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Epilogue Part 2

Jen watched the whole attack unfold unable to help, her hands were tied. The ruffians were stealthy and highly intelligent. She could see their plan before Erik did but again she was unable to tell him because she didn't think the ruffians would appreciate it and it would give Erik's position away if he came out to hear her tell him of the plan. Erik did manage to take out two of them which made her smile, however they only pretended to be down and soon got up and snuck off to ambush him.

Now Erik was being held down at gun point and she could only look on as the man she loved was pinned down by three people who she also had come to love. She wasn't sure what to do or who to help. She was conflicted to say the least. Because she couldn't decide her hands were figuratively tied, despite him calling out to her. As though he knew his time had come to an end he called out his love for her making her smile in adoration, his pleas almost swaying her to help him. Except all too quickly her decision was made for her as her husband was shot in the head while she looked on. His last pleas to avenge him and his huge exhale as he "died" caused her to laugh out loud.

"What's going on? I could hear Erik shouting as I walked up." Laine spoke as she sat down next to her on the deck chair.

After Jennifer's laughter died down she spoke. "Oh Erik's just being a drama queen. You remember the water guns I bought this spring. Well let's just say they been putting them to good use."

Laine checked out the scene a few feet away chuckling herself as Erik stayed deathly still on his back as his children surrounded him giving each other high-fives while whooping with joy. Laine began to laugh alongside Jen. They both turned as a rich baritone voice spoke out loudly. "I resent that comment Madame."

"Crap, he heard me." Then she thought about it then shouted back. "Wait, you're supposed to be dead right now. Dead people don't talk."

"Yeah just like this one over here was before they planned a sneak attack on me."

"Well you should know better than anyone, when taking on the phantom of the opera you have to be sneaky if you want to win."

"Yes I can attest to that since I remember someone else being sneaky to beat me on several occasions."

"Whatever, you're just a sore loser."

She turned back to her friend. "So are the other guys coming too?"

"Yea they're on their way. Mimi stopped off at the liquor store and Sam went to pick up the cake. I got the extra ice which Emily is putting in the freezer now. William will be by later he's picking up Maya from my mom's house. I know she can't wait to see her favorite cousins Aria."

"That great I can't wait. Andy, Olivia, Katie and her son are coming as well and the rest of my boys and their families. Erik's friends from work are also coming by. This is going to be a huge Labor Day partyyyyyy..." She got shot at from four guns. When she looked over four guilty but smirking faces looked up at her. She narrowed her eyes at each of them.

Their daughter Aria was the middle child was the spitting image of her but with the quiet mischievous character of her father smiled brightly while standing next to Erik looking up at him with idolizing love in her eyes. She had also gotten his temper which had gotten her in trouble a few times but Erik could never stay mad enough at her to scold his littlest angel. If Jen were honest she couldn't stay mad at the girl either but one of them had to be the tough one. Her oldest son Andy was the opposite, being a carbon copy of Erik with his deep set yellow-green eyes, light brown wispy hair, and cleft chin –which had young teen girls calling day and night– and he had his mother's fun loving spirit. It didn't help he sounded just like his father too which even made some of the older women in the neighborhood wish for younger days.

The youngest Scead was a perfect blending of them both, curly light brown hair, deep amber eyes, a strong back bone and a stubborn streak with a playful pranking nature. The same nature that made him speak his next line like his iconic father. Throwing his make shift cape over his shoulder and placed his fists on his hips. "May it be war upon you..." Then he sheepishly added. "...mommy."

She smirked at her traitorous children then turned to her friend. They dared to create a mutiny. But then again she was to fight the winners of the fight although she planned on doing it after she got the grill heated up but now that would have to wait. She opened the cooler stashed between the seats where she had hidden two spare guns in the ice then looked up at her best friend.

"Laine, you got my back?"

Laine steepled her fingers like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons while grinning wickedly. "You know it."

"Let's roll." Jen pulled out two water guns handing one to Laine secretly before both turned to aim and fire at the three children and one grown up child laughing as they all squealed and ran or in Erik's case yelped and ran from the ice cold water.

Soon Emily joined in with the water fight using the hose and everyone began trickling in arriving on the scene to witness the end of the water gun showdown. Erik quickly caught Jen after she ran out of ammo and threw her into the pool and the same was done to Laine by her godson and his siblings. Soon everyone was jumping in the pool the kids doing cannonballs off the diving board. Everyone laughed and had fun playing in the pool. Andy set up the grill and Jen cooked up the burgers and hot dogs. Everyone lounged by the pool stuffing their faces and enjoying their drinks until the sun got lower and it began to get cold out. Then they all headed back inside for the night.

"Andy show your godmother what you learned on the piano." Andy had defiantly gotten his father's talents able to play most instruments he laid his hands on, but he had his mother's voice. His godmother Laine loved hearing him play.

Aria was good at playing the violin mostly and some piano and managed to also snag her father skill at singing. She often accompanied her brother, singing while he played which she now did. She sang a song that Erik had written for her birthday which showcased her beautiful soprano voice. Everyone sat in awe amazed by the wonderful performance. Eventually Erik joined in blending his baritone voice with his daughters harmonizing marvelously. After the performance the three bowed and everyone applauded them.

Much like Jennifer the youngest Scead had no musical talents but instead made up for it by being a genius in learning art and architecture, sciences and advanced math. Each was a child prodigy in their own way. Their grandmother, "aunts and uncles" spoiled them rotten and their parents showered them with love. There wasn't anything Erik or Jen wouldn't do for them, making up for the childhood they had both suffered. But despite it all they made sure their children didn't act spoiled and were self-sufficient in their own right. After the music show the older kids ran off to play video games while the younger ones headed off to bed leaving the parents to hang out and drink.

Later that night after everyone had left and they checked on the kids tucking them in. Scead had fallen asleep with a book in his hands which Jen placed on his bedside table before pulling the comforter up and kissing his forehead. Meanwhile Erik checked on Aria chuckling at the display she made. Her feet stuck out the bottom of the comforter and her teddy bear was clutched tightly to her chest. He covered her feet and kissed her cheek. Andy got tucked in as well and Jen and Erik headed to their bedroom. Jen and Erik snuggled in each others arms blissful of the family and life they had created together. The liquor that ran freely had them horny and soon making love. Their passion just as strong as it was when they were in the wilderness. To recreate their experience there they spent their ten year anniversary camping in upstate New York. They took a camp stove with them and some rations and Jen had to bring s'more ingredients with her but for the most part they hunted and foraged for their own food and made full use of their tent. Other times they recreated their honeymoon night enjoying all the toys and items throughout their marriage both taking turns dominating and Erik soon learned he could be himself entirely with Jen, releasing the Phantom without fear that he would hurt her or anyone else.

During those times when the Phantom would run free, Laine and William would often take the kids so they could have their "dark" date nights, other times their grandmother would take them. They didn't want to risk the children walking in on them during those times. Andy was old enough to know about the birds and bees but that didn't mean they wanted him or the other two to see what they did behind closed doors. Because even years later they were still as in love as they were when they married. She was so happy Mama Lyubitshka had decided to step in and bring them together as she did, for now they were both completely blissful.

"Erik, have I told you lately that I love you."

"Probably not since this afternoon." He chuckled and kissed her lips. "I love you too my darling."

"Today was an amazing one. Are you happy baby?"

"Deliriously happy. Are you happy my love?"

"Extremely happy. I have a wonderful family, friends, career and marriage to the sexiest phantom who ever lived. What more could you wish for?"

They both laughed at their inside joke and snuggled up together and fell asleep.

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