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Chapter 25: Thirteen Years after the War.

No one's pov.

The next thirteen years seemed to pass in a blink of an eye. This morning was crisp and golden as an apple, Autumn had arrived early, and the fumes of car exhaust and the breath of pedestrians sparkled like cobwebs in the cold air. If someone had paid close attention they would have seen the shadows off to the side shift for a moment, and then a family of eight stood there. Two adults and six children ages fifteen to four. They had with them two large cages rattled on top of the laden trolleys the parents were pushing; one held an owl hooting indignantly, one held a small size peacock, that pecked or bite at whoever was unlucky enough to walk by it. The parents motioned for the kids to come on, as they lead them across the road.

Behind her older brother and sister a little black hair girl, with chocolate-brown eyes hidden behind little round glasses had crossed her arms in a pout.

"It's not fair." Brianna Clarisse Potter cried. "I don't know why I can't go now!"

"Because you're not old enough." Harry told his third child gently. "It won't be long."

"But I won't even get to go next year." Brianna pouted. "Because my birthday isn't until the end of September. I have to wait a whole year. I'll be the eldest witch in first year."

"That's not true." Piper told her daughter. "I'm sure a lot of kids have birthdays after the first that have to wait."

"We want to go too, daddy!" Harry's three youngest daughters said.

Harry smiled down at them. But Piper sighed, she was not looking forward to when they got home, they went through this every year since Kayden started Hogwarts. The kids that were too young to go would pout for the rest of the day. Piper heard a chuckle behind her and she turned around to see her good friends Jason Grace and Ginny Weasley, along with their two kids, eleven year old Charles (Charlie) Jason Grace, who was starting his first year and nine-year old Stormy Rain Grace. Though they had two kids, they still had not gotten married.

"Don't look at me like that." Jason said. "You're the one who decided to have six kids not me." Piper pointed down at her youngest, three four-year olds; Audrey, Belle and Arya.

"They were supposed to have been twins." She dramatically cried. Charlie's younger sister Stormy laughed at her Aunt Piper, as the three four-year olds ran off trying to catch up with their daddy, who had got ahead of all them with his three oldest children.

Piper sighed, her three youngest sure did have a lot of energy. Ginny patted her on the back, before they started walking up to catch up.

Up ahead fifteen year old Kayden Potter turned around. "What the hell is taking you guys so long?" he yelled back.

"Kayden, watch your mouth." Harry snapped at his only son.

"Sorry, dad." Kayden said, giving an innocent grin, that didn't fool anyone. He ran a hand through his already messy brown hair, his green eyes sparkling with mischief.

"I would spank him." Cara Potter said. "Or use a spell to wash his mouth out." At thirteen Cara was already turning into a beautiful girl, with long brown hair and bright green eyes.

"Wash your mouth out." Kayden said. Cara blinked, and actually reached in her jean pocket and pulled out her wand, then pointed it at her face.

"Cara, no." Harry cried, and grabbed her wrist gently, then took her wand out of her hand. Harry reached over and hit Kayden lightly on the back of the head.

"What did I say about charmspeaking people." He demanded.

"Only do if it's an emergency." Kayden said. "But, dad, I swear I didn't mean to."

"Just be more careful how you say things, okay." Harry said. Kayden nodded, and Cara snatched her wand out of her dad's hand, and glared at her brother.

"Jerk." She cried, before taking hold of her trolley and running through the barrier. Harry sighed, Kayden and Cara were always fighting about something.

"She's right you know." Brianna said. "Kayden is a jerk." She then crossed her arms and march off after her sister.

"DADDY!" The four-year old triplets finally caught up to Harry, one grabbed one hand, and one grabbed the other pulling him each way like they were playing tug-of-war with the boy-who-lived. A third four-year old, the smallest Belle attached herself to Harry's leg.

"Pick me up, daddy." They all three cried. Harry laughed, before he almost stumbled.

"Hey, you little rugrats." Kayden said. "Don't tear dad in two."

Audrey and Arya looked just alike, and like Harry, with messy black hair and bright green eyes, but little Belle did not look like her sisters; she looked like a little tinny Piper. Harry bent down and picked her up after gently taking his hands from the other two girls.

"Oh, you always carry her." Arya cried. She crossed her arms and pouted, so did Audrey. Harry sighed, looking lost at what to do as the two started to cry.

"Hey, girls." Kayden decided to help his dad out. "Want to set on my trolley and I'll wheel you through the barrier?"

"Yes!" They cried, jumping up and down. Kayden bent down and picked one up and sat her on the trolley, then the other one. And before he took off through the barrier he shot Harry a look, one that Harry took to mean: "You owe me one, dad."

"Oh, but I want to ride on a trolley too." Belle cried. Harry sighed.

"Here, runt." Jason walked up to Harry and Belle. "You can ride on Charlie's trolley." Belle grinned at once and Harry sat her on top of it.

"Thanks, Jas." Harry sighed. Jason patted Harry's back.

"Too many, you had too many" He said, before taking off through the barrier.

"Don't listen to him." Piper stepped up to Harry and took his hand. "They're all brats, but we love them." Harry smiled and after Ginny and her and Jason's two kids went through the barrier, so did Harry and Piper.

"Hey, Kay, Kay." Harry heard someone shout to Kayden, he looked to see a girl Kayden's age walking to him, she had long silky black hair and gray-blue eyes full of mischief just like her father's. Who was walking up behind her, with his wife.

"I told you not to call me that." Kayden scowled. As the girl walked up to them.

"Boy you sure got Cara mad." She grinned. Then spotting Harry. "Hey, big bro." She gave Harry a one arm hug around his waist.

"Hey, Abby." Harry greeted his little sister, as Sirius and Sally walked up.

"Come on, Kade." Abby said. "I saved us seats before the Slyterins could take all the good ones." Kayden sat his sisters off his trolley and gave them both a kiss on top of the head, before giving his Mother a hug, then his dad and grabbed his owl and trunk and climbed aboard the train with Abby.

"Wonder where Cara and Brianna are?" Piper asked.

"Right there." Ginny said, pointing.

Through the smoke of the train, Piper saw her two eldest daughters walking toward them, along with a her good friend Luna Lovegood and Luna's twins, Celeste and Lorcan. Who were now fourteen, Lorcan, looked just like his father, with black hair, black jeans, black T-shirt and wearing Nico's old jacket. The only difference between him and Nico are Lorcan's eyes, he had the silvery-gray eyes of his mother. Celeste looked just like Luna, in the face, but with her dad's black eyes, she use to have the same long hair of his mother's, but had chopped it all off this summer and dyed the ends black, she also wore all black. Even the twin's owls were black.

"Hey, Luna, kids." Harry nodded to his friends. Celeste gave Harry one of her rare grins, so did Lorcan as he nodded to him. Since Nico had been turned to a god before the twins were born, in a way Harry has been the only father they knew. He taught them how to control their abilities and was always there when either twin needed him. Luna had been a good mother to them both, her life was devoted to them, they lived with their grandfather, in his house up until they were ten, and Xeno Lovegood had died from the Dragon Pox, now it was just Luna and the two twins. Who were pretty protective of their mother. Just last year, Lorcan had gotten in trouble for trapping a Slytherin fifth year in shadows and not letting him out when he called Luna, ole' Loony Lovegood.

"Kayden and Abby are already on the train." Piper told them. They nodded and headed that way to find their friends. Harry turned to Sirius and Sally.

"Annabeth and Percy didn't come this time?" Harry asked. Sirius shook her head.

"Liberty is sick." Sally said. Harry frowned. Liberty was Annabeth and Percy's daughter, they all usually came to see the other kids off, but couldn't make it today since Liberty was sick. Her full name is Liberty Justice Jackson. She was their only kid, and eleven, she looked just like Annabeth, with curly golden blonde hair, but with Percy's sea-green eyes, she acted more like Percy too, and didn't like reading or learning. Something that drove Annabeth nuts.

They weren't the only ones to have children, a few years after the war Leo and Hermione finally got married, and left camp, less than a year later Hermione had their first child, Axel Granger Valdez, he was only nine, so he had two years before he started Hogwarts, and he had a little brother. Hugo Lee Valdez. He was only six.

Hazel and Ron had been the last to get married, but they weren't at the train station either, they had two little girls, ages two and three. Their names were Molly and Marie Weasley.

"I better get on the train." Cara said, she hugged her father and Mother, then both Aunts and Uncles, before turning and climbing on the train.

They grow up too fast." Sirius commented. Harry nodded, and bent down to pick Belle back up, as Jason helped his son onto the train. Ginny put his arm around Stormy as she waved at her brother, Stormy looked just like her, with long fiery red hair, but the sky blue eyes of her father, Charlie on the other hand looked just like Jason, hair, eyes and all.

The final whistle blew as Jason returned to the others, they all waved at their kids as the train began to roll on, with the whistle blowing. Somehow Audrey was able to talk her grandpa Sirius into picking her up and putting her on his hip, as Arya was able to talk her Uncle Jason into holding her.

As the train rolled on out of sight movement caught Harry's eye from the other side of the tracks, Harry looked to see someone he hadn't seen in thirteen years and how hope to never see again. His sister Enyo, she gave Harry a smirk and a wave, before disappearing. Harry frowned.

"Babe, you alright?" Piper asked. Laying her hand on his arm, Harry turned to her.

"Eh, oh, yeah, I'm fine." He answered, Piper frowned as Harry looked back over to where Enyo was, he couldn't help, but think of what Enyo said to Nico at his wedding, and he couldn't help but start to fear as he realize it had almost been fourteen years.

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