Summary: Yuiko has such strong feelings for Ritsuka it can only be love.

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"All I wanna do is hold your hand"



Hawatari Yuiko had her head turned slightly, and her eyes were fixated on her raven-haired friend.

Ritsuka-kun, you're so nice, and super smart. You're everything I ever wanted, but can never ever have...

"Hawatari-chan what is the answer to the equation I just wrote on the board?" her sensei demanded.

Oh no now I'll look so stupid…

Anxiously she turned to the board and all the numerical equations swirled around in her confused brain.

"I I I don't know sensei, I'm sorry."

"Pay attention or I'll have you stay after school to answer one hundred equations." He ordered with a glare and turned back to the board.

She turned to see Ritsuka shake his head then show her his notes. "I can help you study after school if you want, for now copy these down" he whispered.

She nodded and whispered "Thank you" then proceeded to write his notes in her binder.

Always helping me, your generosity is amazing...

After class ended she returned his notebook. Throughout the remainder of the schoolday Ritsuka was the main thought in her mind.

At the final bell, she collected her books from her locker and waited for Ritsuka at the front steps. Soubi was waiting at the sidewalk ahead, and she waived smiling.

When Ritsuka came through the doors she called "Ritsuka-kun!"

He walked to her and said "If you want we can study tomorrow, or"

"Today is alright Ritsuka-kun, Yui- my parents won't be home until late."

"Okay, I have to work on other homework, but afterward we'll study alright?"

"A-alright Ritsuka-kun" she responded anxiously with a bright smile.

At the gates Ritsuka spoke with Soubi "I'm going to help Yuiko study math at her house. I won't be much longer than an hour."

"Whatever you please Ritsuka" Soubi responded with a smile and scratched between Ritsuka's cat ears. Ritsuka growled in protest and shook his head a bit.

Soubi chuckled, "I can come over also if you'd like. I'll cook something for you to snack on while you study, then I could even make dinner if that's alright with Yuiko-chan".

Ritsuka began to say something but Yuiko spoke over him, albeit accidentally, "Oh Agatsuma-san you're a great cook, that would be awesome!"

Ritsuka nodded then and they started down the sidewalk. Ritsuka and Soubi were a few feet ahead of her and she noticed Soubi grasp Ritsuka's hand. She liked Soubi and he was Ritsuka's and her friend.

She wasn't jealous, but wishful for something more than a close friendship with Ritsuka.

*Maybe one day you will understand that all I wanna do is hold your hand




The end




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