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We sat in silence, letting the sounds of her quiet apartment building filter in around us as I stared at Bella. She looked tired and kinda pissed off as she held my gaze with a confidence that unnerved me.

"So…" she began after another lull in the conversation that only she was attempting to keep up with. I had long since given up on talking any sense to her after our encounter with Mr.-Fucking-Wonderful at the hospital. I had nothing to say after hearing all about how he was the most amazing person who had ever graced the damn planet.

"This has been fun, Edward, but I'm tired so you should go now," she stated as she stood up and walked towards her door to dismiss like some fucking idiot that she had mistakenly brought home out of pity. It was rude and did nothing for my attitude.

"What's the idea with him?" I demanded from her as she opened her door for me, but I did not move. I wasn't about to leave even if I had no real reason to be there.

My question seemed to catch her off guard, causing her to sputter for a moment before turning her surprised scowl into an angry grin.

"What the fuck business is that of yours?" she demanded, meeting my anger with her own irritation.

"It is my business. You are my business when I'm with you," I countered back with a smart ass grin as I waited for her to take the bait. I wanted her anger. I wanted it fuel my own. It would justify the twisted knot in my gut as that kept me on edge whenever I looked at the girl and thought about the asshole that had made her cry.

"Your business?" she shrieked before laughing loud at me as if I had told her the funniest joke she had ever heard. It was that cold laughter mixed with her mumbling of what the fuck ever that was like music to my ears and fuel to my fire.

"He's an asshole, Bella. A fucking asshole who dumped you to go bang some nerdy chicks while claiming that it was all for you," I countered back, [putting a negative spin on the bullshit reasoning that he had used to end things with her.

"But what's worse than him ditching you is the damn fact that you are defending him over being that big of a prick. Seriously, Bella? For a smart girl you are incredibly dumb," I growled at her, letting her rage that hung heavy in the air between us feed my own anger.

"You have no right, Cullen. No fucking right," she half growled at me as she abruptly turned to slam the door hard enough to make the meager decorations on the wall jump in response, but I gave her no reaction except standing to face her and all her pissed off glory.

"Whatever, Bella. Now, what's the deal? What makes this guy so damn special that you are willing to sacrifice your dignity to be with him, because it makes no fucking sense to me?" I demanded from the girl with a wide grin, not even caring that my comment made no fucking sense since it seemed to only to her anger. I wanted her anger for no other reason than it matched my own frustration.

"You are an arrogant dick," Bella hissed at me as she stepped closer so that we were nose to nose while I stared down into her dark eyes. I knew she was right yet there was something about her that pushed me to this point of madness.

"A know it all, emotionally stunted, arrogant dick who's just jealous because I managed to have a life when you didn't," she countered back in a low hiss of pleasure as if the words alone did something to her while there was no doubt that their words did something to me. They set off a chain reaction of rage as she smiled at me with a pretty smile that was full of what-the-fuck-are-you-going-to-do-about-it? It was just what I needed to push me where I needed to be.

Without another thought or mumbled heated word, my lips crashed into hers, silencing her god-awful know it all attitude with one hard swoop. Bella was quick to welcome my advances by wrapping her arms around me to steady her against the weight of my body before I toppled upon her.

Bella tasted of coffee, a hint of chocolate and all things there just Bella. It was exactly what I wanted and not at all what I should have needed to ease my frustration. Before I could even move her hands were tangled in my hair, pulling me in the direction of where she wanted the kiss the go. It was simple and I was thankful for her lead since I had no idea where to take this beyond the fact that I needed to kiss her.

Her hands pulled me while her leg tangled around me, tripping me so that I was falling backwards upon her couch with a thud that knocked the air out of my lungs as her body collided with mine. Bella's lips never left mine as I felt her move so that she was straddling me, pinning to me to her piece of shit couch with her barely their body weight.

My mind flashed with a warning sign.

This is wrong.

It was horribly wrong, yet the most right feeling thing I had ever done in my entire life. It was the crazy intoxicating feeling of being so damn right that pushed me as I grabbed the girl's ass and held her closer while her nimble fingers slipped between the clothes I wore and my over heated flesh.

Slowly, our clothes seem to melt away until we were skin to skin, pressed together on the cushions of her beat up couch. I could not focus on the different levels of wrong that I was crossing when all I could feel was the heavy softness of her breasts as they pressed against my chest. I could not bring myself to stop kissing her when she was everywhere and nowhere that I wanted her to be.

Thoughtlessly, I stood up, catching her in my arms enough so that her legs wrapped around my hips as I struggled to walk with her clinging to me. It was awkward and I was left stumbling over our shoes as well as the clothes we had tossed on the floor before carrying her down the hallway to her room.

I had never been in this room of her apartment, but at my most troubled times alone at night I had imagined this room countless times. I had wondered what color it was and what blankets covered her bed. I had tried to imagine the pictures she hung up as well as the book that I had no doubt she had lined the walls with, but standing in the middle of Bella's room I could not bother myself to even look around when I had the girl in my arms.

We collapsed on the bed in a tangle of arms and legs with Bella's muffled yelp of surprise that I swallowed as I trapped her beneath me. Our kiss softened for a moment, turning oddly sweet against my tongue as I pinned her beneath me, but it wasn't sweet that I wanted. I wanted the fire of her anger. I wanted to taste her rage. I wanted the burn of her fury since only that would make this ok since there was nothing ok about being tangled, half naked, with this girl beneath me.

I found myself grabbing her; pulling her hands above her head so that she could not touch me, being rough when it wasn't needed in hopes to remind her that we were not sweet or loving. I needed to show her that we were fire brimstone together. We were nothing a raging ball of want and stupidity so there would be no sweetness between us, not that Bella seemed to mind. She met my gruff touch and hard kiss with a fervor that took my breath away while reminding me of what a huge fucking mess we were creating. It didn't matter though. None of it mattered except the wicked sweetness of her kiss and the gut twisting want that seemed to take over as I held her skin to skin.

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