Notes: PastelCake is the winner of the decoding challenge (not to mention they were freaking fast!). So I officially dedicate this guide you and your pink llama profile picture, PastelCake.

StarStreakedSky and Cjabbott decoded it as well, so they get honorable mention.

And everybody gets extra points for putting up with me. *confetti*

The translation is: "And they also... What's happening? I don't understand." "Something is very wrong." "Send help." "Please..."

Cjabbott asked for a chapter on symbols and sigils, so here is this one. :)


The more symbols and sigils you know, the better off you are. Additionally, the more you know, the more people think you're a Satanist. Put a pentagram somewhere, and you're an instant antichrist.


Ironically, though, pentagrams are used for the exact opposite. They ward off evil, as opposed to aiding the worship of it. The pentagram is used in the devil's trap, for instance. Accompanied by five symbols inside the circle, a pentagram can trap demons, giving you time to exorcise it. Once a demon steps foot into the circle, it cannot escape.

Dean and I both sport an anti-possession tattoo, which is also made up of a pentagram. This keeps demons from using us as meat suits.


Don't forget the angel banishing sigil, boys.


What the hell?


Of course. The angel banishing sigil is a circle surrounded by Enochian symbols written in blood, which will banish any angels from the immediate premises. Enochian symbols can be used to keeps angels out of buildings, as well as conceal humans from angels. I carved Enochian sigils into Dean and Sam's ribcages, which keeps them hidden. You're welcome, by the way.


Yeah, that's great, Cas. But who the hell is 'Unknown?'


And why are they being helpful?


You don't need to know either of those answers, Winchesters and angel friend. I am simply a mysterious collaborator, hiding in the dark and awaiting my moments to strike, not unlike a cobra. Be wary and thankful, travelers. I bid you ado.


Notes: Any guesses on who Unknown is? It's probably not actually that hard to guess. Haha