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Hellbreaker, definitely, but I don't think he will be bothering them again.

Danny was left there alone, but only for a few moments before he was joined by Tucker and Jazz, the pair looking to the skies that Sam had just vacated to. They knew what was going through his mind as he continued to stare off into space. He was lost. He knew that his halfa friend really liked him, well more than liked him, but he had possibly fucked it up. Somehow he had messed up something before it had ever begun.

"She's in a mood, isn't she?" the geek inquired, the other two shooting him a look of disgust. "Seriously, I am not joking she is in a rather bad place right now." Danny turned to Jazz, his eyes reflecting his hurt.

"You didn't know that she would get to hear those thoughtless words, but you also weren't thinking when you said them." She touched his shoulder. "She will realize that, but there is nothing you can do until then."

"I could read her thoughts," he pointed out, but then he realized she might be mad, but she was still calm enough to remember that he could do that.

There comes a day
When I'll be the one, you'll see..

"I couldn't because she's going to block them." Smacking his face he sat down next to the crater, his other hand falling to the ground beside him. "I just couldn't admit it, not to her and it was all because of my stupid pride." He looked down at his lap as his other hand fell into his lap. "I was so stupid." Jazz shook her head as she crouched down next to him.

"Danny, you guys are teens and with that stage of life there is far more confusion than any other time in your life." He didn't look too convinced. "Seriously, think about it. When you are a toddler you are friends and you are still learning so much so there is no real questions and as an adult you have learned enough that there aren't many questions that you don't know the answers to." That made sense, but what about the teen years. She had skipped that part. "The teen years are when everything happens at once. You aren't a kid anymore and yet you aren't an adult. Those new feelings come into play and when you have someone, like you and Sam do, then it becomes confusing. You know you like her more than a friend, but is it something worth possibly harming your friendship? That is the real question that you have to ask yourself. Is it worth changing something that can never be like it was before?"

She stood up and grasping Tucker's hand headed off to leave the young teen male alone. Danny was left with a lot of stuff to think about. And she was right... Was it worth it?

It's gonna-gonna-gonna-gonna-gonna

It's gonna be me

Sam was still flying, her mind whirling with all that had transpired. She had thought all that stuff locked away, tucked away for when she wanted to think about it. That was something that probably something that never was going to happen, but that had at least been her choice.

Probably the one thing he did right. Shaking her head the halfa noticed a tree in the distance. It was alone on a hill, not a single building near it, no signs of human life around it. Setting down she looked out from where she had came to find that she was far, but not as far as she had thought she was. It had felt like she had been flying forever, but in reality it had only been mere minutes. Feeling fatigue come over her she de-transformed, the chill of the rings moving over her form until she stood there with her raven hair falling around her shoulders and her amethyst eyes looking out at the town.

She had done a lot with her powers and she had changed because of the powers as well as because with every year she grew closer to being an adult. How she wished she could have remained a child forever or at least skipped the teen years because Lord knew those were the most troubling years of all.

All that I do
Is not enough for you

That's not necessarily true. I know that. They can be the most troubling, but you grew from them and that was what made you the adult that you became. Sam knew what she needed to do. She needed to figure out if what had happened, the troubles she had gone through, the good things that had happened and the bad were all worth it in the end... Was it all worth it to understand that her feelings for Danny had changed? Was it going to be worth it to change that relationship? It already has changed. That was how it was.

Their relationship had changed without them even wanting it to, they had just tried to ignore it because it had forced them to take a look at their feelings, feelings that were scary. I love him. That is one thing I know and even though I put it out there in my mind I haven't had the guts to say it and that is what I need to do because we can never go back to those years where all it was was brotherly and sisterly love. No. That changed a long time ago. Her fear was that he would find her affection troubling and then they wouldn't be able to be around each other because it was so weird. So be it. It's already weird between us.

Don't wanna lose it
But I'm not like that
When finally (finally)

With that last thought she took to the skies in search of the one person she needed to clear the air with. The one that understood her better than most and yet was also the most clueless...Well, as clueless as I have been.

It didn't take her long to find him as she allowed her senses to feel for her other half. Flying back to where the town was and where one very large crater lay in testament to the battle that she and he had waged together. He had come to her aid and given her the strength to battle the one person that meant them the most pain, the most danger and the most annoyance.

Thank god he's gone. She flew down to the edge of the crater that Danny now sat in. She wanted to chuckle because only he and well she, would sit in the the crater from a battle. "Danny," she called out, but Danny didn't look up at her. So she called again and this time he looked up at her.

You get to love
Guess what (guess what)

"Hey," he said standing up, but she shook her head as she slide down to him, the ground crumbling to allow her down as dust flew up around her. "Seems you and I had the same idea because I was just about to go and l-" Sam leaned forward, her lips crashing on Danny's, words not enough for her. Danny didn't even hesitate as his hands wrapped around her waist to pull the Goth teen close. Sam let out a groan as her arms entwined around his neck so that she could angle her head a little more comfortably. They stayed that way for what felt like hours before they pulled back. Looking into his eyes Sam knew that it was worth it and as he stared into hers he too knew it was worth it.

"So, um, new to this whole thing, but I-" He nodded as he leaned forward to kiss her again, the pair clinging to each other as they let their passion take them. The sun set behind them as they pulled back again to look up at the changing skies. This was probably the only time they were going to get alone because once everyone found out that they were officially together there would be no peace and together they knew they wouldn't want it any different.

It's gonna be me..