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A.N. First chapter in the last story of this series, I hope you like it, and I thought I would warn you now, that there will be violence and teen pregnancy in this story. There is a time skip from the last story, and there will be more time skips later in the story and at some point Piper will have her baby.

Chapter one: I close a door and cause a fight.

Harry's P.O.V.

The last few months have been crazy. First; we moved, Percy, Sirius, Sally and I moved into our new place, where Piper was given her own room. Sally didn't feel comfortable with us sharing one, even though it was a little late to make that rule now, but Sirius went along with her. (it doesn't mean we always stayed in our own room) I finally felt like I had a family, Percy picked on me more, said he had to as my "big brother" it was like an unwritten law that he had to pick on me and I had to be a pest to him. Sometimes I think Percy has taken one too many dips in the Ocean. On Valentine's Day, Sirius and Sally got married. It wasn't a big wedding; well, it wasn't really a wedding at all. Sirius and Sally went to the court-house, along with me, Percy, Piper, Annabeth, Tonks and Remus, and got a judge marry them. Tonks and Remus were Sirius' witnesses, and Percy and Annabeth were Sally's. Sirius did promise her a huge wedding right after the war was over, but Sally said as long as they were married was all that mattered to her. Then in the middle of March I became a big brother. Sally gave birth to a little girl. Abigail Elizabeth Black. We call her Abby, and she's just the cutest little thing, with black hair and gray-blue eyes that tend to look more blue than gray, depending on the color she was wearing, but she was still adorable. When she was born Leo had joked that if we thought Ginny having six older brothers made it hard for her to have a boyfriend, wait until Abby was old enough to date, with having both The-Boy-Who-Lived and the Savor of Olympus as older brothers, no boy would even look at her. That joke seemed to make Sirius happy, and Percy and I smacked Leo on the back of the head.

Sally has let Piper help take care of Abby, so she can get the hang of it when our baby was born, we still had four months to go, Piper no longer got morning sickness, or cried a lot. No, now it was cravings and being mean. She could get real mean at times, then when she calmed down she felt bad about it. She has gained weight and she was showing, but she wasn't really all that big, it worried me until Sally told me that not all girls get as huge as she did, and since Piper was small to begin with, she probably wouldn't get all that big, even in her ninth month. Piper was happy about that, not because she was worried about getting fat, but because if she wore a big enough shirt she could hide she was pregnant. If Voldemort knew about her pregnancy, he hasn't shown it yet, and we weren't taking chances so if she went out, she wore big shirts or hoodies hiding her little round belly. She didn't go to camp much after she started to show. Girls were teasing her. Something that not only ticked off me, but our friends too, even Clarisse, who beat up a girl from the Nemesis cabin for making fun of Piper, and how she always knew a daughter of Aphrodite would end up that way, and even made the suggestion that it could be any of our friends' baby. After Clarisse got a hold of her she shut up. We rather stay at our place right now anyway. Annabeth, Nico and Hazel came by almost every day so we could plan. Clarisse and I didn't fight all that much anymore, and she has this weird friendship with Sirius, for some reason he likes her and Clarisse acts as if she's his bodyguard. The Malfoys took over our old place once we got all our stuff out. My old room was now Draco Malfoy's bedroom. He comes over here a lot when his mum is in an Order meeting. And when he's here, he and I do nothing but fight and argue. He's still working for my Mother Hera. I happen to know she has him spying on the order. He gets his mum to tell him what's going on and he turns around and tells Hera, when she visits his dreams. I also know she has something else in mind for him soon. What? I did not know my mother wouldn't tell me. But she said it was the most important thing she would have him do.

I adored my little sister and I sometimes help take care of her, and was looking forward for my son to be born. Piper and I have already picked out a name for our little guy; we are going to name him: Kayden James Tristan Potter. I wanted to name him James Tristan after our dads, but Piper wanted him to have his own name. So he would be his own person, so, she looked through the baby name book Sally gave her, and she found the name Kayden and liked how it sounded. I like how it meant fighter; as a son of two demigods one of them the Boy-Who-Lived, he would have to be a fighter. I felt bad about him being born into this crazy world of monsters and wizards, but Piper and I will do the best we can, to give our son a normal and happy life. At least he'll have a lot family that will love him.

Nico and I were also planning something else, something we were keeping from everyone, even Piper. I knew she would be ticked, but with her pregnant I didn't want to upset her so we kept it to ourselves. Last time I bought it up to Piper she had thrown a fit and forbid me to do it. But I was going to. Once Nico found where the other door was he was going to come get me and we were going to go close the Doors of Death. Nico already found someone to close it from the Tartarus end, he wouldn't tell me who, which worried me a little, but then again I was just glad I didn't have to go back down there. I was still having nightmares about it. Which were always worse the nights I didn't have Piper lying next to me. Someone I don't remember who it was had asked if I was going to marry Piper since I got her pregnant, my answer was yes, one of these days Piper and I would get married, and have more kids, hopefully a daughter next time, but at this moment, no, Piper and I was not going to get married because she had gotten pregnant. We loved each other and did plan on being together for the rest of our life, but when the time came and we finally did marry, it would be because we loved each other, not because people were saying we had too. It was different for Sally and Sirius, they were adults, and though they did love each other, her getting pregnant might have had a role in their getting married, but they had talked about it before she had known she was, they just got married quicker than they had planned.

Right now it was about seven in the morning and I was lying in bed, I had just woke up, I hadn't been able to sleep much lately, because on top of having dreams about Tartarus I started having these weird dreams about some old wizard family called the Gaunts. That name sounded so familiar, someone had mentioned it to me, but I can't remember who. They were all weird and a bit on the crazy side. And I felt bad for the girl Merope her dad and brother treated her like crap. I had talked to Hermione about the family and she's been trying to look it up. But so far no luck. She was the only wizard at camp right now, well that I was close to. After going back for a short visit Ginny and Ron went home again, and both have agreed to go back to Hogwarts and let us know what was going on there, they might still be wanted, but Dumbledore will let them go to Hogwarts. Since there really wasn't a Ministry in the wizard word right now. And Luna had gone home to spend some time with her dad, since she hasn't seen him since coming to camp, and she was going back to Hogwarts too. Annabeth felt that we needed people on the inside. To let us know what's going on. What wizards can be trusted and what wizards are working for Voldemort. And Both Percy and I thought someone should be keeping an eye on Snape. Neither one of us trusted him. To my surprise Clarisse had gotten her half-brother Blasé Zabini to agree to go back and spy on the Slytherins. The Creeveys were going back also. We were hoping with some of our people on the inside they could talk some of the Hogwarts students into joining our side.

At the moment I was lying down trying to go back to sleep, I rolled over to put my arm around Piper when I realized she wasn't there, last night Abby had been fussy and had Sirius and Sally up all night crying, so Piper had been unable to sneak in my room, so I had slept by myself for the fourth night this week. But when I rolled over I remembered something and smiled. Today was Piper's birthday, I then frowned when I remembered her dad was coming over to meet me. But then put that out of my head and got up, and made my bed. Then went over to my dresser and picked out a pair of faded black jeans and a black dress shirt, then headed to the bathroom and took a shower. I then got dressed. And fixed my hair the best I could. It was no longer down to my shoulders. I had cut it, It kept getting in the way. But I kept the gray braid in the front of my hair. It was just shorter too. I decided to keep it. As a reminder of what I once went through. Since it was her birthday, I was going to make Piper something for breakfast and take it up to her. On my way down the stairs I passed my step-mum Sally, she was carrying up an arm full of baby clothes, that looked to have been just washed.

"You're up early." Sally said. Looking a little surprised.

"Yep." I said. "Today is Piper's birthday and I'm going to take her breakfast in bed." Sally smiled.

"You're a sweet kid." She said. Walking on by, smiling, we've all gotten along great since moving in here together. It really did feel like a family. But after they were married Percy decided that he would rather call Sirius either by his name or Padfoot, instead of dad, and I felt more comfortable calling Sally by her name and not mum. It's not that we didn't like each other, but it just didn't feel right. Plus we didn't want to anger our godly parents, both Percy and I had a good relationship with ours, even if mine with my mother Hera was a bit rocky, but we didn't want to do anything that might ruin that. Plus Hera was known to be jealous and I didn't want to risk her doing anything to my step-mum if she found out I was calling her mum.

I made Piper some pancakes, and got her some juice, and toast and sat it in a tray and carried it up to her room, I opened the door and walked in, Piper was sleeping peacefully. I almost didn't want to wake her. I sat the tray down and walked over and sat on the edge of her bed. She was lying on her side with her back to me, her hair was in her face so I reached over and pulled it back, then leaned in and gave her a kiss, Piper moaned and turned over and looked up at me, I smiled down at her.

"Morning, birthday girl." I said. She looked up and smiled.

"What time is it?" Piper asked, rubbing her eyes.

"A little after eight." I said. Piper frowned.

"In the morning." She said. I nodded and laughed when she glared at me.

"Set up, Baby girl, I cooked you breakfast." Piper smiled and sat up and I laid the tray across Piper's lap. "Happy birthday!"

"Oh, Harry, you're so sweet." Piper said, she picked up the syrup and started pouring it all over her pancakes. Then started eating. She even stuck a couple of bits in my mouth and we just sat there and talked while she ate.

"I love you." I told her.

"Love you too." Piper said. After Piper ate she got up to take a shower and I made her bed and cleaned her room,(Piper was a t messy) before taking the tray back down to the sink. I washed the dishes then headed into the living room, by then Percy was up and eating a bowl of cereal as he watched T.V.

"Hey, Shorty." He greeted me. I glared at him.

"Don't call me that." I demanded, sitting down and looking up at the wall above the fireplace. A newly painted portrait hung there. A none moving muggle portrait of Percy, me and our new little sister Abby.

"Sorry, I have too." Percy said. "As your older brother I must have annoying nicknames for you." I stood and kicked his leg as hard as I could, even though I knew it wouldn't hurt him. Percy just sat there all clam as he finished his cereal, then sat the empty bowl down, and suddenly jumped up and tackled me to the floor. We rolled around wrestling a few minutes. Then Percy got me in a headlock, and I struggled to get free, but then we rolled over and bumped an end table and knocked a lamp off and it broke.

"What's going on in there?" Sally demanded. Percy and I looked at each other and burst out laughing, she came walking in the room holding a dish towel. Her eyes fell on the broken lamp and she frowned. "What have I told you about wrestling around in the house?" She put her hands on her hips just as a baby started crying upstairs. "Now you woke Abby." She pointed at the broken lamp. "Clean that up. Percy aren't you suppose to be an adult. How about we start acting like it." She turned and headed out of the room and Percy and I started laughing again. We seem to make Sally mad a lot by wrestling around in the living room or in one of our rooms, or in the kitchen, basically we broke out wrestling just about anywhere we were together. Still laughing I pulled out my wand and repaired the lamp, before I picked it up and put it back on the end table. At that time Sirius came into the room and saw us on the floor and he shook his head.

"Boys, can we try to behave." Sirius said. "Sally and I didn't get any sleep last night again." Sirius was turning out to be a pretty good dad to Abby; and to my surprise he took turns with Sally when Abby cried at night. So, the other could try and get some sleep, but it always ended with them both up taking care of her. Abby tended to sleep during the day and stay up all night.

Percy's face took on a sick look. "Sirius, please I don't want to hear about that." Sirius rolled his eyes.

"The baby kept us up all night." Sirius said. He Jokingly kicked at Percy. "Get your mind out of the gutter."

The closer it got to dinner the more nervous I got. Piper's dad would be here soon and I was sure I would be killed when he got here. Even though it was her birthday, Piper hadn't wanted a big party, just a small dinner with her dad over, so her family could meet mine. The only people who were going to be here was: me, Sirius, Sally, Percy, Annabeth, and Piper. The rest of our friends understood what Piper wanted and stayed away, but since Annabeth was Percy's girlfriend she was allowed to be here, considering she spent the night here a lot. In the guest room of course.

I was almost shaken when it got time for Piper's dad to show up, she looked gorgeous in a dark blue dress that came just above her knees, she had her hair pulled out of her face with a headband. It went a little past her shoulders and was light brown, her eyes were also brown . She also had on little black slippers. It was hard for me to keep my eyes off her, but I was going to have to, I doubt her dad would like me staring at her the whole time he was here. Sirius was dressed about the same as I was, but instead of his shirt being black it was dark blue. Which kind of made his eyes look blue. His hair was combed and laid neatly on his head, mine was all over my head. Percy was also dressed up wearing jeans and a white dress shirt, his hair too was combed neatly, Annabeth looked pretty even though she didn't wear a dress, but jeans, and a gray blouse that really brought out her eyes. Sally had on a blue dress and high heels. She looked pretty too for an older woman.

It was ten minutes passed the time Mr. McLean was supposed to be here when the doorbell rung. Piper jumped up from her spot next to me and went to the door, but Sirius stopped her before she could open it.

"Check and make sure it's him first." He told her, Piper nodded and looked through the peep-hole. "It is." She opened it and smiled wide as her dad stepped in and gave her a hug.

"Hello, Pipes." he said handing her a couple of wrapped gifts. "Happy birthday, sweetheart." Piper grinned.

"Thanks, dad." She said. "Come on I want you to meet Harry." She closed the door and we all gathered around him.

"Sirius Black." Sirius was the first to introduce himself and he stepped forward and shook Mr. McLean's hand. "I like you to meet my wife Sally," he put his hand on Sally's back and gently moved her forward she smiled at Mr. McLean and shook his hand. "This here is my step-son Percy, and his girlfriend Annabeth."

"Annabeth." Mr. McLean asked. "You were one of Piper friends with her when she came to see me." Annabeth nodded.

"And of course my son Harry." Sirius said. "My daughter Abigail is up stairs taking a nap. And you already know Piper." I don't think Mr. McLean heard the last part, the moment Sirius said I was Harry, the friendliness left his face and he turned and glared at me. I took a step back and hide a little behind Percy. I could tell my step-brother/ best friend was trying not to laugh at me.

"So, you're Harry?" Mr. McLean asked. Piper rolled her eyes grabbed my arm and pulled me over to her dad, when all I wanted was to stay hidden behind my older step-brother.

"Daddy, come on. You promised you would be nice." Piper said. Her dad looked at her and grinned a little.

"I said I would try." He said. I heard Sirius snicker and I glared at him. Some dad he was, his son was about to be killed by his pregnant girlfriend's father and he was laughing about it.

"Dinner is ready, if you all would like to eat." Sally said.

We all walked into the dinning room, where I was forced to set beside Piper and her dad. We all chatted a little as we ate. Soon the awkwardness faded and everyone relaxed enough to really start talking. Sirius was getting along pretty well with Piper's dad, and he was glad to learn she had her own room here and ordered her to keep her door locked when she slept, then glanced at me. Piper just rolled her eyes. And Percy and Sirius started laughing at my red face. By the time Sally brought out Piper's birthday cake everyone was having a good time. Mr. McLean started asking about the baby, he seemed to like the name we picked out. After cake we went into the living room to set. Piper opened the presents everyone got her, her dad bought her a charm to add to her charm bracelet and an outfit, then handed her a little black box that looked like it might have some a neckless or something in it, but when Piper opened it there was a set of keys inside. Piper looked up at him with wide eyes, and her mouth open.

"You got me a BMW?" She demanded. He gave a nod.

"It's at the house right now, but when I get the chance I'll have it brought up here to you." Mr. McLean said. "Or you could always come home."

"Thanks, dad." Piper said she leaned over and gave her dad a hug. Piper had recently gotten her license, Percy tought her to drive, but when he had tried to teach me. I was all over the road. I wasn't good with cars. I guess I was sticking with motorcycles.

Annabeth and Percy, which I figured it was more Annabeth's gift then Percy's, but they got Piper a set of books she's has wanted to read, and Sirius and Sally just gave her a card that had some money in it and said she could just buy whatever she wanted, since they really didn't know what to get her. I had forgotten the gift I got her and went upstairs to get it. I went into my bedroom and over to the dresser, grabbed the little jewelry box up off it ten turned to leave, and about jumped out of my skin, because Nico was suddenly standing, holding my sword.

"Bloody hell, you scared me." I cried. Nico just smirked and I looked his face over and my eyes widened. "You found it?"

Nico nodded, grabbed my arm and we disappeared into shadows. We appeared in the shadows behind some bushes, in front of this large palace looking place, it had a black stone walkway, that led up to a black stone door, which stood wide open, dozens of monsters walking out of it, along with the place being surrounded by monsters and inferi. I guessed they were put there to guard the doors by either Voldemort or Gaea; so no one could close them and monsters could keep reforming fast, but they weren't going to stop Nico and I. They needed to be closed and that was just what Nico and I were going to do. I put Piper's gift in my pocket and took my sword from Nico.

"Ready?" Nico whispered. I said nothing just held up the Blade Of Olympus and gave a nod. Nico nodded back, pulled out his sword and jumped forward. We ran out of the bushes and into the mist of all the monsters. I sliced the head off the nearest inferius, then blasted the next with magic. I ducked an earth-born trying to grab me, then drove my sword into his gut, before turning around and slicing the legs off another. On and on I went. Slicing and slashing monster after monster.

Nico had shadows flying all over the place, some even grabbed hold of some of the earth-born and squeeze them until they burst into dust. While he was fighting the other monsters and inferi. It was hard to see what he was doing he was moving so fast and in the shadows, one minute he was next to me and the next minute he was feet away.

I sliced an inferius head off, then another, then drove my sword into the gut of another. I then twirled around and took the head off an earth-born that was coming up behind me. Nico and I took out every inferi, earth-born or monster on our way up toward the door, more and more came flying out. Nico and I looked at each other and nodded, we brought down our swords at the same time and slammed them into the ground. Black light surrounded us and shadows flew around, my eyes turned black, and the ground began to shake and split open as hundreds of skeletons rose from the ground. At one command from Nico they ran at the monsters and inferi knocking them back through the door. We took out a few more monsters, we had fought for a good two hours. We were both tired and out of breath, but there was one more thing we had to do. Nico looked at me.

"Ready?" Nico asked, again. I gave a nod knowing he was talking about the door.

"Yeah, before these guys start reforming." I said. "Are you sure who ever is closing the other door is there?" Nico nodded looking grim.

"They are, trust me." Nico said.

"I do." I said, and for some reason that made Nico frown even more and a look of guilt cross his face.

"Alright, let's do it then." He said, hooking his sword to his side, I hooked the blade of Olympus to my side and together Nico and I grabbed the large black stone door, and we pushed. The door was a lot heavier than it looked. No wonder at least two people were needed to shut it, not to mention all the sprites and monsters trying to keep the door open from that end. If I listened hard enough I could hear the ones shutting the other door struggling like we were. I wish he would just tell me who they were. I knew they were dead, Nico hinted they were by saying you didn't have to be alive to close the doors. After a while the door finally started to move, shadows flew around, from both me and Nico, we were both glowing black again, but Nico was darker than I was; he was more powerful being a son of Hades. He could also do stuff I couldn't, like turning into a shadow, or turning a shadow solid so he could stand on it, or sense death. I couldn't do any of them things. But I'm not complaining I don't think I would like sensing someone's death. But I wouldn't mind turning into a shadow, when Nico did he could actually walk through walls or sink into the floor, like he was a ghost. It seemed like it took hours, but actually only about ten minutes past before we finally got the door closed. I heard the one on the other side slam right before our door did.

"Bloody hell, we did it." I said, as Nico dropped to his knees out of breath. I too was out of breath, and dropped down next to him. "Hopefully they stay closed."

"They should." Nico said. He didn't look as happy as I felt, he kept glancing at the door. But then finally sighed and stood up. "Now, the monsters won't reform as fast." I nodded.

"And hopefully no one else who should be dead pops up alive." I said. "Not any that will be against us or the gods at least." Nico ran a hand through his hair and said nothing. I took a deep breath and looked at him. I smiled "That's one for the good guys."

Lately a lot of our people, demigods and wizards have been attacked, Diagon Ally has been taken over by Death Eaters, so has the Ministry in fact the safest place in the wizard world now, heck it might even be the only safe place, was Hogwarts. The good thing was the wizards and demigods were now working together. Well, the ones brave enough to fight Voldemort that was; which I should say the Order of the Phoenix were now working with the demigods. Dumbeldore has even gone to camp to talk to Chiron. They seem to get along pretty well, which wasn't really all that surprising, seeing in some ways they were a lot of like, except for one being half-house. But now with the Doors of Death closed, that takes out a lot from the bad guys side. If it takes longer for monsters to come back, then that'll be less for them to send to attack us. And that was a good thing.

"Hey, Nick." I asked. Nico looked up at me. "Who was it on the other side of the door. Who did you get to help us close it?"

Nico looked down and wouldn't meet my eyes. But then finally he answered. "James and Lily." I narrowed my eyes, pretty sure I had just heard him wrong.

"What?" I demanded, anger flowing through me. Every time I thought of who Nico could get to agree to help us, whenever my parents popped into my head I pushed it aside telling myself he wouldn't do something like that, not without talking to me first.

"How could you do that?" I yelled. "You know how horrible it is down there? Now they are stuck in Tartarus." I went to the door to try to pull it back open, but it had no knob and I banged on it before trying back to Nico. "I've lived through that. I don't want them to have to see it."

"Harry, if they retrace their steps and walk back up the way they got down there." Nico said. "They can go back out the entrance to the Underworld. James and Lily are smart , I'm sure they can do it."

"That's not the point." I yelled. "The point is they are going to have to see all that."

"They can handle it." Nico's voice was rising now, like he was getting mad at me. I'm the one that had the right to be mad. He should have talked to me. "Look, Lily and James knew what they were doing. They were glad to keep you from having to go back down there. If it came down to it I would have myself, we didn't have anyone else. Okay, we needed help, the two of us barely got this door closed. We couldn't have done it with one of us on the other side. Who else do you think would have been willing to go down there for us?"

I groaned and glared at him, Nico glared back. "I can't believe you went behind my back like that." I said. "You should have talked to me about it. I've always trusted you, I've always been nice to you and help you whenever you need it. You told me yourself no one as ever done that for you and here you go behind my back like that. I can't believe it. Percy once warned me you couldn't fully be trusted. I should have listened to him."

"I'm sorry." Nico said. "Maybe I should have told you, but I knew you would say no."

"Of course I would have, they are my parents." I said. "I can't believe you went behind my back."

"It's over, nothing that can be done about it now" Nico said. "Why do you always go on and on about everything. Whenever something happens you don't like or someone does something without your say. You keep on about it. You never let anything drop?"

"I care." I said. "Don't you care about anything?"

Nico glared at me and suddenly I had a shadow punching me in the face knocking me down, but when I jumped back up, Nico was gone. He disappeared into the shadows. I groaned and with a loud pop I disappeared. I appeared right in the middle of my living room with the same loud pop, which made Sally who was sitting in a rocking chair, rocking Abby jump.

"Sorry," I told her.

"Where the hell have you been." Sirius came walking into the room, he put his hand on his hips and glared. "Your pregnant girlfriend happens to be upstairs right now crying, because you just disappeared on her right in the middle of her birthday dinner. You were suppose to be making a good impression for her dad. Great job by the way."

"Harry, how could you do that to Piper, I'm shocked." Annabeth said. She was sitting on the couch next to Percy. "And she was so happy it was going so well, then you disappear. You really scared her at first, but then she realized we would have heard if you were taken and she went from being scared to mad to feeling hurt."

"Damn." I whispered. I had forgotten we were in the middle of Piper's birthday dinner, I felt real bad. "Look, it's not all my fault, I went up to my room, and Nico was in there he just grabbed me and shadow traveled away with me."

"So, that's where you've been?" Piper demanded, She had appeared in the doorway. I noticed she had changed out of her dress into pajamas. I looked outside and saw that it was dark. I glanced at the clock on the wall it said: 9:15. I frowned, was I really gone that long.

"So, running off with Nico was more important than me?" Piper demanded. "You scared me to death and my dad wasn't happy you suddenly disappeared either."

"I'm sorry, but it wasn't really my fault. Nico grabbed me and shadow traveled away before I knew what was happening." I said. Piper rolled her eyes. Which were red rimmed and puffy, and her face was red and wet from tears. It made me feel like the worst person in the world. I should have told Nico to wait until after Piper's birthday was over.

"And you couldn't have just traveled back when he had let go of you?" Piper demanded. "Or apparated like you just did. That's how I knew you were back, I heard the loud pop."

"Well, I couldn't just come back." I explained. "We um... we... kinda..."

"Why does it look like you've been fighting?" Piper demanded. She narrowed her eyes and I knew that she knew. "Harry, you didn't?" I didn't say anything and she took it as a yes. "Oh, my gods, have you been planning with Nico this whole time behind my back. I can't believe it. Did you ever plan to stay through the whole dinner or just until after we ate?"

"Yes." I said. "I had no idea Nico was going to show up today. I didn't even know he had found it until he appeared in my room and made me jump out of my skin."

"You still broke a promise to me." Piper said. "You promised you would never just run off again without at least leaving a note telling me where you went." I frowned, I did promise Piper that. Right after they had saved me, after I was dragged through Tartarus and locked up in a tomb. I had a nightmare right after I was saved and left Piper and my room to get some air, and Piper had freaked out thinking I had been taken again. I promised never to scare her like that again. Now if possible I felt even worse. I had broken a promise to Piper. I have never done that before.

"I'm sorry." I said. "I really am." Piper folded her arms and glared at me. She looked as if she was about to cry, I took a step toward Piper and reached out to pull her into my arms, but she took a step back and wouldn't let me touch her.

"Where did you two go anyway?" Percy asked. Not understanding what Nico and I would have went and done.

"We went and...um...closed the Doors of Death." I said.

"Really?" Percy asked. "Well isn't that a good..." He was cut off by Annabeth's look.

"Look, Piper, I knew if I told you what Nico and I was planning it would cause nothing but fights between us." I said. "I knew you didn't want me to do it. But Nico couldn't have done it by himself. And I swear I did not know he would show up today, I thought it would take longer than that to find the doors."

"I didn't want you to go, because I was worried about you." Piper said. "I know how much being in Tartarus affected you the last time, and I didn't want to see you go through that again."

"I didn't okay." I said. "And I know how you feel. Nico went behind my back and got someone else to close the doors on the Tartarus end. Which made Nico and me fight." I pointed to my now black eye. "You think a monster did this?" Piper frowned.

"Are you saying Nico hit you?" Percy demanded. I nodded.

"After what I said to him, I probably deserved it." I said. Yeah I was pretty ticked off at Nico, but I hope I hadn't lost him as a friend, even if it would be hard to trust him now.

"Who did he get to close the other door?" Annabeth asked. I sighed and sat down on the other side of Percy.

"Apparently you don't have to be alive to close the door on the Tartarus end." I said, and Sirius frowned real deep, I think he got who I met.

Annabeth gasped. "He didn't?" I nodded blinking back tears, Nico was right about one thing, if anyone could find their way out of Tartarus back into the Underworld it would be them.

"Who did he get?" Percy asked.

"My birth dad." I said. "And surrogate mother, James and Lily Potter. Now they are stuck down there somewhere."

Piper's look softened a little, but she was still pretty mad. "Harry, you should have talked to me before you ran off with him. You are going to be a father soon. I know we are in a war and I know the doors needed closing, but you can't keep running around being reckless. Kayden will need his father."

"Was your dad mad? I asked. Piper nodded.

"I had to make up a story to why you disappeared." Piper said, she then wiped a tear that was falling. "You know how I hate to lie to my dad, and that's all I seem to be doing lately."

"I'm sorry, really I am." I said. "Let me make it up to you. Just tell me what you want and I'll do it."

Piper said nothing, she just stood there and stared at me, then turned and headed out of the room, a few minutes later I hard her bedroom door slam closed.

"I really screwed up this time." I mumbled. Percy snorted.

"That's an understatement, man." He said. I glared at him then stood up and walked to Piper's room. I knocked on the door then entered. She was lying on her side facing the opposite from me.

"Baby, please." I said. "Don't me mad. I'm sorry." I walked over and sat on the edge of her bed, and she moved away from me.

"I can remember not too long ago you yelled at me for keeping something from you." Piper said. "Now you kept something from me." I sighed and ran my hand through my hair.

"I know, and I'm sorry." I said. "Please forgive me." I moved closer to her and pulled her present out of my pocket and sat it on the bed in front of her. She didn't move to open it. "Come on, you can't be mad forever."

"Yes I can." Piper mumbled and I grinned a little and tickled her. "Stop!" She smacked my hand away, while she was trying not to laugh. "Go away."

"Okay," I said. "If that's what you really want." I went to stand, but Piper's hand grabbed my arm and I smirked. "So, you don't want me to go." Piper let go, turned around and sat up.

"Jerk." She snapped, crossing her arms. I grinned and laid my hand on her stomach. I just loved feeling my son moving around in there. I smiled when I felt him kick. "See, even Kayden is mad at you." She laid her hand over her mine. "Aren't you Kayden, you're mad at daddy." I rolled my eyes, but grinned and leaned in and kissed Piper, I was happy when she didn't pull away. She reached her hand out and laid it on my cheek.

"You scared me to death." She said. "I thought something happened to you when I couldn't find you. My dad thought you ran off and wanted to take me home with him."

"I really am sorry." I said. Piper nodded and smiled a little.

"You're still a jerk." She said. I laughed and kissed her again, she finally picked up her gift and opened it. "Oh, Harry, I love it." I had gotten her a neckless that was a heart shape pendant, with the word Mom written on the inside of it. She had me take the dove I had got her for her birthday last year off and put her new neckless on her. She said she would give the little dove a rest.

"You're staying in here with me tonight, right?" Piper asked. I nodded with a grin and went over and shut Piper's door and locked it, before putting a silence charm around the room. Piper rolled her eyes with a smile and laid back down as I crawled in bed next to her. I leaned in and kissed, then pulled back.

"I just realized something." I said. "For the next few months you are older than I am." Piper grinned.

"Which means I can tell you what to do." Piper teased, reached up and pulled me back to her and kissed me deeply. I laid on my back and pulled Piper on top of me and started unbuttoning her pajama top. I loved Piper more than anything, and I couldn't wait until our baby was born. I just wished he wasn't going to be born while we were in the middle of a war. One he could lose one or both his parents in. But if I had my say that wasn't going to happen. We would have are Happy Ever after.

A.N. There was the first chapter, hope it was good. I wanted to show a bit of Harry's new happy family before we got to any fighting, and I also wanted to get the Doors of Death being closed out-of-the-way. Since it hasn't happened in HOO yet, I don't really know how they would be closed or what it would look like, so I made something up. The main focus of this story will be the Horcrux hunt so I need the doors closed. The last three-stories have been more like Percy Jackson, but I wanted this one more like Harry Potter, since they will need to go into the wizard world to find the Horcruxes. And don't worry, Harry and Piper aren't going to be doing nothing but fighting. They might disagree now and then, but it won't be nothing big. Sorry this if this chapter wasn't all that good, but the next one will be better