had done so many times in the past, then stepped out into the hall.

He paused for a moment, leaning against the wall and breathing a sigh of relief. "He's ok," he said to himself. He let his head fall back and stood there for a moment, trying to take it all in. Blaine was going to be fine. It could've been so much worse. Hell, it probably came very close to being so much worse.

Kurt wasn't sure what he would've done if it had been. They weren't on bad terms, but they weren't on great terms either. If things had been worse, Kurt knew he may never have gotten to talk to him about everything. He felt tears sting at his eyes at the thought of never talking to Blaine.

Never saying 'I love you' again.

His throat constricted as he tried to hold in a sob. He hadn't said that to Blaine in awhile, but that didn't make it any less true. Now he wished he had. There were lots of things wished he had done when it came to Blaine.

He had to figure things out. He couldn't keep going like this, going back and forth with Blaine while feeling things out with Adam. It was just hurting everyone involved. He had to make a change somewhere, and he was pretty sure he knew what it needed to be.