Cryptic Hush - Chapter Forty Five -
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"And then Tony ran in and tackled Loki to the ground, completely naked, then turned to see us and blushed with embarrassment." Jane finished saying as everyone around the table but Tony and Loki chuckled. Loki just rolled his eyes as Tony blushed, still embarrassed by the events.

"To my credit, I didn't know you two would be there. Loki said we had the whole house to ourselves."

"It was still a pretty hilarious moment friend." Thor said as he placed a comforting hand on Tony's shoulder.

"Why were you naked and chasing each other in the first place?" Betty asked, knowing the answer was obvious but wanting them to admit it in front of everyone.

"We were showering, and he stole my towel." Tony shrugged as if it were nothing.

"You were showing together?" Steve asked in an amazed tone.

"Oh we did a little more than shower, right Anthony?" Loki purred and placed his arm around Tony's shoulders as he winked then nodded.

"Oh my god!" Darcy said excitedly. "You guys finally slept with each other!"

Although Tony and Loki said nothing, the way they glanced at each other gave it away.

"Oh my, you actually did!"

"How was it?" Natasha asked, not really afraid to ask questions that would embarrass them.

Tony smirked. "It was AMAZING!" Loki also smirked then smiled back as he felt his insides flip. 'So Tony thought I was amazing in bed... That's good. It's a shame I wasn't his first ever though.' Loki thought with a sad smile, thinking back to the time before they had met and Tony had been a notorious ladies man. He was bound to have slept with at least one of those girls right?

It wasn't something Loki wanted to ask because he was embarrassed that for him it was his first time and he didn't want Tony thinking him inexperienced for never having done it before. So he never thought to tell Tony of it.

His train of thought was interrupted when Bruce turned to him then Tony and said,

"I don't know about you Loki, but wasn't this your first time ever Tony?" - Which made everyone simultaneously turn to Tony who blushed again.

"Seriously?!" Clint asked, his eyes wide with amazement.

"That was your first time ever?"

"Uh, I, er, well." Tony stuttered, blushing even harder now then giving Bruce a glare. "Why'd you tell 'em?"

Bruce held up his hands with his eyes wide in surprise. "Well, I didn't know if you had told anyone else. I thought it was knowledge that I'd throw out there."

One of Tony's eyebrows twitched I annoyance. "Still, it's not something you just randomly blurt out in front of said guy's friends and boyfriend."

"Yeah, sorry man." Bruce said, shrinking away slightly until Tony sighed and ran a hand over his face.

"It's fine. Just don't reveal anything else I might've told you over the years, okay?"

Bruce nodded then they turned to the rest who were still in shock.

"Wow..." Clint chuckled, much to Tony's annoyance. "Who would have thought that until last weekend Tony Stark, notorious ladies man was actually a virgin."

"It would explain why he hadn't until Loki; maybe he was just gay all that time and didn't sleep with anyone because of it." Pepper mused and everyone nodded.

"Could we please stop talking about that now?" Tony huffed in an annoyed tone and folded his arms with a scowl on his features.

Everyone stayed quiet for a moment until Thor broke it.

"So uh, that really was your first time?"

Tony gave him a peeved look and slowly nodded. "Yes." he said begrudgingly. God that was embarrassing for him, now Loki probably thought him to be inexperienced or something and maybe think that the weekend was nothing compared to the times he must've had...

"Oh that's good because it was Loki's too." Thor said which made every head turn to face Loki instead who was now blushing as well.

"Thor..." Loki growled, glaring at his brother as his face reddened. Tony did a double take at him then raised both of his eyebrows.

"Seriously?! It was yours too?"

Loki gritted his teeth then nodded, no longer seeing any reason to deny it.

"Wow... How come you didn't mention it to me?"

One of Loki's eyebrows rose. "I thought you had and that you would think me inexperienced..." he said, quieter than he'd planned.

Tony smiled, chuckling slightly too. "Really? I had the exact same thoughts."

Loki turned his head to smile back at Tony before lowering his head to place a kiss on his lips. They didn't take it further than a peck because of (1) school rules, and (2) because although they were both rebels at most of the rules, their friends had complained about it so they had all made a pact not to full on make out in front of each other at the diner table anymore.

They smiled again then returned to eating again, both happy until Clint spoke again.

"I bet Tony was the bottomer."

Tony stopped eating and raised his head to glare at Clint, who had a challenging look upon his face.

"Just because it's your secret wish, doesn't mean you have to justify it as mine." Tony said sarcastically, smirking when Clint's smug look faltered.

"Shut up Tony."

"You started it. And for you information, I topped." He put his arm around Loki whose blush deepened.

"Tony, I know you were trying to prove a point, but please do not give information out about our sex life." Loki said quietly which made Tony feel regretful.

"Sorry Lokes." he said, leaning his head on Loki's shoulder before turning back to the others. "Okay, change the topic please. You're getting no more."

There were a few groans which made Tony roll his eyes, but then the topic changed and it was forgotten.


As he stared out if the window, Tony's mind wandered of to its own land. He watched as a bird flew up onto the branch of a nearby tree then flew away again after a few hops and he sighed, tired from all the 'excitement' of revealing his past virginity at lunch. 'Seriously, why did Bruce tell them? Not like it matters though, at least it was Loki's too.' He thought as he continued to look out of the window, not bothering to listen to their English teacher.

He also thought about the first time he and Loki had met properly; Loki's first English in this school. He smirked as he remembered the way he had used his fainting as an excuse to skip English then remembered the assignment that had given Loki the opportunity to visit his house, and the two to become friends.

He didn't know how long he had been staring but when he felt the presence of Loki's hand on his thigh he jumped.

He snapped out of his dreamy trance to raise an eyebrow at his boyfriend (who still sat next to him during this lesson as they hadn't changed the seating plan) and smirked.

"Shouldn't this wait until after class?" Tony whispered, not actually caring if he missed class itself but more the fact that he had already started to get a little excited from the dark haired teen's touch.

Loki smirked then slowly ran his hand further up Tony's body until it reached his crotch. Tony had a hard time trying to not gasp out loud as Loki rubbed his clothed dick gently and so subtly that no-one else seemed to notice. Thank god they sat right at the back.

"Loki..." Tony whispered harshly, giving his boyfriend a pleading look. "Later... I don't particularly want to 'jizz in my pants' during English. I promise you can touch me all you want when were out of here."

Loki smiled then started to nod but jumped (which actually they both did) and recoiled his hand extremely fast as the teacher spoke to them.

"Stark, Odinson, pay attention. You can flirt all you want out of lessons but right now you need to pay attention. Your GCSE's are coming up and-"

Tony drowned out the rest of the speech, giving a pissed look at all the students who were giggling. Even Natasha and Bruce smiled at them.

"Sorry Miss, we'll pay attention." Loki said quickly as his cheeks turned a slight shade of pink. The teacher merely rolled her eyes then carried on with the explanation. Tony and Loki both breathed a sigh of relief then smiled at each other. Loki went back to listening to her lecture, but Tony couldn't help but return to his thoughts before about how being in this lesson had actually brought the two closer to each other.

He smiled at Loki then took his hand under the table. Loki smiled too and gave Tony a squeeze as they sat there and both thought about how happy they had both made each other in the last school year. Both glad that their secrets were no longer encased in a cryptic hush, and that they had both finally found someone who could relate and who loved them.

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