A crimson headed female gazed down at her dark haired infant with delight as she turned to her husband who was smiling gleefully at their bundle of joy. The small child yawned, his miniature mouth opening in the shape of an "o" as his tiny eyes opened to look up at his parents. The blue eyes of his father gazed so openly at him as the small boy reached for him, his gurgles filling the space.

"I think that we shall name him Daniel Samuel Manson," she said as her husband agreed at the same time as in a room next to them was another crimson headed female with violet eyes gazed down at her dark haired baby, the small child gazing intelligently around the area before looking up at her parents and the form of her older sister gazing down at her.

"Isn't she just so adorable," the hulking form in an orange jumpsuit said as he reached out to take his new daughter in his arms. "Her eyes are yours while her hair is mine," he continued. The other offspring looked down at her sister with adoration.

"She looks like she is going to be a little genius already." The mother sighed. So much put on her child already. She just hoped that their child would smile at them and have a happy life to look forward to.

"I think I will name her Samantha Danielle Fenton." Both sets of parents looked at their little bundles of joy never knowing what awaited the babies and their futures.

"I don't want to wear that," a now six year old boy grumbled when his mother held up a sapphire and white sailor outfit. "The other kids will kick my butt."

"Daniel!" his mother gasped in upset. "Such language for a successor is not proper."

"But it is true," he said as he kicked the ground. "And Sam will laugh at me." Sam had been his friend since the tender age of two, the kids meeting in the park while their parents conversed. Their parents didn't get along that well, but seeing as they knew each other from high school they decided that their children should at least know each other too.

"Samantha would never do that," his mother said as she positioned the outfit on his bed, the shuttle bed white with the word NASA in big red print on the side while the sheets that covered it were red in color with aliens running across them. Danny wasn't so sure. His friend was pretty outspoken and had giggled at some of the outfits his mother had forced him to wear in the past. He was hoping his mother would grow uninterested with dressing him like a little doll.

"I am not going to wear it," he reiterated as he stepped back. "I want to dress in what I want to wear and not that outfit." Finally his mother gave in and walking off with a few choice words under her breath left him to his own devices, but not before telling him that he had five minutes before she left to drop him off at school. Smiling he pulled out his black denims and a white shirt with the words "To The Moon" in red lettering similar to the writing on his bed before pulling on his black and white sports shoes prior to heading down the stairs, his black hair flying as he sped down the several steps to meet his mother at the door.

"I don't see why you want to go to a public school anyway," his mother remarked in her disappointed voice as they headed out the door to the colorless limo pulled up by the curb. "You could have the finest tutors."

"I don't want tutors. I want to hang out with all the other kids," her son said as he entered the limo, his mother entering with a sigh. Her son was not a Manson at all.